Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Memory: I’ll massage your legs

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In the evening of the second day, the sun had just disappeared into the horizon, and the fishing boat that had been sailing on the sea for two days finally docked at the pier of the Reese Federation.

There were not many boats at this pier, and shortly after docking, two pure black vehicles appeared not far from the pier.

The sailors didn’t get off the boat. Old dog and Curry appeared and got off the boat. They watched Qin Miao walk in front. Qin Miao’s medicine had expired and his hands were tied behind. Dong fell a few steps behind and escorted Chu Suiyun forward.

When the group came to the two cars, the driver of the car got down immediately and helped them open the door.

Qin Miao got into the car. When Dong and Chu Suiyun were about to get into the same car, they were suddenly stopped by the old dog.

“Separate them. Curry and I will take care of this person, Dong, you will take care of that kid.”

Dong hesitated for a moment, then Qin Miao, who was sitting in the car, suddenly said, “Let that kid come with me.”

Hearing Qin Miao’s voice, Curry subconsciously shook his body. Old Dog frowned and said impatiently, “You f*cking thinking you have the qualifications to ask for so much?”

“The little kid can chat with me on the road to relieve my boredom. You two are too stinky, stay away from me.” Qin Miao said.

The old dog was fuming, wishing to smack Qin Miao’s mouth to make him recognize the current situation, but Curry stopped him halfway.

Curry hurriedly said: “Why are you arguing with him? We only need to send the person to the boss and we will have the money. Do you want to fight with him? Even though you are not afraid of pain, I am. If you want to sit with him, I will not accompany you!”

After he finished speaking, he threw old dog’s hand, ran to another car, opened the door and sat inside.

Curry’s words were not unreasonable. Instead of wasting time here, it is better to bring the person back to the boss to get the money and finish the matter. Anyways, now that they were already in the Federation, what could Qin Miao do that they could be afraid of?

So the old dog gave Dong a look, turned and walked to another car where Curry was.

In the end, Chu Suiyun, Qin Miao, and Dong sat in a car; Curry and Old Dog went to another car. The two drivers got back into the car, and the cars started one after another.

Not long after the car started, Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun, who were supposed to be tightly bound, suddenly broke free. Qin Miao was sitting just behind the driver’s seat. He leaned forward and his arm suddenly locked the driver’s throat. In the driver’s panic, the vehicle swayed on the road.

“Don’t be afraid.” Qin Miao said while holding the driver’s neck, “Drive well. Don’t try to do some unnecessary things.”

After speaking, Qin Miao even patted the driver’s shoulder comfortably and released his hand. It seemed as if his actions just now were just for deterrence to let the driver know who was in control of the situation now.

After the driver was let go, he subconsciously glanced at Dong in the passenger seat with his peripheral vision, but found that Dong turned a blind eye to this and had no plans to stop Qin Miao.

The driver swallowed his saliva, now he could fully see the situation in the car.

A day ago, after Curry was injected with an injection by Qin Miao, Chu Suiyun turned around and saw Dong, who had just arrived at the door of the cabin.

Dong was obviously shocked by the scene of them stabbing Curry. After reacting, he wanted to run away, it seemed that he planned to call someone. Chu Suiyun took half a step, but someone strode out from behind and grabbed him before him.

Qin Miao took a stern shot without any hesitation. He grabbed Dong’s slightly longer hair and pulled him back to the cabin.

Because Qin Miao went to deal with Dong, Chu Suiyun was worried that Curry would explode again, so he turned to look and found that Curry had already fainted.

Qin Miao grabbed Dong’s hair with one hand and covered his mouth with the other. Without holding back, he almost caused Dong’s eyes to roll backwards.

The cabin door was still open and afraid that other people would be attracted by the movement here, Chu Suiyun ran over to close the door in two steps.

Qin Miao grabbed Dong’s neck with one hand and pressed the person against the wall: “You want to call someone, right? You can call someone, but I advise you to think clearly before that. I can just snap your neck right now. Curry was injected with medicine and even if the others on board came, there are only four people in total, including three half-crew members.”

“Uh…” Dong had difficulty breathing due to his neck being pinned.

“Think about it, either help me and shut your mouth; or die now.” Qin Miao threatened.

Dong gritted his words and vaguely replied, “I can’t die yet.”

This was the answer. Qin Miao let go of Dong. Dong immediately softened and leaned against the wall to pant.

“Then you should know how to do it, right?” Qin Miao asked, standing behind Dong.

Dong nodded, took a breather, walked to Curry’s side, grabbed his collar from behind, and dragged him away, walking past Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao to the door.

Seeing Dong dragging Curry away, Chu Suiyun turned around and asked, “You just let him go, do you believe him?”

“Of course it’s impossible to believe him.” Qin Miao replied, “It’s just that they use money to do things, it’s impossible to risk their own life. Besides, I didn’t say I was going to run. They just need to take me there, it doesn’t matter if I was kidnapped or sent to the door automatically. So if the guy is smart, there will be no extra troubles.”

Dong took Curry with him. Returning to the upper cabin, old dog was sitting in position, but seeing them, he immediately stood up.

He pointed to Curry: “What’s wrong with him?”

Dong threw Curry on the ground and replied, “I went to the toilet and heard a sound below. When I went to see it, I found that Curry was injecting medicine into the young Alpha. “

After hearing this, what didn’t the old dog understand. As an exiled man in his forties, he had a pair of sharp eyes. With just one look, he can tell what kind of thoughts Curry had towards the young man who was accidentally involved. The old dog didn’t understand how an Alpha would like an Alpha, but he didn’t want to be too nosy, so he didn’t interfere.

Unexpectedly, this man was too daring.

The old dog continued to ask: “And then, why did he faint?”

“When I rushed over, he was injected with the medicine by the young Alpha, so he fainted.” Dong explained.

Hearing that the medicine was injected into Curry’s body, the old dog got angry. He kicked Curry’s butt, and cursed in anger.

“The strength of the hostage hasn’t recovered yet, but it will soon.” Dong added.

The old dog sighed and ordered, “Don’t give them food.”

Then the old dog asked Dong to send Curry back to his room. After the instruction, the old dog returned to his cabin angrily.

The next day, although the old dog ordered not to bring food to Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun, Dong avoided everyone and brought them some water and bread. Before the meal was two people sharing a piece of bread, now each person could eat a piece of bread and canned food.

Curry, who was injected with the medicine, stayed in his room for a full 24 hours until he was able to stand normally, shortly before the ship docked.

Time went back to the present. After Qin Miao threatened the driver, he asked bluntly: “Whose orders are you listening to?”

He actually already had a rough guess in his heart but he didn’t have the opportunity to ask Dong when he was on the boat. 

Sure enough, Dong said a name lightly: “Richie Maxson.”

Chu Suiyun sat beside Qin Miao and was confused when he heard their conversation. He turned to look at Qin Miao and found that this person was not surprised at all, he must have guessed it long ago.

Qin Miao noticed Chu Suiyun’s puzzled eyes and explained simply: “He is the third son of the famous Maxson family of the Reese Federation, the only Alpha son. I have had some conflicts with him.”

It turned out to be an enemy family. Chu Suiyun understood, it seems that this hatred was not small to have that Richie taking revenge even if he committed a crime.

“Where are we going now?” Qin Miao asked the driver.

The driver was still a little apprehensive, and replied weakly: “Mr. Richie has a villa in Port Langdon, and we have received an order to detain you there.”

Qin Miao was silent for a moment, then finally said to the driver: “There is no need to report what happened in the car to your Mr. Richie.” 

The driver nodded hurriedly: “Yes…”

After more than an hour, two cars drove into the villa.

The group got out of the car one after another. Two tall Beta men in black were already standing at the entrance of the villa. 

After seeing Dong getting out of the car, they immediately went up to meet them.

“Mr. Dong.” The two Betas in black were respectful.

Dong’s face was calm, he seemed to be accustomed to this kind of situation. He directly ordered: “Take the hostage and enter the room.”

Seeing this, Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun both showed a hint of surprise. Judging from Dong’s performance on the boat, they thought that the leader was old dog, and Dong was just a coward who was greedy for life and afraid of death.

Old dog and Curry also did not expect that the two of them were jobless vagabonds temporarily hired by their boss, not knowing each other before. After seeing Dong, they only thought that the other party was the same low-level b*stard as themselves. As the three got along, they saw that Dong did not fight or try to rob them and he was the youngest, so they ordered him around the most, but who would expect this guy to be so respected by the boss’s subordinates.

When the black-clothed Beta saw Chu Suiyun, he was obviously a little surprised: “Mr. Dong, this is…”

Dong glanced back at Chu Suiyun, and explained casually: “I was seen by him when we were in action, and we brought them in together.”

The two black-clothed Betas took the lead and led Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao into the villa.

After entering the villa, Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao were unexpectedly taken into a bedroom with a bed and air-conditioning, and the rope tied to Qin Miao’s hand was meticulously untied. They had comfortable treatment, nothing like a hostage.

Chu Suiyun thought it was because of Dong, but in the next second, the man in black looked down and said gracefully, “The boss told me to entertain the guests from the foreign country. Before the boss is done with his work, Mr. Qin Miao will have to live here for a while.”

After the man in black finished speaking, another man in black grabbed the rope that tied Chu Suiyun’s hand and pulled him out. It seemed that Qin Miao was the only one who received preferential treatment. Chu Suiyun was flustered and struggled a few times.

Qin Miao stopped him immediately: “Where are you taking him?”

“We only need to entertain you Mr. Qin Miao.” The man in black replied, “As for this person…he has a place he should go.”

The man’s tone was cold. Chu Suiyun heard it in his ears, and sensed that he would be dealt with as soon as he walked out of this room.

So he subconsciously casted a look of help to Qin Miao.

Fortunately, Qin Miao was not completely without a conscience. He held Chu Suiyun’s upper arm to prevent the man in black from taking the person away.

“He stays here.” Qin Miao’s tone was firm.

The man in black hesitated for a moment, the two looked at each other, and then stopped insisting: “Okay, since you are willing to squeeze in a room with another person, you can do whatever you want.”

After speaking, he released Chu Suiyun.

Qin Miao worked hard and pulled Chu Suiyun behind him.

After the man in black left, Chu Suiyun finally breathed a sigh of relief. Qin Miao let go and said, “Go take a bath and have a good night’s sleep.”

After staying in the cramped cabin for two whole days, both of them were a little depressed. If they could take a good hot bath , and then get some sleep, it would be of great help for physical recovery.

Chu Suiyun was not in a hurry to take a bath, he asked: “That Richie is your enemy? How did you offend him?”

Qin Miao sneered: “He’s not an enemy, but that person is too careful and can’t afford to lose at all. I just canceled an order with their family, maybe he was scolded for it, so he is angry at me.”

From Qin Miao’s words, Chu Suiyun probably guessed that it was a matter between businessmen. He didn’t understand this aspect, so he did not continue to ask.

“Go take a shower, I’ll rest a bit.” Qin Miao patted Chu Suiyun’s shoulder and walked to the bed.

Chu Suiyun nodded, watched Qin Miao walk to the bed, and then frowned indistinctly.

Isn’t Qin Miao’s walking posture a little strange? One step is deep and the other is shallow, and it seems that his right foot can’t use strength at all. This anomaly was very subtle, and if one doesn’t look closely, one can’t see it at all. Chu Suiyun was not sure, so he could only go into the bathroom to take a shower.

There were even two sets of simple clothes prepared in the room, but there was no Chu Suiyun in Richie’s “guest list”, so the clothes were prepared according to Qin Miao’s size. When Chu Suiyun wore it, the sleeves were a little long.

He rolled up his sleeves and walked out of the bathroom with hot steam all over his body.

Seeing that Chu Suiyun had finished washing, Qin Miao got up and was also ready to take a bath. Chu Suiyun stood by the bed and glanced at Qin Miao’s walking posture.

The bathroom door closed, and the sound of water sounded immediately. Chu Suiyun finally confirmed that Qin Miao’s right foot was injured.

Ten minutes later, Qin Miao walked out of the bathroom with a towel on his head, and was surprised to see Chu Suiyun staring at him intently.

That look, as if he had been expecting his appearance before the bathroom opened the door.

“What?” Qin Miao approached while wiping his hair.

“Is your foot injured?” Chu Suiyun asked with his fingers pointing down.

Qin Miao was stunned. His ankle was indeed injured. It should have been accidentally twisted when he was fighting with the three kidnappers initially.

As time passed, the sprain became more and more serious, and was finally discovered by Chu Suiyun today.

Qin Miao stopped covering up and said honestly, “Yes, my ankle seems to be sprained.”

The next words of Chu Suiyun made Qin Miao even more surprised. He raised his hand and made a pinching motion, and said,

“I’ll massage it for you?”

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