Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Big Brother’s Big Sacrifice

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 The lingering love between the Alpha and Omega was still on the TV. Chu Suiyun took his mobile phone and sat on the sofa for a long time, thinking. Finally, he sent a message to Dong Kejie.

Chu Suiyun: Dong Er, last time you asked me to find an Omega to seduce Qin Miao, I have figured it out.

What Dong Kejie sent was a voice message, and the background noise was very loud: “Who are you going to find, do you want to spend money to find an actor or ask Huanhuan?”

Sure enough, Dong Kejie felt that He Huan was suitable.

Since the other side used their voice, Chu Suiyun also picked up the phone to speak: “No, I don’t think it’s right, I can’t ask an Omega, it feels unkind.”

Dong Kejie: ​​”Then what are you going to do?”

Chu Suiyun hesitated for a long time. After hesitating until Dong Kejie sent him a “?”, he gritted his teeth and said, “Didn’t that guy Qin Miao think I’m an Omega, do you think I can do it?”


The other party was silent for a long time. Chu Suiyun blinked. He thought that Dong Kejie had something to do and was about to put away his phone when…

The next second——

Dong Kejie: ​​”Are you at home! Wait, I’ll be there right away! D*mn, I must record this kind of thing for you and show it on the big screen when you get married!”

Chu Suiyun: ? ? ?

He recovered after being stunned for a long time, then shouted at the mobile phone: “Hello! Hello? Hello?! Are you serious?”

Unfortunately, Dong Kejie was already on his way and didn’t have time to reply to him again.

At the same time, on his brother’s side, Chu Suiyun guessed right, Chu Muyu was indeed with Qin Miao when he went out today.

In the quiet studio, Chu Muyu faced the canvas, smearing paint, stroke by stroke. His hands were full of paint, cluttered together and dirty.

On one side, Qin Miao had a cigarette in his mouth, which was not lit, and was leaning against the window to watch the scenery.

Chu Muyu was drawing, but he didn’t pay attention at all. Instead, he would peek at Qin Miao from time to time.

This Alpha was tall and sturdy. Standing by the window with one hand in his pocket in a leisurely manner, his brows habitually frowned slightly.

Just opposite Chu Muyu, there was also an easel in front of Qin Miao’s position. The canvas was facing Chu Muyu, so he couldn’t see it, but he could guess what Qin Miao was painting.

Contrary to what the world thought, Qin Miao was an Alpha who could draw, and he was even a teacher in the studio.

So Chu Muyu and Qin Miao have known each other for a long time.

The studio was located in a residential and commercial office building. Today, there were only two people here, Chu Muyu and Qin Miao.

Perhaps it was Chu Muyu’s staring eyes that were too straightforward, but Qin Miao quickly noticed it. He turned his head, and a low and pleasant voice sounded: “Tired?”

Chu Muyu, who was discovered for peeking, simply put down his brush: “Well, a little bit.”

“Take a break.” Qin Miao took the unsmoked cigarette from his mouth and threw it into the trash can at will.

After hesitating for a long time, Chu Muyu finally asked, “Brother Miao, you don’t have an Omega smell on your body recently, you haven’t asked someone for help?”

Qin Miao replied casually, “I don’t want to, it’s troublesome.”

When he said this, his tone was genuinely impatient. He thought of Fan Qing who was entangled with him in Light that day.

Chu Muyu could probably guess what Qin Miao meant by troublesome. Although the absolute number of Omegas in this world was much less than that of Alphas, an Alpha as good as Qin Miao would not lack suitors. He himself had numerous contacts with Omegas, so there were many opportunities and it was normal for some Omegas to get entangled with superfluous thoughts.

Chu Muyu clenched his fists and said tentatively, “Then can I help you?”

Qin Miao, who originally had his eyes out of the window, heard this and turned his head slowly. His eyes were like the cold winter in Shanlan City, ruthless and chilly, and was projected on Chu Muyu’s body, causing the Omega to tremble unconsciously. Fortunately, Qin Miao didn’t look for too long.

“Don’t say that in the future.” Qin Miao’s voice was calm.

Chu Muyu’s shoulders instantly collapsed in disappointment. He gritted his teeth, and said unconvincingly, “Brother Qin, I want to help you. You promised to pretend to be my boyfriend. I want to help you, okay? Even if this doesn’t work, we agreed on an exchange, you can ask me at will, yet you haven’t asked for a single thing.”

The Omega stood up, walked across to Qin Miao, and said stubbornly, “I’ll tell you everything. What do you want to know?”

“Xiao Yu.” Qin Miao’s voice was low, his eyes narrowed slightly, and the irritability in his eyes showed that his patience was exhausted.

Then he walked away and sat down, returning to the canvas: “You are spoiled by your brother.”

Hearing this, Chu Muyu’s heart trembled and he lowered his head in shame.

“Rest time is over, continue painting.”

Qin Miao raised his hand and picked up the brush.

An hour later, Chu Suiyun walked to the door, opened the door, and saw Dong Kejie with a smirk and He Huan unexpectedly.

“Brother Yun, I heard that you were going to pretend to be an Omega?” He Huan stuck his head out with a novel look, his tone gloating at his situation.

Chu Suiyun never thought that Dong Kejie would bring He Huan with him, so he helplessly supported his forehead and turned to let them in.

He Huan was a medium-sized male Omega, with bleached and dyed light blonde hair, and a row of ear studs on his ears. He was bright and flamboyant. Dong Kejie followed him into the room.

After entering the door, Chu Suiyun noticed that He Huan was carrying a bag.

“What is this?” Chu Suiyun pointed to the bag and asked.

He Huan smiled and shook his bag: “A cosmetic bag. Aren’t you going to dress up as an Omega? Kejie specially called me to guide you.”

Chu Suiyun looked at Dong Kejie, who had a serious expression on his face. Pushing his glasses, his face seemed to say: Don’t thank me too much.

“Qin Miao is a scumbag who has gone through countless Omegas. If there is anything off, he may found out, so I asked Huanhuan to help you.” Dong Kejie explained.

Chu Suiyun doubted this, he thought Qin Miao was blind in his heart.

He Huan put the cosmetic bag on the table and instructed the two Alphas to sit down on the sofa.

After sitting down, the Omega scrutinized Chu Suiyun’s chin carefully. After looking, He Huan sincerely sighed with regret.

“Brother Yun, you’re really a beauty just by looking at your face.”

Chu Suiyun thought this was weird, but he couldn’t find a point to refute.

After evaluating Chu Suiyun’s facial features, He Huan said, “Apart from being a little taller and stronger, your facial features are actually pretty close to those of an Omega and you don’t need much modification. The key point is to change your posture and movements.”

Chu Suiyun scratched his temples: “This… what kind of change?”

“Pa!” He Huan slapped Chu Suiyun’s back: “It’s very simple, for example, don’t bow while sitting. Straighten up!”

Chu Suiyun was beaten to straighten his back, yet He Huan was not satisfied. In order to keep him elegant at all times, he inserted a backscratcher into Chu Suiyun’s trousers.

“Yes, you have to feel that your back is tickling.” He Huan encouraged Chu Suiyun to straighten his back.

This made Chu Suiyun extremely awkward. As an Alpha, no one had ever asked him to stay so exaggeratedly upright while sitting. He didn’t have a hunchback, he just bowed naturally. But even so, He Huan shook his head when he saw it, he must be straight.

“Be classy, ​​my brother. Yes, hold on.”

Chu Suiyun felt that his waist was about to protrude.

Most importantly, he felt that he was no longer an Alpha, and this realization made him even more uncomfortable.

“This…is not like an Alpha at all.” Chu Suiyun whispered.

He Huan opened his eyes wide and said naturally: “Isn’t that nonsense? You have to pretend to be an Omega, of course you can’t be like an Alpha.”

Chu Suiyun thought of his younger brother’s life and decided to endure it.

Next, He Huan taught Chu Suiyun some precautions for Omegas, such as raising your energy when speaking, and being gentle; for example, chewing slowly and politely when eating;

Chu Suiyun felt like he was played to death by himself. He asked He Huan angrily: “You’re not like this, why are you teaching me to be like this?”

He Huan’s eyes widened, and he said loudly: “My popularity is a talent. I’m teaching you this because you Alphas like that gentle and obedient type. I guarantee you will be able to capture your target, everything is for the ultimate goal.”

Saying this, Chu Suiyun had no way to refute and could only let the Omega play with himself.

In the end, He Huan helped Chu Suiyun to choose a gentle and light-colored outfit in his wardrobe. This suit was bought by Chu Suiyun when he participated in an event before. He didn’t like this soft light color very much. He wore it once and never wore it again.

After Chu Suiyun put it on, it was very awkward, standing in front of the mirror with nowhere to put his hands.

He thought that changing clothes was the last step, but He Huan took out a bottle of styling gel from his bag.

He put down the curtain of hair that Chu Suiyun usually lifted up and changed it into a well-behaved bangs style. It looked gentle and harmless, his whole aura changed.

“Okay, now you look like a tall Omega from a distance. I brought my perfume here for you to use.” He Huan looked at Chu Suiyun with satisfaction.

“That’s not necessary, I have an Omega perfume.” Chu Suiyun said.

He Huan’s eyes immediately became gossipy. Chu Suiyun helplessly explained to him how the perfume came to be, but He Huan was even more excited after listening to the explanation: “Then you have already won at the starting line. He thought that you were an Omega, in addition to my uncanny workmanship, believe in yourself, it will be seamless.”

Chu Suiyun smiled bitterly, he would rather not have this advantage.

Dong Kejie, who had been standing on the side, also came over and asked a practical question: “But Suiyun, you are taking pictures to show Xiao Yu. What if Xiao Yu recognizes you?”

Chu Suiyun turned around, facing his friend: “I have also considered this issue. In addition to changing the outfit as much as possible, I can only change the shooting angle.”

He looked at Dong Kejie and said, “Kejie, Xiao Yu is going out to find Qin Miao today. If they continue to date, I am scared Xiao Yu will be tricked by that guy into doing some irreparable things, so I am anxious to expose Qin Miao’s true face.”

“I’ll call Xiao Yu later, ask him where he is, and then find an opportunity to take Qin Miao away.” Chu Suiyun said, “Kejie, just follow me and find an angle to take some ambiguous photos that won’t recognize me. Can Huanhuan help me bring Xiao Yu home?”

His plan was already complete. Dong Kejie and He Huan nodded.

“Then I’ll call Xiao Yu.” Chu Suiyun took out his mobile phone.

“Wait.” He Huan suddenly said. Chu Suiyun looked over in confusion.

The Omega walked over to the makeup bag, took out a glasses case, and opened it to reveal the glasses frame inside. He Huan handed the glasses frame to Chu Suiyun.

“Wear a spectacle frame. Glasses have a great influence on a person’s temperament. You can’t rely on the shooting angle alone. If Xiao Yu recognizes you, it will be bad.” He Huan said.

Chu Suiyun smiled at him, took the glasses frame and put it on: “Thank you.”

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