Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Memory: Handsome Men Swimming Picture

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Chu Suiyun found a good job in the past two days.

He and Qin Miao were only temporarily taking refuge in Flower Snake Island and he had nothing serious to do. After Qin Miao bought a computer, he had a lot of work to do, and he was on the phone for meetings every day. Therefore, Chu Suiyun was a complete idler besides helping to cook.

Four days ago, when Chu Suiyun was out shopping, he accidentally heard two people chatting. One of them was the owner of a nearby swimming pool. He complained with some distress that one of the coaches had recently gotten injured and they lacked manpower.

Chu Suiyun felt moved in his heart, and tentatively went up to talk to him, saying that he was good at swimming and could help. The owner of the swimming pool said that he just wanted to find someone to help for a few days, the salary was not high, and it was not a regular job, that’s why he couldn’t find anyone for a while. On the contrary, this was very suitable for Chu Suiyun. He would not stay here for long, he just wanted to find something to do. He could probably get a kick out of going to the swimming pool to help and also have fun.

The two chatted for a while, and they unexpectedly worked out an agreement, the boss agreed to have Chu Suiyun help. Chu Suiyun did not have a teaching license, so the boss asked him to keep a low profile and learn from the other coaches.

At this moment, Chu Suiyun was wearing swimming trunks and standing at the edge of the pool, holding a pole to inspect the little cubs in the pool.

Most of the people who came to learn to swim were children. Originally, two coaches led a class. After one of the coaches was injured, the other coach was arranged for more classes. Chu Suiyun’s job was to help him share some of the responsibilities, similar to a teaching assistant.


A splash of water suddenly splashed in the pool, drenching Chu Suiyun’s thigh. He looked down and saw a little girl lying on the bank grinning at him.

“Rita, do you want extra practice again?” Chu Suiyun smiled, walked over, and pretended to be angry.

The little girl named Rita was nine years old, an Omega, and one of the oldest children in the class. She had been learning to swim since she was a child, and now she was as dexterous as a fish in the water. Her parents sent her here not to learn to swim, but to have the coach watch her and get her to practice more.

So because of her ability to swim well, and because Chu Suiyun looked young and easy to talk to, Rita had the courage to make jokes with Chu Suiyun.

“Hey, big brother, come down and let’s swim together.” Rita raised her head in the pool and invited him.

How could Chu Suiyun not want to swim, but now he needed to keep an eye on the other children to avoid having them drowning; thus facing Rita’s invitation, he could only shake his head: “I don’t want to swim, you can swim by yourself.”

“I don’t believe it! Big brother clearly wants to swim! Dishonest people will be eaten by monsters at sea.” Rita pierced through Chu Suiyun. 

Chu Suiyun smiled helplessly, and was about to continue to refuse but it just happened that the other coach came out of the water and instructed Chu Suiyun: “Little Chu, you go down and take them for a swim, I will come to the shore to watch.”

After his words came out, Chu Suiyun and Rita looked at each other and laughed tacitly. Chu Suiyun jumped into the water and splashed a huge splash of water on Rita’s face.

“Rita, you just splashed me with water, didn’t you, you just wait!”

“Run away!” Rita shouted, twisting her body and swimming away like a fish.

Forty minutes later, when it was time for the children to take a bath and change their clothes, the pool suddenly became empty.

Taking advantage of the lack of people, Chu Suiyun dove down in the deep pool for a period of time. After a few dozen meters, he went back to the surface, closed his eyes and spat out the water with a “pop”, then he reached out and flipped the wet hair in front of him behind his head. After two drops of water dropped from his eyelashes, he opened his eyes.

The swimming pool and the outside world were separated by a glass wall, which was convenient for accompanying parents to watch their children. Therefore, Chu Suiyun’s line of sight naturally fell behind the glass wall, and he could see outside the glass wall without any obstruction. A majestic figure was leaning against the wall outside the dressing room. The man looked at Chu Suiyun with a smile in the corner of his eyes.

Chu Suiyun had been helping here for three days, and Qin Miao had never come here. He wondered why he had the time to come here today. Suddenly seeing him, Chu Suiyun didn’t know why… but he felt shy?

He couldn’t explain this feeling. It was because Qin Miao saw his other side so he was a little uneasy and nervous. He didn’t know if the other party would have any thoughts because of seeing him like this, but apart from these complicated feelings, he actually felt more happy.

It’s not good to keep Qin Miao waiting for a long time, so Chu Suiyun propped up his hand, came out of the water, and gave him a random gesture, meaning for him to wait a moment while he changed his clothes by himself. He didn’t know if Qin Miao understood, but he simply nodded.

Chu Suiyun picked up the slippers from the shoe rack and was about to leave, when he suddenly heard Rita’s crisp voice coming from behind.

“Brother! Brother, did you get bitten by a mosquito on your back? What a big bump!”

Chu Suiyun didn’t react at first, wondering why he didn’t feel itchy. Then he had an epiphany and said to Rita in a panic, “Yes… Mosquitoes are too annoying, brother will go first, see you tomorrow.” 

When he came to the locker room, Chu Suiyun first looked in the mirror, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t see that place. Before he came to the swimming pool today, he put several waterproof band-aids on his back, but he didn’t expect that there would be still some omissions. Thinking of staying in the pool with that mark for an afternoon today, Chu Suiyun could not wait to hit him directly with a brick.

After taking a bath and changing clothes, Chu Suiyun came out with slightly wet hair, Qin Miao noticed him and moved his eyes to him.

“You like swimming?” Qin Miao asked suddenly.

Chu Suiyun nodded, he didn’t even notice that he was smiling: “Yes, I have been on the school team since middle school.”

In fact, Qin Miao didn’t need to ask this and was probably just trying to find something to say. Chu Suiyun, who had just come out of the swimming pool at this time, was full of excitement, and the corner of his mouth hooked upwards unconsciously. Even when he was talking to Qin Miao, his eyes were shining.

He had his likes written on his face, and Qin Miao could see it without asking.

The two walked out of the swimming pool. Chu Suiyun found that Qin Miao was carrying several plastic bags. He pointed and asked, “Did you buy something?”

Qin Miao lifted the bag and shook it: “I bought some food. These days, you buy groceries and cook, so I thought I would help you today. But I have never bought groceries before, so I didn’t know if these are the right ones “

Chu Suiyun took the bag, opened it and glanced at it. There were some common ingredients there. Qin Miao must have paid attention to what he usually cooked and learned to buy it. But obviously, he only remembered what he ate, but completely forgot about the condiments such as onion, ginger and garlic mixed in the dishes.

Anyways, they will pass by the supermarket on their way home, and they can just buy it on the way, it was not a big problem Chu Suiyun thought.

The two went home together, passing by the supermarket to choose some condiments. When Chu Suiyun was choosing, Qin Miao was standing next to him, his face extremely silent. Chu Suiyun thought it was funny. The second young master of the Qin family, who was very capable, probably had never thought that he would do such trivial things such as grocery shopping and mending clothes by himself, so he must be reflecting on himself.

When he got home, Chu Suiyun dried his swimming trunks and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Qin Miao sat on the sofa and answered a phone call.

He had been in close contact with Qin Han recently, and had been keeping an eye on the contract between Yun Country and the Maxson family. The two sides were about to talk about signing a contract, and Qin Miao was waiting for the right time to put pressure on the Maxson family.

So seeing Qin Han’s call, Qin Miao put everything on hold and answered his brother’s call first.

“Lao Er, things have changed.” 

As soon as the call was connected, Qin Han threw these words across his face. Qin Miao was surprised for a moment, and then he regained his composure and asked him, “What’s wrong?”

“But don’t worry, it seems that things are developing for the better.” Qin Han finished the second half of the sentence before continuing, “We’ve been waiting for Federal Express to make the final payment so that we can negotiate terms with the Maxson family, but today, I got news that Richie has been grounded and suspended within the Maxson family.”

“What?” Qin Miao was slightly surprised.

He didn’t make a move on his own side, it was definitely impossible for the Maxson family to find out and in their own conscience, rectify the family. As the only Alpha in this generation, Richie was basically the wind and rain in the Maxson family. Old Maxson’s indulgence to him was almost unlimited, and he would never take the initiative to punish Richie.

Sure enough, Qin Han also didn’t think it was a spontaneous behavior from the Maxson family: “There should be another force that reached an agreement with the Maxson family. Lao Er, do you have anything to do with Tingyu?”

Qin Han denied it: “No, Tingyu shouldn’t be on our side… Let’s take a look at today’s news first.”

Qin Miao took out the computer and began to search for news related to the Maxson family today. As soon as the keyword was entered, the first piece of news that popped up was: Maxson Pharmaceutical and Tingyu Technology have reached a cooperation.

Qin Miao clicked in and saw the details of the news.

“Today, Maxson Pharmaceuticals and Tingyu Technology have reached a cooperation agreement. The two parties will jointly develop a new type of neck ring that can detect an Omega’s body indicators at all times and inject inhibitors autonomously, in order to make an Omega’s life more smooth…”

This news read by itself didn’t seem strange, but at the same time, combined with the news that Richie was quietly grounded and suspended, the connection became vaguely clear.

The Maxson family was a behemoth of the Federation, which has existed for hundreds of years, representing the traditional aristocratic class, sitting on wealth and prestige. This long-term existence brought them money, power and status, but also brought about cumbersome and complicated relationships, unrecoverable drawbacks and untouchable interests. This has made them gradually show fatigue in their development in recent years.

Now at this time, Maxson Pharmaceuticals was no longer the dominant family decades ago. Maxson’s Pharmaceutical’s new drug research and development was lagging behind, and there were no core patents in hand, they were only relying on their family background to barely survive the competition of several pharmaceutical companies. In contrast, Tingyu Technology, as the only patent owner of neck ring technology in the Federation, was in the limelight, and all pharmaceutical companies were rushing to cooperate with them but they chose the aging Maxson Pharmaceuticals, and at the same time, Richie was suspended.

Qin Miao would never have believed that these two events that happened on the same day were pure coincidences. Although he couldn’t figure it out, Qin Miao had to understand it as: Tingyu used this cooperation in exchange for Richie being punished.

But why? Did Richie provoke Tingyu to make them use future cooperation in exchange for him to be grounded? Qin Miao frowned. He couldn’t figure it out. He must have missed some news recently.

Just as he was thinking, a voice interrupted his thoughts.

“It’s time to eat.” Chu Suiyun stuck his head out of the kitchen and saw that Qin Miao was on the phone. Realizing he disturbed him, he stuck his tongue out embarrassedly, and hid in the kitchen again.

Qin Miao raised his head to look at Chu Suiyun, and the movement of flipping through the web page suddenly stopped, then Qin Han’s voice came into his ear: “Have you seen the news? No matter what happened to Tingyu, while Richie is being grounded by his father, you should rush back. Everything can wait until you get home.”

Qin Miao took back the gaze that was placed at the door of the kitchen, his brain started running quickly, and he suddenly thought of a detail that was easily overlooked.

“I think I know Tingyu’s relationship with us.” Qin Miao almost muttered to himself.

“What?” Qin Han was at a loss.

Qin Miao typed a few words on the keyboard with his fingers, pressed enter and a page instantly appeared on the computer screen. The search keyword was: Chief Researcher of Tingyu Technology.

The first search result was an introduction to a male Alpha.

On the left was the man’s photo, and on the right was the man’s name – Chu Tian.

The small characters at the bottom was the man’s densely written resume, and it could be seen that his achievements in scientific research were fruitful.

Qin Miao stared at Chu Tian’s photo for a long time, and saw a sense of familiarity between the man’s eyebrows. Chu Suiyun’s eyebrows and eyes were almost exactly the same as the man’s, the only difference was that Chu Suiyun was younger, his eyes were pure, and the man’s eyes were more sharp.

There was no need to guess the relationship between this man and Chu Suiyun.

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