Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Warm Hotel Invitation

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When Chu Suiyun heard that his younger brother was skipping classes, his first reaction was:This was nothing, how can a university student not skip one or two classes?

But in the next second, he realized that it was fine for his younger brother to skip class at any time, but in this special time period, what was he doing when he skipped class? The answer was ready to come out.

Chu Suiyun swallowed his saliva and said to Dong Kejie on the other end of the phone, “Don’t tell me that Xiao Yu went on a date.

“What else?” Dong Kejie didn’t care about the older brother’s feeling and said straightforwardly, “Xiao Yu’s friend told me that all of them in the same club know this because Xiao Yu also asked for leave from club activities in the evening.”

Dong Kejie planned to stay and work at school for two more years, he was not in a hurry to find an internship. He was just working under a teacher, so he knew a lot about what was going around in school.

Chu Suiyun pressed his forehead in distress: “Do you know where Xiao Yu is?”

Although he asked, he didn’t hold out much hope. After all, just because his friends knew that Xiao Yu was going on a date, did not necessarily mean they knew where he was going on a date.

But he didn’t expect Dong Kejie’s answer to be very fast: “I know. Xiao Yu said he was going to the cinema near the school to watch a movie.”

Chu Suiyun pressed his hand on his forehead: “How do you know so clearly?”

“Didn’t you tell me to pay more attention to Xiao Yu? So, I am quite familiar with several of his friends.” Dong Kejie said it as a matter of course, “Xiao Yu was quite happy about going on a date, so he mentioned it to his classmates, it’s normal.”

Chu Suiyun frowned, intuitively feeling that this matter was not so simple, but what Dong Kejie said also made sense.

But the most important thing at this moment was not to worry about why Xiao Yu, who was not flamboyant, told everyone about it, but to find Xiao Yu quickly.

“I see, thank you.” After Chu Suiyun finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Half an hour later, at the entrance of the cinema.

Chu Suiyun wore a peaked cap and sat on the bench outside the cinema, watching the crowds pass by.

He waited here for ten minutes without seeing Chu Muyu.

He couldn’t wait any longer. Chu Suiyun wasn’t sure if he missed Chu Muyu because Chu Muyu had skipped an afternoon of class, and God knows which movie he was watching. Had he already left?

Therefore, Chu Suiyun made a phone call.

The busy tone sounded and after a minute, it hung up automatically because there was no answer.

Chu Suiyun clicked his tongue. He held the phone in his palm, pressed the brim of his hat, and continued to watch the people entering and leaving the cinema.

Another five minutes passed, and still no familiar figure appeared. Chu Suiyun called his brother again.

The same busy tone sounded, but this time it didn’t wait for a minute to hang up automatically. Just halfway through, the phone was cut off manually.

It was Chu Muyu who hung up the phone by himself.

Chu Suiyun was shocked, and immediately realized that it was very likely that Chu Muyu had finished watching the movie and came out.

The first call was because Chu Muyu’s phone was on silent in the middle of the movie, so he didn’t hear it and it hung up automatically. As for the second call, Chu Muyu must have seen his phone after he came out. He happened to receive the call, but didn’t want to talk to him, so he hung up on his own initiative.

Okay, this stinky boy, if you have another Alpha, you’ll forget about your brother now?

Chu Suiyun gritted his teeth in anger.

Now that it was confirmed that Chu Muyu would most likely be leaving the cinema, Chu Suiyun looked more and more intently at the exit of the cinema.

About a minute later, Chu Suiyun saw the person he was expecting.

It’s a pity that the first thing the good brother saw was not his dear brother, but Qin Miao.

This can’t be blamed on Chu Suiyun, after all Qin Miao’s aura was too strong. He was a bit taller than the crowd, one hand casually inserted in his pocket, his eyes gazing emptily in the air, it was as if no one present deserveed a glance from him.

The next second, Chu Suiyun saw his younger brother following Qin Miao.

And the hand of his brother’s was on Qin Miao’s arm.

Seeing this situation, Chu Suiyun almost couldn’t help rushing over to face Qin Miao.

Obviously before, he was the one who was held by his brother!

After calming down for a moment, Chu Suiyun knew that now was not a good time to directly snatch his younger brother, this time he came here just as an older brother who was worried.

In fact, he didn’t want to be an overly tough parent either. The target that his younger brother identified was not good. Chu Suiyun felt that he needed to convince the person with reason, tell facts, and present evidence to convince his younger brother.

Using his older brother authority to force his younger brother to separate from Qin Miao was not what he wanted to do.

So endure, endure, endure.

Chu Suiyun clenched his fists.

After relieving himself, Chu Suiyun calmed down and watched his younger brother stick onto Qin Miao more calmly.

Chu Suiyun sat in the same position and peeked over.

Chu Muyu tightened his hands, signaling Qin Miao to stop. Qin Miao immediately stopped moving forward and looked down at Chu Muyu.

Then the two talked a few words. Because the distance was too far and the environment was too noisy, Chu Suiyun could not hear clearly.

The next moment, Chu Suiyun’s pupils suddenly tightened.

Chu Muyu stood on tiptoe, wrapping his arms around Qin Miao’s neck, slowly tightening them. Qin Miao also raised his hand, placed his big palm on Chu Muyu’s waist, and hugged him tightly.

The slender Omega and the tall Alpha hugged tightly in front of the movie theater. Both of them were outstanding, so they quickly attracted the attention of the crowd.

Some Omegas half-covered their mouths, and Alphas took the opportunity to joke with their partners, making their partner blush and smile. The Betas couldn’t help but stare sideways when they saw this scene.

Everyone was immersed in the beautiful embrace of the Alpha and Omega.

Only Chu Suiyun was shocked beyond recognition.

He was so shocked that Chu Suiyun didn’t respond for a long time, so he watched Qin Miao’s mouth lean closer to Chu Muyu’s neck.

– where the glands were located.

Chu Suiyun was furious and almost crushed the phone in his hand.

What does this guy want? In public, in front of a large audience, he wants to mark Xiao Yu like this?

If he can endure this situation, Chu Suiyun must have practiced asceticism. 

He couldn’t bear it, but the last bit of his reasoning told him that even if Qin Miao was a scumbag, that should die for society, Xiao Yu was innocent, and as a brother, he couldn’t embarrass him in public.

Therefore, Chu Suiyun did not rush directly, but dialed Chu Muyu’s number.

Sure enough, Chu Muyu’s phone rang immediately, and the two who were embracing each other had to separate.

Chu Muyu took out his phone, and the moment he saw the caller ID, his expression changed unconsciously.

Then he hung up the phone with shaking fingers.

“I’m sorry, the number you dialed…”

Chu Suiyun almost felt dizzy when he saw his brother hanging up the phone. He felt that he was more angry these days than the past twenty years combined. In a few moments, he could lie down and be admitted to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular department.

But fortunately, his phone call successfully separated the two.

He didn’t know if Chu Muyu found that there were a lot of people around him, he was shy or something else. After separating, he didn’t continue to entangle with Qin Miao, and the distance between the two was widened.

This made Chu Suiyun’s blood pressure drop a little bit, so he didn’t need to be sent to the hospital immediately.

But it was not good to let the two continue to get along alone like this. Chu Suiyun knew an Alpha’s nature. When the hormones just started to rise, Qin Miao even wanted to mark Xiao Yu in public.

Seeing that the two of them were about to leave, Chu Suiyun’s brain moved quickly and kept thinking about how to separate them.

Xiao Yu didn’t answer the phone, so calling him would definitely be a no-brainer. How about pretending to have a chance encounter later and taking Xiao Yu home?

No, Chu Suiyun shook his head. This time he can bring Xiao Yu home, but what if the two continue to date next time?

If they met by chance today, his true identity would be exposed in front of Qin Miao. Not to mention that Qin Miao would make trouble for himself because he was fooled, and he would have to try again if he wanted to expose the scumbag of that guy in the future.

There must be a way, there must be a better solution.

A good way to kill two birds with one stone…

Chu Suiyun’s eyes gradually glowed.

Qin Miao and Chu Muyu were about to get on the elevator, and he didn’t have time to think about it. The best solution that Chu Suiyun could think of at the moment was this one.

He had always been a person of action. After deciding, he immediately called Dong Kejie first.

After talking briefly with Dong Kejie for a few minutes, Chu Suiyun leaned against the circular railing of the shopping mall, his eyes locked on Qin Miao and Chu Muyu who had already stepped on the elevator.

To be precise, there was only one person he focused on, the Alpha with the powerful aura, with the outstanding look.

Chu Suiyun’s eyes became cold and he took out a business card from his bag.

That was the contact information Qin Miao had given him in the hotel a few days ago.

Qin Miao took Chu Muyu down to the first floor, and Chu Muyu obediently followed half a step behind him.

Qin Miao could sense his unease, but because he was not used to comforting people, he didn’t ask.

“Brother Miao.” Chu Muyu couldn’t hold back any longer, and spoke first, “Can this lead that person out?”

“Who knows.” Qin Miao had no consolation.

After he said that, Chu Muyu heaved a sigh of relief: “That’s right, who knows, it’s fine if I can succeed, but forget it if I can’t. There’s always another way.”

Then the Omega obediently bowed to Qin Miao: “I have troubled Brother Miao during this time, thank you.”

“It’s okay.” Qin Miao replied lightly.

Suddenly the phone in his trouser pocket rang. Qin Miao took out his phone and looked at it, his face changed for a moment.

The Alpha unconsciously glanced at the opposite Chu Muyu, and Chu Muyu gave him a blank look.

Qin Miao recovered quickly, and answered the phone as usual: “Hello?”

Chu Muyu waited quietly.

The familiar voice on the other side was conveyed through the phone, as if a numb electric current entered Qin Miao’s ear canal.

“Hey… I’m sorry to call you suddenly, but you were the only Alpha I know.”

Qin Miao raised his eyebrows and did not answer rashly.

The other party continued to speak, with an unnatural gasp in his voice.

“I seem to be entering my heat, can you help me?”

Qin Miao’s throat seemed to be stuck, forcing him to swallow unconsciously.

The terrifying request continued: “If you can… I’ll be waiting for you at the hotel.”

“Please come.”

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