Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Brother Qin is a Good Person

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When Chu Muyu opened the door and walked into the room, he found that there was only a warm yellow floor lamp on in the living room.

He looked up, and in the dim light, he saw his brother sitting on the sofa with his head tilted and his eyes closed.

Sleeping? With such a guess, Chu Muyu couldn’t help but lighten up the movement of him changing shoes, for fear that a little noise would wake up his brother.

As a result, when Chu Muyu changed his shoes and stood up again, he happened to meet his brother’s clear eyes.

“You’re back?” Chu Suiyun asked.

Chu Muyu, who had lied to his brother, felt a little guilty and nodded as an answer.

Originally, he planned to confess to his brother when he got home, tht he was not at Liao Xiao Yuan’s house today, but when it came time to face his brother, Chu Muyu was still a little hesitant.

Why doesn’t he wait until tomorrow morning?

Just as Chu Muyu, who was making up his mind to procrastinate, opened his mouth, he was interrupted first by Chu Suiyun.

“Did you really go to Liao Xiao Yuan’s house to play today?”

Chu Suiyun’s tone was not at all relaxed and seemed heavy in the dark living room. Only then did Chu Muyu see the overly serious expression on his brother’s face through the dim light.

Then the Omega, like a child who did something wrong, lowered his head and apologized to Chu Suiyun: “I’m sorry…”

As soon as these words came out, Chu Suiyun understood everything.

Ten minutes ago, Qin Miao sent a message to Chu Suiyun.

Qin Miao: Knowing the person and the face but not the heart, the teacher at my studio was arrested today for stalking and harassing an Omega.

Chu Suiyun: Really?

Qin Miao: As the boss, how can I get fake news?

Seeing Qin Miao say this, Chu Suiyun immediately thought of the studio teacher named Li Cen. No more detailed information was needed, Chu Suiyun concluded that it was that person.

A stalker generally only has the energy to follow one person. Judging from Li Cen’s dedication to Xiao Yu, the other party stalked must be Xiao Yu.

Now that Li Cen was arrested, the victim could only be Xiao Yu.

Chu Suiyun did not become suspicious why Qin Miao told him about this, and he did not think about how Qin Miao might know that he was Xiao Yu’s brother.

Because since the last time he saw Qin Miao’s mother, although the two have not seen each other for more than half a month, the message exchanges were very frequent.

At first, Qin Miao unilaterally shared some trivial matters of his life.

The first time was when Qin Miao sent a photo of a bento box and said: This is the lunch for the boss of a company, and there are only two pieces of beef.

At that time, Chu Suiyun was also eating lunch. Looking at the only piece of beef in his bento box, he couldn’t help but reply to him: Be content.

At that time, Chu Suiyun was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Qin Miao to look so high and arrogant to also have the desire to chat with people about trivial matters.

In the next few days, Qin Miao would send some complaints or trivial matters every day. It was very small things like Zhao Kai added too much sugar in his coffee today or he found that the new staff members did not change their clothes.

Gradually, Chu Suiyun got used to it, and even took the initiative to tell Qin Miao something. He worked too much overtime these days, and he complained a lot to Qin Miao.

At five o’clock this afternoon, Chu Suiyun also sent Qin Miao a complaint: I have to work overtime again today, I’m going crazy, the supervisor is simply inhuman.

He Huan set Chu Suiyun’s image to be a twenty-year-old Lan University student, but after all, Chu Suiyun himself was already an intern. The more lies, the easier it is to reveal the truth, so Chu Suiyun told Qin Miao honestly his age.

Qin Miao replied: Resign, this job is not worth it, I will support you.

Chu Suiyun snorted, did not take it to heart, and continued to work.

So now that Qin Miao mentioned Li Cen’s arrest, Chu Suiyun didn’t doubt it at all and just treated it as him sharing some daily gossip with himself as usual.

It’s just that this incident involved Xiao Yu, and Chu Suiyun realized that Xiao Yu was lying when he said that he was playing at Liao Xiao Yuan’s house the moment he saw the message.

Now that he heard his brother’s apology, Chu Suiyun couldn’t understand, he could only sigh helplessly.

Seeing his brother pinching the bridge of his nose, Chu Muyu quickly walked over and sat on the sofa, and began to confess: “Li Cen came to me today, but I wasn’t injured, and he didn’t do anything to me, he is already detained, I’m fine.”

Chu Suiyun put his hands together, his elbows on his thighs, stared blankly at the palms of his hands, and did not answer.

Chu Muyu paused and continued, “I’m really fine. In fact, if Li Cen didn’t show up, but continued to hide behind his phone and harassed me, we would have no choice but to deal with him. Now that he’s been caught, the matter is over.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Chu Suiyun interrupted his brother.

The Alpha raised his head and turned to look at his brother’s panicked eyes. Chu Muyu didn’t see blame in his brother’s eyes, instead he saw some sadness.

“I…” Chu Muyu stumbled and said, “I thought the matter was over tonight. I wanted to tell you face-to-face when I came back, so it would be clearer.”

“Aren’t you afraid?”

Chu Suiyun suddenly asked. Chu Muyu was stunned.

“Even if the matter is over and I can’t help you by going to the police station, if you let me know, at least I can accompany you by your side. Aren’t you afraid?”

Chu Suiyun’s words seemed like a thousand boulders smashing into Chu Muyu’s heart, shaking him.

Chu Muyu’s eyes instantly turned red. His mouth deflated, and he threw himself into his brother’s arms, wrapped his hands around Chu Suiyun’s neck, and choked out, “I’m afraid.”

Chu Suiyun took his younger brother into his arms and put his big hand on his back and patted him gently.

The action of his brother’s comfort directly broke the defense that Chu Muyu had built up for a long time. Like a child, he burst into tears without restraint.

“I was so scared…but I, but I didn’t dare to tell you, I’m afraid you’d think I’m troublesome, I’m afraid that this matter can’t be solved, I’m also afraid of that person…”

“It’s alright.” Chu Suiyun said. The circles of his eyes were also slightly red, and he tried his best to keep his voice steady, “We are family, you know. You can call me if anything happens, and I will help you. Supporting each other is the meaning of family.”

“For so long , I’ve been by your side, but I didn’t notice anything unusual, it was my neglect of duty, I’m sorry.” Chu Suiyun gritted his teeth.

And tonight, in order to work, he asked someone to send Chu Muyu away, thus a problem occurred.

It was just an internship, the safety of his younger brother was more important. He shouldn’t relax his vigilance because there was no accident during this time, and he should stay by his younger brother’s side.

Chu Muyu was already choked with tears. He kept shaking his head in his brother’s arms and said intermittently, “No, no.”

No matter how many words he could say, he couldn’t say it completely.

After crying for an unknown amount of time, Chu Muyu said in a snarl, “Thankfully Brother Miao helped me today, otherwise, I don’t know what would happen.”

Of course Chu Suiyun knew that Qin Miao had saved his brother.

From the last time he met Li Cen at the gate of the community, Chu Muyu realized that Li Cen was the stalker at the prompt of Qin Miao, and Chu Suiyun knew how much Qin Miao had done in this matter.

If Qin Miao hadn’t arrived in time today, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

“I know.” Chu Suiyun said.

Chu Muyu cried too hard just now, and now he choked up, “We, uh, should we thank Brother Miao?”

Having said that, Chu Muyu sat up straight and said firmly: “Yes, at least, er, you should invite Brother Miao to have a meal. Brother, you can also meet him.”

“Cough.” Chu Suiyun suddenly felt guilty. His eyes became erratic, “This… let’s talk about it when I get a chance.”

Chu Suiyun used the all-powerful “next time” technique, and then changed the subject before Chu Muyu could react.

“Xiao Yu, it’s already very late, you must be tired today, wash up early and go to rest.”

Chu Muyu, who had been at the police station for the night and cried a lot after returning, was indeed very tired. He nodded and stood up from the sofa, said good night to Chu Suiyun, and walked to the bathroom to wash.

Chu Suiyun stared at Chu Muyu washing, and after personally helping him turn off the light in the bedroom, he turned around and returned to his room to clean up and prepare to rest.

As a result, just after brushing his teeth, Chu Suiyun received an unexpected call.

Seeing the caller ID on the phone screen, Chu Suiyun raised his eyebrows and blinked again, thinking that he was hallucinating. What did Zhao Kai call him for?

Unable to understand, Chu Suiyun directly connected the phone and put it to his ear.

Zhao Kai’s voice immediately came into his ears: “Good evening, Sister-in-law! Sorry to disturb you so late, are you alone?

“En.” Without realizing he should be living with Qin Miao currently, he just casually answered the question.

“That’s good!” Zhao Kai breathed a sigh of relief.

Chu Suiyun, who had just reacted and wanted to change his words, when he heard Zhao Kai’s happy tone, he immediately dismissed the idea of ​​lying and saying that Qin Miao was by his side.

“Sister-in-law, what I’m going to tell you next, don’t blame me for talking too much.” Zhao Kai said mysteriously.

“No, I won’t.” Chu Suiyun answered briefly in line with the principle of talking less to make fewer mistakes.

Zhao Kai hesitated for a moment, then said, “Sister-in-law, I know that you and my brother are newly engaged with a lot of love and sweetness, and you can even mix oil with honey…”

“Speak about the main point.” Chu Suiyun couldn’t take it anymore.

“Uh, alright.” Zhao Kai quickly cut to the chase, “That’s right, Sister-in-law, you should also know that my cousin is pretty good-looking, and he has some money at home, so he is very popular among Omegas.”

Chu Suiyun frowned.

“That’s why my cousin occasionally has small Omegas who don’t have eyes around him. But don’t worry, even if this is the case, my cousin must have a heart like a rock…”

Zhao Kai said a lot, and finally he couldn’t stop talking nonsense. Now, he was also not sure whether Qin Miao had an old relationship with that little lover tonight, it was too unfounded!

So Zhao Kai simply broke the can and smashed it: “Forget it, Sister-in-law, I’ll tell you the truth. What I mean is, if my cousin does something wrong, don’t hold back, and tell my aunt directly. You can find my aunt directly or you can find me directly, and I will relay it to my aunt for you.”

Chu Suiyun was confused, what did Qin Miao do?

Qin Miao is single, so no matter how many Omegas he has around him, it had nothing to do with him. Zhao Kai only called to comfort him because he was Qin Miao’s nominal fiancee.

So Chu Suiyun considered for a moment and replied, “Well, thank you.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Kai was dumbfounded.

What did his Sister-in-law say? Well, thanks?

Zhao Kai couldn’t understand, there seems to be no problem with this answer, but it seems that the problem is getting bigger. Is Sister-in-law angry or not?

He must be angry, right?

It’s over, it’s over. Originally it was fine, but after I made this phone call, I didn’t fully grasp the relationship between my cousin and his little lover and instead, I made my Sister-in-law angry. What should I do?!

Zhao Kai slapped his head, scolding himself for being too impulsive in doing things.

This is not good, what if second young master of the old Qin family is going to be a bachelor for the rest of his life!

On the other side of the phone, Chu Suiyun didn’t have much trouble in his heart. It wasn’t the first day he knew about Qin Miao’s reputation as a scumbag. Even if the two had a nominal relationship now, after all, it was not his turn to take care of his private life. 

Chu Suiyun fell back and laid on the bed.

No matter what his private life is, at least Qin Miao is kind to Xiao Yu, and he can no longer have any prejudice against him.

Moreover, after having been in contact for more than half a month, Chu Suiyun really felt that Qin Miao and himself could have a good conversation. If it wasn’t because of these kinds of incidents that led to the current situation, they would really become good friends.

Thinking of this, Chu Suiyun suddenly collapsed.

If only Qin Miao’s private life was cleaner, how annoying.

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