PCTG Chapter 83

Chapter 83

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Ni Ying yawned and walked out of the room. Last night’s hangover made her head hurt badly in the morning. She frowned and tapped the back of her head with her fist, when the corner of her eyes glanced at the end of the corridor. Her eyes widened when she landed- two personal guards slumped on the ground.

Not good!

She was shocked and almost immediately, she rushed over, kicked open the door, and saw two people hugging each other in the room.

Li Yuanmin’s eyes moved as he let go of the person in front of him.

Ni Ying gasped heavily, she looked here and there then frowned. Her gaze finally fell on Ni Lie’s face, but Ni Lie had no expression, his expression was as indifferent as usual.

Ni Ying gritted her teeth and was about to draw her sword, when Li Yuanmin coldly shouted: “A Ying! ”

He paused, his snow-white ear was slightly red.

“ I let him come. ”

Ni Ying obviously didn’t believe it, the guards were still sleeping outside, if he invited him in, why would he knock them out?

But looking at the appearance of the two of them hugging each other, it didn’t seem to be reluctance. Ni Ying’s heart suddenly jumped up again, she didn’t dare to think about it, for fear that her groundless speculation would fall through again, just to make her feel happy once again. 

She could only stand there pitifully and helplessly.

Li Yuanmin sighed, he stepped forward a few steps, pushed the sword in her hand back into the scabbard, and said softly: “Go back and pack up, get ready to go.” 

Ni Ying looked at him, as if she wanted to find something in his face, but there was only the pity and tenderness given to her, nothing else.

Her brother stood behind him, watching them.

Ni Ying swallowed her saliva, not daring to break the dream in front of her at all.


On the second day of departure, due to heavy rain in the morning, the brigade delayed a lot of travel, thus they could not reach Yanxian according to the established route before sunset, therefore Ni Lie simply ordered them to camp on the spot.

Because of his physical condition, Li Yuanmin had always lived in seclusion, now that Ni Ying has arranged the stationing on his behalf, he simply lazily stayed inside the camp tent to read some natural conditions of the place.

The setting sun inclined toward the west, the noise of the coming and going footsteps outside made people want to just laze around.

Li Yuanmin turned another page with a tired expression, a pair of sharp eyes flashed in his mind for no reason, his fingertips stiffened, he closed the book again, and sighed lightly.

He didn’t know if he will be able to play with fire *** this time, but no matter how difficult it was, he had to go head-on – he had no other choice, whether it was trying to save his A Lie, or wooing this fierce general and increasing his chips to protect his life, he could only bite the bullet and take the initiative.

While pondering, the accompanying person came in outside: “Your Highness, the Commander Daren wishes to see you.”

Li Yuanmin’s breathing was slightly sluggish, and after a long time, he said, “Let him in.”

As soon as the tent was lifted, a gust of wind came in, and the tall and strong man strode forward, he had already removed his armor, and was now dressed in a black suit.

He looked down at the person in front of him for a long time.

“Have you eaten?”

Li Yuanmin casually said he already ate.

Ni Lie was silent for a long time, he bypassed the case table, curled his fingertips and stroked his cheek: “You shouldn’t lie.” 

Li Yuanmin  breathed sluggishly: “You kept a spy on me? ”

“ Of course,” Ni Lie didn’t mean to hide it at all, “it’s a pity that the people close to you are all loyal, so I can’t buy them. I also can’t insert my people inside, it takes a lot of effort to inquire about some trivial matters.”

“ You—”

Li Yuanmin’s breathing was slightly chaotic. His mind turned, thinking back to his situation in the past few days, Ni Lie should not know about his pregnancy.

At that moment, his face relaxed slightly, and he explained: “It’s just because of the bumpy road, so I have no appetite.”

Before the words fell, there was another announcement outside, “Your Highness, Uncle Qian has brought medicine over.” 

Li Yuanmin was silent: “Bring it in.” 

Uncle Qian stepped in, when he saw the commander Daren, he was stunned for a moment, but did not say anything. All he did was bow to him, while silently putting the medicine on the case, Li Yuanmin let him go by himself.

He only made his usual appearance, and drank it in in a few sips. This medicine was really bitter, he habitually took the sugar from the plate and quickly put one in his mouth.

His heart moved, and he raised his eyes to glance at the man in front, who was staring at him, with a vague smile on his lips.

Li Yuanmin looked away and lightly bit the candy in his mouth.

Silence fell inside the tent.

Ni Lie coughed lightly: “You’re holing up inside all day, not even burdening your body, but still have to drink this bitter tonic every day. Let’s go, I will take you to walk around outside.” 

Hearing the word tonic medicine, Li Yuanmin was stunned, being as smart as he was, he understood immediately, and his heart was even more relieved.

“Someone!” Ni Lie called to the tent door, and the guard at the door hurriedly came in to wait for order.

“Prepare a horse for His Highness. ”

The guard hesitated for a moment, then he looked at Li Yuanmin. Seeing that he had no intention of stopping it, he immediately accepted the order.

Ni Lie took a few steps and turned around: “You don’t want to go? ”

Li Yuanmin took a deep breath and followed.


The setting sun hung in the sky, and the afterglow shone everywhere with a golden halo. Although it was early spring, the sun was very big today making it warm everywhere.

The two rode out of the camp one after the other, with Li Yuanmin in front and Ni Lie behind. Walking to a stream, Ni Lie turned over and dismounted, then he stepped forward to take Li Yuanmin off his horse.

Li Yuanmin glanced up at him, jumped down from his arms, and walked along the stream bank.

The two were still, one after the other, the setting sun stretching their figures long. The stream sparkled, shattered a winding golden light, and the sound of the water was quiet, soothing the restless people’s hearts.

Looking at the slender and tall back in front of him, Ni Lie’s heart that was rarely calm, felt a little inadequate. He thought for a moment, and couldn’t help but step forward quickly and hold his hand.

Li Yuanmin unconsciously struggled, but he was tightly dragged.

He couldn’t help but raise his eyes to look at him defiantly: “You are now the person of the Eldest Prince, aren’t you afraid that he will discover that you are too close to me?” ”

Ni Lie stopped, looked at him for a long time, and said, “You pretend to be so obedient, how can he be afraid of you?”

“ What’s more,” his Adam’s apple moved, his eyes were deep: “You are also acquiesced by Li Yuanqian, as the ‘big gift’ for my sincerity.”

Li Yuanmin’s breathing suddenly became a little heavier, the humiliation did not flourish again, but he forced himself to suppress himself and did not speak.

A sigh sounded beside his ears, and then, Li Yuanmin was taken into a thick and broad embrace, while a deep voice came into his ears through his chest, “Let me tell you, I just want you to know that in this world, only those that have the will to have control of their lives have the right to do so, understand?” 

Li Yuanmin closed his eyes and swallowed the suffering in his throat heavily.

Ni Lie touched his snow-white earlobe, and his voice unconsciously lowered, bringing some comfort: “Don’t be afraid, at least he gave you to me.” 

Li Yuanmin didn’t say anything, only clenched his fists tightly in an invisible place.

The sun was gradually descending, there was a hoarse obscurity in all directions.

There was a sound in the grass, his eyes narrowed as he picked up a stone at his toes, and suddenly let it fly towards the sound.

But with a short squeak, Ni Lie stepped forward to pick up a hare in the grass.

He glanced at Li Yuanmin, pulled out a short dagger on his leather boot, and immediately carried the hare to the stream. He slaughtered, skinned and cleaned it, then returned. 

Li Yuanmin’s chest was already a little disgusted, looking at the skinned bare hare dripping with blood, his stomach was even churning, but he secretly pressed it down. 

But Ni Lie was excited, he picked up some dead branches and set up a bonfire, cut a thin bamboo with a dagger to pierce the hare, and set it on the fire to roast.

He raised his eyes to see Li Yuanmin’s slightly frowning appearance, and quipped rarely: “This little beast knew that you didn’t have dinner, so it rushed up to us.”

Li Yuanmin was afraid that he would see something abnormal, so he slowly walked over and sat down beside him.

In less than a moment’s effort, the hare was roasted. Ni Lie skillfully cut off the scorched part, and cut a piece of tender meat to put it on Li Yuanmin’s lips.

Li Yuanmin smelled the smell of that fat, and his stomach began to churn again.

Seeing his embarrassed look, Ni Lie sneered, “Look at your squeamish appearance, I am afraid that you would be beaten in the army in less than a month. If you encounter a war emergency, let alone roast, meat will have to be swallowed raw.”

Li Yuanmin ignored him, and only secretly suppressed the strong gagging intent.

Ni Lie threw the meat into his mouth, chewed it, and glanced at him: “This is not enough, what do those barbarians prisoners of war in Tatar call it? They called it a ‘Two-legged sheep’! ”

Li Yuanmin couldn’t bear it anymore, he turned his head and vomited on one side.

How could Ni Lie think that he would react so much, and for a moment he secretly regretted saying such a thing to him.

His palm stiffened as it clumsily ran down his back, it took a while for Li Yuanmin to slow down.

Nie Lie also did not have the mood to eat roast rabbit, only looked at his spring-like eyes, and sighed: “Squeamish.”

Li Yuanmin bit his lip, thinking all this time, he couldn’t help but glare at him.

Ni Lie was happy: “If you’re not squeamish then what are you? Eating candy after drinking medicine like a child, you can’t even listen about the talk of eating raw meat, tsk.” 

Li Yuanmin looked at his playful expression, his inexplicable eyes were red, he pursed his lips, desperately trying to endure the grievances.

Seeing his appearance, the smile on Ni Lie’s face gradually receded, his Adam’s apple moved,the sour and soft madness in his heart surged up, making him unable to endure.

Then he really couldn’t endure it as he pulled him into his arms.

The author has something to say: The author scolding in His Highness’s place: “Are you a person! He is pregnant with your child!! ”

 But in fact, I don’t blame Old Ni ho~

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