Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 17

Chapter 17 I’m Looking for Your Boss

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In the afternoon, foreign language class was the class the whole school took during that time. Chu Muyu has been a good student since he was a child. He sat in the first row when he was in university, and listened carefully to the class while taking notes.

The foreign teacher from the neighboring country had profound facial features and a sense of humor. As soon as the get out of class bell rang, he let the students leave on time.

At the end of the one-and-a-half-hour class, Chu Muyu turned on his phone and checked his messages before packing.

During class, Chu Muyu kept his mobile phone in his bag on mute. In order to prevent missing messages, he was used to checking it immediately after class.

Suddenly, he saw a stranger’s message sent five minutes ago on his mobile phone.

“It’s so cute that you listened so carefully in class. It would be nice if I could talk to you one day, Xiao Yu.”

“I don’t like the Alpha you’re dating, he’s not a good person, you should choose me.”

“Bang dang-!”

Chu Muyu was taken aback by this message. His feet were unsteady, and he accidentally bumped into the table of his classmates behind him, and the water cup on the corner of the table was shaken to the ground.

Fortunately, the water cup of his classmate was made of plastic, and the lid was fastened. It only made a loud noise when it fell to the ground, but it was not damaged.

“I’m sorry.” Chu Muyu bent down in a panic, picked up the cup, and put it back on the table.

Then he raised his eyes naturally and saw the appearance of the classmate.

He was a tall and thin Alpha, with long bangs that covered his eyes, and he was wearing a thick coat in the constant temperature classroom.

The Alpha’s lips were drawn into a straight line, and there was obviously no expression, but Chu Muyu felt that the other party was not very happy when he saw him and he had a cold look that was difficult to approach.

Sure enough, Chu Muyu returned the cup to him. After apologizing, the man didn’t respond. He just took the cup lightly and put it in the side pocket of his schoolbag.

The man packed his bag, stood up, passed by Chu Muyu, then finally gave the Omega a look.

Chu Muyu looked at those eyes and suddenly remembered.

This guy was Shen Qingdeng, his high school classmate.

His eyes were a very special color, dark blue. Reportedly, he had a neighboring country’s lineage.

The two of them were not in the same class in high school, and Chu Muyu knew the other’s name only because the other was handsome and was considered a campus celebrity. The two had never spoken at all, let alone know each other. Judging from Shen Qingdeng’s reaction just now, he should not know Chu Muyu at all.

The Alpha quickly disappeared outside the classroom. After Chu Muyu was interrupted by this little episode, the fear of seeing the text message dissipated a lot.

He looked at the phone screen again, and every word in the message was chilling and sickening.

Chu Muyu hovered his finger on the delete button, wanting these words to disappear in front of his eyes quickly, but finally told himself rationally that he couldn’t delete them, and these might become evidence in the future.

So Chu Muyu exited the text message interface, rummaged through his contacts, and found the person who could give him the most sense of security when he was afraid.

“Hey, Xiao Yu?” 

The phone rang a few times, and as soon as it was connected, Chu Muyu’s eyes became warm when he heard the familiar call.

He anxiously said to his brother, “Hey, brother, where are you, I’m out of class, can you come and pick me up?”

Chu Suiyun was already in the conference room of Lan University, so from the time he hung up the phone to the time he arrived at the teaching building, it only took less than ten minutes.

Chu Suiyun stood in front of the vending machine in the lobby on the first floor of the teaching building, and saw Chu Muyu with a bag appearing at the entrance of the corridor.

“Xiao Yu.” Chu Suiyun called him quickly.

Chu Muyu raised his head and saw his brother smiling at him. He felt like a chick returning to the shelter of an adult bird, and he immediately relaxed.

The text message just now really frightened him. Chu Muyu knew that someone had been following him, but he didn’t expect that person to come to the school.

“Brother.” The frightened Omega obediently walked to the front of Chu Suiyun and followed his brother out of the teaching building.

“How was class today?” Chu Suiyun asked.

“It’s all right.” Chu Muyu replied, he didn’t plan to tell his brother about being stalked.

Maybe a child in a family will have this mentality when they just thought they had grown up. When they encounter trouble, their first reaction was not to tell the family, but to solve it by themselves, fearing their family will worry.

Moreover, Chu Muyu felt that with Qin Miao’s help, he could solve this matter. If he rashly told his brother this, according to Chu Suiyun’s character, he would make a big fuss and want to beat that person up, which might in turn affect his brother.

The younger brother’s expression was the same as usual. It seemed that the panic on the phone just now was just an illusion. Chu Suiyun couldn’t see the difference, so he took his younger brother by the shoulder.

“Then let’s go home. Or do you want to go to eat something delicious?”

Another few days passed, and it was the weekend.

In the past few days, Chu Suiyun would receive a call from He Huan whenever he had time.

None of the three were idle students anymore. Chu Suiyun was an intern, Dong Kejie was staying at school, and the only one slightly free, He Huan, was busy dating his new boyfriend recently.

Therefore, they couldn’t get together to give Chu Suiyun special training, but He Huan was still concerned about this matter. He sent Chu Suiyun a lot of precautions, telling him to memorize them one by one, and called every day to check on the progress. 

Chu Suiyun, who had to recite an “Omega’s Behavioral Precautions” every day, felt that he was about to split apart. Half of him was an Alpha, working hard in an internship company; half of him had become an Omega, and was forced to think about Qin Miao every day.

As soon as lunch time came, He Huan’s phone called again.

Chu Suiyun was eating with his younger brother, and when he saw He Huan’s name displayed on the screen, he immediately grabbed the phone, turned and went into his room to answer.

“How was looking at the precautions today?” He Huan asked.

Always asking this, Chu Suiyun pinched the bridge of his nose and replied as usual: “I have read it. I have read it three times in the past few days, and I have almost memorized it.”

“Isn’t that very good?” He Huan’s tone was brisk, “This was what I want, and it can only be externalized if it was internalized in the heart.”

“You and your ancient way of speaking…” Chu Suiyun said helplessly.

“Then I will quiz you. In front of the Alpha who marked you, what would an Omega do?” He Huan asked a question on the spot.

Chu Suiyun subconsciously replied: “Be submissive, loving, and dependent.”

After answering, he felt a trace of shame, and his temples throbbed.

“Not bad, not bad.” He Huan commented, “This is the core. When you face Qin Miao, as long as you always remember these three words, you will never go wrong!”


He Huan said a few more words. He finally remembered something serious and asked, “Then when are you going to find Qin Miao?”

Chu Suiyun looked up at the ceiling and answered thoughtfully, “As soon as possible. I only know that Qin Miao will appear at Light, so I’m going to find him these days.”

“Okay! Good luck!” He Huan encouraged Chu Suiyun.

The two exchanged a last word, said goodbye, and Chu Suiyun hung up the phone.

Putting away the phone, he opened the door, went out, and returned to the dining area. Chu Suiyun saw Chu Muyu with curious eyes looking at him.

Chu Suiyun sat down again with a blank face: “What’s wrong?”

Chu Muyu lowered his head and said nothing. Chu Suiyun didn’t care, picked up the chopsticks and continued to eat.

As a result, as soon as he took a bite, he heard Chu Muyu ask coldly, “Brother, are you dating?”

Chu Suiyun almost threw the chopsticks down. Then recalling him always avoiding his younger brother these days when He Huan called, he must have been misunderstood by his brother.

He smiled and said, “No, you little stinky boy is being quite the gossip, eat your meal.”

“Oh.” Chu Muyu answered in a vague way, not sure whether he believed it or not.

After eating, Chu Suiyun went back to his room and was busy with work. Chu Muyu also hid in his room alone, not knowing what he was doing. The brothers spent a very ordinary weekend afternoon.

Until it was almost dinner time, Chu Suiyun walked out of the room with a bag in his hand, and happened to see Chu Muyu who was also coming out of the room.

“Xiao Yu?” Chu Suiyun raised his eyebrows and found that Chu Muyu had tidied up. “You want to go out?”

Chu Muyu nodded and answered honestly: “I want to go out with Liao Xiao Yuan today.”

This was the truth. He and Liao Xiao Yuan made an appointment to go out to dinner and watch a movie together this week. Liao Xiao Yuan was Chu Muyu’s playmate from childhood to adulthood, a classmate from elementary school and high school.

“Okay, pay attention to safety.” Chu Suiyun urged.

Chu Muyu glanced at the bag in his brother’s hand: “Brother, what did you grab?”

Chu Suiyun was startled, and subconsciously hugged the bag to himself, telling a small lie: “I’m just giving something to another.”

He couldn’t say that it contained Omega’s clothes and perfume, and was used to pretend to be an Omega to seduce Qin Miao.

Chu Muyu had no doubts and left the house first after saying goodbye to his brother.

After sending his younger brother out, Chu Suiyun breathed a sigh of relief. Now he doesn’t have to avoid his brother to go to the toilet to change his clothes, he can change his clothes at home and then go to Light to watch for Qin Miao.

Nine o’clock in the evening, Light.

A low-slung sports car with a pure black streamlined design stopped at the door of Light. Immediately afterwards, the driver’s door was opened, and a leather shoe stepped onto the ground.

Qin Miao got out of the car, turned around, and saw the new assistant getting down from the co-pilot shivering like a quail.

“Second brother.” The new assistant Zhao Kai walked to Qin Miao’s side.

Qin Miao turned his head and walked forward on his own. He was tall and had long legs, and with his strides, Zhao Kai almost had to trot to catch up.

“This is your first day by my side.” Qin Miao stepped into the Light Hall, said to Zhao Kai, and pointed to the manager behind the bar, who immediately greeted him.

“Follow Manager Yang to learn about the operation of the store.” Qin Miao pointed at Zhao Kai to Manager Yang and introduced, “My new assistant, Zhao Kai.”

Manager Yang greeted Zhao Kai and asked Qin Miao: ” Boss, why is Assistant Fan not working anymore?”

“Fan Qing graduated from a prestigious school and is a waste of talent being my assistant.” Qin Miao explained casually, “Zhao Kai is my cousin, but Manager Yang, don’t mind it. Just do things according to business.”

Zhao Kai held the bag and bowed to Manager Yang: “Hello Manager Yang.”

Manager Yang and Zhao Kai talked briefly where Manager Yang briefly explained Light’s business situation, which Zhao Kai hurriedly noted down in his mind.

The workers were being handed the work, while Qin Miao found a place to sit down to take out a lighter from his sleeves. Wanting to smoke a cigarette, he glanced casually across the hall, and saw an unexpected person appearing in front of the bar.

“Hello, I’m looking for someone.” A timid voice sounded. Manager Yang and Zhao Kai behind the bar raised their heads at the same time, and were amazed by the Omega in front of them.

Chu Suiyun had already put on an Omega attire, looking soft and harmless. A pair of black-rimmed spectacles covered his sharp eyes. He Huan’s training over the past week had been very effective. Having a complete, sensitive and introverted Omega appearance, he did not have his usual brash flamboyant flair.

Qin Miao raised his eyebrows with interest, pressed back the cigarette that had been drawn out of the box, put away the lighter, and strode towards the man.

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