Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Sleep better on one’s hand 

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It was deep into winter, and it was still dark at seven o’clock, but the nurses at the hospital had already started their routine rounds in the morning.

After checking a whole corridor of wards, the nurse intern came to the last room, where a special patient lived. She said hello to the policeman guarding the door before entering.

The curtains in the ward were tightly closed, and there was a strange smell in the room, which made the little nurse frown unconsciously.

She went to the window first and opened the curtains and windows to let in fresh air to drive out the stench in the room.

After that, she turned around and went to the hospital bed to check the patient’s condition.

A human figure bulged up on the hospital bed, but the person who was supposed to lie there didn’t show his face. The quilt wrapped around the patient’s entire body, and the nurse panicked when she saw it.

“Li Cen, Li Cen?” The nurse called the patient’s name, trying to wake him up so that he wouldn’t be suffocated.

As a result, after calling a few times, there was no response. The person lying on the bed seemed to be really suffocated and motionless.

A cold wind blew in from the window and scratched the back of the little nurse’s neck, which made her feel a little eerie and terrified.

Since he couldn’t wake up, the nurse reached out and lifted the quilt on the bed, at least to let the patient show his face to breathe.

The quilt was lifted, and Li Cen’s ugly face was revealed. His eyes were staring at the ceiling, and his white eyes were covered with red bloodshots, as if he hadn’t closed his eyes all night.

Then Li Cen’s mouth came out from under the quilt, and his lips kept trembling as he mumbled something in a very low voice.

“What are you talking about?” the nurse asked, unable to hear what he said.

Still no response. The nurse often saw this kind of patient immersed in his own world, so she didn’t panic, but suddenly, she saw that the pillow was broken.

The traces of tearing of the fabric did not look like they had been torn by hand. The nurse frowned and continued to pull the quilt down.

When the whole quilt was lifted, the nurse intern threw away a corner of the quilt in surprise and covered her mouth and nose.

She saw that the whole bed was cut by a sharp object, and every trace was right next to the edge of Li Cen’s body. The stench when the door was opened was also found. Its source-a large stain remaining on Li Cen’s crotch, even the sheets were also stained.

Li Cen, whose whole body was exposed to the air, gradually regained consciousness. He saw the little nurse standing beside the bed, suddenly rushed down from the bed, landed on his knees, and hugged the nurse’s legs.

“Lock me up! Lock me up! I’m not sick, I’m not sick! I’m pretending! I was wrong! Lock me up, please, I’m really not sick…”

The nurse was startled and wanted to step back, but couldn’t move because her legs were cradled.

Li Cen’s voice was still echoing in the ward: “I beg you…don’t leave me here, anywhere, just lock me up!”

The police outside the door rushed in after hearing the movement and took Li Cen away, off the nurse’s legs. The little nurse went out and called someone to come over, and several people worked together to push Li Cen back to the bed to control him.

During this period, Li Cen was still repeating “Lock me up, lock me up, I don’t want to be in the hospital…”. Only when a sedative was injected into his veins did he gradually calm down.

Before falling into a deep sleep, he heard what Shen Qingdeng said in his ear last night in a trance.

“You’re not sick at all, right? Why do you pretend to be sick to escape?”

“But it’s okay, I can’t find you when you’re locked up. At least for these few days, until your diagnosis comes out, I’ll be here every day. I will come to play games with you at night.”

“Take a guess if this knife will go into your flesh.”

Then Shen Qingdeng raised the dagger that shone with cold light, and every stroke of the dagger seemed to be aimed at Li Cen. The throat was pierced, but each stroke would land precisely on the quilt.

It raised Li Cen’s heart and didn’t let go.

When Li Cen thought that Shen Qingdeng didn’t have the guts to hurt himself, the knife that Shen Qingdeng dropped would slash closely against the skin. Several times, the dagger really cut the skin.

The cut holes were concentrated on the inside of the upper arm, the inside of the thigh, and the side of the neck, causing Li Cen to grit in pain.

But even if it hurt so much, the wound was so small that it could almost heal in one night. Li Cen knew that Shen Qingdeng was playing with him.

Such a small injury, no one would even notice.

After Li Cen couldn’t take it anymore and lost control in his pants, Shen Qingdeng frowned in disgust. He put the knife back in his bag and turned to leave.

Before leaving, Li Cen heard him say, “See you tomorrow.”

After Shen Qingdeng left, Li Cen didn’t dare to close his eyes all night. As long as he closed his eyes, the cold and biting touch of the dagger would appear on his skin.

After several hours of psychological torture and the pain of a sleepless night, Li Cen didn’t want to do it again. He would rather be locked up in the detention center, at least it was where Shen Qingdeng couldn’t get in.

So he begged wildly, begged to be placed in jail.

Everyone who heard it said he was crazy.

Back to daytime yesterday, Chu Suiyun accompanied Chu Muyu to the police station. After seeing Li Cen’s thousand secret photos, his pheromones got out of control.

There were one hundred or at least fifty cases of pheromones getting out of control encountered by the police every day, so there was a special isolation room to temporarily lock up those Alphas or Omegas who can’t control their pheromones.

The isolation room had no windows, and the doors were also designed to prevent leakage. The ventilation only depended on the circulatory system in the room.

In order to be able to monitor the dynamics of the room from the outside, the door of the isolation room was transparent.

When Qin Miao arrived, it was through this door that he saw Chu Suiyun, who had closed his eyes and was as quiet as sleeping.

Yuan Sen, the first Alpha policeman who found Chu Suiyun out of control, stood beside Qin Miao and looked at Chu Suiyun in the isolation room with him, saying, “He has been given an inhibitor and sedative, so he should sleep well for a while. “

“Thank you for telling me.” Qin Miao’s eyes was always on Chu Suiyun.

“It’s a small matter, that is, lucky I remembered that you greeted me.” Yuan Sen said, “Your reputations as excellent Alphas are well-deserved. You seem to be stable at ordinary times, but are scarier than anyone else when out of control.”

“Let me in.” Qin Miao said suddenly.

Yuan Sen felt a little uncomfortable: “The smell inside hasn’t dissipated yet. You won’t feel good when you go in. What if you are stimulated by his pheromone and something happens? We don’t want another person out of control.”

“It won’t take too long.” Qin Miao conceeded.

Yuan Sen sighed: “Okay, five minutes.”


Even though he promised Qin Miao to give him only five minutes, Yuan Sen was still not at ease and asked Qin Miao to bring a mask in.

Masks can’t cover too much, but it’s better than nothing.

Qin Miao had no objection, so he opened the door and went in after wearing a mask.

The moment the door opened, Yuan Sen was suffocated by the smell of the pheromone rushing out of the door. The concentration was not as high as at the beginning, but the smell was still unpleasant.

Qin Miao didn’t change his face, he closed the door and walked towards Chu Suiyun.

There was no bed in the isolation room, it was empty, only a hard bench and iron bars for handcuffs.

Chu Suiyun sat on the bench, his wrists cuffed to the iron bars. His head was twisted to one side uncomfortably, his eyes closed, and he looked very uneasy.

Qin Miao put his coat on the chair and stood a dozen centimeters in front of Chu Suiyun.

Looking down at Chu Suiyun from above, he can see that this person had a completely different personality from his usual personality. The person who was full of energy and noise had a gentle face with long eyelashes, and was flapping uneasily at this time.

Qin Miao stretched out his hand and gently pressed it against Chu Suiyun’s cheek.

It was hot. Chu Suiyun’s body temperature was terrifyingly high, which was a side effect of an Alpha’s emotional excitement.

In a daze, Chu Suiyun felt something cold and comfortable on his cheek, and subconsciously chased it with his face.

So it became Qin Miao holding Chu Suiyun’s face with one hand and letting him use his hand as a pillow to sleep more comfortably.

Suddenly Chu Suiyun muttered something, but Qin Miao couldn’t hear it clearly, so he could only lean down.

“Huh?” Qin Miao made a questioning voice.

Even though he was sleeping, Chu Suiyun, who heard Qin Miao’s voice, said it again honestly.

This time, getting closer, Qin Miao heard it clearly. He said,

“Xiao Yu, I’m sorry.” 

After the good brother was injected with the inhibitor, he was still blaming himself for not fulfilling his responsibility to take care of his younger brother. Qin Miao dared not answer, for fear of waking the person up. He raised his other hand and touched Chu Suiyun’s head along the hair.

Five minutes passed quickly, and when the time came, Yuan Sen stood outside, knocking on the glass lightly, urging Qin Miao to come out quickly.

Qin Miao originally wanted to ignore him, but seeing Chu Suiyun leaning on his hand frowning because of the sound from Yuan Sen, Qin Miao had to sigh.

Carefully moving his hand away, Qin Miao found that Chu Suiyun could only sleep awkwardly with his neck crooked.

He turned his head and saw the coat that he had put aside.

So Qin Miao folded the coat twice and stuffed it under Chu Suiyun’s head, so that the person could sleep a little more comfortably.

This coat was still new, but he’ll let this easily angered fool take advantage of it.

After doing this, Qin Miao left the isolation room.

After leaving the isolation room, Yuan Sen couldn’t help looking at Qin Miao for a moment, and said, “Okay, who is this treating him so well?”

Qin Miao did not answer this question directly, and finally thanked Yuan Sen and explained: “Don’t tell him I’ve been here.”

Yuan Sen was puzzled, but it wasn’t a big deal, so he agreed.

After another twenty minutes, Chu Suiyun opened his eyes again.

He moved his aching neck, and the coat under his head fell off.

Chu Suiyun was still dizzy, and without his jacket, he looked up and saw his younger brother lying outside the door.

Chu Muyu had a worried look on his face. After seeing his brother wake up, he breathed a sigh of relief and slowly revealed a smile.

The Beta policewoman came over to check the various indicators at the door of the isolation room, and only opened the door when the pheromone concentration in the room was less than 0.01, allowing Chu Muyu to enter.

Chu Muyu walked in behind the policewoman, standing obediently, waiting for the policewoman to untie his brother’s handcuffs, then walked over and sat down beside his brother.

The sober Chu Suiyun also remembered what happened before he lost control. He was a little embarrassed, scratched his cheek, and said to his younger brother, “I’m sorry, did I scare you?”

Chu Muyu shook his head, nodded again, and finally smiled. He came out and said honestly, “A little bit.”

Then Chu Muyu raised his head, looked directly at his brother, and said solemnly, “The police told me that Li Cen’s behavior has violated the law, and he should be imprisoned for several years.”

The protection of the rights and interests of Omegas in the country of Yun was becoming more firm. A crime like Li Cen was clear. Even if there is no real harm to an Omega, there is a high chance that he will be convicted of attempted rape.

“So, that scum has the law to deal with him. Brother, don’t be angry with him, and don’t be impulsive. To me, you are thousands of times more precious than him. You are the most important thing. He is not worth it.”

Chu Suiyun was stunned for a moment. Stared at by his younger brother’s firm eyes, he slowly smiled.

“Okay, I promise you.”

After receiving a satisfactory answer, Chu Muyu finally changed his seriousness and showed a smile: “Then let’s go home?”

“En, let’s go home.”

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