Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 19

Chapter 19 The Fake Couple Agreement

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Chu Suiyun had lived as an Alpha for twenty-two years, and never thought that he would be proposed to by another Alpha in his life.

Even if he had to act as an Omega in order to save his brother’s future happiness, it didn’t mean that he really thought he was an Omega from the inside out.

So when he heard an Alpha say to him, “Can you marry me?”, Chu Suiyun’s mind fell into a blank space.

Seeing Chu Suiyun’s panicked expression because of his own words, Qin Miao couldn’t restrain the evil taste in his heart.

However, he was well versed in the way of advancing and retreating in negotiation. If he continued to approach, Chu Suiyun would only be scared away. The correct thing to do at this moment should be to retreat.

“You don’t have to worry too much, this matter may be different from the marriage you imagined.” Qin Miao said indifferently.

Sure enough, hearing his remarks, Chu Suiyun reluctantly stabilized his mind, raised his eyes and looked over. His beautiful eyes were completely written with the words: continue to speak.

Qin Miao took a sip of the water cup and then slowly said after putting the cup down: “You should have heard of the Qin Clan of Yun Country.”

Chu Suiyun nodded.

Of course, almost no one in Yun country did not know about the Qin family, the largest import and export trade group, which controlled more than half of Yun country’s trade volume. Qin Miao was the direct grandson of the founder of the Qin family. Although he was relatively low-key and did not work in the family business, he was always mentioned in reports.

“With families like ours, children are urged by their elders to get married when they reach a marriageable age. Although I don’t need to get married to form a connection, no one dislikes getting benefits. My Mother had urged me many times this year to either find someone I like to marry or get married under the arrangement of the family.” Qin Miao said.

“You don’t want to marry.” Chu Suiyun said firmly.

Qin Miao’s chin was slightly raised, which was an unintentional little gesture by someone in a high position.

“Of course. Actually I don’t like Omega’s very much.” Qin Miao admitted, “I’m not very good at dealing with them.”

Chu Suiyun said vigilantly: “I am also an Omega.”

This sentence was to remind Qin Miao, but also to remind Chu Suiyun himself not to forget the role he was playing.

“But you are different from other Omegas.” Qin Miao said.

Chu Suiyun looked at Qin Miao.

“I think—” Qin Miao said halfway through, and the sound of his words was extended, “I will be happy to deal with you.” 

When these words fell into Chu Suiyun’s ears, they automatically changed to another meaning.

Qin Miao’s claim that he would not deal with Omegas’ must be a lie. This man was tall, handsome and rich. Even if he was frivolous, in the current society, an Alpha only needs to remain loyal to the one they marked after marriage. Acting frivolous before marriage seen by some was even a plus.

Qin Miao was obviously a typical sought-after Alpha. He said that he was not good at dealing with Omegas, just because the previous Omegas couldn’t enter his eyes. When Chu Suiyun appeared a little different, he became “willing to deal with them”.

Tsk, he can only say that he really deserves to be a scumbag. Whether it was hardware or internal, he was born to be a scumbag.

Chu Suiyun was quite disdainful of Qin Miao in his heart, but after all, he was on someone else’s territory at this time.

Therefore, Chu Suiyun’s response to Qin Miao’s “willing to deal with them” remark was –

“Uh, thank you?”

Qin Miao laughed again, and he couldn’t help but want to laugh in front of Chu Suiyun.

“You don’t like me, you even hate me a little bit.” Qin Miao’s tone affirmed.

Chu Suiyun’s whole body immediately tightened, which he did not expect. He thought that after He Huan’s training for so many days, his performance in front of Qin Miao would not be perfect, but at least he could pass the test.

Unexpectedly, after only ten minutes of meeting, he was seen through by the other party.

“I don’t hate you…” Chu Suiyun said, wanting to refute.

But he was interrupted by Qin Miao ruthlessly: “You don’t need to explain, your actions and eyes have already told me the answer.”

“You don’t want to look at me directly, it’s not because of an Omega’s shyness, it’s more like you are scared you’ll expose your hatred for me. Your entire body is showing me you are avoiding me, which is an expression of wanting to distance yourself from me.”

Every time Qin Miao said a word, Chu Suiyun unconsciously followed his words and thought about his own behavior.

Then the tragic discovery, it was as Qin Miao stated, his hatred with him had become obvious.

Chu Suiyun, who was completely exposed, shut his mouth obediently. Even if Qin Miao discovered his true thoughts, he could not admit it so easily.

“I don’t know what I did to cause you to be so disgusted.” Qin Miao continued, “But this is good.”

Chu Suiyun didn’t understand what he meant and looked up.

Qin Miao had already gotten up from the sofa. The Alpha’s proud height looked even more imposing in the room, Chu Suiyun almost thought his head was about to hit the ceiling.

The Alpha went behind the desk and picked up a bag of documents.

“Let’s make a deal, Chu… Xue.” Qin Miao called out Chu Suiyun’s pseudonym, “You hate me, but you come to me again and again, it means that you have a request for me. “

Chu Suiyun’s eyes suddenly sharpened behind the black frame.

Qin Miao was indeed smart and keen. If it weren’t for him being a scumbag, Chu Suiyun felt that he was quite willing to be friends with him.

“If you have something to ask me, I also need a convenient and neat Omega to be my marriage partner. When the time is up, we can break it off cleanly.” Qin Miao walked back to the sofa with the document bag.

“You don’t like me, so you won’t pester me.” Qin Miao’s voice gradually became lower, “and you are very good-looking and come from a famous school, my Mother will be satisfied.”

Chu Suiyun was not moved by Qin Miao’s praise, and said coldly, “Don’t you think it’s absurd to talk about marriage with someone you don’t like?”

“It is absurd.” Unexpectedly, Qin Miao agreed and nodded.

After that, his gaze landed in the air without any reason, and said lightly, “If possible, I would also like to discuss marriage with the person I like.”

Chu Suiyun suddenly remembered what he had heard in Chu Muyu’s mouth before. Qin Miao had someone he likes.

“Why don’t you talk to that person?” Chu Suiyun suddenly became curious and asked more.

“Are you an idiot?” Qin Miao quickly pulled away from the emotions just now, and scolded Chu Suiyun, “Didn’t I say, ‘if possible’, there is no such thing in reality.”

Being scolded, Chu Suiyun’s face suddenly collapsed, feeling that he really shouldn’t gossip.

Qin Miao didn’t intend to make Chu Suiyun angry. He took the initiative to pull back the topic: “You help me, play my marriage partner in front of the elders and avoid marriage and I will meet your requirements.”

Qin Miao’s words couldn’t help make Chu Suiyun ponder.

The original plan for Chu Suiyun was to pretend to be an affectionate Omega in front of Qin Miao, as a partner to blackmail Qin Miao to cut off contact to the other Omegas around him. This was a test of Chu Suiyun’s acting skills, and he cannot guarantee that he will not reveal any flaws in front of Qin Miao.

The fact was that he only saw Qin Miao for ten minutes today, and he was completely seen through by the other party. Obviously, Chu Suiyun’s performance according to the original plan can be described as a complete failure.

The conditions put forward by Qin Miao were indeed a bit severe. Just in order for Qin Miao to break up with other Omegas, will he really sacrifice himself to the point of marrying a strange Alpha?

In recent decades, Yun Country society had become more and more tolerant and open. Except for some consideration with marriage between Omega and Omega being prohibited, marriages between other genders were recognized by law, and two Alphas can naturally marry.

Not to mention, Chu Suiyun was reluctant to marry a stranger because of this kind of thing, even if he did it for his younger brother. When the time comes to go through the marriage registration, Qin Miao will know that he was an Alpha as soon as he presents his documents.

So getting married can’t happen.

However, apart from the fact that Qin Miao’s proposal was really getting married, the advantages in other aspects were obvious.

First of all, Chu Suiyun doesn’t have to pretend to be affectionate in front of Qin Miao. Although he may still need to maintain his Omega status, he doesn’t have to pretend to be affectionate with the other party, which greatly reduces his pressure.

The second thing was that the nature of the whole thing would be a transaction. After the transaction was over, the two of them would be completely over, which will make Chu Suiyun feel more at ease than the original plan to cheat on the relationship.

He had to admit, it was quite moving.

Of course, the most important reason was that he had been seen through by Qin Miao, the original plan cannot be maintained, and if he wants to break up Xiao Yu and Qin Miao, it seems that he can only agree to Qin Miao’s proposal.

“Are we really going to get married?” Chu Suiyun couldn’t help but ask what he cared about the most.

Twenty-two-year-old Chu Suiyun seemed a little young in front of Qin Miao. Even though Chu Suiyun had not yet clearly agreed, Qin Miao knew that the prey had already poked his head in and was about to fall into the trap.

In fact, for Qin Miao, it was better to get married, but since Chu Suiyun was unwilling, Qin Miao would not be stupid enough to scare the person away at the last step.

Qin Miao put the document bag in his hand on the coffee table and shook his head: “No. I don’t want my marital status to become divorced after the matter is over.”

“We’ll just get engaged, so there is no legal contract or bond. That should be enough in front of the elders. What do you think?” Qin Miao looked at Chu Suiyun inquiringly.

His biggest doubt was resolved on the spot, and the other party even immediately proposed a better way to deal with it. With the impact of marriage ahead, Chu Suiyun actually felt that getting engaged to an Alpha was no big deal.

Seeing that Chu Suiyun was still hesitating, Qin Miao finally added another fire: “You don’t need to worry, no one has stipulated that you must get married after a certain time of getting engaged, and no one stipulated that you must get married when you get engaged, it’s just a verbal agreement. When the time is up, we’ll be done.”

This was indeed the truth, saying that the engagement was nothing but a ceremony. If the law does not recognize it, it is nothing more than just for appearance sakes.

Chu Suiyun already had a trade-off in his heart, and he looked directly at Qin Miao: “I request for a specific time. Just like you said, when the time is up, we will break up immediately.”

“Okay.” Qin Miao was surprisingly easy to talk to. He proposed a time limit, “One year.”

Chu Suiyun shook his head: “One year is too long.”

“Then half a year. But as long as I need you, you must cooperate immediately.” Qin Miao made the concession and proposed additional conditions.

Chu Suiyun frowned, instinctively rejecting this too tough clause.

Seeing his disgust, Qin Miao said slowly, “I can probably guess what you are asking for. Is there someone you care about among the Omegas around me? Are you afraid that I will hurt him?”

Chu Suiyun suddenly raised his eyes. The cold sight cut across Qin Miao’s face like a knife.

“Don’t worry, the person you care about won’t be hurt, as long as you agree to my request.” Qin Miao held victory in his grasp. 

Chu Suiyun gritted his teeth: “Deal.” 

The two negotiated the terms. Chu Suiyun pointed to the document bag Qin Miao put on the coffee table, and asked, “Did you even draw up the agreement?”

This is how it is usually seen on tv. The domineering Alpha president signed an unequal agreement with the little white flower Omega. After verbally speaking, the president will take out a paper agreement the next second to force the little white flower to sign the contract.

“Oh.” Qin Miao looked at the file bag, picked it up, placed it between his arms and his side, and got up from the sofa.

The Alpha looked at Chu Suiyun playfully, and his tone was full of tease: “Of course not, this is just documents for my company, what were you thinking?”

“If you are worried and want to draw up an agreement, I can ask a lawyer to draft it. This kind of agreement is actually useless, but I am willing to meet your requirements. Do you need it?”

Chu Suiyun’s face darkened: “……”

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