PCTG Chapter 85

Chapter 85

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No one passed by in the dark alley, but the noise outside was clearly audible, which made Li Yuanmin feel a sense of ridicule.

The man in front of him crushed his lips hard, his sharp tongue invaded his territory, entangling his soft tongue, swallowing his fluid, breaking down Li Yuanmin’s first initiative into fine powder in an instant, making him could only be controlled by Ni Lie. The breath in his chest gradually became thinner as he trembled all over.

Perhaps it felt like he was losing his strength, thus Ni Lie reluctantly let go of him, and grabbed his waist so that he would not suddenly collapse to the ground.

He smiled widely, his forehead against his forehead as he was staring into his wet eyes dyed with spring spirit: “Are you afraid that I would really want to buy those books? With your ability in bed, why should I look at those kinds of dead things.” 

Li Yuanmin gasped to himself, his thin chest heaved, and the flushing of his cheeks became more and more obvious making him look as gorgeous as a red plum on snow.

Having seen that, Ni Lie’s heart was full of fire. He cursed secretly, and took Li Yuanmin into his arms, “Drink the medicine well, and recuperate your body as soon as possible, my unreleased body is waiting for you to take care of it well!” 

The moment the words fell, for some reason, he felt that the face of the person in front of him suddenly turned a lot grayer.

He still savored the wonderful taste he had just now, but he didn’t like to see him like this. He frowned and raised his hand to caress his plump and moist lips, “What? You’re like this again.” 

Li Yuanmin shook his head as he lowered his head for a long time, and then raised it again, holding that pair of dark eyes to look at Ni Lie. Perhaps it was because of the plunder just now, the tail of his eyes was a little red.

“In your last life, who was the most favored in your harem? ”

Ni Lie was confused for a moment, and looked at him suspiciously.

Li Yuanmin stretched out his finger to stroke the cirrus pattern on his belt, his voice was very calm: “In the future… If one day you rise to the top, I’ll be in your harem like those women, right? ”

Ni Lie’s eyes gradually became cold, his Adam’s apple moved, and for a while, he said, “You are different from them.” 

Li Yuanmin was silent for a long time, and then asked, “They… was there anyone better looking than me?”

Ni Lie’s eyes narrowed slightly, and after a long time, he replied to him: “There was no one.” 

“Mm” Li Yuanmin nodded thoughtfully and smiled softly: “That’s why I’m different. ”

He seemed to have unloaded a burden as he gently exhaled. There was more of a smile in between his eyebrows. He stood on tiptoe, touched his lips, separated an inch, and said with a smile: “I will take good care of my body and recuperate well.” 

Such an ambiguous and teasing sentence not only did not make Ni Lie’s heart sway, instead it made his gaze completely cold.

Li Yuanmin lowered his head and sorted out his messy clothes, put on his mask again, and walked to the street market outside.

Ni Lie stopped in place for a long time before following him out of the dark alley.

Returning to the lively market, Li Yuanmin seemed to be very happy. He was a little more childlike than when he came, he pulled Ni Lie to search for some fun gadgets in various stalls, and even bargained with the stall owner for a long time for a copper coin, completely without the lifelessness he had earlier.

However, Ni Lie, who followed behind him, had a gloomy face.


It was late at night when everything was quiet, the tent was hanging quietly, while Li Yuanmin was lying on his side on the bed; he closed his eyes, but did not fall asleep.

 The curtain suddenly lifted, bringing a strong wind. Li Yuanmin opened his eyes to see a tall man standing in front of the bed with a terrifying face.

Under the dim candlelight, Li Yuanmin was not surprised, as if he had already expected it, he even smiled at him.

Such a determined posture angered the man, and he suddenly went to bed, grabbed Li Yuanmin’s chin, and blocked his lips fiercely.

Breathing intertwined, there was a faint bloody breath between his lips and teeth. Ni Lie let go of him. Under the night, his eyes were as cold as a lone wolf as he said: “Li Yuanmin, let me tell you one last time, you can willfully make trouble with me here, even take advantage of my weakness, but I definitely can’t tolerate half of your hypocrisy!” 

Li Yuanmin’s chest heaved, his eyes were swaying. His moist lips were slightly open and he answered in a low voice, speaking obediently: “I understand.”

“You don’t understand! ”

Ni Lie’s eyes were full of anger, a brutal desire rolled up in his heart, but he couldn’t vent anything to the person in front of him, he didn’t know how to relieve it, he was simply restless, only his teeth muscles shook. He gnashed his teeth in anger: “I didn’t touch any of those women in my harem in my previous life. I have only had you in my two lifetimes! ”

“Got it?” His face was distorted, his eyes were red ad he was like a Rakshasa: “Since you already seduced me, you can’t run away, you might as well tear off your messy masks, and be the real villain here, I’m letting you do everything here, understand?!” 

In the faint candlelight, only the sound of the two people’s breathing remained.

Li Yuanmin gasped to himself. After a long time, he slowly stood up, raised his hand to touch Ni Lie’s gloomy and terrifying face, pushed his thick chest, and without any effort, he pressed the tall and strong man on the bed.

He lowered his head and kissed his lips, parted it an inch and looked at those dark eyes for a long time, and said gently: “I understand.”

Then he re-attached to his lips, gently crushing it, and the cold black hair slipped down, bringing about a cold fragrance from his body, like an invisible net, covering the person below him, making him unable to break free.

His warm, slender hand caressed his cheek, fiddled with his Adam’s apple, and then gradually descended.

Ni Lie’s heart jumped suddenly. He swallowed heavily, his mind burning with fire, completely burnig his remaining sanity. He tried to control the other party and seize the initiative, but as the other party gripped him heavily, his tendon flesh trembled violently, no more thoughts were made. 

Li Yuanmin looked at his uncontrollable expression, but his mind was surprisingly calm. He thought, he didn’t guess wrong, this man really had some feelings for him!

Although the man in front of him was thoughtful and ruthless, he was simple in some aspects. This made Li Yuanmin a little surprised, despicably surprised.

Because of this body, because of this face, he was favored by this previous life’s king of h*ll’s affection.

He didn’t take it upon himself to guess how much this affection was, but as long as he can stir up his emotions—that’s enough.

In two lifetimes, he had been a puppet, a plaything, a fish meat on the display case of others, which was enough. In this life, for his A Lie, for himself, he will grit his silver teeth and fight to the death!

His hand mercilessly manipulated him, the flame in his heart burned higher and higher, ad he hated that he can’t scream it out loud; all he could do was to rigidly suppress it, however, his face was showing a delicate and seducing appearance, spitting out a wet hot and soft tongue, taking the initiative to give i to the other party.

The curtain isolated the chaos inside, and for a long time, a man’s low roar came, then those small sounds gradually subsided.

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