Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Inappropriate Perfume

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 During lunch break the next day, the corridor of Fengmiao Company.

Chu Suiyun was talking on the phone with his friend Dong Kejie, and his tone was very distressed: “Don’t laugh at me, Qin Miao was a scumbag and blind. I don’t believe he could mistake me for an Omega, it’s outrageous!”

Dong Kejie held back a smile and coughed twice: “Cough cough… So not only did you not get any evidence of him, but you were treated as a humiliated Omega, and even accepted an apology from the other party?”

Speaking of this, Chu Suiyun was even more angry: “Just from one look, you can tell he is not an appropriate person. He actually gave an Omega perfume as a gift.”

Omega had pheromones, so they didn’t need to use perfume. However, many Omegas felt that the smell of their own pheromones were inferior, and they would use perfumes that complement their pheromones to increase their attractiveness.

Qin Miao treated Chu Suiyun as an Omega and gave him this kind of apology, which was no different from harassment.

Because the subtext of an Alpha giving an Omega perfume is: I want to smell you.

If Chu Suiyun was really an Omega, he would have died of shyness. 

Thinking of this, Chu Suiyun, who was always confident, began to doubt himself: “Dong Er, do you think I really look like an Omega?” 

Chu Suiyun was 184 cm tall, which was not considered top-notch as an Alpha. It was difficult for an Omega to reach this height, unless that Omega played basketball. 

If you insisted on saying that Chu Suiyun was similar to an Omega, then it was only his appearance. 

Chu Suiyun’s eyelashes were very long, the corners of his eyes were slightly raised and his facial features were exquisite. If one only looked at his face, no one would doubt it if it was said he was an Omega. But his whole personality was completely different from an Omega and this guy would ruin everything as soon as he talked. Coupled with a much stronger physique than an Omega, most people can’t identify him wrongly. 

So Dong Kejie answered objectively: “If he was really blind, then he may have identified you wrong.”

After getting this answer, Chu Suiyun was relieved, and began to talk about more important things: “These are all small things. The important thing is I have been there for three days, and I haven’t photographed that guy with an Omega. How long will I have to wait if this goes on??”

Dong Kejie pondered for a moment, then said: “If you can’t wait for the rabbit, then take the initiative to attack.”

“Take the initiative to attack?” Chu Suiyun didn’t quite understand what Dong Kejie meant.

Dong Kejie explained: “Since he doesn’t bring an Omega, you can find an Omega to seduce him.”

“Isn’t this entrapment?” Chu Suiyun struggled a little.

“No, no, how can this be entrapment.” Dong Kejie said, “Everyone knows that he is a scumbag, and he has indeed done scumbag things. At most, we are reproducing the situation.”

Chu Suiyun was silent, inwardly starting to get confused.

“Also, if he’s not a scumbag, it’s useless even if you find a god-like Omega to seduce him. On the other hand, as long as he takes the bait, he’s a scumbag, and it has nothing to do with whether we take the initiative or not.”

Chu Suiyun thought about it, and what Dong Kejie said makes sense. Since Qin Miao was dating his younger brother, no matter if the Omega was active or passive, Qin Miao should not be shaken. As long as he shakes, it means that this person was a scumbag, and there was no entrapment.

“You’re still the smart one.” Chu Suiyun praised, “Okay, I’ll think about it. I’m going to hang up first.” 

Hanging up, Chu Suiyun put away his phone. His lunch break was almost over, so he went back to his desk first.

When getting into the car after getting off work, Chu Suiyun hesitated for a moment in the driver’s seat, and then called a friend.

The phone was connected immediately, and a clear and bright young voice came from the opposite side: “Brother Yun, why did you think of calling me?”

“Good evening.” Chu Suiyun greeted him, “How have you been recently?”

He Huan chuckled twice: “Not bad, I don’t have any classes, so I’m playing everywhere. Brother Yun, did you just call to ask me how I’m doing?”

He Huan was Chu Suiyun’s classmate. Because he had a cheerful and enthusiastic personality, he could get along well with Alphas and Betas.

When it came to who could seduce Qin Miao, Chu Suiyun first thought of He Huan, not only because they were familiar with each other, but also because He Huan was very popular. During university, he had countless boyfriends, and without exception, they were all big handsome Alphas.

Letting him seduce him should be easy.

Chu Suiyun opened his mouth, wanting to entrust the matter to him. But when he opened his mouth, he hesitated for a long time, then couldn’t say anything.

After struggling for a long time in his heart, Chu Suiyun gave up. He brushed his bangs to the back of his head and said to He Huan, “Can’t I call you if I have nothing to do? I just wanted to ask how you are, nothing else. We haven’t seen each other the whole summer vacation, so I wanted to talk about the next get together.”

“Tch~” He Huan pretended to be disappointed, “I thought you finally figured it out and you wanted to try it out with me. But having a get together is good too, let’s make an appointment next time. “

“Well, that’s it, goodbye.” Chu Suiyun said goodbye to him and hung up the phone.

He put the phone on the stand and started the car.

Chu Suiyun suddenly didn’t want to ask an Omega to seduce Qin Miao. Although Dong Kejie suggested it at noon and he really felt that this was the fastest and most convenient way, as soon as he talked to He Huan just now, Chu Suiyun realized that he couldn’t do it.

In order to take photos to get evidence of Slag A’s derailment, to ask an Omega to seduce Slag A; if said in an ugly manner, it was asking him to be a mistress. This is too disrespectful to an Omega.

It was like treating a person as a tool, even though He Huan had a carefree temperament and would not think so carefully, Chu Suiyun still felt bad.

Forget it, as an Alpha instigating an Omega to seduce another Alpha, that would be too frivolous and humiliating. It was inappropriate, whether he knew that Omega or not.

He can only think of another way.

A few days later, on the first weekend of the new semester, Chu Suiyun’s company was on vacation. He was sleeping in the morning when he was suddenly awakened by the sound of ping-pong-pong outside the room.

Chu Suiyun opened the door of the room with a mess of hair on his head. He followed the sound into the kitchen, and unexpectedly saw that Chu Muyu was busy beside the stove.

Chu Muyu discovered his brother’s figure, and became even more nervous. He hurriedly turned around to block the contents of the pot, and asked, “Why did you come in?”

Standing at the door of the kitchen, Chu Suiyun smelt a burning smell. Looking at Chu Muyu’s threatening actions, he immediately understood.

“Xiao Yu, were you cooking? Did you make a mistake?” Chu Suiyun walked over, wanting to look inside the pot.

Chu Muyu pushed him away and hurriedly said, “No, you go out first.”

Chu Suiyun took two steps back and said, “What were you doing? How can you know how to do this? Leave it alone, I’ll do it.”

With that said, he stepped forward again, trying to drive Chu Muyu out of the kitchen.

Unexpectedly, Chu Muyu froze and shouted, “Isn’t this all because you don’t let me do it!”

Chu Suiyun being roared at caused the sleepy bugs to fly away. Blinking, he looked at his brother in confusion.

Chu Muyu pursed his lips and turned around: “You continue to sleep, I will not blow up the house.”

After looking at his brother for a while, Chu Suiyun finally gave in. Thinking how making breakfast would not be a problem since it wasn’t too difficult, he left the kitchen with peace of mind and went to the bathroom to wash up.

He didn’t know what the kid was thinking about every day, why did he suddenly thought of making breakfast?

After washing up, Chu Muyu was already sitting at the dining table. There were two bowls of porridge, a plate of pickles, and a few fried eggs on the table.

Chu Suiyun pulled out the chair and sat opposite Chu Muyu, and exaggeratedly said, “Wow, it’s the first time our Xiao Yu cooked and it’s done so well.”

Chu Muyu blushed and said very shyly, “You don’t have to say anything.”

“How can that be?” Chu Suiyun smiled and took a bite of the fried egg, “Well, the fried egg is good and the degree of doneness is just right.”

This completely unskilled meal was praised too much by his elder brother. Chu Muyu was so embarrassed that he wanted to kill him. He muttered: “Shut up, eat, don’t talk.”

His lips on his lowered head couldn’t help moving slightly upward.

Chu Suiyun laughed wickedly when he saw that his younger brother’s ears were reddened by the teasing.

The brothers ate their breakfast peacefully.

Chu Suiyun planned to take a nap. He didn’t need to go to work today, so he planned to stay at home and laze around.

Chu Muyu packed up and seemed to be planning to go out.

After his younger brother came out after changing clothes, Chu Suiyun keenly sensed the child’s intention to go out. He folded his arms around his chest, leaned against the entrance, and asked, “Going out to play?”

Chu Muyu nodded silently.

“Who were you going out with?” Chu Suiyun continued to ask.

“Friend.” Chu Muyu answered briefly.

“What friend?”

“…” Chu Muyu changed his shoes and opened the door, “I’m leaving, bye, I might not come back for dinner at night.”

Chu Suiyun, who was ignored by his younger brother, was so surprised that he didn’t have time to call and stop him. He watched Chu Muyu mercilessly shut the door.

An unprecedented sense of crisis entangled Chu Suiyun’s heart, he suspected that his younger brother was going out on a date today.

With Qin Miao.

Chu Suiyun narrowed his eyes dangerously, and felt very unhappy in his heart.

The fact that his younger brother was going out to date Qin Miao aroused a sense of crisis in Chu Suiyun’s heart. Regarding revealing Qin Miao as a scumbag, since he couldn’t have an Omega take the initiative to seduce him, he can only slowly figure it out and wait for Qin Miao to reveal himself.

Now it seems that the situation was too serious to allow him to take it easy.

Chu Suiyun walked back to the living room, sat on the sofa, leaned back in distress, stared at the ceiling, thinking about what to do.

It was immoral to let an Omega seduce Qin Miao, but his younger brother seemed to be getting closer and closer to Qin Miao. If it continues like this, it will be a disaster.

What should I do… Chu Suiyun pinched the bridge of his nose.

The TV in the living room somehow had been tuned to the idol drama channel. Chu Suiyun was thinking about his younger brother’s life events when the Alpha Male Lead in the TV series suddenly shouted:

“What! You were actually an Omega?” 

The Omega Male Lead’s voice was urgent and seemed to be entering his heat: “I came to the police academy in hiding, to prove that Omegas can also be policemen!”

Alpha Male Lead: “You are in heat, let me help you!”

Omega Male Lead: ” No! No! I won’t become dependent on any Alpha, even if that person is you!” 

The two protagonists were arguing so loudly that Chu Suiyun couldn’t continue to think. He looked at the TV impatiently, scolding this melodramatic scene, then he picked up the remote control and prepared to turn off the TV.

Suddenly, he saw the Omega actor on TV. He was tall, on par with an Alpha. His appearance was not exactly as weak as an Omega in the traditional sense, but his whole personality was flamboyant, more like Alpha.

Chu Suiyun frowned and watched on, and then searched the Internet for the synopsis of the story. It was a story of an Omega pretending to be an Alpha and infiltrating the police academy, then finally becoming an excellent model.

This was a common routine in TV dramas in recent years. Perhaps it was influenced by these TV dramas, but recently, Omega’s dressing up paid more attention to showing individuality. The ones who deliberately pursued soft and harmless styles had become less and less.

It can be said that just based on appearance, it was possible for a tall male Omega to pretend to be an Alpha and make things unrecognizable to everyone.

In other words, the difference in appearance between Alpha and Omega was likely to be extremely small.

Chu Suiyun felt his temples jumping, and a terrible idea formed in his mind.

Qin Miao’s that scumbag… didn’t he think he was an Omega?

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