Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 34

Chapter 34 I hope my cousin conducts himself with dignity

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Qin Miao lifted Li Cen’s back collar with one hand, slammed him to the ground, took a step forward, stepped on the Beta’s crotch with his right foot, and a cigarette with only the butt was thrown at Li Cen’s, scorching his clothes.

“F*ck! What are you doing!” Li Cen, who was controlled by his vulnerable vital parts, was sweating coldly. He propped up his upper body with his elbows, and stared at Qin Miao hatefully.

Qin Miao made a slight effort on his feet, and casually warned:

“Don’t move, or it will break.”

Li Cen’s body froze, and beads of sweat fell onto the ground. 

Chu Muyu sat on the ground and looked up at Qin Miao: “Brother Miao.” 

The sky was dark, the tall Alpha’s back was slightly arched, and he lowered his head to stare at the shivering Beta under his feet. The flickering light of the street lights outlined the figure of Qin Miao, clear, broad shoulders and narrow waist, like a well-carved statue.

Hearing Chu Muyu’s voice, Qin Miao turned to look at him, and then turned to look at Zhao Kai, who was following behind him: “What are you being dazed for?”

Because everything happened so fast, Zhao Kai, who was in a daze, immediately returned to his senses. He trotted two steps forward and helped Chu Muyu up from the ground.

The light was not good and he was far away, so Zhao Kai couldn’t see it clearly, but now that he was close, he recognized who Chu Muyu was.

Isn’t this his cousin’s ex-lover?

As his cousin and assistant, Zhao Kai naturally knew who Qin Miao was around. Before, the Omega beside Qin Miao was just labeled an assistant, only this small Omega was a lover who was recognized by Qin Miao.

At that time, Zhao Kai also teased his cousin for being an old cow that eats tender grass. Now it seems that this little Omega really was something special. Otherwise, why would his cousin break up with him but still come be a hero to save the beauty.

“Thank you…” Chu Muyu borrowed Zhao Kai’s strength to stand up.

Zhao Kai was stunned.

When Chu Muyu stood up just now, in that moment and at an angle, it made Zhao Kai think of a person.

Zhao Kai, who was shocked, let go of his hand in a daze, and asked uncomfortably, “Are you alright?”

“I’m alright.” Chu Muyu shook his head and lowered his head to organize his clothes.

“Go and call someone over, Zhao Kai.” Qin Miao ordered. Seeing that Zhao Kai was still dazed, he frowned and urged, “What are you doing?”

Zhao Kai was shocked and quickly called someone.

On his way to call someone, Zhao Kai’s mind was still full of Chu Muyu’s face. When he lowered his eyes, his hair half covering his eyes, at that moment, he looked like his new Sister-in-law.

What kind of sh*t script is this? Zhao Kai’s thoughts flew into space.

Did this little lover act as a substitute for Sister-in-law, or did Sister-in-law act as the substitute for this little lover?

Could it be – could it be possible that there is another person, are these two both stand-ins!

Zhao Kai’s heart collapsed, it’s very possible!

Otherwise, why would his cousin being such an excellent Alpha, why would he not date all year round after that incident, and then seamlessly date two people who are so similar?

Cr*p, is our family finally going to stage a show of grievances of the rich and powerful?

Qin Miao’s people were not far away, waiting at the gate of the community. They were two professional security employees.

They usually stayed by Qin Miao’s side to protect him. In the past two days, because Chu Suiyun was busy with work and had no time to watch over Chu Muyu, Qin Miao had these two people follow Chu Muyu secretly and contact him if there was any abnormality.

Today it was also because of the messages of these two people that Qin Miao hurried over while working.

In order to prevent Chu Muyu from finding out, the two bodyguards only stayed at the gate of the community. After Qin Miao came, they stayed where they were, waiting. Qin Miao took Zhao Kai into the community, and only then did they arrest Li Cen.

The two bodyguards followed Zhao Kai to the scene of the incident, took Li Cen from Qin Miao’s feet, and restrained the person.

When Li Cen was detained, he was still shouting nonsense: “Why are you arresting me, the police won’t care about the love affair between us two!”

A bodyguard took out a handkerchief and stuffed it into Li Cen’s mouth.

Li Cen’s mouth was gagged, but it was still making sounds. Qin Miao kicked his stomach with the foot he just stepped on his crotch. Li Cen exhaled in pain and looked up to see Qin Miao’s murderous gaze.

“Make a little more noise, and I’ll stop you from making a sound.”

Li Cen shriveled. Qin Miao then freed up his feet and walked to Chu Muyu’s side to ask him if he was okay.

“I’m fine.” Chu Muyu replied.

“Let’s go.” Qin Miao said softly next to Chu Muyu.

Chu Muyu looked up and asked, “Where are we going?”

“Police station.”

It was almost midnight when he came out of Light. With a stiff fake smile on his face, Chu Suiyun followed behind Director Zhou Papi, acting as a backdrop.

“Okay, looking forward to seeing you next time.” The supervisor greeted the other party with a smile.

After sending the representative of the Reese Federation into the car, the smile on his supervisor’s face also collapsed. He rubbed his shoulders and mercifully announced that Chu Suiyun could go home.

After sending his supervisor away, Chu Suiyun got into the car and sighed tiredly. As an Alpha, he was not too tired physically, but after smiling all night, his face became tired.

“Let’s go home quickly.” Chu Suiyun started the car. He just wanted to go home and say good night to his lovely brother and go to bed.

More than half an hour later, when Chu Suiyun arrived home, he opened the door with the key, but what he saw was a dark room.

Chu Muyu was not at home.

Chu Suiyun immediately frowned, walked into the room, put his bag on the sofa, and went to his brother’s room to take a look. No one was there, Chu Muyu was not sleeping.

Chu Suiyun took off his tethered suit jacket, took out his mobile phone, and called Chu Muyu.

At this time, Chu Muyu was in the police station. Two or three hours later, the police finished asking all their questions, Li Cen was detained, and Chu Muyu was allowed to leave. He was sitting on the row of chairs and was waiting for Qin Miao.

Qin Miao appeared very quickly. He didn’t sit down beside Chu Muyu, but said directly, “Let’s go Xiao Yu, I’ll take you home.”

It was at this moment that Chu Suiyun called.

Chu Muyu gestured to Qin Miao, indicating that he wanted to answer the phone, and Qin Miao sat down quietly.

“Hello, brother?” Chu Muyu answered the phone.

Chu Suiyun’s voice came from the receiver: “Xiao Yu, where are you now?”

Knowing that his brother was calling to ask this, Chu Muyu hesitated for a moment, but in the end did not tell the truth: “I am playing at Liao Xiao Yuan’s house and am coming back now.”

“Hey, why didn’t you tell me?” Chu Suiyun sighed, “I’ll pick you up.”

“No!” Chu Muyu hurriedly refused, “Xiao Yuan’s dad is driving me.”

He spoke a few words with his brother, then after Chu Muyu successfully relieved his brother’s worries, he hung up the phone.

He didn’t tell Chu Suiyun the truth because it was very late now, and all the things that should be done today were over. If he told Chu Suiyun, his brother would definitely be anxious, so it’s better to wait until he got home and tell him face-to-face.

After the phone call, Qin Miao stood up again and said to Chu Muyu, “Let’s go.”

Chu Muyu followed Qin Miao out of the police station and walked to Qin Miao’s car when he suddenly stopped him: “Brother Miao.”

Qin Miao turned around.

“Thank you.” Chu Muyu said sincerely.

The timing of Qin Miao’s appearance today was too coincidental, Chu Muyu probably guessed from the few words that the police asked Qin Miao that the other party had sent someone to protect him secretly.

The days after the movie theater, Qin Miao found himself and said that the matter of pretending to be a couple was over. Chu Muyu also felt that he was bothering Qin Miao too much during that time, so he agreed without hesitation.

But now Qin Miao still helped him without asking for any reward, Chu Muyu was very grateful.

“It’s nothing.” Qin Miao said. Suddenly he seemed to think of something, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, “As my little brother, you don’t need to say thank you.”

Chu Muyu looked blank, when did they become so close in Qin Miao’s heart?

Standing next to Qin Miao’s car, Zhao Kai saw his cousin and his ex-lover approaching chatting and laughing, and an alarm bell rang in his heart.

He knew that his cousin was attractive, but he hoped that he wouldn’t show off his charm to other Omegas, and won’t do anything to wrong his Sister-in-law.

Zhao Kai has not had direct contact with Chu Muyu, but he has had contact with “Chu Xue”. His Sister-in-law was an excellent person, not to mention he was already engaged to his cousin, so Zhao Kai was biased towards his Sister-in-law.

Zhao Kai warned Qin Miao with his eyes.

Qin Miao didn’t even look at his eyes, and had Zhao Kai drive and take Chu Muyu home.

Zhao Kai gritted his teeth and looked at Chu Muyu like a seductress.

Chu Muyu only felt that Zhao Kai’s eyes were cold, and was puzzled, so he sat in the back seat and turned away from him.

The cold wind blew into the compartment along the gap of the car window, lifting the bangs in front of Chu Muyu’s forehead.

It seems that Li Cen’s stalking of himself has been completely resolved. The harassing text messages he sent were well kept by himself and now that Qin Miao and Zhao Kai testified about the incident tonight, if he is punished heavily, Li Cen might be imprisoned for several years.

He won’t need to be harassed by him anymore.

Thinking of what Li Cen said to him tonight, Chu Muyu felt nauseated in his stomach.

But there was one thing that Chu Muyu was a little concerned about.

A few hours ago, the police asked himself when the harassment started, and Chu Muyu answered honestly when he received the first text message.

“It was at the beginning of the second semester of high school, probably at the end of February.” 

The questioning police continued: “What did he do to you at that time?”

Chu Muyu answered truthfully, “It’s just some text messages, I didn’t even see him before, and he didn’t send text messages as often as he does now.”

“Have you saved these text messages? Can you show us?”

Chu Muyu nodded. He took out his phone, flipped through the text messages, and handed them to the police.

The policeman lowered his head to check for a while. There were actually not many text messages, and he could read them in a single scan. After reading, he returned the phone to Chu Muyu.

“This phone number is not the same number that is harassing you now,” the police pointed out.

Chu Muyu nodded: “I was afraid, so I blocked this number once and called the police. Maybe because of this, it kept him quiet for a while, and when he reappeared, he had already changed his phone number.” 

The two policemen listened carefully. At this point, they looked at each other, and one of the policemen, who had never spoken, said, “But we only found harassing text messages on Li Cen’s two mobile phones that started after June this year.”

Chu Muyu was stunned for a moment, overwhelmed.

“He may have deleted the previous text messages, or Li Cen may have destroyed his previous mobile phone.” Chu Muyu guessed in a panic.

The police nodded: “This possibility is not ruled out. We will investigate further, and we will inform you of our progress. You can go home first today.”

“Xiao Yu, we’re here.” Qin Miao’s low voice sounded beside him, calling him back from his thoughts.

Chu Muyu looked up and looked out the window, only to realize that the car had parked in the underground parking lot at home.

“I have troubled you tonight, Brother Miao.” Chu Muyu said as he pushed the door open and got out of the car.

“Go back and rest early.” Qin Miao instructed.

Chu Muyu nodded, got out of the car, and walked to the elevator three steps at a time.

It was not until he watched Chu Muyu get on the elevator that Qin Miao ordered Zhao Kai to drive away.

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