Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Fake Engagement Real Ring

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It was seven o’clock in the morning when Chu Suiyun woke up again. After he washed up, he saw Qin Miao’s text message again.

Chu Suiyun thought for a moment, and replied to the message: “What about your promise to me?”

Unexpectedly, half a minute later, Qin Miao called him directly.

Chu Suiyun was changing clothes, and was startled by the ring, almost pushing his head into his sleeve.

“Hello?” Chu Suiyun answered the phone.

“You’re this eager to urge me to cut off contact with other Omegas?” Qin Miao’s voice was obviously teasing.

Chu Suiyun did not accept the tease, and said in a business manner: “This is our agreement, and I hope you can fulfill it as soon as possible.” 

“En, let me guess, you want me to break off all my relationships then you want to slip away?” Qin Miao was calm.

When he guessed correctly, Chu Suiyun choked for a moment, forced himself to stabilize his mind, and replied calmly: “I’m not that kind of person, I will do what I promise you.”

“Then I can feel rest assured.” Qin Miao quickly answered, “I hope to see you show up on time at noon today to the address has been sent to your mobile phone.” 

The phone hung up on the other side. Chu Suiyun took the phone from his ear and looked at the “Qin Miao” on the screen. With these big characters, he felt that he might have been duped.

After breakfast, Chu Suiyun drove Chu Muyu to school.

“Xiao Yu, seat belt.” Chu Suiyun reminded before stepping on the accelerator.

Only then did Chu Muyu come to his senses and pull out his seat belt to fasten it.

Chu Suiyun started the car and glanced at his brother while looking at the road.

Since morning, Chu Muyu’s state has been a little wrong. It seems that he was holding back something in his heart, and had been distracted. He was a careful child, he would never forget his seat belt.

Now that he realized that something was wrong with his younger brother, Chu Suiyun asked directly: “Xiao Yu, what are you thinking about, why have you been absent-minded all morning?”

Chu Muyu squeezed the seat belt and opened his mouth: “I…”

Suddenly there was a sharp braking sound, at the same time, the strong inertia almost threw the two people out of the car. Fortunately, the seat belt was firm, holding down the two.

Chu Muyu almost bit his tongue. He grabbed the handle above the car door, and barely stabilized his body.

“F*ck!” Chu Suiyun scolded secretly, rolled down the car window, and looked back.

Just now he was turning around and preparing to go straight down the road, but the car behind him seemed to be crazy. He didn’t even look at his car, just wanting to rush over.

The car came to a stop, but seeing that nothing happened, it turned in a direction and swaggered away.

Chu Suiyun angrily watched the car drive away, quickly turned around and asked, “Xiao Yu, are you alright?”

Chu Muyu shook his head.

Chu Suiyun, who had confirmed that his younger brother was safe, returned to the road.

It’s just that the two brothers had forgotten what they were going to say just now.

After sending Chu Muyu to school, Chu Suiyun went back to work at the internship company. After he clocked in, he worked diligently for half an hour, and then went to the supervisor to ask for leave.

He never thought that today’s supervisor nicknamed “Zhou Papi” (fictional character) was so easy to talk to. Hearing Chu Suiyun saying that he was going to take a two-hour leave at noon, he nodded without hesitation.

It was only after Chu Suiyun came out that he heard that it might be because his wife gave him an Alpha son yesterday.

With the blessing of the supervisor’s wife and son, Chu Suiyun was fortunate enough to be able to come to the store that Qin Miao had said on time at noon.

The store was luxuriously decorated. It was the largest luxury jewelry store in the country, and it was also the most famous wedding ring brand in the world. Chu Suiyun never thought that he would step into this place one day.

After all, he had never been in a relationship with an Omega before, and he hadn’t had the chance to think of a wedding ring yet. Unexpectedly, it was God’s intent to play tricks on him and  today, he is going to visit this place with an Alpha.

Chu Suiyun found a toilet to change his clothes, waited for a few minutes at the door of the store, and saw Qin Miao appear on time.

His concept of time was not bad, Chu Suiyun silently commented on Qin Miao in his heart.

“Good afternoon, Sister-in-law.” Zhao Kai followed behind Qin Miao and greeted Chu Suiyun cheerfully.

Chu Suiyun shuddered when he heard the name “Sister-in-law”, but Zhao Kai didn’t know about this situation, so Chu Suiyun could only politely nod to him: “Hello.” 

Sister-in-law is still so shy and reserved, Zhao Kai thought to himself.

If Chu Suiyun knew Zhao Kai’s inner thoughts, he would probably tear this stupid Beta in half.

Qin Miao strode forward, hugged Chu Suiyun’s waist very naturally, and asked in a soft voice, “Have you eaten?”

Chu Suiyun could see Zhao Kai who was beside Qin Miao from this angle. Zhao Kai smiled and looked at them both with a look of relief.

The corner of Chu Suiyun’s mouth was smiling. He came close to Qin Miao’s ear, but what he said was through gnashing teeth: “Stop adding more drama.”

Qin Miao’s expression was natural, but he continued: “It’s good that you’ve eaten.”

Chu Suiyun: ……

Walking into the store, the sophisticated shopping clerk bowed slightly towards Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun: “Welcome, what do you two want to see?”

“Engagement ring.” Qin Miao finished speaking and looked at Chu Suiyun with a glance. He explained, “My fiancee accidentally lost the engagement ring I gave him, so I’ll buy another one for him.”

This was the explanation given to Zhao Kai. Although Zhao Kai was a bit clumsy in his work, he was still a son of an aristocratic family, and he still had some observation powers. Last night, he noticed that Chu Suiyun did not have a so-called engagement ring on his hand, and asked Qin Miao a question.

That’s why Qin Miao took great pains to bring Zhao Kai with him today.

Chu Suiyun didn’t know the twists and turns behind this, and he complained that Qin Miao was adding drama without authorization and his mouth was tightly closed.

In Zhao Kai’s eyes, this appearance became an image of a beauty who felt guilty for losing his ring, and the trace of dissatisfaction with Chu Suiyun that had been in the Beta’s heart instantly vanished.

He originally thought that his Sister-in-law could even lose the engagement ring didn’t care about his Second Brother, but now it seems that his Sister-in-law was really just careless.

The shopping clerk understood, then with a professional smile: “Okay, please come with me.”  

The group came to a table and sat down.

The shopping clerk asked them to wait for a while, then a special person brought three cups of tea and snacks. After a while, the shopping clerk came back with several ring boxes.

The shopping clerk opened the boxes one by one and placed them in front of Chu Suiyun: “Look, Madam, these are the best items of our store. Let’s see if you have any styles that you particularly like.” 

After being called “Madam” again, Chu Suiyun basically got used to it. He glanced at the ring in front of him without changing his face.

Without exception, these were all diamond rings that were suitable for an Omega’s soft and slender fingers. If it was a real Omega, they might get bewildered, but Chu Suiyun’s heart was not disturbed.

He tugged Qin Miao’s clothes beside him.

Qin Miao obediently came over.

“I won’t choose, it’s your money anyway, you can just choose any one.” Chu Suiyun said.

The heat when he spoke tickled Qin Miao’s ears, causing Qin Miao to move his ears unconsciously.

Then Qin Miao sat up straight and said to the shopping clerk, “My fiancee said that he doesn’t like these, so let’s take a look at other styles.”

Chu Suiyun was surprised, he really didn’t mean that.

The shopping clerk showed an apologetic look, immediately put away the ring on the table, and went to choose again.

A few minutes later, the shopping clerk came back with twice as many rings as last time.

“Guests, here are all the styles that our store sells, even Alpha rings.”

The shopping clerk said, his eyes drifting towards Chu Suiyun eagerly.

This Madam seemed to be very talkative and shy, so she didn’t expect him to be so critical and discerning. His Alpha was also a wife-loving demon, so it seems that she has to work extra hard.

The shopping clerk was experienced and thought that she had figured out who was in charge of the pair.

Chu Suiyun felt uncomfortable from the eyes of the shopping clerk. After looking around for a while, his eyes were unconsciously attracted to a simple and elegant ring.

But his eyes only stayed on the ring for 0.1 seconds longer.

Chu Suiyun didn’t want to show his likes or dislikes about choosing a ring. He wanted to show Qin Miao his attitude: I’m just cooperating with you in this act, you make the decision for everything.

So Chu Suiyun routinely read the ring, glanced at Qin Miao, and shook his head slightly.

The shopping clerk’s heart jumped up.

Qin Miao raised his hand and gently pressed Chu Suiyun’s head, as if to comfort him.

Chu Suiyun froze.

Then Qin Miao picked up a ring: “I think this is good, what does Xiao Xue think?” 

The shopping clerk saw the style of the ring and reminded: “Sir, this is an Alpha style.”

Chu Suiyun raised his eyes. When he saw the ring in the box, it happened to be the one he just glanced at.

He didn’t know if Qin Miao was really that sharp, and detected his eyes staying there for a short while, or was it because both of them were Alphas, and they had the same taste for rings. Chu Suiyun didn’t show his thoughts.

He pretended to be an obedient Omega and said softly, “It’s up to you to decide.”

Zhao Kai watched everything from the side, and little pink bubbles in his heart kept popping up.

Sure enough, a strong Alpha like Second Brother likes a soft gentle Omega the most, and Sister-in-law is too cute. It would be great if I could meet such an Omega in the future…

“Then this one.” Qin Miao decided.

Chu Suiyun had noticed Zhao Kai’s eyes on him and it felt like he was being pressed down by a big mountain and he couldn’t breathe. Hearing Qin Miao’s decision at this time, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, he just wanted to get out of here quickly.

“I also want to take one of the same style.” Qin Miao added calmly.

Chu Suiyun was shocked for a moment, and then he was relieved. Although the proposal ring only needs to be owned by the proposed, Qin Miao’s money can be spent as he likes. It doesn’t matter.

After choosing the ring, Qin Miao also asked the shop to help with the engraving. He followed the clerk to decide what to engrave.

Originally, the shopping clerk asked if he wanted to bring Chu Suiyun, but Chu Suiyun panicked. Before he could tell Qin Miao that he would not go, Qin Miao shook his head and decided not to take him without authorization.

Chu Suiyun blinked, happily relaxed, and ate the snacks provided for free.

After a while, the words were engraved.

Qin Miao handed the ring to Chu Suiyun: “This time, please cherish it, don’t lose it again.”

Chu Suiyun knew that this was a script that Qin Miao had just added, and nodded obediently: “Yes.” 

After getting the ring, Chu Suiyun glanced at the lettering inside the ring.

“My Love Qin Miao”.

“Why is it your name?” Chu Suiyun asked quickly.

Qin Miao answered rightly: “Is there a problem? You wear my name, and I wear your name, now we’re like lovers.”

Well, it doesn’t matter. Chu Suiyun stared at the ring for a while. Qin Miao took the ring in his hand and put it on his ring finger of his left hand for him.

Then Chu Suiyun suddenly became curious about the name engraved on Qin Miao’s ring.

“Show me yours.” Chu Suiyun demanded.

Qin Miao put his ring into the box, and the box lid closed with a click.

“It’s your name, what’s so good about it?” Qin Miao declined.

Chu Suiyun didn’t bother, but it was a pity that such an expensive, six-digit ring was just two fake props, engraved with a fake name.

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