Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Memory: The Great Reversal of the Situation

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Without closing his eyes all night, Chu Suiyun couldn’t hold back and leaned against the cabin for a while, closing his eyes. No one could sleep soundly in this environment, and within an hour he was awake again.

When he woke up, he saw drinking water and half a loaf of bread at his feet.

Qin Miao also sat in the wheelchair and closed his eyes to rest. This person sat in the wheelchair without any burden. Even if he had regained his strength, he still sat on it and pretended.

A few seconds after Chu Suiyun opened his eyes, Qin Miao also opened his eyes. He saw Chu Suiyun wake up and raised his chin: “Eat.”

How could he have an appetite to eat. Chu Suiyun didn’t feel hungry, so he didn’t move.

“I advise you to eat a little bit. There’s not much food in the first place. If you can recover a little stamina, every little bit would count.” Qin Miao said.

Chu Suiyun also knew this truth. He hesitated for a moment. Preparing to eat, when he was about to reach out, he found that the rope was tied to his wrist again.

“It was tied by me, you can untie it with a move.” Qin Miao explained, “When they come to deliver food, we have to pretend.”

Chu Suiyun moved his wrist, and the rope was easily untied. He reached out to take the bread and stuffed it into his mouth. It was dry and had no taste at all.

“Do you know where we are going?” Chu Suiyun asked while eating.

Qin Miao pondered for a moment and replied, “Reese Federation.”

Hearing the name, Chu Suiyun was stunned. He did not ask him why he thought so, but silently estimated the distance in his heart.

Starting from the port in Lan City, Yunguo Mountain, and heading south by water, it will take two days to reach the nearest port in the Reese Federation. It seems that they will spend a considerable amount of time on the ship.

There are no windows in the cabin, and if they stay for a while, they will lose their sense of time. Chu Suiyun can only rely on his remaining perception to speculate that it should be morning.

Reluctantly padding his stomach, Chu Suiyun continued to sit against the wall in a daze.

About an hour ago, he and Qin Miao had an argument.

Qin Miao first said that he would help Chu Suiyun to find a way to escape, but the next second he turned his face and refused to recognize the person, forcing him to stay. Chu Suiyun gave Qin Miao a punch.

Then Qin Miao threw him aside heavily, walked away with a dark face, and didn’t talk to Chu Suiyun again. Chu Suiyun was very happy and fell asleep.

Because of this dispute, Chu Suiyun thought that the two of them would stay like this forever, so he was a little surprised when he heard Qin Miao talking to him.

“Are you a high school student?” Qin Miao asked without warning.

Young Alphas don’t like being considered a kid by older people of the same sex. Chu Suiyun frowned and said impatiently, “No, I graduated.”

This fact seemed to be no better than a high school student. Chu Suiyun wished he could turn back time to slap himself a few seconds ago, then remained silent.

Qin Miao might be bored so he continued to ask, “So are you an adult?”

Chu Suiyun, who just turned eighteen yesterday, answered confidently: “Nonsense.”

“Oh.” Qin Miao understood again, “You just became an adult.”

Chu Suiyun felt that he was going to be mad at him, and he silently swore in his heart that it was impossible to answer any more words from Qin Miao.

As a result, in the next few minutes, Qin Miao didn’t ask anymore. When Chu Suiyun forgot the oath he had made in his heart, he spoke again.

“Your family will soon find out that you are gone.”

Chu Suiyun froze for a moment, and snorted coldly: “It’s useless to find out.”

“What do you mean?” Qin Miao was puzzled.

“There is only one underage Omega brother in my family, he might be very scared.” Chu Suiyun squeezed his wrist. He didn’t know if Xiao Yu would be afraid when he finds out that he is gone. He must know to call the police, but it is not certain how many clues he can provide the police after calling the police. What’s more, the kidnappers didn’t come for him, so it was impossible to inform his family for money.

Qin Miao was silent.

Chu Suiyun sneered in his heart, wondering if this selfish guy would feel a little guilty after hearing this. Forcing an isolated person without help to be buried with him, maybe he could wait for someone to save him, but his hope was slim.

The next second, Qin Miao’s pleasant voice sounded heavily, and he said, “Then I will take you home.”

Chu Suiyun raised his eyes unexpectedly and looked at Qin Miao, who looked at him with a serious expression, he didn’t seem like he was kidding. Soon, Qin Miao looked away again.

After a while, someone opened the cabin door from outside.

Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao raised their eyes at the same time and saw the person who was coming. It was the shortest Alpha among the three kidnappers, the other two called him Curry.

Curry held a piece of bread and two bottles of water in his hands. He put the food on the ground and got up, his sticky eyes stuck to Chu Suiyun’s face, and he gave Chu Suiyun a deep look.

Chu Suiyun was disgusted by this look and turned his head.

After delivering the food and closing the cabin door, Curry rubbed his chin, still reminiscing about the glance at Chu Suiyun just now.

He loved beauties, whether it’s an Alpha, a Beta, or an Omega. In fact, he likes Alpha more than the other two, and he would be very excited to see a rebellious Alpha conquered by himself.

Back in the upper cabin, the other two were eating seafood instant noodles in front of the pot. In this ocean, the cheapest thing was seafood, and the bowl of noodles was full of big fish and prawns.

The delicious taste made Curry even more hungry. He walked over and sat in front of the two companions, picked up the bowl and picked a large chopstick.

Dong, the youngest of the three, preferred noodles to seafood, so he asked, “Why does a child not know what’s good. You don’t want to eat prawns and just eat noodles? If you don’t want it, give it to me.”

He stretched out his chopsticks and put the shrimp in Dong’s bowl into his own bowl. Dong also didn’t care, explaining: “I used to only eat shrimp.”

“Hey, then you used to live a good life.” Curry took a mouthful of shrimp brains and joked.

Dong shook his head: “Flower Snake Island, in the ocean, there are many shrimps.”

Curry was stunned, and even the old dog casted a searching gaze. Curry swallowed the food in his mouth and repeated in surprise: “You are an Alpha, an Alpha from Flower Snake Island?”

“En.” Dong nodded, “I was born there, and then, they said, I forced a mark on an Omega and wanted to lock me up, so I ran away. I took a boat and came from the sea, so I always eat fish and shrimp.”

Curry patted Dong on the shoulder and smiled slyly: “That’s not bad, marking an Omega then running away. Unless the Omega goes to wash away the markings, then your intestines will all be full of regret, hehe.”

“No markings.” Dong fell silent after saying this.

Hearing this, Curry smacked his mouth and felt a little regretful.

Flower Snake Island is located in the West Sea of ​​the Reese Federation. The island is just a short name. In fact, it is a series of archipelagos. Flower Snake Island originally belonged to the Reese Federation, but since a hundred years ago, batches of Omegas who could not bear the Reese Federation’s oppression policy ran away and fled to the loosely managed archipelago. Over time, an Omega-led Xanadu was established.

Therefore, the island attaches great importance to the rights and interests of Omega, and an Alpha, who is accused of forcibly marking, is a felon on the island. No wonder Dong risked his life to escape.

The three chatted for a while, and after eating the noodles, the old dog put down the bowl and said, “It’s time to give our hostages medicine.”

He was referring to injecting Qin Miao with the medicine that can relax muscles and make people feel weak for up to 24 hours. This medicine is extremely effective for an Alpha. It is a banned drug that is heavily restricted. The boss who hired the three of them spent a lot of money to get just three of them. The first one was broken by him during the fight with Qin Miao, and the second one was injected successfully, and now there is the last one left.

There was still a whole day of the sea journey. Now if the medicine is used, it will just barely support them into the territory of the Reese Federation. After entering the country, there was no need to fear that Qin Miao would resist.

After the old dog was about to get up to get the medicine, he was suddenly interrupted by Curry: “I’ll go.” 

The old dog was a little surprised. At first glance, he knew that Curry was a lazy person, so how could he take the initiative to take the job.

Curry understood the distrust in the old dog’s eyes, and gritted his teeth to explain: “I see that the kid is not pleasing to the eye. He was caught by us, yet still looks so high up. I want to give him some pain.”

The reason moved the old dog who was also upset with Qin Miao, he nodded: “Okay, but can you do it alone?” 

“Yes, give it to me.” Curry urged, “Not mentioning, he can’t use his strength now. Even if he recovers, there are seven people on our side plus the crew, he can’t make waves by himself.” 

In the end, the old dog gave the injection to Curry, emphasizing that this is the last one, and the injection must be successful, Curry responded impatiently.

Taking the injection, Curry went back to the bottom cabin.

He took the initiative to ask to work, naturally not to help his accomplices, but his purpose was Chu Suiyun.

Curry glanced at the thin injection in his hand, thinking that if he injected the young Alpha, he wondered whether his beautiful eyes would be stained with water mist, and then he’ll softly beg himself…

Thinking of this, Curry was hot all over. He quickly opened the cabin door.

The two people in the cabin heard a voice and looked up. Curry saw Chu Suiyun, and the more he looked, the more impatient he became.

Thinking that Qin Miao would be unpleasant to the side, Curry first pushed Qin Miao to another cabin, then turned back. He stared at Chu Suiyun’s face, and closed the door tightly.

Chu Suiyun was surprised. He thought the three who finally escaped to the high seas without government jurisdiction, wanted to get rid of himself. He pretended to loosen the rope on his hands, watching Curry warily, ready to release his hands if someone came over.

“Little guy.” Curry approached Chu Suiyun with a wicked smile. He took out the injection, pushed out a few drops of liquid, and stretched out his hand to Chu Suiyun’s body.

Unexpectedly, Chu Suiyun suddenly released his hand at this time, pinched Curry’s wrist, and caught him by surprise.

Curry lost his balance as he struggled, staggering two steps, and Chu Suiyun took the opportunity to run to the door, grabbing the handle of the cabin door and about to push it open. But Curry had reacted quickly at this time, and he put the injection on the ground.


After a loud noise, Curry pressed Chu Suiyun’s head against the door, and the blade of a dagger was stuck on the door, just in front of Chu Suiyun’s line of sight.

“Don’t struggle, be careful because my knife doesn’t have eyes.” Curry smiled proudly, and slowly moved the blade to Chu Suiyun’s cheek.

The cold metal touch made Chu Suiyun tremble, and he took a deep breath.

“Put the knife away.” Chu Suiyun softened, “Do what you want to do to me, let me go first.”

Hearing this, blood rushed to his head. Curry put away the dagger and pulled Chu Suiyun to the side. He made him stay there nicely, and turned around to get the injection.

Chu Suiyun also really listened to his words. As if he was frightened, he sat obediently still.

Curry took the medicine, turned around and grabbed Chu Suiyun’s hand. The needle was sharp, and he was about to poke it into his arm.

“It hurts.” Chu Suiyun lowered his eyes, his eyelashes trembled.

Curry’s heart was beating wildly, he felt his hands shaking. He had never seen such a beauty before. He was arrogant and difficult to deal with, but when he softened his attitude, it made him difficult to breathe.

While he was trying to calm down, Chu Suiyun’s eyes flashed sharply. He grabbed the injection, and stabbed the needle into Curry’s flesh with his backhand.

Then he jumped up and kicked Curry to the ground fiercely, the dagger slipped out. Chu Suiyun reached out and picked it up, pulling out the scabbard.

“Don’t struggle, be careful because my knife doesn’t have eyes.” Chu Suiyun stood up and looked coldly at Curry, who fell on the ground.

At the same time, the cabin door opened again, Qin Miao walked in from the door, and stood beside Chu Suiyun.

“You! How did you stand up?” Curry shouted in disbelief, “How could that medicine fail?”

Qin Miao walked to Curry’s side, stepped on his head, and said lightly, “Some people’s brain can short-circuit, so what’s so strange about drug failure?” 

The next second, Qin Miao saw the needle stuck in Curry’s arm and slowly squatted down.

He pointed to the needle and asked, “Is this thing, the thing making me weak?”

Curry swallowed and didn’t dare to answer. Then Qin Miao pulled out the injection, looked at it for a moment, and plunged it into Curry’s arm without hesitation.

Qin Miao was a superior Alpha. He has not experienced the susceptible period and had no experience in self-injection, so needles are all nonsense to him and he did not know how to push the medicine in slowly.

After piercing the needle, Qin Miao threw the syringe away, saw the dagger in Chu Suiyun’s hand, and praised: “Not bad, kid. Hide the dagger well.”

“Don’t call me kid, I’m an adult.” Chu Suiyun retracted the dagger into the scabbard.

Immediately afterwards, Chu Suiyun turned around and froze at a loss.

Dong was standing outside the door, obviously just arrived, still panting slightly, looking at the two in the cabin with panic.

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