PCTG Chapter 84

Chapter 84

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The bonfire was crackling and burning with a few traces of red in the sky, however it had already darkened everywhere.

The sound of the stream gurgling caused a little chill to the night.

However, Ni Lie’s mind was heating up. He wanted to say something comforting, but ended up spouting something reckless: “Alright, don’t spill horse sh*t* here by my side.”

* = when a man cries tears

He swallowed his saliva, thinking what to do if this delicate person really cried, when he thought of that look, his heart was sluggish, so he was a little anxious for a while, but there was no other way, thus he lowered his head to find his lips, but the man in his arms dodged and refused to let him kiss.

Ni Lie did not force him as before, but gave up in disdain. He sniffed his hairline, and said a little irritably: “I won’t say that about you in the future.”

Feeling that his voice was a little heavier again, he softened, “I won’t say it.” 

Li Yuanmin didn’t speak, but only clutched Ni Lie’s clothes in that twilight dullness, half-lowering his eyes, it wasn’t known what he was thinking.

Ni Lie touched his hair and nestled his head in his neck.

It was late at night, but Ni Lie didn’t have the slightest intention of going back, however when it was even deeper in the night, thinking of the delicate tofu body in front of him, he was afraid that he would not be able to bear the cold wind in the suburbs, moreover, he thought that he would have to get up early tomorrow to continue on the trip early.

The two walked unhurriedly.

The person in front of him seemed to be even more silent than before he came. Ni Lie, who was following behind him, frowned, his heart was extremely irritable.


Chang Geng Star fell, the sky showed the marble white color of the dawn sky indicating the group was ready to leave.

Ni Lie was riding on his horse, as if he were patrolling. He circled the camp one after another, but his eyes frequently looked at the main tent.

After a long time, there was finally movement there. The tent door moved, first came the two accompanying the door, and then a noble man wearing a large cape slowly walked out accompanied by A Ying.

Ni Lie carefully observed his face, there were no emotions, only the indifferent expression as usual. A Ying approached him, spoke something to him, while he who listened frowned delicately, as he explained something to Ni Ying.

When dawn broke, the golden sun shone on his picturesque face, giving a layer of soft light. Ni Lie looked at it, there was a little more soft color on his cold face, but he didn’t know it.

Seeing that he had stepped into the carriage, he took his gaze back, pulled the reins, twisted the horse’s head, let out a sound, and went to the front of the group.

Most of the people were tired because of the rush, but they finally arrived at their destination before dark. Unlike the desolation of the place where they were stationed two days ago, this time the camp was adjacent to a rather prosperous town. However, in order not to disturb the people, the army was still resting in the suburbs.

As soon as Cao Gang entered the camp, he saw that Ni Lie had unfastened his armor, was bare to his waist and pouring cold water on his body to clean up in this cold weather. He couldn’t help but snort with empathy. He waited on the side, waiting for him to change his clothes before he stepped forward to routinely report military affairs to him.

After the explanation was clear, Cao Gang took out a secret letter from his arms from Zhu Chen, the governor of Liangjiang, and handed it to him.

Ni Lie glanced it over a few times, sneered, and threw it to Cao Gang.

Cao Gang saw it and sighed in his heart, it stated in the secret letter that the two batches of military food could not arrive at the camp on the set date for some reason, and only the amount of half a month was temporarily allocated.

The crown prince was really too suspicious, he wanted to rely on the Jiangbei camp to hold Sima and his son hostage, but he was also afraid of rebellion by the army.

Also another person who was being treated the same as him was Wu Qi of the Northwest Qingzhou Army.

Like the previous life, the Qingzhou Army also transferred troops to Tongzhou, which was adjacent to the capital, in the name of military practices according to the crown prince’s wishes, but what Li Yuanqian did not know was that this Qingzhou Army general had already secretly defected to Sima Ji.

——Already placing everyone in all kinds of suspicions, Li Yuanqian had already lost everyone’s hearts and got the same fate as in the previous life, he could only take this blame himself.

Ni Lie had already had a countermeasure, so after a few explanations, Cao Gang responded one by one, and was about to withdraw when there was an announcement outside. An accompanying person came in carrying a huge chrysanthemum pear box inside. 

The entourage was obviously running for a long time. With fine sweat on his face, he swallowed his saliva and put the case on the table: “Master, this is what you asked for.”

Ni Lie frowned: “Why did you get such a big case box?”

The accompanying person hurriedly said: “I’ve bought over various types.”

Ni Lie’s face slowed slightly, and he nodded: “Okay, you can withdraw.”

Cao Gang’s gaze fell on the box. On the box there seemed to be three gold-traced words “Zhao Ji Sugar”.

He frowned, the Red Tiger King would not specifically look for these foods, so who was this for?

He pondered, and remembered that Ni Ying somehow did not come to commander Daren these days, and when he thought of this, he roughly understood – it was estimated that he bought it to appease his sister.

Immediately, his heart calmed down and he retreated.

Ni Lie lifted the lid of the box, and frowned. There were all kinds of candy piled up inside, about ten pounds heavy, how could that petite man finish eating it all. 

He can’t help but secretly scold the entourage: “Stupid! ”

He pulled out a piece of oil paper on the wall of the box, picked up a few of each style of candy, wrapped it awkwardly, before putting it in his undershirt, then wore an outer gown as he hurried out the door.

When Ni Lie was about to enter the room, he happened to see Ni Ying coming out of it, he coughed lightly and stopped her.

“A Ying.”

Ni Ying looked up, her face was obviously sluggish, and she immediately became a little uncomfortable, she answered softly.

She touched the sword and walked a few steps, seemed to be a little pale, and raised her head: “… Don’t make His Highness Gege come back too late. ”

Without waiting for Ni Lie to answer, she hurried away. Ni Lie looked at her departing back for a long time before stepping into the door.

The person inside seemed to have just finished eating, at this moment he was using fragrant tea in his mouth to rinse, and spitting it into the bowl. Then he raised his eyes to see Ni Lie and was slightly stunned. He pressed the corner of his lips with a cloth, and waved back at the servant woman who was waiting on the side.

The servant woman bowed to Ni Lie in salute and retreated.

Ni Lie walked over, approached him, and reached out to caress his red and moist lips.

“ Let’s go to the town to get some fresh air.” 

The lights were shining and flickering around.

Today happens to be the day of the market fair. After youshi (5-7pm), there were still many people on the street. Because Li Yuanmin’s face was easy to attract trouble, he brought an ordinary looking human leather mask along.

The two walked side by side.

Li Yuanmin looked around, although this market was not as prosperous as the city of Lingnan, it also had everything. There were fewer female dependents on the street, most of them elderly.

Li Yuanmin looked at the bustle in the meantime, and remembered the scene of visiting the temple fair with the eighteen-year-old young man before, his heart trembled, and he hurriedly lowered his eyes, controlling himself not to continue thinking.

Naturally, Ni Lie could see that he was not very interested, and was about to say something, when a hawking vendor came up to sell a few books in his hand.

“ Two young masters, are you interested to take a look at this book that was just written by young master Ji Yue? ”

Ni Lie thought he was in the way and waved his hand impatiently.

The hawker was clever, immediately shifted his target, and said to Li Yuanmin: “This “Admolsing Mood” is difficult to find, it’s not expensive, just fifteen coins a book, do you want to buy it?” 

He looked left and right, then he leaned in front of Li Yuanmin a little, pulled a few pages, and showed him the illustrations inside: “Look, it’s all good content!” 

Li Yuanmin looked at it and frowned, how can this be a literature book! It is clearly the Spring Palace pictures book.

Ni Lie obviously also saw it, he was stunned, thinking of how shrewd the vendor was. After seeing Ni Lie’s reaction, he hurriedly opened to the middle of the book.

“There are several better ones! ”

He specially selected those fiery and vulgar colored paintings to show him, “Look! I didn’t lie to you! It’s all good stuff! ”

Li Yuanmin’s chest heaved. Seeing Ni Lie frowning, but his gaze still looking up, perhaps, it was in line with a certain scene in his memory, Li Yuanmin’s heart was in turmoil, that he couldn’t control it. He pulled his elbow heavily and walked forward.

After getting rid of the vendor, Li Yuanmin took a breath, only then did he realize something. As he hurriedly let go of him, without even looking at him, he turned around and slowly walked forward.

Because of the mask, Ni Lie couldn’t see what look he had on his face, but he saw that the tips of his snow-white ears were bloodshot red, making people want to bite it gently between their teeth.

He swallowed heavily in his throat, took a few quick steps, stepped forward and grabbed him, hurrying into the alley.

He pressed the man against the wall and quickly removed his mask. He trapped the man in his chest with his arms, panted hotly and blocked his lips fiercely.

When Li Yuanmin resisted him, his heart pounded, and his brain spun quickly, thinking of various countermeasures.

However, the person in front of him let go of his lips and gasped roughly:

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t touch you until you recover. ”

His heavy breath pounced on Li Yuanmin’s face, like a fierce tiger that could not be suppressed, ready to move, ready to eat him in one bite as he sniffed his lips.

“But you have to give me a good kiss. ”

Li Yuanmin’s face was astonishingly red, the moonlight appeared in his eyes, revealing fragments of lights.

He opened his lips slightly, exhaling moist heat. He closed his eyes, placed his arms around the other’s neck, and took the initiative to deliver his lips up.

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