Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 2

Chapter 2 A Stranger’s Car

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A stranger called his Omega brother who had just become an adult at two in the morning? If it was any other parent, they would not be able to bear it and Chu Suiyun was no exception.

So he immediately grabbed his brother’s cell phone beside the bed, and wanted to connect the call to speak with Slag A on the opposite side.

Chu Muyu, who was pretending to be asleep, was afraid that his brother would take his phone, so he immediately rolled over and sat up, clasping Chu Suiyun’s arm tightly. An Omega’s strength was weak, so Chu Muyu hung almost entirely on his brother’s arm, not allowing his brother to answer the phone.

“Let go, Xiao Yu.” Chu Suiyun didn’t dare to pull his Omega younger brother because if an Alpha accidentally used his strength, it would cause great damage to an Omega.

However, Chu Muyu still stubbornly hugged his brother’s arm and did not let go. While the brothers were arguing, the call automatically hung up because the phone was not answered for a long time and the phone was automatically locked.

Only now did Chu Muyu let go of his brother’s arm and sit back on the bed.

His younger brother had a typical Omega appearance: a round face, a little protruding chin, and a pair of light brown almond eyes. When he looked at you with teary eyes, everyone would want to pamper him.

Although Chu Muyu and Chu Suiyun were biological brothers, their appearances were very different. Apart from the gender differences, the younger brother, Chu Muyu, looked more like he was from a neighboring country, mixed with exotic flavors.

Chu Suiyun was looked up from below by his younger brother and his heart softened involuntarily. His tone was light and he managed to regain a little patience: “Tell brother, who is this person on your phone?”

Chu Muyu tilted his head, his eyes wandering: “It’s a classmate.”

“Classmate?” Chu Suiyun saw that he was talking nonsense and couldn’t help raising his voice, “What classmate? University or high school? What’s his name?”

Chu Muyu rubbed his quilt: “University classmate, you don’t know him. “

“University classmate? You’ve only had two days of school, and you have made friends who can make calls late at night? And Brother Qin, is he a classmate of the same grade?”

Chu Suiyun was very angry, his younger brother and a strange man were calling late at night and he also lied to himself?

Chu Muyu was also impatient with his brother’s series of questions. He threw the pillow at Chu Suiyun and shouted, “Why are you asking so many questions! It’s just a friend!”

As an Alpha, he easily caught the pillow and put it back. On the bed, he continue pressing step by step.

“What friend? What’s his name? Is it an Alpha, a Beta, or an Omega? Is he older than you? How old is he?” 

The poor little Chu Muyu shrank back into bed, an uncontrollable grievance gradually surged in his heart. 

He quickly stood up from the bed, and with the height of the bed, he could finally look down at his tall Alpha brother.

Chu Muyu roared at his brother, “It’s none of your business! You always micromanage me so much, you even have to manage me when I make friends! Always asking questions about what I do, have I ever minded your business? You go out to play, drink and have dinner and don’t come back until dawn, yet you ask me to be home before twelve o’clock at night?! It’s not fair!”

His Omega eyes were red due to the stimulation.

Chu Muyu’s voice was a little choked. He glared at Chu Suiyun and said, “I don’t want you to control me, get out.”

Then he pointed to the door with a firm attitude of chasing the person away.

Chu Suiyun had never seen such an angry younger brother. Like an irritated kitten, the fur on his body had exploded and he was warning those who wanted to approach him with his teeth and claws.

He didn’t expect that his younger brother would mind him going out to party with friends.

Chu Suiyun had many friends and held the post of Department head. He spent a lot of time with his classmates and friends to go out and have fun, about once a week. Every time he would have a good time and would come home soon after dawn. Because the two brothers were only four years apart, when Chu Suiyun was in university, his younger brother could already take care of himself and nothing would happen to him at home alone at night, so Chu Suiyun never thought about how his younger brother would feel when he was left alone at home.

“Okay, I’ll go out first.” Chu Suiyun couldn’t bear his brother’s sadness, so he had to surrender first. He got up and walked to the door, then looked back.

“Go to bed early, we’ll talk about it at dawn.”

After speaking, Chu Suiyun closed the door and left his brother’s room.

The door was closed and the living room lights were cut off. Chu Muyu hid in the darkness as he slowly curled up his legs, hugged his knees and sat on the bed, sniffing aggrievedly.

Early the next morning, good brother Chu Suiyun put on an apron and cooked breakfast in the kitchen.

Most Alphas can’t cook, they thought this kind of thing was not enough for an Alpha and their wives would cook for them after marriage. Chu Suiyun never told anyone that he was the one who cooked at home.

He occasionally worried that his younger brother was so spoiled that he couldn’t cook. What if he was disliked by Alphas’ in the future. But then he thought, his younger brother is so cute and his hands were there to paint, which Alpha could be worthy of eating his cooking?

Perhaps it was because he was apologetic for the early morning quarrel, so Chu Suiyun prepared an extraordinarily rich breakfast today.

Putting the hot milk on the table, Chu Suiyun took off his apron and walked over to knock on Chu Muyu’s door.

“Xiao Yu, come out to eat.”

“Oh!” There was a voice inside.

After receiving a response, Chu Suiyun turned around and walked back to the dining room, sat down behind the table, turned on his phone, and started looking at today’s news.

After reading the article twice and replying to his messages, that kid Chu Muyu still hadn’t come out of the room. Chu Suiyun couldn’t sit still.

He got up and found that Chu Muyu’s room door was still closed. He stepped forward and knocked again: “Why haven’t you come out yet? Should I come in?”

“Don’t enter!” Chu Muyu replied excitedly.

Of course Chu Suiyun couldn’t go in, it would be bad if he saw his younger brother changing clothes. Although they were brothers, after all, an Alpha and Omega were different, naturally they should avoid uncomfortable situations.

Just when Chu Suiyun was about to leave quietly like this, he suddenly heard his younger brother behind the door saying something to someone: “Okay, I got it.” 

The tone was obedient and cute.

Chu Suiyun’s footsteps as he left suddenly stopped. His eyes became sharp, as if he wanted to see the entire room through the door.

“Then come out quickly, I’ll wait for you to eat together.” Chu Suiyun urged deliberately, and then walked slowly back to the dining table.

This time, after two minutes, Chu Muyu came out of the room.

He glanced at Chu Suiyun with some guilt, then pulled out his chair and sat down, slightly surprised when he noticed the excessively rich breakfast in front of him.

Chu Muyu looked at his brother, wanted to say hello, and gritted his teeth, but after all, he still cared about the early morning dispute and didn’t speak.

It was Chu Suiyun who couldn’t hold back and asked first, “In your room just now, were you on the phone with someone?”

Chu Muyu suddenly stopped the chopsticks that were holding the vegetables. He withdrew his hand, lowered his eyes, and remained silent.

Chu Suiyun knew Chu Muyu too well. As soon as this kid appeared like this, he knew that he was right.

Who the h*ll was that “Brother Qin”? After making a phone call at dawn, he also made a phone call in the morning. Doesn’t he sleep!?

Chu Suiyun complained angrily in his heart and his thoughts suddenly flashed.

Wait, doesn’t sleep?

In the differentiation of the three-sexes, only an energetic Alpha can live a normal life after a few consecutive nights without sleeping, so only an Alpha could have so much energy, staying up in the middle of the night and being lively in the early morning.

His Omega brother didn’t sleep well for one night and now wasn’t it all blue and black underneath his eye?

The other party must be an Alpha, and he was also a scumbag who didn’t understand Omegas’ at all. Chu Suiyun felt that he had guessed the truth, and the other party was the scumbag who lied to his younger brother to date him.

Thinking of this and seeing his younger brother’s stubborn mouth, Chu Suiyun could no longer hold back the little flame in his heart. He tried his best to ask in a soft voice, “Were you calling that ‘Brother Qin’ from last night?”

Chu Muyu looked at Chu Suiyun with a surprised expression, and denied, “No, it’s just a phone call with a friend!”

His reaction fell into Chu Suiyun’s eyes when he was so eager to defend. Chu Suiyun’s fists that were on the table clenched and loosened, then he finally sighed helplessly.

“Xiao Yu, don’t think that your brother is managing you too much. Because you are an Omega who has just become an adult, do you know how many Alphas out there can’t find an Omega and are waiting to scam you? Brother is worried about you, thus I asked.”

Chu Muyu, who didn’t expect to be reprimanded by his brother in the morning, was angry and annoyed. His face was flushed red, and he put the phone on the table with a “bang”.

A dialog box of the chat displayed on the screen. The name in the dialog box was “Liao Xiao Yuan”. This Xiao Yuan made a voice call five minutes ago.

The time matched just right.

Feeling wronged, Chu Muyu put the facts in front of his brother, with a sullen face, “See for yourself! You should believe me now, right? I’m really just on the phone with a friend, how long are you going to doubt me??”

Chu Suiyun was dumbfounded.

He knew Liao Xiao Yuan, he was his brother’s good friend since elementary school. The two were both Omegas and had always had a good relationship.

This time, he really wronged Chu Muyu.

“Also, even if I’m in contact with an Alpha, you don’t need to worry about it.” Chu Muyu put away his phone and said stubbornly, “I’m an adult, and I don’t need you to pretend to express your concern for me.”

After speaking, Chu Muyu pushed away the stool, grabbed his schoolbag, and quickly walked to the door to change shoes.

Before Chu Suiyun had time to feel hurt by his brother’s words, he subconsciously stood up and chased after him: “I’ll drive you.”

“No!” Chu Muyu changed his shoes and slammed the door shut.

Chu Suiyun stood there, stunned.

Then he let out a long sigh.

It seems that his time of rebellion has come.

After sighing, Chu Suiyun looked at the time and realized that he was late for work, so he quickly changed his clothes and left the house with his bag.

Chu Suiyun interned at a trading company called Fengmiao this semester. As the largest trading company in Shanlan City, Fengmiao has strict management and there was no room for accommodation if he was late. If Chu Suiyun wanted to earn a good performance, he must not receive a late record.

In the morning, the shortcut was too congested, so Chu Suiyun took a chance and went around. To his pleasant surprise, he found that he arrived at the company a little earlier than usual.

The interns of a big company can’t be idle. After Chu Suiyun finished his busy work, it was already six o’clock in the evening.

After clocking out and leaving work, Chu Suiyun was going to drive to the school to pick up the little brother from class.

Chu Muyu was a freshman and had many classes. His last class from Monday to Friday ended at 6 o’clock. Chu Suiyun told him that he would still pick him up this semester and told his brother to wait for a while before coming out after class.

But today, after arguing with his younger brother, Chu Suiyun sat in the car, clenched the unanswered phone, and sighed again.

The child was probably still angry and did not want to pick up his call.

The large off-road vehicle parked at the school gate had a great sense of presence. Chu Suiyun sat in the driver’s seat and kept calling his brother. Every time it naturally hung up and no one answered.

Chu Suiyun glanced at his watch, it was 6:30 now. If Chu Muyu left without waiting for him, even if he sat at the gate of the school today, he would not be able to wait for anyone.

“Answer the phone.” Chu Suiyun put the phone to his ear and muttered to himself anxiously.

His eyes swept toward the school gate hopelessly, expecting Chu Muyu to not have left and that he would be able to see him when he walked out of the school.

Then, what Chu Suiyun hoped came true, Chu Muyu really walked out of the campus with his school bag on his back.

Chu Suiyun immediately breathed a sigh of relief. He was about to get out of the car to call his brother, but was surprised to see his brother walk into another car.

It was a pure black luxury car with a low chassis and a streamlined design that was very aesthetic, expensive at first glance.

Chu Muyu walked straight to the luxury car, opened the co-pilot’s door, and sat in directly.

At this time, Chu Suiyun reacted and hurriedly looked at the person in the driver’s seat. Before the window was raised, the man’s face was barely captured.

Thin lips, straight nose, a cold hard temperament surrounding the entire body.

It was Slag A who he met in the nightclub that day and kissed that Omega passionately.

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