PCTG Chapter 82

Chapter 82

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When the sound of the bell announcing zishi (11pm-1am), it was quiet everywhere.

Ni Ying was tired of crying, and finally fell asleep in his arms.

Li Yuanmin’s eyelashes drooped slightly. He patted her back in a soothing manner, and when she fell asleep completely, he called the servant woman softly to have her bring a warm towel to wipe the tears on her face. Then he had the servant woman bring her back to the room. He looked at the empty wine bottle on the table and sighed before he ordered someone to clean up.

After sitting in the hall for a while, he was worried about Ni Ying again who went to her room with a big coat. He asked the servant woman who accompanied her, it looked like she slept sweetly, so he was relieved and let her withdraw.

After tossing around tonight, he had some trouble sleeping, busy thinking about various coping measures after entering the capital, and thinking about how to let A Ying untie this knot.

In the silent night, it was as if the door to some kind of emotion had been opened, and all kinds of feelings came to his heart.

With a grunt, followed by the sound of two heavy objects falling to the ground, Li Yuanmin was alerted in his heart and felt the dagger under his pillow.

A sound of unhurried footsteps came, and Li Yuanmin frowned, “A Ying? ”

He pulled out his dagger, and before he could get out of bed, a tall black shadow swooped in, like a swift leopard.

A strong smell of wine followed, Li Yuanmin was shocked. He was about to shout, when his mouth was covered by a pair of rough big palms.

A deep voice said, “Don’t scream! ”

Li Yuanmin was short of breath, but he didn’t struggle, and after a while, the rough palm moved away.

Under the moonlight, the man’s sharp eyes were a little drunk, and he breathed heavily. He came up, sniffed next to his cheek, and a guttural sound similar to satisfaction came out of his throat, then he lowered his head again to sniff at his neck.

Li Yuanmin was powerless to even block it: “You’re drunk.”

The man did not stop sniffing like a dog.

Li Yuanmin’s eyes were fierce, he put a dagger against his throat.

However, the man completely ignored the stinging pain in his neck, as if he did not feel pain. All he did was hold the back of his head, then put him down on the bed, before proceeding to remove his clothes belt, sniffed and smelled more and more brazenly against the flesh.

The sharp blade pierced the wheat-colored skin at the Adam’s apple, and a drop of blood fell on the undergarment on Li Yuanmin’s chest, making a flower patterned blood. 

Li Yuanmin closed his eyes and weakly let go of his hand. The moment the dagger fell to his chest, Ni Lie’s wrist shook, and the dagger instantly flew out and fell to the ground, making a sound that was neither light nor heavy.

With a snap, a heavy slap hit him in the face.

The drunken man was beaten first but he smiled and moved up again, the tip of his nose pressed against Li Yuanmin’s somewhat trembling lips.

“ You can’t bear it.” He pecked and said, “You really can’t bear it.” 

How did not know afterall who’s the one that can’t bear it, but he didn’t care, being drink and hazy made it even more deliberately confusing, he only felt abnormally resolved with Li Yuanmin in his arms. He bit his earlobe, and repeated: “You really don’t want to hurt me…”

He gripped his wrist, and the heavy smell of alcohol sprayed on his neck. He buried his head heavily, letting that yearning cold fragrance envelop him.

A certain tight tendon in his brain suddenly broke, the long-lost relaxation was like warm water flooding his body, Ni Lie almost instantly sank into a dark and sweet sleep.

Silence returned to eternity, and the moonlight shone on the ground through the windows, filling the place with radiance.

Li Yuanmin’s eyes were deep, he looked at the top of the bed, without closing his eyes for a long time.


Not long after the Chang Geng Star fell, the sky soon revealed the marble white color of the dawn sky. 

The convoy soon became lively, with horses coming and going, filled with the smoke and fire of the living world.

Ni Lie slept soundly. When he opened his eyes, he met another pair of huge eyes. The moment he met the gaze, the other party’s gaze immediately moved away. Ni Lie was displeased in his heart, he domineeringly clasped Li Yuanmin’s waist, blocking his movement to get up, Li Yuanmin struggled, but he could not move at all.

He closed his eyes: “A Ying is coming in, do you still want to make her sad?”

Ni Lie laughed softly: “You won’t. ”

Li Yuanmin’s chest rose and fell several times.

Ni Lie propped up his upper body, touched his forehead from the bottom up, and brushed away his black hair, letting his beautiful face fully be exposed.

“Li Yuanmin, you are a smart person, you should know what my thoughts about you are.”

Such naked and straightforward words made Li Yuanmin chuckle weakly. He naturally knew what Ni Lie meant. That look of wanting to swallow him into his belly, he had seen too much of it. In just two months, how could that gloomy and fierce Red Tiger King fall in love with him easily, he was just greedy for s*x.

Just like in his previous life, Sima Yu clearly loved that Lin family girl, but after he grew into this kind of appearance, he also moved his thoughts on him.

Every time he thought about it, he was filled with self-loathing for no reason. This deformed body part that brought him bad luck – even though he knew in his heart that it was not his fault.

For his two lifetimes, only in front of this eighteen-year-old youth that he was happy he grew up to be like this, not those that would only bring him endless humiliation, disgust, offense, and filth.

But such a familiar face, saying such words, made his eyes tremble in the end: “So? ”

He raised his eyes and asked him, “If Sima father and son help me to the throne, what can you do?” 

Ni Lie’s eyes were calm and waveless, for a long time, he said, “How could a smart person like you not think of how to use me.” 

Li Yuanmin’s eyes were pale, he pushed him away, got down, went to the few racks, each person minding their business as he took the outside coat to drape on his shoulder. Ni Lie looked at him for a long time before he walked over, and held him in his arms from behind. He obviously felt that the body of the person in his arms was stiff, he just pretended to not know. 

“ Don’t be afraid. ”

Ni Lie’s voice unconsciously lowered, “The things that happened in the previous life will not happen again.”

Li Yuanmin’s eyes fell silent, and his gaze fell on his arms intertwined around his waist.

He fastened his clothes belt and slowly spun around.

“Last time……were you serious? ”

The person in front of him bowed down and wanted to kiss him, but Li Yuanmin turned his face sideways, so the hot kiss ended up falling on his snow-white ear. Li Yuanmin wanted to push him away, but he was buttoned tightly.

After a while, a deep voice floated in his ears.

“Remind me again.”

The earlobe was gently bitten, and the coarse hot breath spilled on his cheek, “You have to find a way to remind me.”

Li Yuanmin hid, but he still finally found his lips and was forced to raise his head.

“ Don’t…”

Perhaps the helpless and soft tone made Ni Lie’s heart inexplicably soft, so he just stuck onto the soft and fragrant lips, then let go of Li Yuanmin and hugged him tightly into his arms.

“ I will be waiting for you. ”

Li Yuanmin bit his lip, his eyes deep, and his hands clenched into fists, before he finally hugged the thin and powerful waist.

Ni Lie froze before he laughed heartily, his heart was happy.

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