Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 39

Chapter 39 November 20

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After leaving the door of the restaurant, Qin Miao walked to the side of the road and stood for a while, when a black commercial car stopped in front of him.

The door was unlocked with a “click”. Qin Miao opened the rear seat door and sat in the car.

Zhao Kai was in the driver’s seat. He turned around and said hello to Qin Miao: “Brother, did you see Sister-in-law?”

“En.” Qin Miao responded briefly.

“That’s good.” Zhao Kai looked straight ahead again, started the car, and began to talk about other things, “I picked some gifts sent from other companies today and distributed them to the secretary group. The gifts from the Qin family have some good ones. I’ve put it away, and I’ll put it in a different package to give to someone later.”

“By the way, my aunt and eldest brother also gave gifts. Aunt’s gift is a set of emeralds. I don’t think it’s for you, but for my Sister-in-law. Eldest brother’s gift is still the same. It looks like it was his assistant. I put it in the back of the car.”

“Okay.” Qin Miao had no problem with what Zhao Kai did.

While driving, Zhao Kai asked, “Auntie also asked if you would like to take the time to call eldest brother back to celebrate your birthday with you.”

“No, it’s already past.” Qin Miao said lightly, “It’s not a decade number birthday, it’s not necessary. I’ll go back and have a meal with him on the weekend.”

“Alright, then, you can arrange it yourself.”

Qin Miao didn’t answer, he took out his phone, pressed the screen, and unlocked the screen saver with the finger with a ring.

The time displayed on the mobile phone: 21:23 November 20.

The days went on peacefully until that day when Chu Muyu received a call from the police station.

The police uncle on the other side of the phone said that Li Cen’s case had made some progress and asked Chu Muyu to explain the situation in person at the police station.

Chu Muyu told Chu Suiyun this when he got home, and Chu Suiyun took his younger brother to the police station the next day.

The two of them were lucky. When they arrived, the police uncle had just returned from field work, drank two sips of water, was sweating and had the brothers sit down.

Only then did the police find another colleague who was in charge of the investigation of Li Cen’s case, and the two explained to Chu Muyu the results of the investigation together.

“We checked Li Cen’s cell phone.” The police went straight to the subject, “We also tried our best to technically repair the contents of his two cell phones, and found some deleted items, but…”

Chu Muyu swallowed unconsciously. His intuition told him that what happened next might be beyond his imagination.

Sure enough, the police continued: “But there are no text messages from before June.”

Chu Muyu’s eyes widened.

After Chu Suiyun arrested Li Cen that day, he heard his brother tell the whole story of the incident, and at this time, he also knew the meaning of the police’s words.

He was much calmer than his younger brother, and immediately asked: “Does this mean that someone else sent the text message before June?”

The police nodded: “It’s very likely. And according to Li Cen’s own confession, he only had contact with classmate Chu Muyu after May tenth. Although they were working in the studio before, the two of them rarely met and didn’t know each other at all.”

“Student Chu Muyu, do you still remember your first meeting with the suspect in May this year? Was there a formal contact? At that time, the suspect was your class substitute, and you helped speak up for him in class.”

Chu Muyu lowered his eyes, and his memory gradually recovered from the police’s reminder.

It was the last intensive training before the exam. They were always led by an experienced old teacher. Occasionally Qin Miao would come to substitute for the class. No matter which one of these two people, they each had their own strengths.

The old teachers have rich experience in taking exams and can teach them how to get high marks in the exams; Qin Miao’s painting does not stick to the framework and can cultivate their inspiration. Both were extremely significant. But at the end of May, the old teacher was not in good health and could not come to class. Qin Miao was a casual person, so if he said he wouldn’t come, he wouldn’t come.

The other teachers in the studio could not make the time either, so they had to arrange for Li Cen, who had been employed for less than a year, to come as emergency. This class of students was spoiled by good teachers. After coming into contact with Li Cen and the other two teachers’ paintings and their pedantic and backward teaching ideas, they felt that the gap was too strong, which aroused their dissatisfaction.

When they were dissatisfied, they refused to accept Li Cen. In addition, the pressure of the exam was just around the corner. In the second half of the class, Li Cen basically said something, and the students retorted back, and the teaching could not be carried out smoothly at all.

Li Cen was a cowardly and timid person. The students hated him. He didn’t show the air of a teacher, and he couldn’t control these seventeen or eighteen-year-old brats.

“You, you are not allowed to talk anymore!” Li Cen said as loud as he could.

“Ah? Teacher, what did you say, you can’t draw well and your voice is too small? Hahaha!” The

students below laughed arrogantly at Li Cen.

Li Cen blushed with anger, but there was nothing he could do. He was anxious while holding the pen.

Unexpectedly, “Pa!”. A loud noise of a chair falling to the ground stunned the entire classroom, and everyone was quiet for a while.

It turned out that Chu Muyu pushed the chair down on purpose. He stood there and looked directly at the student who started this, his voice was not loud but firm.

“If you don’t want to study, you can leave, don’t affect other people.”

Then Chu Muyu glanced at Li Cen and said, “Teacher, go ahead, you are the teacher.”

After the memory was interrupted, there were no more thoughts in Chu Muyu’s mind. After that class, parents complained about Li Cen and Li Cen no longer had the opportunity to teach Chu Muyu’s class. Chu Muyu had no direct contact with Li Cen until the incident.

Chu Muyu lowered his head, his voice trembling: “Is he following me because of that…?”

Chu Suiyun hurriedly put his brother on his shoulder and patted him in a soothing way.

“If only I hadn’t stood up for him at the time. I just wanted to paint, not help him speak…” Chu Muyu murmured.

“Xiao Yu, you don’t have to blame yourself. It’s Li Cen’s fault. You didn’t do anything wrong. He is a pervert, and it has nothing to do with what you did.” Chu Suiyun comforted his brother in his ear.

Seeing Chu Muyu’s emotional agitation, the police waited for a while, and after Omega’s mood eased a little, they continued: “We also checked the mobile phone number that sent you a text message before June, but since the number has been canceled, no useful information was found.”

“Now we have confirmed that this person and Li Cen are not the same person. Chu Muyu classmate, do you have any other suspects in your mind? Who else could send this kind of text message?”

Chu Muyu was stunned. Shaking his head, he scanned all over his memory and the people around him, but no one would do such a thing.

The police seem to have expected this answer: “Since this person has done nothing to you except send text messages, and he has not contacted you for a long time, we don’t think it is necessary to continue to pursue this person. Then the final suspect is only Li Cen.”

“What if that person does something to me again?” Chu Muyu asked in a panic.

The policeman shook his head: “There is no evidence that he will appear again, and we can’t take measures against him now. You don’t have to worry too much, it may be a prank by a classmate who used to have a bad relationship with you. If he appears again, please ask for help as soon as possible.”

Chu Muyu also knew that the man didn’t do anything, so the police could only investigate until here, and nodded in understanding.

“Don’t worry, tell me immediately if you have anything.” Chu Suiyun rubbed his brother’s head, “I will be by your side.”

Chu Muyu nodded obediently.

“There is one more thing I have to tell you.” The policeman said, and clicked on the photo album on his mobile phone, “This is the photo album of one of Li Cen’s mobile phones, and all the photos of Chu Muyu are stored in it. They are all secret photos without exception, the number is as high as in the thousands.”

After speaking, the police put the mobile phone on the table and pushed it to the Chu Suiyun.

Chu Muyu, who put his head on his brother’s shoulder, froze. Chu Suiyun was also shocked and picked up the phone with shaking hands.

The photo album was full of Chu Muyu shot from various angles and scenes, starting from summer vacation after the exam until recently. Chu Muyu was playing with friends, staying with Chu Suiyun, carrying a schoolbag on the road on the first day of university…

Finally, Chu Suiyun saw the photo, which was seen from the opposite side of their house, using a telescope to see through Chu Muyu’s bedroom, taking a photo of the Omega changing clothes.

Behind these photos were a pair of dark eyes that could not see the light. They hid in the dark and pursued Chu Muyu with observing eyes. In a corner no one knew, with their eyes, they wanted to blaspheme a person who was unaware.

The more he flipped, the more anger in Chu Suiyun’s heart burned. When he saw the end, Chu Suiyun’s eyes were already scarlet, and his back molars were almost shattered. His hand holding the phone was shaking so hard, it was as if he was about to crush the phone.

The Alpha pheromone emitted by the rage instantly flooded the entire police station.

Chu Muyu was the closest to his brother and was the most affected. An Alpha’s different pheromones have different effects on an Omega. For example, Chu Suiyun’s pheromone lost control because of his anger. For an Omega, it is an irresistible command – surrender and fear.


Chu Muyu trembled uncontrollably, lying on the table exhaustedly, trying to stay away from his brother.

The two police officers on the opposite side were both Betas, and their response was half a beat slower. Only after another group of Alpha police officers came to inquire about the situation did they realize that Chu Suiyun was out of control.

“Calm down! This family member, please calm down!”

A Beta policewoman ran over and temporarily moved Chu Muyu to another room.

Two Alpha police officers rushed to Chu Suiyun’s side, snatched the phone from his hand, and then took out the handcuffs…

This was the last scene Chu Muyu saw before leaving the police station hall.

That night, the inpatient department of the hospital in the dead of night.

Li Cen was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, looking like he was asleep.

During the day, due to Chu Suiyun’s sudden loss of control, the police did not have time to tell them that Li Cen was in the hospital waiting for a diagnosis and receiving intervention treatment because he showed an abnormal state of mind while in custody.

Suddenly, a figure was projected on the snow-white quilt surface of the hospital bed. The footsteps of the person who came were slow, but they still woke Li Cen.

Li Cen opened his eyes and finally saw the person standing beside his bed.

Shen Qingdeng was wearing a white coat or maybe it wasn’t a white coat at all, just a white jacket. He was wearing a mask mixed in with the night.

The moment he opened his eyes, Li Cen panicked for a moment, but when he saw Shen Qingdeng clearly, he slowly pulled out a weird smile.

“It’s you…”

Shen Qingdeng was unmoved.

Li Cen didn’t pretend anymore, at this time he didn’t seem to be mentally normal. He spoke clearly and fluently: “I already knew that I was not alone following Xiao Yu, that time Xiao Yu was on his way home, I saw you.”

Li Cen twitched the corners of his mouth: “You always sit in the back row behind Xiao Yu, just to be able to look at him well. You are the same as me, and I understand your thoughts. In fact, I thought of being Xiao Yu’s classmate, sitting behind him, so…I can stare at him unbridled.”

The Beta spoke slowly in an extremely uncomfortable tone, the swollen eyes behind his glasses shooting out, as if he could see through Shen Qingdeng.

Shen Qingdeng just stood upright. He did not have any emotional fluctuations due to Li Cen’s words. Like a patient listener, he waited until Li Cen finished speaking before speaking slowly.

“I’m not like you.”

Shen Qingdeng finally said the first sentence of the night.

A sharp metallic luster flashed in his hand, and the sound of breaking wind was very loud in the quiet ward.

It was a sharpened dagger.

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