Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Little Brother’s Little Secret

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This nightclub named Light opened on a bustling commercial street outside the North Campus Gates of the All-Gender University in Shanlan City. It was one of the favourite places for Lan university students to hang out.

It was just the beginning of autumn, the start of the school season. Several members from the school’s student union propaganda department who have just left their posts have chosen to have a goodbye party there.

The Department Head, Chu Suiyun, was 1.84 meters tall with long legs. He was surrounded by a unique temperament between that of a young man and a mature man. Four obvious canine teeth in his mouth and his aura that made others bow down just when he sat there all displayed his superiority as an Alpha.

However, Department Head Chu, who had made countless small Omegas fall for him, had never even dated half a boyfriend or girlfriend for his four years in college, because——

“Wuwu, what should I do, Xiao Dong, our family’s little brother, seems to be in love…”

He was a little bro-con.

Chu Suiyun drank a little too much, and from his ear to the cheekbone to the other ear, was burning red. He grabbed his friend Dong Kejie’s shoulder and cried like a 140-pound child.

Dong Kejie pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, and said earnestly: “Suiyun, Xiao Yu is 18 years old and is an adult Omega. The heat period of an Omega usually comes about six months after adulthood. It is normal for him to find an Alpha boyfriend now.”

Chu Suiyun frowned and hiccupped: “But, hiccup, but our Xiao Yu has never dated, what if he is deceived?”

“…” Dong Kejie was silent for a moment, then continued. “Generally that won’t be the case. After an Alpha completely marks an Omega, the chance of cheating is very small. No matter how frivolour the previous Alpha was, it will be better after marriage.”

“How can it be!” Chu Suiyun pushed Dong Kejie away. He clenched his fists and said in an imposing manner, “Our Xiao Yu deserves the best. Alphas who messed around before marriage are too dirty and are not worthy of our Xiao Yu.”

“Moreover, if Xiao Yu is dating, does that mean this brother’s status has been replaced…” The more Chu Suiyun spoke, the sadder he became. Finally, the person shrank into a ball silently, and ran to the corner to get drunk.

Dong Kejie sighed, turned his head, and didn’t want to look over this stupid Department head who revealed his true form as soon as he drank.

Chu Suiyun was sad and tired. He slept for a while amid the loud singing. After waking up, with an Alpha’s powerful physical capabilities, most of the alcohol residue in his body had been metabolized, and his mind was much clearer.

He stood up, saw Dong Kejie’s disgusted expression and knew that he was acting drunk just now, and smiled apologetically to his friend.

“I’m going to wash my face, I’m sorry.”

Dong Kejie kept calm in the face of the strange sight, nodded and watched him go out, then continued to listen to the other students in the private room howling.

Chu Suiyun stood in front of the bathroom sink, washed his hands, grabbed a palm of water, splashed it on his face, then pulled his bangs behind his head and immediately felt much more refreshed.

He looked up to see himself in the mirror, then couldn’t help but smile handsomely.

Sure enough, this was the person who had been selected as the “No. 1 Ideal Alpha of the University” for three consecutive years. He was so handsome, so refreshing, and most importantly, he kept himself clean and was not in the same boat as those scumbags who could be seen everywhere.

Facing the mirror, he ended his brief narcissism. Chu Suiyun shook his hand, walked out of the toilet, and then walked into a scene that he shouldn’t have seen.

A male Omega was pressed against the wall for a deep kiss by another tall, muscular Alpha. The two of them were nibbling at the toilet door.

The two men blocked the passage from the toilet to the outside, so Chu Suiyun only had two options. Option 1, he could go back to the toilet, but the two of them might go into the toilet later and do their business as they liked or he could just stand here, watching them eat each other.

But fortunately, within a few seconds of Chu Suiyun’s entanglement, the Alpha released the Omega in his arms, clenched the collar of the Omega’s collar as if he was annoyed and angry, then flung the person away.

The Omega was no match for the Alpha at all in terms of strength. He stumbled and fell to the ground. Chu Suiyun stepped forward, caught the Omega in his arms, and looked up at the strong and rude Alpha.

“Hey, what are you doing to an Omega?” Chu Suiyun asked in a deep voice.

The man looked at Chu Suiyun in silence, his eyes fierce.

Now Chu Suiyun saw the man’s appearance clearly.

The man should be less than thirty years old, but completely did not have the aura of a student at all. He should be a member of society. His hair was tucked behind his head, revealing a full forehead, his facial features were deep and three-dimensional, his lips thin, and the sunk corners of his lips seemed extremely indifferent.

The most irritating thing was that the man was a head taller than Chu Suiyun. Chu Suiyun was 184cm, so this man should be at least 190. The man looked down at him in a dignified manner, making Chu Suiyun extremely unhappy.

At first glance, he looked like a scumbag, moreover a big fool. Chu Suiyun immediately made a conclusion about this person in his heart.

The Omega in his arms struggled twice. Chu Suiyun was afraid of hurting the person, and immediately let him go. Unexpectedly, the Omega stood up and defended the scumbag.

“It’s okay, it’s just a small conflict between the two of us. I’m sorry for bothering you.”

ThenOmega’s voice was soft and friendly and his lips were still red. Chu Suiyun, the Alpha, saw it and instinctively gave birth to a pitying heart.

But the cold-hearted man on the opposite side was completely unmoved. Instead, he glanced at the Omega with disgust and said coldly, “There’s no need for us to meet again.”

After speaking, the man turned to leave. The Omega took a half-step as if he wanted to chase after him, but in the end he stood still where he was and lowered his shoulders weakly.

Chu Suiyun despised that scumbags’ attitude of abandoning everything, because he couldn’t help inevitably substituting his younger brother into the image of the injured little Omega. As long as he thought about it like this, his blood pressure would rise.

Therefore, Chu Suiyun walked behind the Omega and said to him in a warm voice, “This kind of scumbag, it’s better for them to get lost, don’t be too sad.”

The Omega then looked at Chu Suiyun and thanked him politely, “Thank you. It’s rare to see an Alpha who respects an Omega as much as you do. My name is Fan Qing.”

Chu Suiyun introduced himself to him: “I’m a student of Lan University, Chu Suiyun. Are you alright, do you need me to call a taxi for you?”

“No.” Fan Qing waved his hand, then bowed to Chu Suiyun, “I’ll leave first.”

Chu Suiyun looked at his back, walking alone, looking very lonely in the noisy nightclub. Suddenly, a voice in his heart told him that this person would definitely go humbly to find that Alpha again.

Thinking of this, Chu Suiyun couldn’t bear it any longer, and stopped him, “Hey, are you going to find that scumbag?”

Fan Qing stopped and didn’t look back.

“Forget it. Although I, as a person who met you for the first time and saying this may be a bit inappropriate, if you encounter such a scumbag, don’t chase after him.” Chu Suiyun said.

Fan Qing’s back trembled slightly, but he said firmly in a low voice, “He’s very good, I’m not worthy of him, so it’s okay to be a little humble.”

After speaking, Fan Qing ran away.

Chu Suiyun scratched his hair, sighed helplessly, then walked back to the private room.

One was willing to hit and the other was willing to suffer, he really can’t control it, he can only hope that Xiao Yu will not meet this kind of ruthless scum.

Thinking of this, Chu Suiyun’s hand paused, then he sighed.

Once a little brother grows bigger, they can’t remain behind.

With the demonic voices of the other students in the department ringing in his ears, Chu Suiyun sat back on the sofa and sighed heavily in front of Dong Kejie.


Don’t judge Dong Kejie for being a spectacled boy with a serious face, but he was actually a gossip in his heart. There was no gossip in school that he did not know. This was all because he had a very strong thirst for knowledge in gossip.

Sure enough, when he heard Chu Suiyun sigh like this, he immediately leaned over and asked, “What’s wrong, was going to the toilet so sad?”

Chu Suiyun shook his head and sighed: “In this world, there are really too many scumbags. I just met one when I went to the toilet. They were kissing one second, and then in the next second he got rid of the Omega.”

Glancing at Dong Kejie, he continued: “But that Alpha was really handsome, he had the capital to be a scumbag. He was just a little bit worse than me.”

It was rare for Chu Suiyun to praise anyone, so Dong Kejie asked curiously: “Oh? How handsome?”

Chu Suiyun recalled it and described: “Two eyes, one nose and one mouth. Wearing black clothes, his face was darker than the clothes.”

“…” Dong Kejie took a sip of alcohol. His brain must have been kicked by a donkey for him to expect this person to describe it well.

Then Chu Suiyun lowered his face and said dullly, “A little taller than me.”

Now Dong Kejie had a reaction. He put down the alcohol glass, and a figure of a person immediately appeared in his mind.

“I can probably guess who the person you met is.” Dong Kejie said.

“Huh? Who is it?” Chu Suiyun asked.

Dong Kejie pushed his glasses and replied seriously: “The owner of this store is also an excellent Alpha, and his name is Qin Miao.” 

After Chu Suiyun heard this, he didn’t respond. He didn’t care what the person’s name was. He waved his hand: “Hey, I don’t want to think about this person anymore, it’ll ruin my mood.”

“But today’s events have made me more aware of the world and that scumbags are running all over the place. So even if Xiao Yu wants to date, he has to go through his brother, me, first!” Chu Suiyun’s attitude was firm.

Dong Kejie drank silently, not wanting to pay attention to this helpless bro-con.

At the end, everyone parted at the door of the nightclub.

Chu Suiyun glanced at the time, it had been an hour since he drank a glass of alcohol. The physique of a superior Alpha was capable enough to completely metabolize alcohol in one hour, and no residue can be detected in a urine test. So if he drove now, he would not be under the influence of alcohol.

“Xiao Dong, shall I take you back?” Chu Suiyun invited.

Dong Kejie refused, saying that he would take a taxi back. Chu Suiyun didn’t force it either. They were both Alphas, so they wouldn’t bother about such trivial matters. After saying goodbye to each other, he went to the nearby parking lot to drive.

Chu Suiyun’s car was a large-scale urban off-road vehicle that also combined to have the appearance of a commercial vehicle. It had a high chassis and was a large size, very domineering.

His parents were divorced, and often did business in a neighboring country all year round. Since their children became adults, they had not returned to China and only sent them money. Chu Suiyun bought this car with that money, mainly to take his younger brother to and from school.

Starting the car, Chu Suiyun hummed a song and drove home. There were few vehicles on the road late at night, so Chu Suiyun’s drive was smooth.

When he got home, Chu Suiyun opened the door and stuck his head in first. When he saw the lights in the living room were off, he came in lightly.

He changed his shoes, smelled the lingering smell of alcohol on his body, and decided to take a shower.

After taking a shower, it was already two o’clock in the morning. Chu Suiyun took off his slippers, quietly opened the door of his brother’s room, and glanced at the obediently sleeping Omega from a distance.

Ah, his sleeping brother is so cute. Chu Suiyun was satisfied and was about to close the door and leave—

When the screen of his brother’s mobile phone on the bed suddenly lit up.

Then, Chu Suiyun, who had excellent night vision, keenly found that his younger brother, who should have fallen asleep, was shaking.

This little guy was actually pretending to be asleep! It’s already two in the morning now!

Chu Suiyun got angry. He walked into the room, stood beside his brother’s bed, wanting to scold him for staying up all night playing with his phone, but unexpectedly noticed the caller ID on the phone screen.

– Brother Qin.

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