Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 16

Chapter 16 The Birth of the Qualified Omega

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Chu Suiyun never dreamed that he would one day ask for leave from the company because he wanted to participate in He Huan’s “Omega Behaviour Special Training Camp”.

Last week, He Huan talked about training Chu Suiyun, as an Omega and how to behave in front of the Alpha who marked him. This week, after Chu Suiyun’s fever subsided, an appointment was made.

Although they were in their senior year and were basically not in school, the three of them still chose to make an appointment to meet in the school’s conference room, which was convenient and affordable.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Chu Suiyun arrived at the conference room, swiped the door lock with the campus card, and saw He Huan and Dong Kejie who were already waiting in the room.

He Huan was eager to start and Dong Kejie had a teasing expression.

The two seemed to be very enthusiastic about him pretending to be an Omega.

Chu Suiyun sighed, closed the door and walked into the conference room.

“It’s too strange.” Chu Suiyun put down his bag, “I still think it’s very strange. Is this really necessary?”

“Of course it’s necessary.” He Huan was certain, “The first few times you met Qin Miao, it was only a short contact, but this time you are appearing to force him to cut off contact with all the Omegas around him. It will be a relatively long process, no one can guarantee that you will have no flaws during this period of time.”

Since Chu Suiyun had come, he had also made up his mind. However, he couldn’t help but ask a question and complain. He sighed again, finally accepting his fate.

“Okay. How are you going to train me?” Chu Suiyun asked.

He Huan took out a notebook from his bag. The two Alphas present did not expect him to be so serious about this matter and formulating a detailed training plan.

“It’s a bit of an exaggeration.” Chu Suiyun looked at the book and felt a drop of sweat that didn’t exist on his forehead.

He Huan opened the book, glanced at it, and pointed at Chu Suiyun.

“First you need to think of a fake identity.”

“Fake identity?”

“Yes.” He Huan nodded, “Since you want to associate with Qin Miao, he must know your name. You can’t tell him your real name, so you need to give him a fake name, fabricate a fake identity.”

“This…” Chu Suiyun hesitated, he didn’t expect it to be so thorough.

“I knew you Alphas are careless and didn’t think about such important issues.” He Huan shook his head in disappointment, “But fortunately, I’ve already figured it out for you, take a look.”

He Huan said this and handed the book in his hand to Chu Suiyun.

Chu Suiyun took the book and looked. Dong Kejie, who was beside him, also joined in to watch the fun.

“Name Chu Xue, age 20, a student in the Music Department of Shanlan University…” Chu Suiyun read out the words in the notebook.

After reading this, he stopped and looked embarrassed: “What kind of name is that, it’s too… and why is it the music department, I don’t know any instruments, what should I do if I get exposed?”

“Uh, this, it’s harmless, we can just change it.” He Huan took the book and changed the music department to the journalism department.

“What about the journalism department? Some Omegas also choose to study this major, and you will not be exposed. Everyone understands the news.”

This choice was okay, so Chu Suiyun no longer bothered about this. He took over the book and continued to read .

He Huan’s setting for him was to be a strong and sad little white flower. Both parents died and he was born in an orphanage. Even so, he did not give up on himself. He was admitted to Shanlan University by his hard work and talent. However, his personality was inevitably a little withdrawn. He looked hard to approach from the outside and had no friends, yet in fact, he was sensitive and soft inside. Once someone enters his heart, they will be depended on.

Chu Suiyun frowned at sight: “This is not me at all, are you deliberately challenging my acting skills?”

“You know what, this is the number one Omega character that can inspire an Alpha’s desire to protect them the most. I turned over the internet multiple times and there was a lot of information.” He Huan retorted.

“You mean you’ve read a lot of novels.” Dong Kejie ruthlessly interrupted.

He Huan widened his eyes: “You! Why do you care as long as it is useful? Don’t you two think this kind of Omega was very endearing?” 

The two Alphas looked at each other, but Chu Suiyun looked away first and returned the book to He Huan.

“Okay, we’ll do it like this. What do you want me to do next?” Chu Suiyun said.

He Huan put the book away and pointed to Dong Kejie: ​​”Next, Kejie needs to be involved.”

Dong Kejie pointed at himself blankly, as if he had never expected it and thought that he was only here to watch the fun.

He Huan nodded and said, “Have Kejie play Qin Miao, and Brother Yun, you will play an Omega.”

“Since Brother Yun, you are going to be with Qin Miao for a while, you will definitely have physical contact. The first most important lesson is how to react when physically touching.”

Just hearing these words, Chu Suiyun started to get goosebumps.

He Huan commanded: “Now Dong Kejie is Qin Miao, you two will sit together first.”

This was nothing, there was often times for the two of them to sit side by side. Chu Suiyun responded and sat down beside Dong Kejie.

Two Alpha’s of similar stature were sitting side by side on the sofa in the conference room. Dong Kejie folded his arms and Chu Suiyun’s hands were naturally placed on his two thighs that were slightly apart. The two looked at He Huan with inquiring eyes.

He Huan looked at the sitting posture of the two and frowned, “No, no, it’s not right for you to sit together like brothers.”

“We are good brothers.” Dong Kejie pushed his glasses up and told the truth. .

“That’s why it can’t be done like this!” He Huan came over and pushed Chu Suiyun’s shoulder, “Brother Yun, lean on him. Don’t open your legs, you are sitting like an Alpha.”

I am originally an Alpha … Chu Suiyun swallowed his true thoughts and silently adjusted his posture according to He Huan’s guidance.

He put his legs together, turned his head sideways, and placed it lightly on Dong Kejie’s shoulders.

At that moment, Chu Suiyun clearly heard Dong Kejie take a deep breath.

“You!” He Huan yelled at Dong Kejie. 

Dong Kejie shuddered all over. He was stunned for a moment before he regained his senses. He shouted to He Huan, “Can’t you act like an Omega? Your movements shocked and startled me.”

“You stretch your hand to hold Brother Yun.” He Huan ignored Dong Kejie’s words and directed him to act.

“Ah?” Dong Kejie was stunned.

Chu Suiyun, who was sitting beside him, also began to stand upright.

“Ah what? Hurry up!” He Huan urged.

Dong Kejie and Chu Suiyun looked at each other, gritted their teeth, stretched out their hands as if they were going to die, and then he grabbed Chu Suiyun’s shoulders. Chu Suiyun immediately tightened his muscles.

After doing this, both Alphas seemed to have survived a calamity, and at the same time heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts.

“And then.” Dong Kejie gritted his teeth and asked He Huan.

He Huan touched his chin and thought: “Well, it doesn’t feel right, but the meaning is similar.”

The Omega turned to Chu Suiyun and instructed: “Brother Yun, imagine that Dong Kejie was Qin Miao now.”

Chu Suiyun followed He Huan’s words to imagine this and his whole body suddenly felt cold, he wanted to hit Dong Kejie.

Realizing this thought, Chu Suiyun quickly stood up and distanced himself from Dong Kejie.

“No, I’m still awkward.” Chu Suiyun said.

Dong Kejie was obviously relieved, and panted heavily while leaning on the armrest of the sofa.

“Then what are you going to do?” He Huan said worriedly, “If you want to get in touch with Qin Miao, you won’t be able to escape this.”

Chu Suiyun walked to the water dispenser, took out a disposable paper cup and poured himself a cup of water.

He didn’t know what to do. Originally, he thought that since the previous contacts were not exposed, then let it be.

“By the way, Brother Yun, didn’t you kiss Qin Miao last time? How did you feel?” He Huan asked suddenly.

“Pfft!” Chu Suiyun just took a sip of water into his mouth when he heard He Huan’s question. He was so shocked that he spat it out.

He put the water cup down and took the paper on the table to wipe his clothes.

He Huan helped hand him a few pieces of paper. He didn’t have any idle time for his mouth, and asked, “Did it feel awkward? But I think it’s okay after looking at the photo.”

Chu Suiyun’s movement of wiping water with his hand stopped abruptly.

How did it feel to kiss Qin Miao?

Chu Suiyun wanted to tell He Huan that he had long forgotten, but he couldn’t fool his heart.

That feeling may be hard to forget in this life.

Because even after almost a week, the tactile touch on his lips and the still painful wound on his neck reminded him of what had just happened a few days ago.

Chu Suiyun had always consciously avoided recalling the fact that he kissed Qin Miao, but now he was reminded by He Huan and the real feelings at that time gradually recovered in his mind.

Did he feel disgusted at the time? Was it disgusting?

It didn’t seem to be the case. There was not even any kind of negative emotion.

The kiss with Qin Miao was like an overly hot flame, and the fact that he was kissing a mature and powerful Alpha was like a poison full of taboo temptations.

It made Chu Suiyun lose himself for a while. Wanting to determine who was better, that kiss was once dominated by Chu Suiyun.

Chu Suiyun crumpled the tissue on the table and in his hand, threw it into the trash can, and answered He Huan: “I forgot.”

He Huan opened his mouth and wanted to say, “That’s a pity, how about you try to recall it,” but he suddenly saw a small piece of ear exposed under Chu Suiyun’s short hair.


The Omega wisely remained silent.

Dong Kejie took off his glasses, blew on his glasses, and wiped them with a cloth.

“Continue.” After throwing out the trash, Chu Suiyun turned around and said to He Huan, “I’ll work hard and try to have fewer flaws.”

“Okay!” He Huan smiled.

The Omega’s behavior training for Chu Suiyun lasted for two hours. He Huan had a great time because he could see the Alphas who were always high above, so embarrassed that they didn’t know where to put their hands under his command.

Chu Suiyun and Dong Kejie could only feel pain. Under He Huan’s command, they did so many shameful things that they would want to end themselves fifty years later.

Just when Chu Suiyun and Dong Kejie exchanged glances and wanted to stop today’s training, Chu Suiyun’s phone rang just in time.

It was Chu Muyu calling. Chu Suiyun raised his hand to signal to the other two, and connected the call.

“Hey, Xiao Yu?” 

The opposite side was silent for a few seconds. When Chu Suiyun was about to call out again, he heard Chu Muyu’s anxious voice that was almost crying.

“Hey, brother, where are you? I’m out of class, can you come and pick me up?”

Chu Suiyun frowned tightly.

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