Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 24

Chapter 24 If you’re driving, you should be looking at the road

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Qin Miao looked away from the attendance sheet, and with a glance from the corner of his eye, he saw someone pushing into the door of the studio.

The visitor was of medium build, wearing a plaid shirt and glasses. He was a male Beta in his thirties, Li Cen, the teacher of the studio.

When the teacher in charge saw Li Cen appear at this time, the anger just now and the resentment from being blamed by Qin Miao bubbled up, and he stabbed at Li Cen in dissatisfaction.

“It’s almost the end of work, didn’t you ask for leave? What are you doing here?” As he said this, the teacher in charge rolled his eyes.

“Came back to get something.” Even though he was being rebuked, Li Cen seemed to be indifferent. He smiled and explained to the teacher in charge, then he wanted to go back to the office.

“Li Cen.” Qin Miao suddenly stopped him.

Qin Miao was the owner of the studio, and no one dared to not give him face, so Li Cen could only stop obediently and say hello to Qin Miao.

“Boss.” The Beta’s expression flinched, looking utterly useless.

“I think you’re quite busy.” Qin Miao said lightly.

These words coming from the boss’s mouth, any employee would sweat when they heard it. Li Cen wasn’t indifferent anymore and he lowered his head and didn’t dare to look at Qin Miao.

Qin Miao squeezed the cigarette in his hand and said, “Help me deliver something to Xiao Yu.”

Li Cen’s body shook slightly, and then he looked up at Qin Miao in disbelief, but he was extremely quick to lower his head again.

Qin Miao explained casually: “You know that I was dating Xiao Yu before. We had a fight a few days ago, so he didn’t come to the studio for a while. Help me return the painting he left here last time.”

His tone gradually became ruthless: “Since he is going to get angry, he doesn’t have to follow me anymore.” 

He appeared exactly like a heartless scumbag.

Not to mention that, Li Cen’s eyes swept across Qin Miao’s left ring finger and saw an expensive engagement ring there.

After Qin Miao said this, his eyes were fixed on Li Cen, and he saw the Beta clench his fists angrily.

“Forget it.” Qin Miao turned his head in disinterest again, ignoring the presence of the other two. He lit a cigarette, and said to the teacher in charge, “Take that painting and throw it away.”

He walked up to leave, then he heard Li Cen call him a little eagerly.

“Boss! I’ll deliver it!”

Two minutes later, Li Cen took the wrapped painting and left the studio.

The smoke between Qin Miao’s fingers flickered. He leaned against the front desk of the studio and looked at the back of Li Cen leaving.

Then the teacher in charge covered his mouth: “Oh, he didn’t ask where to send it, how does he know where to find Xiao Yu?”

Qin Miao put out the cigarette that he only took one puff of into the ashtray, and did not answer, but his face darkened. 

Qin Miao had just looked at the attendance sheet and found that every day Li Cen asked for leave and was absent from work for the past month coincided with the day when Chu Muyu didn’t come to the studio.

Who is this person? The answer is about to come out.

Sandy off-road racing track on the outskirts of Shanlan City.

Chu Muyu followed Shen Qingdeng into the premise, and was a little sluggish when he saw the endless yellow sand open space in front of him.

The person standing beside him suddenly stepped up and left. Chu Muyu was distracted, and after a while, he noticed that Shen Qingdeng was gone.

Chu Muyu stood there at a loss. He never knew that there was such a vast wasteland outside the prosperous Shanlan City.

Suddenly, an off-road vehicle appeared in sight, roaring and rolling up the yellow sand several meters high, driving past Chu Muyu.

Chu Muyu subconsciously stretched out his hand to cover his eyes, fearing that the yellow sand would rush towards him.

The off-road vehicle just turned around and parked steadily in front of Chu Muyu. The driver’s window was rolled down, revealing Shen Qingdeng’s face.

“Get in the car.” Shen Qingdeng greeted.

Only then did Chu Muyu react. Just when he was staring at the sand in a daze, Shen Qingdeng left to drive the car over.

“I…” Chu Muyu was a little scared and stood still.

Shen Qingdeng pushed the door directly to get out of the car, walked around the car to the co-pilot’s seat, opened the door, and pushed Chu Muyu’s shoulder into the car forcefully.

Then he got back into the driver’s seat and the door slammed shut.

The engine vibrated regularly. Shen Qingdeng turned to look at Chu Muyu, and found that the Omega was overcome with fear and even forgot to fasten his seat belt.

Shen Qingdeng leaned over, squeezed his seatbelt, and his dark blue eyes looked down. This angle just met Chu Muyu’s raised line of sight.

The Alpha pulled down his seatbelt and helped Chu Muyu get seated.

“Sit firmly.” Shen Qingdeng reminded in a deep voice, “Let’s go.”

Chu Muyu’s heart lifted with his words, and the next second, the off-road vehicle started with a roar.

The Omega held the handle beside the car with one hand, and put the other hand into a fist on his thigh, his whole body tense, looking extremely nervous.

Shen Qingdeng swept obliquely to Chu Muyu’s demeanor, and a wicked interest arose in his heart. He deliberately steered the car to an area with undulating sand dunes.

In the open sand, the off-road vehicle could maximize its performance, go to the fastest speed, and then slam on the brakes to drift. Their ears were full of mechanical rumblings.

It stimulated the senses in all directions and made a person’s blood flow.

The cross-country vehicle climbed a hill, and then sprinted out; the four tires even left the ground in an instant, as if flying.

A sudden sense of weightlessness struck out and Chu Muyu shrank his body, closed his eyes, and exclaimed involuntarily, “Ah!”

After completing this difficult movement, Shen Qingdeng turned his head to look at Chu Muyu in his spare time, asking him: “How do you feel?”

Chu Muyu opened his eyes carefully, and found that Shen Qingdeng was not looking at the road but looking at himself, and he suddenly panicked.

“You, you look at the road!”

He was afraid that the car would crash and kill them.

“Haha.” Shen Qingdeng laughed heartily, “As you ordered.”

The Alpha turned his head obediently, focused on the road, shifted gears, and the speed increased again.

Chu Muyu was inexplicably attracted by Shen Qingdeng’s laugh. He had known Shen Qingdeng since high school. Although he hadn’t spoken, as long as he saw Shen Qingdeng, that person would look gloomy and melancholy.

It never occurred to him that he could laugh like this.

Outside, yellow sand was flying, and the wide open space made Chu Muyu feel that there was only himself and Shen Qingdeng in the car, between heaven and earth. The confined space and the rising adrenaline made Chu Muyu’s heart beat wildly.

He covered his heart, unable to distinguish whether the noise in his ear was the sound of brakes or the sound of his heartbeat.

After driving in a circle, the car drove into the parking area. Shen Qingdeng pulled the handbrake and looked at Chu Muyu.

“How is it, are you in a better mood?” Shen Qingdeng asked.

Chu Muyu was stunned for a moment, and it took a few seconds to realize what Shen Qingdeng was asking.

He had to admit that exciting rides can indeed make people forget a lot. When he was in the car just now, Chu Muyu never once thought of the bad things about that stalker.

Even now that the car had stopped, Chu Muyu still had the aftertaste of it and felt extremely comfortable.

The Omega pursed his lips and smiled: “En, much better.”

Shen Qingdeng stared at Chu Muyu, his unconcealed gaze made Chu Muyu a little uncomfortable. He reached out and wanted to push the door and get out of the car.

At this moment, Shen Qingdeng suddenly said, “I know you are being stalked and harassed.”

Chu Muyu’s hand that pushed the door suddenly froze in place, and he turned around in panic to look at Shen Qingdeng.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone around you? Why?” Shen Qingdeng asked.

Chu Muyu bit his lower lip and did not answer.

Shen Qingdeng, who couldn’t get an answer, didn’t dig into it, but continued: “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. But you can actually ask the people around you for help. I want to help you.”

“Why?” Chu Muyu asked, “We don’t know each other very well.”

Shen Qingdeng tilted his head: “Why? There is no reason. There are some Omegas in the world who are naturally pitiful. You are such an Omega. Chu Muyu, let me help you.”

After listening to the Alpha’s very sincere words, Chu Muyu lowered his head and snapped his fingers, and hesitantly declined: “I’m already working on solving this matter myself. Thank you for taking me out today to relax.”

Shen Qingdeng’s eyes were on Chu Muyu again. After watching for a while, he moved away, unfastened his seat belt, pushed the door and got out of the car.

Chu Muyu also came down.

“Let’s go back.” Shen Qingdeng returned to his usual cool look.

At six o’clock in the afternoon, at the gate of Shanlan University.

Chu Suiyun sat in the car, looked at the students at the school gate, turned on his phone to check the time, and then opened a dialog with his brother.

A few minutes ago, Chu Suiyun sent a message to his brother: “I’m here to pick you up today at the same place.”

No reply had been received yet.

“Sigh.” Chu Suiyun sighed, complaining about Qin Miao in his heart.

His younger brother used to be a good boy who would reply in seconds when he saw his brother’s message. Even if he couldn’t answer because of class, he would reply to his brother’s message as soon as possible after class, and would obediently explain the reason.

But after getting to know Qin Miao, his younger brother was now slow to reply to his messages.

Blame that scumbag!

Chu Suiyun boredly swiped his phone in the car, waiting for his younger brother to appear to go home together.

Twenty minutes passed quietly. Chu Muyu did not show up, and there was no reply to the phone message.

Chu Suiyun turned off the phone and looked at the school gate. There were more and more people coming and going. Most of them were students who were going out with friends.

After waiting for so long, he still hadn’t seen his brother. Chu Muyu must have left his class by now. There was no use in just worrying anymore, so Chu Suiyun made a phone call.

As a result, the phone rang for almost a minute, and a cold electronic female voice told him that the user he dialed could not be connected.

What happened? Chu Suiyun put down the phone, wondering in his heart, thinking of his younger brother’s track record. His first reaction was that he secretly went to see Qin Miao again.

As a scumbag, Qin Miao’s reputation with Chu Suiyun was basically zero. He has long considered the possibility that even if Qin Miao promised to break up with the Omegas around him, he will not fulfill his promise.

“Tsk.” Chu Suiyun was disgusted, dragging Qin Miao out to scold him a few words in his heart.

Then he pulled up Qin Miao’s contact information from the address book to ask Qin Miao about his brother’s whereabouts.

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