Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 45

Chapter 45 A family of people

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Sitting in the driver’s seat and driving to the Qin house, Qin Miao glanced at Chu Suiyun in the passenger seat and couldn’t help reminding: “Seeing my family today may be different from what you imagined, so be prepared. .”

Chu Suiyun was at a loss, what could be different?

Half an hour later, Chu Suiyun knew what Qin Miao meant.

At the door of the Qin family’s old house halfway up the mountain, Chu Suiyun stood behind Qin Miao, waiting for him to open the door. The door opened, and someone came to greet him.

A petite female Omega appeared behind the door. She looked like she was twenty-eight or nine years old. The corner of her mouth rose when she saw Qin Miao: “Lao Er is back.”

Qin Miao nodded to the Omega and introduced Chu Suiyun: “This is my eldest Sister-in-law.”

Chu Suiyun greeted her: “Sister-in-law.”

Qin Miao’s eldest Sister-in-law, Su Zhiting, saw Chu Suiyun greeting her, and said gently, “Hey, Xiao Xue, come in, I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time.”

In order to express her welcome, Su Zhiting took Chu Suiyun’s hand very affectionately and led him into the room.

Chu Suiyun’s hands and feet suddenly stiffened. Although he was playing an Omega, his subconscious self-awareness was still an Alpha, and he was a little bit overwhelmed by being affectionately held by a female Omega who was only a few years older.

He walked into the house but Su Zhiting still had no intention of letting go, and almost dragged him to the front of the elders.

Fortunately, Qin Miao had some vision, grabbed Chu Suiyun’s upper arm, and snatched the person back from Su Zhiting’s hand.

Su Zhiting let go of his hand and jokingly said, “Won’t even let me touch him for a while? Well, take Xiao Xue to meet the rest, and I’ll go help Aunt Tang.” 

He finally got rid of his overly enthusiastic Sister-in-law, so Chu Suiyun was relieved. When Qin Miao saw this, he laughed at him unconsciously.

As soon as the rest of the family heard that Chu Suiyun had arrived, they came out of the rooms one after another. Except for Mother Qin and another female elder who were watching TV in the living room, almost ten people gathered in the living room.

Chu Suiyun was taken aback by the scene of the big family. Everyone had to look at him carefully when they came over, which made him feel a little embarrassed.

Mother Qin cast a look at Qin Miao. Qin Miao understood and put Chu Suiyun’s hand into his palm.

“I’ll introduce them to you.” Qin Miao said in Chu Suiyun’s ear, and then used a voice that only the two of them could hear clearly, “If you remember it, remember it, if you can’t remember it, forget it.”

Qin Miao led Chu Suiyun in front of a middle-aged and slightly fat male Beta. The Beta was almost sixty years old, with a smile on his face, a pair of black-rimmed glasses, and the appearance of a cultural man.

“This is Second Uncle.” Qin Miao introduced in a voice that everyone could hear.

“Second Uncle.” Chu Suiyun called after him.

Uncle Qin smiled and nodded.

Then there was a female Beta sitting next to Uncle Qin, who was also in her fifties.

“This is Second Aunt.” Qin Miao said, and then added softly in Chu Suiyun’s ear, “Both of them are university teachers.”

Chu Suiyun called Second Aunt. A red envelope was handed to Chu Suiyun. Chu Suiyun hesitated to accept it, and after seeing Qin Miao’s gestured eyes, he accepted it with confidence.

“Thank you Second Aunt.”

Next to Second Aunt sat another female Beta, who was about the same age as Second Aunt, but looked very similar to Mother Qin.

“This is my Aunt, Zhao Kai’s mother.” Qin Miao said.

Chu Suiyun saw Zhao Kai beside this Aunt earlier. Zhao Kai was just fooling around, so he guessed the identity of the other party before Qin Miao introduced them.


“Hey! I heard that the second son found a good daughter-in-law. I finally saw it today. Here, this Aunt wants to give you a gift.” This Aunt was enthusiastic, and asked Zhao Kai to take out the gift with a smile.

A velvet box, probably jewelry, was inconvenient to open now. Chu Suiyun could only hold it in his hand and thank her.

After Qin Miao introduced his Uncle and Aunt, he had Chu Suiyun meet Mother Qin again, and the elders sent red envelopes on behalf of their own family.

He met the elders, as well as the juniors. Among the juniors present, in addition to Zhao Kai, whom Chu Suiyun knew, there was also a little boy and a teenager.

The little boy kept hiding behind Mother Qin, holding onto the corner of Mother Qin’s clothes without letting go, but his big eyes stared at Chu Suiyun non-stop.

The most intuitive way to judge gender is through pheromones, and auxiliary clothing can also be distinguished. But for a child, both methods were useless. Children were immature, did not have pheromones, and had similar clothes. Therefore, when introducing pre-developmental children, adults usually mention the child’s gender.

Qin Miao said to Chu Suiyun, “He is my elder brother’s son, an Alpha, his name is Qin Yan, and he is six years old this year.”

“Hello.” Chu Suiyun greeted Qin Yan with a kind smile.

Unexpectedly, Qin Yan blushed, buried his face behind Mother Qin, and hid himself desperately.

Mother Qin couldn’t stop laughing: “Xiao Xue, don’t take offense, this child is an Alpha, but he looks like a little Omega, hahaha.”

Sitting outside the crowd was a 16- or 17-year-old boy wearing headphones. He looked like an Alpha. The teenager had a “don’t touch me” expression on his face, very cool.

Qin Miao followed Chu Suiyun’s line of sight, and when he saw the young man, he introduced him to Chu Suiyun: “He is my second Uncle’s youngest son, Qin Qing.”

Chu Suiyun was a little surprised. Second Uncle and Second Aunt were almost sixty years old, it seems that Qin Qing was born later in life.

“Stinky boy’s rebellious period, leave him alone.” Qin Miao didn’t plan to ask Chu Suiyun to greet Qin Qing.

Having seen a large group of people, Chu Suiyun felt a lot of pressure. Even if he had a good memory and had remembered everyone, such a large group of people still made Chu Suiyun, who has never experienced the life of a big family, a little tired to deal with it.

After meeting with his family, Qin Miao said that he was going to change clothes in the room, and while talking, he patted Chu Suiyun on the shoulder and asked him to go with him.

Mother Qin frowned and said angrily, “You can’t change your clothes without Xiao Xue? Let him stay and talk with us.”

Chu Suiyun didn’t want to stay there, he immediately got up and said, “It’s alright, I’ll accompany him.”

Mother Qin stopped blocking them. Chu Suiyun smoothly followed Qin Miao to his room, stealing a breather.

Qin Miao’s room in the old house was very ordinary, with the same decoration style as the whole house, and was cleaned by the Aunt who did housework.

After closing the door, Chu Suiyun sat tiredly on Qin Miao’s bed.

“Tired?” Qin Miao raised his eyebrows and asked.

Chu Suiyun sighed: “Isn’t it just a family meal, why are there so many people?”

“It’s true that they are all family members. Second Uncle, Second Aunt and Aunt are all relatively close relatives. The Qin family has other supporters, so there are more people.” Qin Miao said. Opening the wardrobe, he was really ready to change clothes.

“Second Uncle is my dad’s younger brother. He has no ability and doesn’t work in the Qin family. He and Second Aunt have three children, two sons and one daughter. The eldest son and daughter are both Betas, Qin Qing is the only Alpha son.” Qin Miao said.

“When Qin Qing was born, Second Aunt was almost forty, and she almost had a miscarriage several times. In order to get an Alpha son, Second Aunt was desperate.”

Chu Suiyun frowned, just listening, not ready to evaluate Qin Miao’s family members.

“Qin Yan didn’t get pregnant naturally by my Sister-in-law.” Qin Miao said lightly, “He is a child from a test tube, because the chance of getting an Alpha child will be higher.”

Because Alpha embryos are more viable than other genders, a test tube can increase the probability of giving birth to Alpha children. This system has been passed down for more than ten years. For the sake of the stability of the people’s hearts, scientists and those in power claim there is a rare chance of it not working to the outside world, but most couples who go for test tubes have children who are indeed Alphas.

However, due to the high cost of test tubes, it is difficult for ordinary families to support. And the management standards are strict, so the gender ratio of Yunguo is not unbalanced.

“Why…” Chu Suiyun couldn’t hold back and sigh.

“Because the Qin family is a large conservative group. Alphas will live a little easier in this kind of family.” Qin Miao explained.

Chu Suiyun was already lying on the bed, but his feet were still on the ground. He waited for Qin Miao to finish speaking, then turned to ask, “Then why is the Qin family inherited by your elder brother?”

Qin Miao turned around and smiled at him. : “Because I’m not in good health.”

After throwing this sentence to Chu Suiyun, Qin Miao turned around again, not knowing what to look for in the closet for a long time.

After listening to Qin Miao’s explanation, Chu Suiyun almost laughed absurdly: “Not in good health? You?”

Although it took a while, Chu Suiyun still remembered that Qin Miao was strong enough to carry himself. This person has poor health?

“Don’t believe it?” Qin Miao was not annoyed, “I’m really not in good health.”

“If you’re not in good health, then I’m so sick that I’m dying.” Chu Suiyun rolled his eyes, not believing it at all.

Qin Miao turned from the wardrobe, walked to the bed, leaned down, and looked at Chu Suiyun lying on the bed.

Unprepared to meet Qin Miao’s face, Chu Suiyun was stunned. No one can go against their conscience and say that Qin Miao is not good-looking. His handsomeness can even convince Chu Suiyun, who is an Alpha.

“Let me tell you a secret.” The hair in front of Qin Miao’s forehead fell in front of Chu Suiyun because of gravity, “I have a susceptible period.”

This time Chu Suiyun was really surprised.

Qin Miao is a superior Alpha. If as a superior Alpha, he has a susceptibility period, this does indeed indicate that his body is ill.

“The susceptibility period of a superior Alpha is difficult to survive through, so I need to take medicine, and occasionally need to contact Omega’s pheromone.” Qin Miao said. He stretched out his finger and touched Chu Suiyun’s cheek, ” I’m not in good health, so I didn’t lie to you.”

Chu Suiyun opened his mouth and wanted to ask Qin Miao if there were always scandals about Omega around him because of this disease. But when the words came to his mouth, Chu Suiyun didn’t ask.

What position did he have to care about Qin Miao’s scandals and feelings?

“Is it hard?” Chu Suiyun asked, “I’m sorry.”

He apologized for making fun of Qin Miao just now.

Qin Miao’s smile deepened: “Thank you for your concern, it’s not particularly uncomfortable. But I’m just mentioning it. Since we will be in touch for a while in the future, this kind of thing shouldn’t be hidden from you, so I told you, you don’t have to feel sorry. “

“Then in order to cure the disease, shouldn’t you find an Omega to marry as soon as possible?” Chu Suiyun then asked.

Generally, the susceptibility period of an Alpha will be much more stable after having a marked Omega for life. A superior Alpha is more eager for Omega pheromone. For Qin Miao’s symptoms, finding an Omega to marry is the most fundamental and fastest solution.

“I remember I said it a long time ago, I just want to marry the person I like.”

Ah, Chu Suiyun remembered that Qin Miao had vaguely revealed that he had someone in his heart as early as the beginning of the agreement. Therefore, Chu Suiyun was only to pretend to be his fiancee to deal with his family.

What kind of person does Qin Miao like? Chu Suiyun couldn’t imagine it. He hadn’t cared about it before, but now he couldn’t help thinking about it.

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