Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 44

Chapter 44 May Be A Love Rival

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The brain is very complex, and even when the screening was done, the results were inconclusive. Everything else that can be considered was ruled out, so Zhai Xin believed that the side effect of the inhibitor may be very large, but to really determine the cause, the current evidence was far from enough.

Zhai Xin asked Chu Suiyun to do an inhibitor adaptation, and to take some special injections back, as caution for normal injections in the future.

The second day after seeing the doctor was also a weekend. This day was set by Mother Qin before for Chu Suiyun to meet the Qin family.

As the end of the year was approaching, Qin Miao was busy as a company boss and had to work overtime on weekends and mornings. He sent a message asking Chu Suiyun to come to his company first, and then the two would go together.

Chu Suiyun took a taxi and soon came to Qin Miao’s company.

Xingyuan was an entertainment company, it’s formal name was Cultural Industry Ltd. Having produced many popular stars, this was the first time that Chu Suiyun had come to the entertainment company.

The owner of an entertainment company opened a nightclub part-time. Chu Suiyun felt that it was quite reasonable. Sure enough, Light was not just a place for college students to sing and drink.

Walking into the building, Chu Suiyun sent a message to Qin Miao, saying that he had arrived, and Qin Miao replied quickly.

Qin Miao: I’ll tell Zhao Kai to pick you up.

After a few minutes, Zhao Kai’s figure appeared at the elevator entrance.

Zhao Kai and Chu Suiyun greeted each other and he was led upstairs.

The two came to the office floor where Qin Miao was, and Chu Suiyun followed Zhao Kai through a spacious office. There were about ten people sitting in it, which should be Qin Miao’s secretary group.

Seeing the secretary group, Chu Suiyun immediately remembered what Qin Miao had promised because of his own conditions when he reached an agreement with Qin Miao a few months ago.

So Chu Suiyun involuntarily observed every member of the secretary group carefully, and was surprised to find that all of them were Beta.

“Zhao Kai.” Chu Suiyun couldn’t help but say.

Zhao Kai, who was walking in front, turned around: “What’s the matter, Sister-in-law?”

“It seems that everyone here is a Beta.” Chu Suiyun said, “Didn’t a few Omegas work by Qin Miao’s side before?”

Chu Suiyun was referring to what Qin Miao mentioned when the agreement was reached. There were also several Omegas in the secretarial team, and they would be fired as soon as possible.

He was worried that someone really lost their job because of one of his words. Originally, it was not easy for an Omega to work in a company. If they were really fired, Chu Suiyun felt that he would have committed a heinous crime.

But when these words fell into Zhao Kai’s ears, it became a different meaning.

Zhao Kai’s expression froze. His body stood up unconsciously, and replied: “No, Sister-in-law. We don’t have an Omega here, it can’t be, and shouldn’t be.”

Chu Suiyun: ?

Chu Suiyun vaguely realized that Zhao Kai had misunderstood. After all, his identity was different here, how could Zhao Kai answer?

So Chu Suiyun explained: “No, I’m just asking. Tell me the truth, has there been an Omega employee here before? It’s fine.” 

Zhao Kai became alert. As a qualified assistant and cousin and also one time rashly relaying rumors to his Sister-in-law, he felt that his answer at this time must not be wrong.

The Beta’s expression was full of seriousness: “No Sister-in-law, our secretary team has always been composed of Beta, and so far there have been no employees of other genders.”

This is true and not true.

Due to Qin Miao’s health, Mother Qin found two special assistants for him, both of whom were Omegas from a prestigious school with fair and beautiful skin. But the position of special assistant can be regarded as a member of the secretary group and not. In short, it is very vague. Zhao Kai is right in saying so.

Chu Suiyun also saw from Zhao Kai’s demeanor that he was approaching an enemy, that he couldn’t get anything, so he shook his head and stopped asking.

Zhao Kai took Chu Suiyun to the lounge and poured a cup of hot water for his Sister-in-law: “Sister-in-law, wait here for a while, my cousin is still in a meeting, and he will come out soon.”

“Okay.” Chu Suiyun nodded.

Then Zhao Kai said that he still had a little work to do, and he wanted to go out to continue, leaving Chu Suiyun to himself.

After setting up his Sister-in-law, Zhao Kai returned to his seat and sat down, and saw a female colleague named Maggie walking over.

“Assistant Zhao.” Maggie called him, “Manager Fan is here. He wants to see Mr. Qin. I just asked him to wait in the lounge. When Mr. Qin is done, I’ll tell Manager Fan.”

“Manager Fan?” Zhao Kai frowned, “Why did he come find him personally?”

Manager Fan is Fan Qing. After he stepped down from Qin Miao’s assistant position, he went to work as a department manager. He just graduated a few years ago, and sitting in this position was not a bad thing at all.

This was Qin Miao’s arrangement. Although Fan Qing had some thoughts that he shouldn’t have, it was hard for anyone not to misunderstand the situation at that time.

After all, Fan Qing was chosen by Mother Qin. As an Omega, he was arranged to be a personal assistant beside the marriageable Alpha. Mother Qin also asked about their relationship from time to time. The most ambiguous thing was that Qin Miao really needed Fan Qing’s pheromone occasionally. Even if he just smelled it, an Alpha saying to an Omega, “I need to smell you”, is already a very intimate behavior.

Although Qin Miao had told Fan Qing at the very beginning that the two would only have a work relationship, and the pheromone issue was also due to illness, no one could tell with love.

It is not surprising that Fan Qing would be tempted by Qin Miao every day. After Qin Miao noticed his thoughts, he decided to let him resign from the position of assistant. But Qin Miao was not an unreasonable person. He knew that the current situation was not the fault of Fan Qing alone.

Therefore, Qin Miao gave Fan Qing two choices, either leave with compensation and go elsewhere; or continue to stay in the company, but go to a position far away from Qin Miao, where they cannot meet on business.

Fan Qing made a choice, so he is now the department manager.

Hearing Zhao Kai ask why Fan Qing came here, Maggie replied, “I don’t know. But he has made an appointment for several days. Hasn’t Mr. Qin been busy recently? I pushed and pushed. But today he found me directly and said that he only needed five minutes, I’ll have him wait in the lounge.”

Zhao Kai finally noticed another key point in Maggie’s words, raised his hand and said, “Wait, the lounge? Which lounge?”

Maggie blinked: “What other lounge is there, don’t we just have one here?”

At this time, the lounge.

Fan Qing had just washed his hands, and there was still a touch of dampness on them. After he took out a tissue and wiped his hands thoroughly, he used the tissue to open the door of the lounge.

As soon as the door opened, Fan Qing was stunned when he saw the extra person in the room.

He just went to the toilet, but he didn’t expect someone to come to the lounge in just two minutes.

Chu Suiyun also heard movement at this moment. He raised his head from the screen of the mobile phone, and looked up casually.

Landing on Fan Qing, Chu Suiyun’s eyes suddenly changed, and there was a little panic in his surprise.

Chu Suiyun, who had hurt his brain, had a really good memory. For example, now, he can remember who the person in front of him was with just one glance.

Fan Qing, the Omega who kissed Qin Miao passionately at the door of Light’s toilet.

It didn’t matter to Chu Suiyun what happened to this Omega and Qin Miao in the past, what matters is that he knows his true gender.

It wasn’t just Chu Suiyun who was surprised in the room. Fan Qing also felt that the person in front of him was a little familiar. He recalled for a moment, and then barely remembered that he should have seen this person in a nightclub.

The blow with Qin Miao bluntly rejecting him that day was too great, so Fan Qing couldn’t remember who he met in a trance, but he still had an impression of the handsome man in front of him.

Because this person was one of the few Alphas who would be considerate of an Omega.

Alpha… right?

Fan Qing’s brows were furrowed. In his memory, the other party was indeed Alpha. But why, was there an Omega smell floating in the room?

The other party’s pheromone release was a little thicker. Fan Qing frowned unhappily. An Omega who didn’t know how to restrain pheromones on Qin Miao’s territory made Fan Qing’s perception of Chu Suiyun drop to the bottom.

Poor Chu Suiyun just used Omega perfume, so he had to spray a little more to prevent exposure. He didn’t know that he was hated by the other party because of this. He only had one thought in his mind: how to make the other party not suspicious?

If he remembered correctly, Chu Suiyun remembered that the two even exchanged names.

His brain was working like crazy.

The Omega’s pheromone was not only a physical feature, but also a symbol of charm in culture. Distributing pheromones was like a peacock opening its feathers. It is a way to show one’s gender characteristics to court the opposite sex or provoke the same sex.

An Omega who didn’t know how to restrain pheromones appearing in Qin Miao’s office area, this realization made Fan Qing feel unpleasant.

At this time, he had long forgotten that Chu Suiyun had helped him twice, and he just felt unhappy. To be precise, in Fan Qing’s memory, he had only seen Chu Suiyun once, and the second time because of his heat, he had no impression at all.

“Are you an Omega?” Fan Qing’s tone was not good.

Chu Suiyun replied cautiously: “Yes.”

In the short period of one or two minutes when the two sides were silent and testing each other, Chu Suiyun thought of a way to get through.

“Actually, we’ve seen each other before in Light.” Chu Suiyun didn’t wait for Fan Qing to continue, and said it first.

“En, I remember.” Fan Qing replied.

“So I want to ask you to forgive me.” Chu Suiyun threw this sentence without warning.

After hearing this, Fan Qing was a little stunned. It took a moment for him to react, and he asked, “Forgive what?”

“Forgive me for pretending to be an Alpha in the nightclub.” Chu Suiyun said, “I hope you don’t think that I deliberately deceived you. There were some difficulties.”

Fan Qing curled the corners of his mouth: “No need, we just met once.”

“I can explain the matter of me pretending to be an Alpha to go to the nightclub.”

Fan Qing did not reply.

Chu Suiyun was a little anxious, even if he couldn’t see it on his face, he was exposed in his excessively explained words.

“I went to Light to find Qin Miao. He is my senior. I have liked him for a long time, but I heard that although there are many Omegas around him, he actually dislikes Omegas, so…”

Halfway through, Chu Suiyun’s words suddenly stuck in his mouth, and then his face turned red in an instant.

The door of the lounge was pushed open at some point. Qin Miao’s hand was still on the doorknob, keeping the door open, but his whole person was obviously stunned when he heard something.

However, he quickly reacted, with a smile on his lips, and walked towards Chu Suiyun.

“I didn’t expect to see Xiao Xue’s confession. It seems that today’s overtime was worth it.”

Qin Miao didn’t care about the other person in the room, and went straight to Chu Suiyun and took him in: “Come on, let’s go home and you can tell me it a few more times.”

Chu Suiyun couldn’t wait to find a hole to burrow in. Even if those words were said as a lie, telling them in front of others compared to Qin Miao is a huge difference.

He weakly covered his face and asked, “How much have you heard?”

Qin Miao answered honestly, “From the moment you said you liked me.”

Chu Suiyun gave up struggling.

Qin Miao continued to climb up the pole: “Would you like me to repeat it again, you can check if it’s right. ‘I went to Light to find Qin Miao. He is my senior, I have liked him for a long time…'”

“Shut up! “Chu Suiyun stretched out his hand to cover Qin Miao’s mouth, and said in a panic, “Let’s go home, Senior, please.”

Qin Miao took Chu Suiyun’s hand away from his mouth and said obediently, “Okay. “

After that, Qin Miao walked towards the door with Chu Suiyun, and when he passed by Fan Qing, he was stopped.

“Mr. Qin.”

After stopping, Qin Miao turned to look at Fan Qing.

Fan Qing seemed to be struggling in his heart. He lowered his head and stared at the toes of his shoes, his fists clenched, and he didn’t say a word for a long time.

Qin Miao didn’t have the patience to wait for him: “Manager Fan, if you have something to discuss with me at work, you can make an appointment with Zhao Kai first. Forget it today, I’m going home.”

Then Qin Miao took Chu Suiyun by the shoulder, and asked him, “Do you have any dishes you want to eat? I’ll ask Aunt Tang to make them for you.”

Chu Suiyun replied something, and the voices of the two gradually disappeared as the distance grew.

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