PCTG Chapter 86

Chapter 86

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The faint candlelight shone through, illuminating everything dimly, as if a layer of light was gathered around, while the sandal-colored curtain stood there still and silent.

Ni Lie supported his arms, lowered his eyes, and his gaze lingered on the beautiful red face of the person below him for a while before he lowered his head and pressed onnto his lips: “Are you sick from the injury that happened some time ago?” 

Li Yuanmin was stunned, and immediately realized that the person in front of him got the news from somewhere, thinking that he was taking tonic medicine every day so he readily accepted it.

Seeing that there was an unclear obscurity in Ni Lie’s eyes, he immediately added: “Not entirely, my body has always been like this, it needs to recuperate all year round.”

Ni Lie’s eyes were deep, he knew that Li Yuanmin had not had a good life since he was a child. Because of his bisexual body, he was regarded as ominous by the royal family, and Emperor Mingde was disgusted by it. If it were not for the Kaiyuan Temple saving him and raising him in the temple, how could he have lived until now? In the past eight years, how he was able to gain a firm foothold in Lingnan, Ni Lie almost forced himself so that he would not let himself think about it.

The man below him shrank his shoulders, moved closer to him, and obediently buried his head in his chest.

Ni Lie’s Adam’s apple moved, his heart ached and it was about to burst, he slowly raised his hand and stroked Li Yuanmin’s black hair awkwardly.

At that time, he only had one crazy idea, he wanted to give him the best of everything! He wants everyone in the world to not dare to covet him even in the slightest! He wants him to live freely!

However, his face was still as calm as water as he just lowered his head and kissed Li Yuanmin’s smooth forehead gently.

It was already deep into the night, but Ni Lie still did not go back. Li Yuanmin, who was hugged in his warm arms, had begun to get sleepy, and in a daze, he heard Ni Lie suddenly speak.

“I have been imprisoned in Yeyou Hall when I was a child, you should know what kind of place that was. A difficult person to deal with like me was insulted and tortured by others… At that time, I had no way to survive, but suddenly a little palace maid came out and saved me. ”

Li Yuanmin’s sleepiness disappeared without a trace, and he met Ni Lie’s dark eyes.

Ni Lie’s gaze lingered on his eyebrows, he muttered in a daze, “She…” was somewhat similar to you.

Perhaps because of the expression of the person in front of him was a little stunned, Ni Lie swallowed the second half of the sentence, as if comforting the feather in his heart. He pulled the corner of his mouth: “That was the only woman I wanted to marry in my last life, but it’s a pity…”

Li Yuanmin remembered the unanswered request in his previous life, he pursed his mouth, and slowly lowered his eyes.

Ni Lie smiled to himself: “Of course, I can’t blame you, what can you do at that moment.”

He sighed, as if remembering an old memory: “It’s a pity that she couldn’t wait for me to save her in her two lifetimes.” 

“Li Yuanmin,” his voice suddenly lowered, “I am not the kind of person who is willing to give his fate to others. Since I was a child, I understood that only by mastering power and strength can I get what I want, so at that moment… I really wanted to kill you. ”

“But you’re so weird.” He paused and stroked his face fondly, “How can there be someone like you in this world.”

For some reason, Li Yuanmin was very irritable to listen to him say this: “Stop talking.” 

Ni Lie smiled good-naturedly, and did not continue, he leaned over, sniffed the cold fragrance on Li Yuanmin’s body, and sighed: “It is supposed that I have suffered from this mouthful of incense fragrance of yours, which had bewildered me into confusion and be frightened out of my mind…what do you think, did god not send you specifically to submit to me?” 

Seeing that he did not respond, Ni Lie was not angry, he only hooked his head, sniffed here and there, after a while, he still did not have enough, so he proceeded to pull the tie of Li Yuanmin’s underwear. 

Li Yuanmin hurriedly held his hand.

Ni Lie glanced at him, and bit the back of his hand lightly and heavily, causing Li Yuanmin to groan in pain. After the belt tie was pulled off, Ni Lie’s hand cupped the snow white flesh hotly. 

Li Yuanmin became more and more uneasy. He pressed his shoulders, looked down, and saw that the tip of Ni Lie’s nose was sniffing against his still flat lower abdomen. The feeling made him feel chills, he groaned, hurriedly pushed him away, pulled the quilt, and hid his body inside.

Ni Lie smiled and hugged him in his arms.

“What are you being shy for? What other piece of flesh on you have I not seen and tasted? ”

He licked his lips and his eyes flashed with some kind of light similar to a foraging beast. Although in the end, he was no longer forced by him, he was afraid that he would be on fire again because of Li Yuanmin. He kissed his snow-white earlobe, and explained: “You are a good actor, when you enter the capital, you only need to protect yourself in front of Li Yuanqian.” 

Ni Lie did not know back then how angry he would get when he personally saw Li Yuanmin acting humble, he was currently rather certain as he spoke to Li Yuanmin: “Don’t worry, I will keep you safe in this life.” 

Li Yuanmin looked at him, there was some invisible light in his eyes as he propped up his chin and kissed him.

Little by little, Ni Lie’s heart pounded, his throat dried up terribly, and he wanted to invade Li Yuanmin’s soft flesh but he could not bear to destroy this peace. He imitated his behavior by kissing him back little by little, as if they were two young beasts with nothing else, no one else occupying them; such a kiss caressed the tip of his heart like a feather, fascinating him.

But after a while, the person in front of him separated from him.

Ni Lie was dissatisfied, he couldn’t help but pinch the back of his neck. Li Yuanmin sighed as he put his arms around Ni Lie’s neck, and gave him a wet deep kiss as he wished.


It looked like there were only five to six days left until they arrive at the capital.

Li Yuanmin’s heart became more and more uneasy.

But Ni Lie was calm and collected, he handled military affairs well every day, so he stayed here with Li Yuanmin \. Perhaps, he knew that after entering the capital, he would not be idle, so he didn’t talk about anything else, and just pestered Li Yuanmin. 

Although he was concerned about his body, he didn’t really do anything, but Ni Lie’s familiar reckless and enthusiastic appearance made Li Yuanmin a little unbearable. It made him sometimes confused, completely unable to tell who the person in front of him was. Sometimes he was extremely happy, but suddenly realizing the reality, it further made him feel very painful.

“Stop it! Please stop playing with me!”

He begged with a broken voice and the man in the futon slowly swam up, his hair a little messy, stepped forward and put his arm around him, coaxing him.

“Lovely, help me.” He bit his lip hotly and took Li Yuanmin’s hand to touch it.

“I can’t release it out, so I have to come to you.” He shamelessly held his hand and made a face, as if deceiving an innocent pure child: “You see, only you can make it obedient.”

Li Yuanmin had a silent cry of sorrow in his heart, but he could only weakly bury his face in his neck, not letting him see, and obediently obeyed him.

Outside the convoy, the moon was dark and the wind was high. More than a dozen people quietly stepped on the eaves, one of them made some gestures, and everyone nodded in unison and dispersed separately.

The wind blew the treetops and rattled.

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