Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 11

Chapter 11 The Competitive Kiss

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 Chu Suiyun mentioned a nearby chain hotel. Qin Miao walked out of the mall and drove to the hotel in only ten minutes.

His expression was still calm, but the pace under his feet was a little faster than usual.

He couldn’t wait.

Taking the elevator to the fifth floor that Chu Suiyun said, Qin Miao successfully found the correct room according to the room number on the wall.

The Alpha reached out and knocked on the door.

Almost at the same time, the door to the room was opened, revealing Chu Suiyun behind the door.

Full of sweet smell, half-raised eyes, and red cheeks.

Qin Miao frowned slightly.

He actually didn’t like the smell of this person after wearing perfume. It was a little too flamboyant, but under this flamboyant smell, there was a hidden woody fragrance, deep, and low-key at the very bottom.

Qin Miao guessed that it was Chu Suiyun’s original taste.

So even if the perfume was pungent, he couldn’t help but smell it twice, just to capture the hidden truth.

Suddenly, Chu Suiyun raised his hand and embraced Qin Miao’s neck.

Chu Suiyun was different from Chu Muyu. He was much taller. Although he still had some distance from Qin Miao, it would not be as laborious as Chu Muyu.

With a little more force, he pressed Qin Miao’s waist down a little, and finally got a little closer.

He could easily kiss the other’s lips.

The moment their lips met, both of them were stunned for a moment.

Chu Suiyun was stunned. He didn’t expect Qin Miao’s lips to be so soft, which was incompatible with this guy’s cold and hard temperament.

Immediately, Qin Miao took the lead in reacting and hugged Chu Suiyun’s waist tightly, as if to rub that person into his body. The other hand clamped Chu Suiyun’s chin.

Qin Miao’s hand forced Chu Suiyun to open his teeth, and then aggressively invaded the other party’s mouth.

Chu Suiyun’s scalp felt numb when he noticed the outsider in his mouth. He had never done this kind of thing with other Omegas, and he couldn’t tell whether he felt more surprised or intoxicated at the moment.

His heart was beating like crazy, Chu Suiyun didn’t even have time to think. He closed his eyes, turned active from passive, and pursued Qin Miao. The position gradually turned to Qin Miao’s side.

Qin Miao patiently seduced him and went deep into his own side. Chu Suiyun regarded this as a chase, and he was drenched in blood and indulged in it.

To not be outdone was engraved in an Alpha’s gene.

However, it was the first time that Chu Suiyun had done this. He forgot to take a breath for a while. He held it back to the end, then his canine teeth bit Qin Miao’s lips in desperation.

“Hiss…” Qin Miao took a breath of restraint, holding Chu Suiyun’s chin and pulling the person away.

He stretched out his thumb and rubbed his lower lip, a trace of blood smeared away.

Chu Suiyun’s mind was dizzy due to lack of oxygen and he raised his eyes to look at Qin Miao provocatively. The blood on Qin Miao’s lips was clearly reflected in the depths of his pupils.

Chu Suiyun’s eyes seemed to say: You were the one to admit defeat first.

This look fell into Qin Miao’s eyes, it was bright clear seduction.

He parted Chu Suiyun’s legs and pushed upwards, then he actually carried a heavy Alpha by his hips and legs.

Chu Suiyun subconsciously wrapped his legs around Qin Miao’s waist, the whole person hung on the other like a koala, and was carried into the room in a trance.


The door to the room slammed shut.

He knew that Qin Miao was strong, but this strength was a bit excessive.

Chu Suiyun was held in his arms, and his thoughts spread to the realm of nonsense.

After a while of weightlessness, the soft bouncing feeling under him finally caught Chu Suiyun’s thoughts flying back.

Then, Qin Miao’s face appeared on his body.

Only then did Chu Suiyun realize that he was pressed on the bed by this guy.

He pulled away from the confused rivalry just now, and remembered that his task today was just to take pictures.

Soon, the mobile phone in his trouser pocket vibrated twice, which was the agreed signal between him and Dong Kejie. Vibrate twice to indicate that Dong Kejie had taken usable photos.

Then there was no need to entangle with Qin Miao anymore.

Qin Miao lowered his head again and kissed Chu Suiyun’s lips. Chu Suiyun snorted twice, pushed against Qin Miao’s chest, and forcibly creating distance between each other.

Qin Miao propped himself up, his eyes lowered, and he looked at Chu Suiyun intently.

“What? You don’t want it again?” he asked.

“Get up.” The photo was already in his hand. Chu Suiyun acted as if he didn’t recognize the person, pushed Qin Miao away and wanted to get up.

Unexpectedly, the next moment, Chu Suiyun felt a huge force on his neck that pressed him firmly.

Chu Suiyun widened his eyes in surprise and looked at Qin Miao.

Qin Miao’s expression did not fluctuate too much, but Chu Suiyun, who was closest to him, could clearly see the turbulent danger in his eyes.

“You came to me on your own initiative.” Qin Miao said in a low voice in Chu Suiyun’s ear.

An Alpha’s intuitive alarm bells for danger rang out. Chu Suiyun’s whole body immediately entered a state of alert, and he felt extreme danger.

“It was you who took the initiative to come to me.” Qin Miao said it again, biting the middle word very hard.

This time, his voice was even lower, so low that it was almost inaudible. It didn’t sound like he was speaking to someone else, but more like he was talking to himself.

After that, Chu Suiyun was clenched heavily. Qin Miao smashed his head to the other side, revealing a bright white neck.

The fact that Qin Miao was full of brute force, the difference between both of them as Alphas, made Chu Suiyun unhappy for a moment.

But the next moment he didn’t have the heart to think about these things.

There was a burst of tearing pain where the side neck glands were located, and the physiological tears aroused by the pain filled Chu Suiyun’s eyes almost immediately.

He even clearly heard the sound of his glands being punctured.

F*ck… No one ever told himself that Alpha’s glands could also be bitten.

Both Alpha and Omega have glands. When Alphas mark Omegas, they would bite through the Omega’s glands and inject their own pheromones into there, allowing the Omega to be contaminated with their own mark for a period of time.

This act of marking was an innate instinct and an irrepressible desire of every Alpha.

Omegas don’t have this marking instinct, so while Alpha’s glands were also where pheromones were stored and could theoretically be pierced, no one, or almost no one, had ever tried it.

Chu Suiyun naturally never thought that one day he would be bitten by another Alpha on his glands.

Is biting a gland so painful?

Chu Suiyun’s consciousness gradually faded away, only the pain was still sharp.

The tearing pain on the side of his neck slowly turned into distending pain, and the discomfort of being invaded by pheromones that did not belong to him.

Chu Suiyun’s arm that was in front of Qin Miao’s chest pushing him away fell down.

It was said in physiology class that after Omegas are marked, they will have a sense of obedience to the Alpha who marked themselves, making them unable to resist and disobey the Alpha. It was convenient for Alpha to continue to complete the next mark.

At this time, Chu Suiyun, who was bitten on the neck, felt that he had already approached 100% empathy with Omegas.

Indeed, due to biological differences, Omegas were weak against Alphas.

Fortunately, he was determined to break up his brother and this scumbag.

If Chu Muyu was lying here at this moment, Chu Suiyun would feel crazy just thinking about it.

After all, Chu Suiyun was an Alpha. Even after being bitten on the gland, he was just shocked and angered and forgot to react for a while, but he would not surrender to this Alpha who marked him like an Omega. His mind  was still awake, still full of power.

Chu Suiyun curled up his feet, and suddenly kicked out with all his strength, just hitting Qin Miao’s lower abdomen.

An Alpha’s full blow was unbearable no matter who the opponent was. Qin Miao was in pain, fell off the bed clutching his stomach, and slammed his back into the TV cabinet.

Qin Miao looked up.

Chu Suiyun got off the bed. His neck was bleeding, but he didn’t notice it.

He stood up, glanced back at Qin Miao, then left the room without hesitation for a moment.

Qin Miao sat up from the ground and watched Chu Suiyun leave, listening to him vent his anger and smash the door loudly.

Then Qin Miao leaned against the TV cabinet and laughed lowly at himself.

“Hehe, hiss…” He covered his stomach again.

After walking out of the room, Chu Suiyun quickly touched his neck.

When he touched it, his hands were wet and when he looked at it, it was actually scarlet.

“D*mn, was that guy originally a dog, why are his teeth so sharp?” Chu Suiyun cursed without the self-consciousness that he was an Alpha with canine teeth.

He lifted his sleeves and sniffed, but he couldn’t smell anything.

“D*mn, I don’t know if I smell like that guy…” Chu Suiyun muttered.

The wound on his neck was left like that, but it was embarrassing to go to the hospital, so Chu Suiyun walked out of the hotel, found a pharmacy, bought a few waterproof band-aids, and put it on under the surprised eyes of the pharmacist.

Judging from the confused eyes of the other party, Chu Suiyun probably guessed that the pharmacist was struggling with whether he was an Alpha or an Omega.

After all, most people wouldn’t think that an Alpha would be bitten through the gland.

Back home, Chu Suiyun called Dong Kejie.

He asked Dong Kejie if he had taken any photos that could be used. Dong Kejie gave him a positive answer and sent him a copy of the photo.

Chu Suiyun looked at the photo on the screen and unconsciously touched the side of his neck.

The two people in the photo were obviously kissing. Qin Miao’s figure was very clear. Although he was facing away from the camera, anyone who knew him could accurately recognize that it was Qin Miao.

As for Chu Suiyun, Qin Miao’s entire figure completely blocked it. Except for the hand he wrapped around Qin Miao’s back, it could be seen that two people were kissing, and nothing else was exposed. 

Even if it was shown to Chu Suiyun’s own mother, she wouldn’t recognize it.

This photo was perfect.

It was not in vain to be bitten by a mad dog today.

“Okay, Kejie, send it to Xiao Yu.” Chu Suiyun said.

Dong Kejie was a little shocked. He asked hesitantly, “Suoyun, will this be a little cruel to Xiao Yu?”

Indeed, his boyfriend had just finished a date with him. He had answered the phone and left, then he went out to meet someone else to kiss. This was extremely cruel to any Omega.

If it was Chu Suiyun before today, he might still hesitate, trying to find a more gentle way to tell Chu Muyu.

But after being bitten by Qin Miao, Chu Suiyun clearly knew how helpless an Omega was in the face of an Alpha’s power, and how irresponsible Qin Miao was.

A long pain was worse than a short pain. Why not cruelly cut open the truth in front of Xiao Yu. At this time when he is in pain, there is still himself who can comfort him.

If Xiao Yu was allowed to continue to be obsessed like this, that would be really cruel.

“Send it now.” Chu Suiyun squeezed his phone tightly and made up his mind.

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