Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 23

Chapter 23 The Bad Student Who Left Early

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A few days later, in the 400-person classroom of Shanlan University, a school-wide class for freshmen was going on.

Chu Muyu sat in the front row, bowing his head and quietly taking notes, his long eyelashes trembling slightly as his eyes drooped.

The bell rang, the teacher finished their last sentence, and gave the students a ten-minute break between classes.

The class was two and a half hours long, with a recess in the middle.

Chu Muyu moved his neck and picked up his water bottle to go out to get some water.

But someone poked him from behind before he got up.

Chu Muyu turned around in confusion, and saw an unexpected person.

Shen Qingdeng was still ice cold. Perhaps because the corners of his mouth were born with a downward arc, it made him look unhappy when his face was expressionless.

Why is it him again? Chu Muyu was slightly surprised in his heart.

“Chu Muyu.” Shen Qingdeng’s mouth opened and closed, calling out Chu Muyu’s name accurately.

Chu Muyu’s first thought was: He actually knows my name.

Chu Muyu looked at him and listened patiently to what he wanted to say.

“When I came to class today, I saw someone following behind you. That person didn’t look like a student. I thought it was a professor looking for you, but you walked too fast and he couldn’t keep up.” Shen Qingdeng’s tone was smooth, like a robot reading a script.

“But when I went up to ask him if he had anything to do with you, he denied it in a panic, then turned around and left.” Shen Qingdeng stopped.

Chu Muyu was startled, and an emotion called panic crept up his back.

He didn’t need Shen Qingdeng to finish speaking, he just heard the first sentence and already confirmed that it was that person.

“He, what does he look like?” Chu Muyu heard his voice tremble.

Shen Qingdeng replied, “He looked like he was in his thirties or forties, wearing a plaid shirt and glasses, about 1.7 meters. I can’t remember his appearance. It was a Beta.

He raised his eyes and looked directly at Chu Muyu’s face: “Do you have an impression?”

Chu Muyu had no impression.

The description given by Shen Qingdeng was too general. Almost all older male Betas were like this. They were not tall and simple-looking, that description could easily describe ten Betas he knew.


At this moment, Chu Muyu’s cell phone rang in the drawer of the desk.

The Omega reached for the phone, and then his pupils suddenly shrunk.

It was a text message, a familiar and unfamiliar number, and the disgusting words: “There are too many Alphas around you, which makes me very angry. You little b*stard should be mine alone.”

Chu Muyu glanced over the text message content and almost threw the phone out in disgust.

“What’s the matter with you?” Shen Qingdeng noticed that Chu Muyu’s face was not good, and asked with concern, “Uncomfortable?”

Chu Muyu quickly locked the phone screen to prevent Shen Qingdeng from seeing the content of the text message.

After all, the two of them were not familiar with each other. Being harassed by perverts, outsiders might find out and rumors would spread in the school. Chu Muyu didn’t want to be the talk of others after dinner.

“No.” Chu Muyu replied.

He said so, but his face turned pale, and cold sweat actually oozed out of his forehead in just a few seconds.

Shen Qingdeng stared at the bead of sweat, and suddenly stood up, walked to Chu Muyu’s desk, and picked up his schoolbag involuntarily.

“Pack up and go.” Shen Qingdeng said, putting Chu Muyu’s stationery on the table into his schoolbag, zipping it up, and carrying it on his back.

Before Chu Muyu could react, he was grabbed by Shen Qingdeng’s wrist and stood up, swaggeringly walking across the podium to the outside of the classroom.

“What are you doing?!” After being dragged out a few steps, Chu Muyu realized it late and began to want to shake Shen Qingdeng’s hand away.

An Alpha and an Omega left openly holding hands in a classroom of 400 people, causing a lot of discussion among other students in the classroom.

Chu Muyu noticed that the other classmates were all looking at him, and he turned his face away uncomfortably. He just wanted to leave quickly and stopped struggling.

Unfortunately, ten minutes were almost up and the teacher just came in through the door with a teacup. He saw Shen Qingdeng carrying two school bags and holding another person in his hand.

Skipping class blatantly!

“You two, what are you doing?” The teacher stopped the two of them.

Shen Qingdeng stopped, and with all his strength, he pulled Chu Muyu to the teacher and pointed to his face: “Teacher, he is not feeling well, I will accompany him to the hospital.” 

The teacher took a closer look and found that Chu Muyu’s lips were white, and immediately he changed his attitude and asked with concern, “Classmate, are you alright?”

Chu Muyu was now shocked, scared, and embarrassed.

Seeing that Chu Muyu was so uncomfortable, the teacher was speechless, and waved to Shen Qingdeng: “Take him to the hospital quickly, be gentle.”

“Okay.” With permission, Shen Qingdeng led Chu Muyu out of the classroom in an open and fair manner.

The teacher glanced at the two who were leaving, and shook his head helplessly: “The young people now.”

When he walked to the tree-lined street outside the teaching building, Chu Muyu calmed down and threw Shen Qingdeng’s hand away.

“What the h*ll are you doing?” He stared at Shen Qingdeng angrily and asked.

Shen Qingdeng was yelled at, but he still looked cold and indifferent: “You are not feeling well, I will take you to the hospital.”

Chu Muyu gritted his teeth. In the end, Shen Qingdeng was doing it out of good intentions, so he slowed down and said, “I don’t feel sick, so I don’t need to go to the hospital.”

Then Chu Muyu reached out to Shen Qingdeng: “Return my schoolbag to me.”

Shen Qingdeng stared at Chu Muyu. The Omega’s hand was so small that it felt like his palm could completely wrap it in his hand.

Thinking like this, Shen Qingdeng did what he wanted.

It was no longer the arm, but the entire hand of the Omega. Just as Shen Qingdeng expected, one hand easily wrapped the Omega.

“Go somewhere with me.” Shen Qingdeng went his own way and left with Chu Muyu.

“Let go of me!” Chu Muyu struggled, but after all, he couldn’t match the Alpha’s strength.

Four o’clock in the afternoon, the studio.

The tip of the pen was stained with warm orange paint, and Qin Miao concentrated on the drawing paper, drawing the appearance of a person stroke by stroke.

“Teacher, can you help me change the painting?” Suddenly a well-behaved young voice came, interrupting Qin Miao’s attention.

At some time a student had stood next to Qin Miao, with his hands entangled in front of him, asking a little embarrassedly.

Qin Miao put down the pen and was about to get up to change the painting for the student, but heard the student ask.

“Teacher, who are you painting? I have seen you paint the same person several times.” The students’ eyes were full of curiosity.

Qin Miao turned around and looked around at the remaining students in the studio, and found that these little furry children were painting on the surface, but in fact their attention had drifted to this side, peeking from time to time.

It seems that changing the painting was false, but gossip was the true purpose.

The oldest of these children was only eighteen years old, and most of them were Omegas. Qin Miao’s attitude towards them was not as ruthless as towards his subordinates, sometimes even more tolerant than other teachers, thus the children thought he was easy to get close to.

After all, they were a group of half-aged children. Qin Miao didn’t care about them, so he answered patiently: “If you were asked to paint a person, who would you first think of painting besides a model?”

Qin Miao’s answer encouraged them, and their courage grew bigger and bigger.

A student sitting underneath asked: “Teacher, is he your lover? Is he an Omega?”

Another student added: “I found out that teacher wore a ring today, which I haven’t seen before. Are you married?”

Qin Miao showed a rare smile in class, did not answer the children’s questions, but instead asked: “Does he look good?” 

The students naturally understood his reaction as his default response and immediately answered in unison: “Good-looking!”

Qin Miao wiped his hands, looked at the student standing beside him, and asked, “Do you want to change the painting?”

The student stuck out his tongue and slipped back to his seat.

“Ten minutes of rest.” Qin Miao finished, got up and left the studio.

The class time in the studio was rather flexible. Qin Miao was not a teacher, but only occasionally came to replace a few classes. But this studio was all his, and no one would make a comment on what he did.

The first reason for opening the studio was because Qin Miao had learned it himself, and had made some achievements. The second was because of his illness.

The disease known as susceptible pheromone disorder syndrome is only seen amongst superior Alphas. It is manifested in which the desire for Omega pheromones is greater than that of ordinary Alphas. If they are not exposed to Omega pheromones for a long time, the Alpha will become irritable and potentially be in danger of harming others.

Drugs can suppress the syndrome, but there is no way to cure it, and one would be depressed after taking drugs, so Qin Miao still needs Omega pheromones to relieve the symptoms.

The development of Omega inhibitors in Yunguo is at the forefront of the world. The unified use of Omega inhibitors across the country can prevent Omegas from becoming unrestrained due to their heat, and the restriction system on Alpha was also relatively complete. This way Omegas can be free from wearing neck rings and not have to seal their pheromones.

After using the inhibitor, Omegas can emit pheromones within a moderate range, which is good for their bodies and a way to show off their charm; it will also not cause Alphas to have their heat.

So in the studio full of Omegas, Qin Miao could get pheromones without being involved with any Omegas.

For him, Omega pheromones were like a kind of aromatherapy with calming effects, and the studio was a healing room filled with this aroma.

Qin Miao went out to smoke a cigarette.

He took out a cigarette, held it in his hand, and saw the angry face of the teacher in charge sitting at the front desk.

Qin Miao walked over and asked, “What’s wrong?” 

The teacher in charge saw Qin Miao, got up to greet him, and then couldn’t help complaining: “It’s that Li Cen, how many times has he asked for leave this month? Originally, there were not enough teachers, yet he asked for leave and asked us to help share his instruction time.”

“Li Cen?” Qin Miao frowned, having a bit of an impression of this name. He soon remembered that this person was a teacher in the studio. Unremarkable, he was the kind of person who was most easily forgotten.

“Show me the attendance sheet.” Qin Miao ordered.

The teacher in charge took out the attendance sheet and showed it to Qin Miao.

Qin Miao glanced quickly, and verbally gave the teacher in charge a few words: “The studio teachers are for you to manage, yet you approve any leave? If you want to always be a good person, then you don’t have to do this job anymore.” 

The teacher in charge lowered his head in shame.

At the same time, Qin Miao’s face slowly became heavy after looking at Li Cen’s attendance this month.

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