Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 20

Chapter 20 The zipper of your pants is not pulled

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 The two reached an agreement in the office. Qin Miao stood up with the file bag, opened the door and turned to look at Chu Suiyun, motioning him to leave with him.

Chu Suiyun got up from the sofa, sorted out his clothes, brushed by Qin Miao’s side and walked out of the office.

After he walked out, he kept walking without any plans to wait for Qin Miao.

Qin Miao didn’t mind. He closed the door and followed behind Chu Suiyun to the elevator.

The two walked between the dark corridors.

“Just a reminder.” Qin Miao said behind Chu Suiyun.

When Chu Suiyun heard his voice, he finally stopped. He looked back at Qin Miao and made a gesture of listening.

Qin Miao walked to his side in two steps, and wrapped his big hands over his shoulders without looking at him, pulling the person into his arms.

The sudden physical contact made Chu Suiyun’s body stiff, and he struggled subconsciously.

Chu Suiyun had seen Qin Miao’s strength before, and it was no surprise that he could not break free this time.

“Don’t move.” Qin Miao’s tone was steady. The strength in his hands increased and it seemed that he could suppress Chu Suiyun effortlessly, “Since you promised to help me act, then you should be a little more dedicated.”

“I remember we agreed that it was just in front of your family.” Chu Suiyun retorted coldly.

“Yeah.” Qin Miao shrugged, “That stupid Beta outside is my assistant and my cousin, does he count as my family?”


Chu Suiyun fell silent. There was no more struggling and he leaned obediently into Qin Miao’s arms.

Seeing him settle down, Qin Miao’s eyes were filled with satisfaction. The hand on Chu Suiyun’s shoulder slid to his waist and hugged him intimately and ambiguously.

The two took the elevator down to the lobby on the first floor of Light.

Manager Yang and Zhao Kai were still talking behind the bar.

Seeing Qin Miao’s appearance, Manager Yang greeted him attentively, and Zhao Kai responded half a beat behind him.

Qin Miao still held Chu Suiyun tightly in his arms. Manager Yang and Zhao Kai took this situation into their eyes and speculations arose in their hearts.

“Zhao Kai.” Qin Miao pointed to the name of the assistant, “Has Manager Yang finished talking to you?”

Zhao Kai returned to his senses and nodded quickly: “Yes, Second Brother.”

Qin Miao’s expression was serious, and the corner of his mouth dropped slightly, extremely majestic. He had this look in front of his subordinates, which made people dare not make trouble.

“Okay, then let’s go.” Qin Miao said this, but there was no movement under his feet, and his hand was still on Chu Suiyun’s waist.

Chu Suiyun didn’t know what medicine Qin Miao had taken, but after being ruthlessly exposed by Qin Miao just now, he also had a clearer understanding of his acting skills.

As far as acting was concerned, it was best to keep silent.

So he silently shut up, lowered his eyes, didn’t look at what happened to Zhou Kai, and regarded himself as a decoration.

In the eyes of the beholder, it became a different situation.

The tall Alpha embraced the Omega’s waist possessively, and the Omega snuggled into the Alpha’s arms obediently.

Although this Omega was a little taller, it was an Omega after all. No matter how they look at it, it looks like there was something between them.

Manager Yang was an outsider after all, and he occasionally heard rumors about the boss, so he was not sure whether the boss was holding a little lover or a true lover today, so he was cautious not to talk too much.

Zhao Kai was different. He was a relative of Qin Miao. It was rumored that Qin Miao was a playboy, but as a family member, he knew that his cousin was strictly controlled by his aunt, and he was good.

In short, Zhao Kai had never seen any Omega that Qin Miao took the initiative to get so close to, and the Omega that was arranged for him in the past for his health did not count.

Zhao Kai’s first reaction was that his aunt had arranged an Omega for his cousin again, but then he thought that seemed wrong, Qin Miao’s current assistant was himself.

Therefore, Zhao Kai asked curiously: “Second Brother, this is…”

Qin Miao’s eyes flashed. Him holding Chu Suiyun here and not leaving was to wait for Zhao Kai’s question.

The Alpha hugged the person around him tighter, with a soft smile on his face: “By the way, I forgot to introduce, this is my fiancee, Chu Xue.”

After speaking, Qin Miao clearly felt Chu Suiyun in his arms stiffen.

Zhao Kai’s eyes widened instantly, and Manager Yang was also shocked.

The surprised Qin Miao continued. He lowered his head and looked at Chu Suiyun gently, and introduced softly: “Xiao Xue, he is my cousin Zhao Kai, how about you get to know him?

Being called fiance by Qin Miao, Chu Suiyun felt so disgusted, he had goosebumps all over his body. He quickly raised his head and whispered to Zhao Kai, “Hello.”

Then he immediately lowered his head – otherwise, he was afraid that his disgusted expression would be exposed.

Chu Suiyun’s performance couldn’t be called natural. Qin Miao responded very quickly, and explained in a loving tone: “He’s a bit shy with strangers.”

Chu Suiyun was disgusted again.

The two people on the opposite side who didn’t know the truth accepted this explanation well. After all, it was common for Omegas to be shy.

Manager Yang, who was well experienced, immediately bowed to Chu Suiyun: “Hello, Madam. I apologize to Madam for my abruptness just now.

He couldn’t bear to look directly, and unconsciously tilted his head into Qin Miao’s arms.

This action fell into Manager Yang’s eyes, which confirmed what Qin Miao said that Chu Suiyun was shy with strangers.

On the other hand, Zhao Kai was very happy. After all, the big stone that his aunt had been hanging in her heart for the past few years was about to fall to the ground. He called out sweetly, “Second Sister-in-law.”

After saying hello to Chu Suiyun, Zhao Kai winked at Qin Miao: “Brother, you were hiding this very well, waiting until he was your fiancée to tell the family.”

Qin Miao didn’t care about Zhao Kai’s jokes: “I didn’t say it before because he wasn’t ready to meet my family. I proposed to him a few days ago, so naturally I can’t keep it a secret.”

Chu Suiyun was surprised at Qin Miao’s ability to speak nonsense with his eyes open. It was a few seconds ago that he had proposed to him.

As expected of a scumbag. Dealing with different lovers, it made this guy lie without blinking his eyes.

“Next we will pick a date to hold the engagement ceremony.” Qin Miao announced.

Manager Yang: “Congratulations, congratulations.”

Qin Miao nodded to Manager Yang, and said to Zhao Kai, “It’s almost time, let’s go.”

Zhao Kai and Manager Yang, who were instructed to bid farewell, followed Qin Miao and walked out of Light .

After exiting Light’s door, Chu Suiyun pulled Qin Miao’s hand from his waist: “Enough is enough, let go.”

Unexpectedly, Qin Miao took Chu Suiyun’s hand and put it in front of him and looked at it for a moment.

“What are you doing?” Chu Suiyun wondered.

“Take some time to go out with me to buy a ring.” Qin Miao said coldly.

Chu Suiyun was speechless: “You don’t need to do this, right?”

Qin Miao raised his eyebrows, looked back at Zhao Kai, who was behind, and said, “In the eyes of others, I have already proposed to you. Don’t you think we need a proposal ring?”

This was somewhat related to an Alpha’s face, and Chu Suiyun, who was also an Alpha, could understand a little, so he shook his hand: “You’re spending the money, so do what you like.”

Soon, Qin Miao took Chu Suiyun to his car. Chu Suiyun stood in front of the low-key cool sports car, slightly hesitant.

At this time, Zhao Kai, who was walking behind, had already come to the front and said enthusiastically to Chu Suiyun: “Second Sister-in-law, please let my brother drive you. I’ll just take a taxi.” 

The sports car only had two seats.

Chu Suiyun reluctantly smiled: “How could I?”

Then he pulled Qin Miao’s sleeve, pulling the person down, and whispered in the Alpha’s ear, saying: “I came by car, I want to drive back by myself.”

Qin Miao understood and said to Zhao Kai, “Xiao Xue came here by car. You drive my car back, and I will drive Xiao Xue’s car to send him off.”

Zhao Kai was immersed in the sweet bubble of his Brother and Sister-in-law, so when he heard his cousin’s words, he straightened his mind immediately, and replied, “Okay.”

So Zhao Kai sat in Qin Miao’s sports car, started the car carefully, and drove the sports car out and set off on the road.

Qin Miao followed Chu Suiyun to find his car.

On the way to the car, Chu Suiyun remembered that he had forgotten something very important.

He had chased Qin Miao’s car with his own car before.

Will Qin Miao remember his car?

Along the way, Chu Suiyun was worried about this matter, and even thought about how to separate from Qin Miao and go home alone.

But the parking lot was not that big, and the two of them were tall and had long legs and walked fast, so they soon came to Chu Suiyun’s car.

Chu Suiyun still didn’t come up with a solution, so he could only hope that Qin Miao didn’t remember his car, after all, he wasn’t too close when chasing him.

Standing beside the car, Chu Suiyun secretly raised his eyes to observe Qin Miao’s expression, and found that he did not show any strangeness.

“Why are you in a daze? Key.” Qin Miao said.

His tone was also very normal, it didn’t seem as if he recognized it. Chu Suiyun’s heart finally returned to his chest.

Chu Suiyun took out the car keys from his bag.

As soon as the key was taken out, in the next second, Qin Miao went past Chu Suiyun’s palm and forcibly took it.

Qin Miao pressed the car key and opened the co-pilot door for Chu Suiyun.

“Please, I’ll drive you home myself.”

Speaking so arrogantly, if Chu Suiyun was really an Omega, he would probably bow down for his arrogance.

It’s a pity that Chu Suiyun was an Alpha, and Qin Miao’s charm was shown to the blind. He only felt that Qin Miao was noisy.

“Thank you.” Chu Suiyun sat in the co-pilot calmly.

Qin Miao returned to the driver’s seat, started the car, and drove through the night.

When the two were alone, Qin Miao stopped talking and Chu Suiyun had nothing to say to him. The atmosphere was unexpectedly quiet and harmonious.

The warm yellow light on the roadside shone on Qin Miao’s profound three-dimensional features through the car window, casting a black and white shadow.

The Alpha’s nose was high and straight, his eyes were deep, and the corners of his mouth sank naturally when there was no expression. He looked impatient and cold, making people discouraged.

The car window on the driver’s seat was not closed tightly, and the night wind slipped in through the cracks and lifted Qin Miao’s collar.

For the convenience of driving, Qin Miao had already taken off his suit jacket when he got into the car. At this time, he was only wearing a black shirt with an unbuttoned neckline, which was blown away by the wind.

Chu Suiyun saw something flashing at Qin Miao’s collarbone. He thought it was his dazzling to eyes, and looked away.

Unexpectedly, this action caught Qin Miao’s attention. He jokingly and knowingly asked, “Sneaking looks at me?”

“I saw that the zippers on your pants are not pulled.” Chu Suiyun said nonsensically.

Qin Miao was not fooled, and instead countered: “Then please help me pull it up?”

Chu Suiyun: … 

If he argues with Qin Miao in the future, he is an idiot.

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