Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 32

Chapter 32 The little daughter-in-law meets his mother-in-law

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When Chu Suiyun opened his eyes again, he only felt that his whole body was soft, and he fell into a deep sleep without realizing. He fell asleep and woke up naturally, and his whole person stretched his big lazy waist comfortably.

“Hahaha, so that’s actually the case!”

The middle-aged woman’s laughter came from outside the bedroom door, which was open and leaving a gap.

Chu Suiyun froze and slowly returned to his senses, realizing that he was now at Qin Miao’s house and was supposed to see Qin Miao’s mother today.

The laughter of the woman just now should be from Qin Miao’s mother.

Thinking of this, Chu Suiyun immediately bounced off the bed. He hurriedly put on his slippers, walked a few steps to the door of the bedroom, and was about to open the door, but remembered that he didn’t have his glasses on, so he went back to put them on and tidied up his clothes that were wrinkled from sleep.

He was too rude. The elders had arrived but he was still sleeping in the room?

Chu Suiyun wanted to see how long he had slept, and then he remembered that he didn’t take his phone, and climbed into bed to retrieve it.

When he looked at the time it was already past 11 o’clock.

Chu Suiyun put away the phone and walked out of the bedroom bravely.

Walking out of the corridor, the moment Chu Suiyun appeared in the living room, the three people sitting on the sofa turned to look at him together. Even though Chu Suiyun was outgoing by nature, he was startled and blushed in shame.

Qin Miao got up first, walked a few steps to Chu Suiyun’s side, put his arms around his shoulders like a guardian, and introduced him: “Xiao Xue, this is my mother, and the other is Aunt Tang. “

Chu Suiyun immediately found his correct role, shyly and half-dropping his eyes, he greeted the elders obediently: “Auntie, Aunt Tang.”

Mother Qin was very satisfied when she saw Chu Suiyun’s sleeping face. This child seems to have a gentle and quiet temperament, and now when the person has woken up, it seemed to be true.

Her ideal daughter-in-law was like this, beautiful and quiet. Because her son was a strong man, he needed a gentle character who could tolerate him.

If he also found someone who refused to admit defeat, they might just cause too much of a ruckus.

So Mother Qin took the initiative to wave: “Xiao Xue, right? Come and sit next to Auntie since we’re meeting for the first time.”

Chu Suiyun had never experienced such a scene, and because his parents are abroad all year round, he was very inexperienced in getting along with elders and there was some hesitation.

But then he thought about it, it was Qin Miao who was unlucky anyway, so he calmed down and walked to Mother Qin’s side calmly and sat down.

Mother Qin looked at Chu Suiyun with love while he sat down. After he sat down, she affectionately grabbed Chu Suiyun’s hand.

Chu Suiyun’s hair stood on end immediately. As an Alpha, not to mention that his mother was not around all year round, even if she was around, his Omega mother would not be so close to her Alpha son.

So he was extremely uncomfortable and could only meditate in his heart: I am an Omega now, I am an Omega now.

Mother Qin opened her mouth and wanted to chat with Chu Suiyun. She wanted to say something Omegas would love to hear: Why don’t you eat more, you’re too thin.

In the end, seeing Chu Suiyun’s body that was just right and even a little muscular, she couldn’t say such things with her conscience.

So Mother Qin could only say: “This child, at first glance, seems like a sportsman!”

Chu Suiyun, a member of the university swimming club, smiled modestly: “I only exercise occasionally.”

At the end of the simple greeting, Mother Qin glanced at Qin Miao. She said to Chu Suiyun: “I was just asking about the relationship between the two of you.” 

The gentle Omega woman said this and her eyes fell on the band-aid on the side of Chu Suiyun’s neck. Her expression could not help but become restrained as she solemnly looked at Chu Suiyun.

“Auntie wants to say sorry to you because I didn’t discipline my son well.”

Chu Suiyun was at a loss: “???”

What is unfolding? Did Qin Miao add something to the drama? Why didn’t he tell himself in advance?

Chu Suiyun unconsciously casted a look for help towards Qin Miao.

Qin Miao received his look without hindrance, but did not respond. 

Fortunately, Mother Qin didn’t need Chu Suiyun to respond. She quickly continued: “Auntie knows that your first meeting was not pleasant.”

As she said this, her hand swept towards the bandaid.

Chu Suiyun was like a cat pinched on the back of the neck, not daring to move. Also not knowing what Mother Qin was going to say, he could only be silent and watch the change.

“Lao Er said that you only met twice, and he marked you temporarily. It is a crime to put this matter between two strangers. You are willing to forgive him and even accept him, Auntie is very grateful to you.”

The plot was somewhat familiar, it was really how Qin Miao and himself had met, but why did Qin Miao tell his mother the truth? Isn’t it better to make up a more ordinary and lovely story?

Anyway, the whole thing was a lie, and it didn’t matter if there was one more.

But since Qin Miao had already said this to Mother Qin, Chu Suiyun could only answer according to the situation.

He looked away awkwardly and replied, “It’s okay.”

“It’s Qin Miao’s fault after all.” Mother Qin patted Chu Suiyun’s hand and gave Qin Miao a wink.

Qin Miao understood and handed the watch that Zhao Kai expedited to his mother.

Mother Qin took the bag with the watch and stuffed it into Chu Suiyun’s arms.

“First time meeting, auntie prepared a small gift for you. Next time you come visit my house, there will be other gifts.” Mother Qin said, “Qin Miao has wronged you. If he makes you dissatisfied in the future, just tell me.”

Chu Suiyun held the watch bag, feeling a little awkward.

When he saw the brand name on the bag, he knew that the price of the gift was quite high, not to mention that the gift came from Mrs. Qin, so it could not be shabby.

He was just an actor, so he can’t take such an expensive gift. Chu Suiyun had no choice but to look at Qin Miao as if asking for help again.

Fortunately, Qin Miao did not stand by this time. The Alpha was sitting next to Chu Suiyun, and after receiving his look, he directly reached out and took the bag.

“I’ll get it for you.” Qin Miao said to Chu Suiyun, “You must be so happy that you forgot your soul, say thank you.” 

The hot potato was taken away and Chu Suiyun felt much more at ease, and said to Mother Qin, “Thank you, Auntie.”

“En, good boy.” Mother Qin smiled, and her eyes became smiling slits.

The older generation likes obedient juniors. Aunt Tang watched Mother Qin and Chu Suiyun talking, and was also full of joy. She laughed for a while, then suddenly remembered something, and stood up.

“Oh, I’ve been too busy talking, it’s time to turn off the heat for the soup I’m stewing in the kitchen. I’ll go and put the dishes on the table and we will be ready to eat.” Aunt Tang was about to go to the kitchen.

“Aunt Tang, sit down.” Qin Miao suddenly said, “I’ll serve the dishes.”

“How can I do that?” Aunt Tang declined.

Qin Miao had already got up, walked around behind the sofa, touched Chu Suiyun’s shoulder lightly, and then went straight to the kitchen.

Chu Suiyun, who was touched on the shoulder, instantly understood Qin Miao’s meaning. This was to go to the kitchen to chat privately with him. He didn’t know what Qin Miao was going to say, but he just happened to have something to ask him.

So Chu Suiyun also got up, and after nodding to the two elders, he followed Qin Miao to the kitchen.

Mother Qin was sitting next to Chu Suiyun, so how could the small movements between the two escape her eyes. After Chu Suiyun walked into the kitchen, Mother Qin winked at Aunt Tang.

Meaning: watch the kitchen.

Two women with a combined age of more than 100, like two children, craned their necks to look at the kitchen.

The kitchen of Qin Miao’s house was semi-open, and there was a partition from the living room, which was not a small distance away. Looking from the living room, only some scenes in the kitchen can be seen from a certain angle.

At the moment when Chu Suiyun stepped into the kitchen, Qin Miao suddenly turned around and hugged him.

The cold scent belonging to the Alpha invaded his nasal cavity. Chu Suiyun was distracted for a moment and was hugged tightly by Qin Miao.

Chu Suiyun, who finally reacted, began to struggle.

“What are you doing?” Chu Suiyun gritted his teeth and asked, “Put…!”

Chu Suiyun wanted to blurt out the last word abruptly, but it turned out to be swallowed by Qin Miao.

Qin Miao lowered his head and kissed him without warning, one hand stuck on Chu Suiyun’s cheeks, forcing him to open his mouth and let Qin Miao’s long tongue in.

Everything Chu Suiyun wanted to say, no matter the swear words, was taken by Qin Miao – literally swallowed with his mouth.

Although he had already kissed Qin Miao last time, Chu Suiyun was still jerky about the kiss, and he forgot to take a breath in panic. His face flushed red for a while, and the extent of his struggle became less and less.

He didn’t know how long Qin Miao kissed him recklessly, but when Chu Suiyun felt that his last breath was about to die, he was released.

“You have a nose, why not use it?” Qin Miao asked with a smile after letting go of Chu Suiyun.

Chu Suiyun pushed Qin Miao away. He was so angry that he forgot to hold back his strength, and his Alpha strength was used, which really pushed Qin Miao back.

“What’s wrong with you? You bite people without letting them know?” Chu Suiyun wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, his eyes flushed with anger.

“Sorry, because you…” were too cute.

Qin Miao was halfway through speaking, then held back the last few words to avoid completely angering Chu Suiyun.

Then he paused for a moment before continuing to explain: “You were a little rigid in front of my mother just now.”

“What?” Chu Suiyun, who was very worried about revealing his secrets, was indeed distracted by these words.

“You sat so far away from me, like you’re hiding from me. Would a couple who really wanted to get engaged be in this state?” Qin Miao explained, “Because I haven’t settled down in front of my mother before and your existence is so sudden, my mother didn’t show it on her face, but she must have doubts in her heart.”

“I don’t know, it’s too troublesome.” Chu Suiyun shook his head, and after a while, he remembered the main point.

He stared at him and asked, “But what does this have to do with you biting people?”

Qin Miao replied, “Of course it has something to do with it.”

Then Qin Miao glanced at the partition full of loopholes from the corner of his eye and said, “This angle, it’s just good enough so that the living room can see the actions of the two of us.”

Chu Suiyun followed Qin Miao’s gaze and turned to look and just happened to meet Mother Qin’s eyes. He was so scared that he shuddered, and quickly turned his back.

“My…” Swear words were almost blurted out. Chu Suiyun turned his back to the living room, then looked at Qin Miao beside him, “Okay, I understand.”

Chu Suiyun understood. The thing just now was just a fake show for Mother Qin.

After kissing, Qin Miao called Chu Suiyun to help with serving the dishes. He helped out and the two brought several dishes to the table.

After being interrupted, Chu Suiyun didn’t remember his original intent to follow Qin Miao into the kitchen at the end. He originally wanted to warn that guy to inform himself in advance of any future situations or changes.

For a simple home-cooked lunch, the four of them enjoyed the meal greatly. Aunt Tang’s craftsmanship was excellent, which only made sense as she was able to work in the Qin family for more than 20 years.

At the dinner table, Mother Qin also set the date of the engagement ceremony enthusiastically. She said she was idle now, unlike the young who are busy, so she took the initiative to ask to take care of the engagement ceremony.

Chu Suiyun had no opinion, Qin Miao frowned, as if he had something to say, but in the end he compromised.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Mother Qin finally left. She had the habit of sleeping every afternoon and couldn’t stay any longer.

After sending Mother Qin away, Chu Suiyun seemed to have undergone a big test, sat down on the sofa tiredly, and sighed.

In the car back to the Qin family’s old house.

Aunt Tang got into the car seat behind Mother Qin. After sitting, she saw the smile on Mother Qin’s mouth and joked, “Now you can relax, the two children are settled and you can just wait to enjoy the happiness in the future.”

“Yes.” Mother Qin agreed, “Xiao Xue is a good child, I like him very much.”

Aunt Tang said with a smile: “Yes, that child looks gentle, I’m just afraid he will be bullied.”

“Who isn’t? I was so scared when I heard Lao Er talk about the forced marking today! I was afraid that Xiao Xue was forced. Although our family has a great business, we never do anything to bully others. But when I heard Lao Er’s explanation, it’s hard to avoid some outrageous behaviors due to his illness.”

“Looking at the stickiness of the two of them, to even go to the kitchen to get the dishes to get some time alone, they’re really.” Mother Qin said angrily, then shook her head and breathed a sigh of relief, ” Seeing that Xiao Xue did not reject the closeness of Lao Er, I’ll let it go.”

“Yeah, only when both are willing will they truly be happy together.”

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