Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Stinky pig grabbing little bok choy

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Half a month later, in a certain office in a certain building of Fengmiao Building.

“Xiao Chu, are you ready? We’re leaving.”

Zhou Papi, the supervisor who gave birth to a big fat Alpha boy, asked Chu Suiyun as he raised his briefcase.

Chu Suiyun packed up his things, took his bag, gave Zhou Papi a business smirk, and said respectfully, “I’m ready, supervisor.”

“Okay, let’s go first.” The supervisor greeted the people in the office, and then led Chu Suiyun to the elevator.

During this period of time, Chu Suiyun was very busy with work. Their department encountered a big order from a neighboring country. The above attached great importance to it and ordered that it must be negotiated. The other party also demanded a lot of things. In the past few days, there have been three or four times of socializing after getting off work.

Chu Suiyun was the only Alpha in the office, and the only intern, so he was hand-picked by Zhou Papi to help with the alcohol.

Who made it so an Alpha’s body functions so powerful that he won’t get drunk after a thousand cups.

In addition, his supervisor was a bit sexist. Since he and his wife had two children, he liked Alpha very much due to his Alpha son, so he deliberately promoted Chu Suiyun in his usual work.

Therefore, Chu Suiyun was observed tightly, and it was impossible to slip away from his supervisor’s eyelids. He could only accompany him in and out of various places.

Today, he couldn’t pick up Xiao Yu from school on time. Chu Suiyun sighed silently in his heart, and secretly texted his brother while sitting in the car.

Chu Suiyun: Xiao Yu, I may be home very late today, and I can’t pick you up. Are you still going home with your classmates?

Chu Muyu’s reply was quick: En, okay, brother, drink less.

The concern of his younger brother made Chu Suiyun’s chest warm.

A few days ago, when Chu Suiyun went out to socialize for the first time, he was very uncomfortable. His younger brother had a stalker incident not long ago. Although that person had not appeared again recently, Chu Suiyun did not dare to relax his vigilance.

He wanted his younger brother to wait a little longer for him at school, but a university campus was not as safe as a closed middle school, since people could come and go.

Chu Suiyun thought of Dong Kejie at school and wanted to ask him, but Dong Kejie was too busy running a project with his professor and was not free.

At this time, Chu Muyu said that there was a classmate who lived along the way and could be a companion. Chu Suiyun couldn’t guess who the so-called classmate was, but there was no better solution. At least it would be safer to have an Alpha by his brother’s side, so Chu Suiyun could only agree.

After explaining to his younger brother, Chu Suiyun casually clicked on his friend’s news to take a look, and found that Dong Kejie had just posted a status. The picture was a photo of the driver’s seat in a car, with the text: Promoted to senior driver today.

Dong Kejie had planned to buy a car for a long time, and it seems that he finally picked up the car today.

Chu Suiyun immediately sent a message: Dong Er, have you bought a car? Take my brother home.

Dong Kejie sent a crying emoji: Master Chu, you really are oppressive. My project just ended and you want to give me another job.

Although he complained like this, Dong Kejie still agreed: Okay, let me take the lovely Xiao Yu in the car, don’t worry, Master Chu, I promise to complete the task.

Chu Suiyun replied: Thank you.

After handling Dong Kejie, Chu Suiyun went to tell his younger brother that Dong Kejie would send him home today and had Xiao Yu wait for a while after school.

Shanlan University, the bell rang for the last class in the afternoon.

As an internal staff of the school, Dong Kejie’s license plate was in the system, and because there was no obstruction from the campus, he could park under the teaching building and wait, instead of being like Chu Suiyun, who could only park pitifully outside the school gate.

He wiped the fingerprints on the navigation screen with a tissue, feeling happy. As soon as he folded the tissue and threw it away, he saw Chu Muyu walking out of the teaching building out of the corner of his eye.

The Omega was obediently carrying a schoolbag and being not tall, drowned in the students coming and going after class. However, a mixed-race Alpha standing behind the Omega was particularly outstanding.

Dong Kejie happened to know that Alpha, whose name was Shen Qingdeng, a student of the management department of the business school, and was the monitor of Class 1, and had occasionally handed over work to him.

This class was Chu Muyu’s specialized class, right? Isn’t this building the teaching building of the Academy of Art? Why would an Alpha from the management department appear here? Dong Kejie raised his eyebrows and hummed in his heart.

Didn’t Xiao Yu have a protector? Didn’t Chu Suiyun, that b*stard, make him run all the way here?

Dong Kejie honked the horn softly, attracting Chu Muyu’s attention.

Chu Muyu was a little surprised. He walked a few steps to Dong Kejie’s car, and Shen Qingdeng, who was behind him, also followed.

“Brother Kejie, you bought a car.” Chu Muyu said.

Dong Kejie lowered the car window, with a slightly smug expression on his face. He waved to Chu Muyu: “Come on Xiao Yu, your brother asked me to take you home.”

Upon hearing this, Chu Muyu’s first reaction was not to open the door, but to turn his head to look at Shen Qingdeng behind him.

During the few days when his brother didn’t come to pick him up from school, Shen Qingdeng accompanied him home.

It was obvious that Shen Qingdeng’s house was not on the way to his own, but every day he would send Chu Muyu to the door of his house before leaving.

Not the door of the community, nor the door of the unit building, but the door of his place.

Once, Chu Muyu wanted to invite Shen Qingdeng to come in and sit down, but when he opened his mouth a little embarrassedly, he saw Shen Qingdeng shaking his head.

He said, “I’ll just take you here, I’m leaving.”

The Alpha really didn’t step into Chu Muyu’s house, turned around and took the elevator to leave.

Today, his brother asked Dong Kejie to take him home. For some unknown reason, Chu Muyu felt a little sorry for Shen Qingdeng.

Originally, he agreed because he didn’t want to trouble Shen Qingdeng today, but he felt a little uncomfortable after agreeing.

But Dong Kejie was already here. Chu Muyu couldn’t let Dong Kejie just go. He could only say to Shen Qingdeng, “Thank you for the past few days. Today, Brother Kejie will send me back, so you should go home earlier.”

Shen Qingdeng’s mouth remained the same. He lowered his head slightly and did not immediately answer Chu Muyu’s words.

The Alpha’s eyes were on the other Alpha sitting in the car.

Dong Kejie naturally felt the gaze from Shen Qingdeng. The Alpha was aggressive, and he stared back unwillingly.

After a while, Shen Qingdeng withdrew his gaze and said lightly, “There are so many Alphas around you.”

Chu Muyu was startled and quickly explained, “He, he is my brother’s friend…that’s it.”

“My brother’s friend” Dong Kejie’s heart was broken into countless small pieces, and he urged, “Let’s go, Xiao Yu, don’t say any more, otherwise, my heart will turn to ashes.”

Chu Muyu glanced at Shen Qingdeng again. Shen Qingdeng said nothing, put his bag over his one shoulder and turned to leave.

Watching Shen Qingdeng walk away, Chu Muyu sat in the back seat of Dong Kejie’s car.

After the car started, Dong Kejie glanced at Chu Muyu in the back seat in the mirror and asked in a gossipy manner: “Boyfriend?” 

Chu Muyu immediately shook his head and clarified, “No, just a classmate.”

As far as Dong Kejie’s understanding, the two children were still in an ambiguous period, and did not ask any more questions, and silently acted as a dutiful driver.

In less than half an hour, Dong Kejie’s car stopped at the gate of Chu Muyu’s house.

“I’ll take you here, can you go home by yourself?” Dong Kejie turned around and said to Chu Muyu.

Chu Muyu nodded: “It’s alright, goodbye, Brother Kejie.”

After watching Chu Muyu get out of the car, Dong Kejie stayed where he was and watched him enter the gate of the community before starting again and driving away.

In November, the days in Yun Guo become very short. Shanlan City was located in the north and the winter days seemed to be eager to go home, so at five o’clock, they begin to disappear. By seven o’clock, it was completely dark.

It was getting dark early, and the people involved in community activities also go home early. There was no one downstairs, but every household upstairs was brightly lit.

Chu Muyu was walking down the quiet path with his bag on his back. The lights in front of him flickered brightly and dimly. He looked up and saw that the street lights were malfunctioning, flickering non-stop.

Suddenly, a gust of cool wind blew past, whirling around the exposed back of Chu Muyu’s neck, causing him to shudder unconsciously.

Chu Muyu paused for a while, then quickly increased his pace, wanting to get home sooner.

When Shen Qingdeng walked along this road with him a few days ago, Chu Muyu never felt that the road was so long and dark.

The reforesting of the high-end community was very good. There was a large green space in the middle of the open space, which is the place where Chu Muyu must pass through to go home.

He passed the green space today and squeezed his shoulder strap of his schoolbag a little tighter.

Perhaps the wind was acting up, but Chu Muyu heard the sound of rustling in the grass. He shuddered, closed his eyes, kept his pace on his feet, and rushed forward.

The price of walking without looking ahead was that Chu Muyu slammed into someone with a “bump”.

After bumping into someone, Chu Muyu said sorry subconsciously, and was about to open his eyes to see who the other person was, but was suddenly hugged.

The other party’s strength was very strong, and the odor on his body was unfamiliar, it even faintly smelt sour like they drank.

Chu Muyu immediately opened his eyes and was horrified to find that the person hugging him was actually Li Cen.

“Xiao Yu… Xiao Yu…”

Li Cen, like a pig, rubbed his head against Chu Muyu’s neck humming, and kept calling out Chu Muyu’s name. His voice tinged with alcohol was vaguely low.

The hair on Chu Muyu’s body stood on end, and he wanted to struggle immediately, but Li Cen’s strength couldn’t be used up. He tightly wrapped Chu Muyu into his arms with both arms, not budging at all.

Chu Muyu’s chest was squeezed even tighter because of the struggle, making it harder to breathe, and his strength quickly dissipated.

“What are you doing! Help…”

Unable to break free, Chu Muyu wanted to call for help, but Li Cen covered his mouth.

In his panic, Li Cen covered his mouth but did not consider that Chu Muyu needed to breathe. He pressed the Omega’s mouth and nose tightly. Chu Muyu was frightened, panicked, and unable to calm down. The oxygen in his lungs was exhausted within ten seconds, and his body softened.

The Omega in his arms stopped struggling, and Li Cen let go of Chu Muyu and raised his arms to leave.

Chu Muyu didn’t lose consciousness and he was just weak because of the lack of oxygen. He pushed Li Cen with one hand, but the gentleness looked like he was refusing but actually welcoming.

“Go away!”

Li Cen’s eyes lit up, and he said to Chu Muyu with a trembling voice, “Wait, wait, Xiao Yu, I’ll take you home immediately and make you mine.”

“I’ve been watching you for a long time. Oh, you are too cute, Xiao Yu, I can’t stand it anymore.” Li Cen’s voice was sticky and disgusting.

Chu Muyu gasped, “This is a crime…”

“I will do anything, Xiao Yu, I will do anything.” Li Cen was like a madman.

After regaining a little strength, Chu Muyu seized the opportunity to channel all of his strength into his arm and waved it fiercely. In desperation, he actually broke away from Li Cen.

Li Cen staggered two steps under his feet, and then reacted, he was going to pounce on Chu Muyu again.

Chu Muyu suddenly looked behind Li Cen. The steps to escape he needed to take were unable to take off due to lack of strength, and he stopped in place, stunned.

Li Cen’s forward lunge came to an abrupt end. He felt his neck suddenly tightened, and his collar was grabbed from behind. The man’s strength was great, and he was able to take Li Cen, a medium-sized but not thin adult off the ground with one hand.

“Uh… uh!” Li Cen’s neck was so badly strangled that he could only make a broken sound.

Chu Muyu’s feet softened and he sat on the ground.


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