PCTG Chapter 81

Chapter 81

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“Are you implying that our Bei’an Mansion soldiers are incompetent that others have to join in!?” 

A low grumbling came from behind.

Li Yuanmin’s eyes moved, he put down the curtain, and turned around to see Ni Ying lower her head while playing with the sword on her waist.

He sighed softly and pressed her sword: “When we reach the resting point in the evening…you should go to visit your brother.” 

Before the words fell, Ni Ying interrupted: “No! ”

Li Yuanmin was helpless in his heart, he patted her shoulder. After a long time: “… A Ying, you’ve grown up now, you should know the world isn’t either this way or that.”

He remembered A Ying’s painful cry when she was surrounded in the Commander’s mansion, and his heart was depressed. He said sadly: “If there must be a mistake, it is between him and I, not you.”

“But he treats you like that! He treats you like that! ”

Ni Ying moved her head, almost shedding tears, yet she only tried to stabilize her emotions by closing her eyes, and immediately stopped speaking.

Li Yuanmin didn’t know how to explain all this chaos. How could he explain it when he himself also wasn’t clear on what this phenomenon was? He could only say weakly: “Our relationship is not as simple as you think.” 

 He no longer tried to explain, only took a deep breath, “Be obedient and listen to me.”

Ni Ying did not answer him, but was silent.

At night, the two groups arrived at Yan Zhen. The army was stationed on the spot, and the deputy general and above positions following King Guang’an entered the relay station.

According to the regulations, as the commander-in-chief of the Jiangbei army, Ni Lie must pay a visit to the king Guang’an, but as if he was negligent, he had not done so since the morning. If there was any matter, he just sent Cao Gang to contact.

Li Yuanmin didn’t say anything, he only got off the carriage and went to the room prepared by the convoy. He even refused the envoy’s visit, just like a woman in a boudoir.

Ni Ying took the medicine that Uncle Qian had brewed and walked upstairs to the room.

It was late at night, the corridor was very dark, a deep voice then called her: “A Ying.” 

Ni Ying’s steps froze, but she continued to walk forward as if she hadn’t heard it.

However, the tall man had already blocked the intersection.

The man saw clearly what was in Ni Ying’s hand, and couldn’t help frowning: “Is this his medicine?” 

He knew that the man had been bedridden a few days ago, and he heard from the spies sent that he was sick. Because King Guang’an mansion was strictly guarded, the spies only watched from afar, and could not find out the specifics, but after such a long time, how could he still be sick?

His eyes sank a little.

“How is he doing? ”

Ni Ying’s face couldn’t be more ugly, she only sneered coldly: “Commander Daren, please let me go.”

The man in front of her stood still, not meaning to back down at all.

This man was surrounded by a sense of oppression that she did not know, as if he was a person she did not know. A Ying did not know why she felt this way, but at this time she was not certain that what she felt for him was fear. 

Such a ridiculous feeling made her extremely uncomfortable, and extremely resentful, leaving her gritting her teeth and not allowing herself to back down.

“ What the h*ll is going on?” Another question came as the deep voice echoed

It’s all your due to your seed (negative meaning) you made—

Ni Ying’s eyes were hot and she almost blurted it out, but remembering the man’s tearful instructions, she rigidly suppressed it and raised her chin to look at him with hatred: “Tonic! This is tonic! Do you get it now!?”

Her eyes were red, she gasped, squeezed him away and walked towards the room.

After a while, she stopped, turned her head with tears in her eyes, gnashing her teeth in anger: “Remember, if you touch him again, it will be the day when our brother sister relationship comes to an end.”

A night breeze blew, the fierce black cloak hunting, his eyes were dark and his face was grim, but he didn’t say anything, but stood still while watching the girl leave.

The lamp flickered, and the servant woman took out the candle wick, and covered the lampshade with a light hand making the room suddenly brighten a lot.

Li Yuanmin walked out from behind the screen, he was wearing a plain coat with moisture after bathing. The servant woman immediately moved the heater over to him when she saw this, while taking a dry cloth to dry his wet hair.

After wiping it half-dry, there was a creak at the door, it was Ni Ying who came in.

Li Yuanmin took the dry cloth from the servant’s hand and instructed, “You withdraw first.”

The servant woman answered and retreated.

Li Yuanmin noticed the unease on Ni Ying’s face, but did not expose her. He smile, and casually ask her: “Why did you dwell for so long.”

Ni Ying said vaguely: “… Uncle Qian’s side delayed for a while. ”

She placed the end plate in front of him, the small plate on the end plate already contained a few candies.

Li Yuanmin glanced at her and drank the medicine thoughtfully.

Ni Ying did not hand him the candy as usual, but silently made the mattress for him. Li Yuanmin took a candy, looking at her busy back, his eyes deep.

Since journeying from the gate of the city, A Ying had been sullen, she only drank half a bowl of porridge for dinner before she went to get medicine, and came back with worries in her heart.

He was perceptive and guessed right away.

He called to the outer room: “Wangma, come here.” 

The servant woman who cleaned up answered, wiped her hands, and hurriedly came over to wait for orders. Li Yuanmin explained a few words to her, and the servant woman hurriedly withdrew.

Li Yuanmin then called Ni Ying over, looking at the soulless girl, the corners of his lips tugged, “The place we are resting here is call Yan Town, rich in water cattle, the people here also love to eat beef pot. I heard that the beef here is different from other places, it is very delicious, I was hungry when I was sightseeing before, now is just the right time, how about you accompany me to have a taste of it?” 

How could Ni Ying not agree?

With a moment of incense time, the servant woman took three to four people accompanying her to the table, carrying all kinds of things.

Soon, a copper pot was set up in front of him, black charcoal was put in the carbon stove underneath, the fire was set up, and the case looked simple, leaving only a few plates of beef and a few small plates of dipping sauce.

After a moment, the milky white soup in the copper pot boiled, and Li Yuanmin picked up the thinly cut beef and put it in boiling water. After dipping it a few time, the meat slices were cooked through. Then he dipped in a thin layer of secret sesame sauce, and placed in Ni Ying’s bowl, this beef is thin, oil flowers mixed with sauce steaming, exuding a tempting aroma, even if Ni Ying lacks appetite, when she takes a bite, one will also know that the name of this Yan Town beef is worthy of its name.

Then Li Yuanmin seemed to perform a trick, he took out a jug of wine, shook it and pulled out the cork and sniffed, and snorted slightly: “I used to never let you drink it, but now that my A Ying has grown up, you can drink a little.”

Ni Ying’s throat choked, she thought in her heart, she had secretly drunk it behind his back long ago. She even tasted Shao Daozi (strong wine). Remembering the carefree time in the past, her heart was even more stuffy. When the next cup was filled, she snatched it even without cheering it with Li Yuanmin and directly raised her heart to pour everything inside. Li Yuanmin was stunned, he quickly seized the cup from her. Although this fruit wine does not let one easily get drunk, it’s possible when drinking it like this.

“If you drink it like this again, I will put it away.”

He glanced at her, sighed, and filled the cup in front of her.

Ni Ying took it and drank it.

In this way, one poured, while the other drank, but both in silence.

When the wine pot was empty, Ni Ying’s cheeks were already two shades of red, she snapped down the cup, and suddenly said: “I hate him, I…hate him! ”

After she said viciously, her lips trembled, and tears rolled down, “But I… But I can’t bring myself to hate him! ”

Seeing that she had finally revealed what’s been in her heart, Li Yuanmin immediately sighed and took her into his arms.

Ni Ying could no longer speak, she only threw herself in his arms and cried, quite hoarsely.

The moon gradually changed to the west, blowing a soft wind everywhere, caressing the world for a while.

On the high roof, Ni Lie was also immersed in such a gentle wind. He raised his head to drink a mouthful of wine before lowering his eyes to look at the gap in the roof from the tile he lifted, under his feet that was shining with warm light.

In the gentle candlelight, the girl threw herself into the man’s arms and cried very sadly.

Moon, wind, night.

Everything was gone, and it seemed that only the three of them were left in the world.

The author has something to say: That’s not correct, there is still another little Ni inside His Highness’s belly.

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