Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Memory: Being listened in on

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After Yu Chang returned home, he put the soy sauce he bought on the condiment shelf in the kitchen, turned around and walked out to his mother’s bedroom.

The houses in this building are all about the same size and layout. Yu Chang’s house was the same as the house rented by Chu Suiyun opposite, there was only one bedroom. His mother lived in the bedroom and Yu Chang slept in the living room.

“Mom, hehe, I bought honey cakes.” Yu Chang probed into the house and shook the plastic bag in his hand, which contained five to six pieces of cakes.

Yu Fang was a thin middle-aged Omega woman. In midsummer, her legs were still covered with a thick quilt. She leaned against the head of the bed and looked at her son with a helpless smile. On the side of her bed, there was a wheelchair, which was snugly attached to the bed. If she sat up on her bed with her arms, she could get into the wheelchair.

“Don’t pretend to be a good boy, don’t go back to your Sixth Uncle. It’s not easy for him to open a small shop,” Yu Fang said.

Yu Chang shrugged nonchalantly: “Hmph, you are not allowed to worry about him, don’t soften your heart just because he occasionally comes to visit!” 

The owner of the supermarket downstairs, Sixth Uncle, is a Beta and seemed to have a crush on Yu Fang, so he often sent some daily necessities or fresh vegetables. Sixth Uncle was ​​kind and loyal, in fact, there was nothing wrong with him. However, her son was always overprotective. Yu Fang sighed: “Everything is justified by you.”

Yu Chang put the cakes on the bedside table and rolled up his sleeves: “Mom, I’ll massage your legs for you.”

“Okay.” Yu Fang nodded.

Yu Chang bent down, lifted the quilt covering his mother’s legs, rolled up his mother’s trouser legs, took out the essential oil from the bedside table, and massaged his mother skillfully.

His Mother’s leg was crippled by an Alpha.

Some Alphas were players and some Alphas were paranoid. His mother met an Alpha who seemed loyal, but was actually paranoid and crazy. He was like a dragon guarding a treasure, thinking that the whole world was coveting his wife. This suspicion intensified and reached its peak after Yu Fang gave birth to Yu Chang. The Alpha felt that his son had taken away his wife’s love for him, and speculated absurdly that since such a little guy can easily divert his wife’s attention, what about others?

He was immersed in this senseless suspicion every day. Then on that day, just because Yu Fang and the newly moved neighbor couple said a few extra words, he decided that Yu Fang and the Alpha of the neighbor couple had done something and frantically questioned her. After quarreling, in the end, he decided to die with his wife. He knocked Yu Fang unconscious, hugged her and jumped off the roof.

But only the Alpha died on the spot, because he was underneath and Yu Fang who was held in his arms by him, using the buffer of his body, had her life saved, but could no longer stand up.

When Yu Chang grew up and learned about the whole story of his mother’s disabled legs, he didn’t like Alphas’ very much. In his opinion, an Alpha was an emotionally unstable beast without the basic rationality that a human should maintain.

Every time he massaged his mother’s leg, Yu Chang couldn’t help but think of this, and there was a momentary depression in his eyes. Suddenly he heard his mother’s voice ringing in his ears.

“Little Chang, is your heat coming?”

Yu Chang was stunned for a moment, and after recalling, he denied, “No, it’s still early.”

“En… I also remember that you should not have it at this time, but you have pheromones on you. The smell. Did you forget to put the barrier patch again?” Yu Fang frowned in disapproval.

Flower Snake Island was not like Yun Country. Yun Country’s inhibitor research was at the forefront of the world. After an Alpha or Omega was an adult, injecting a special inhibitor can get rid of irregular heat periods and accidental pheromone leakage. Therefore, the Omegas of Yun Country did not need to stick barrier patches on as their pheromones would be maintained at a stable level; they would be distributed naturally without enticing others.

But Flower Snake Island didn’t have this kind of inhibitor. The Omegas here couldn’t accept the federal neck ring system, so if they didn’t want to be harassed by Alphas’ because of pheromone leakage, they could only choose barrier patches.

Yu Chang didn’t like to put on barrier patches, it was airtight and itchy when it was stuck on his neck. He prided himself on being able to control himself very well, so he would secretly not put it on but today’s situation seemed to be a bit special. He failed to control his emotions and let a trace of pheromones out.

Yu Chang thought of the tall and thin Omega that he met in the supermarket today. He was the most beautiful person he had ever seen, and everything was as good as possible. He had never seen an Omega similar to that person. The strength and warmth of the man’s hands when he was supporting himself, who was about to fall, and the clear sweetness of his voice when he spoke to him, it all made Yu Chang’s heart beat faster.

Maybe because of this, Yu Chang couldn’t control his pheromones.

Yu Chang often hated Alphas and liked Omegas. He had been with Omegas before, but he had never met someone like Chu Suiyun, who made him fall in love at first sight.

But there was no need to tell his mother about this. Yu Chang scratched his head and said that it was just because he didn’t want to put it on. Unsurprisingly, his mother gave him a sullen face and gave him a serious education, telling him how important it is to block that part.

After being told off by his mother, Yu Chang thought of Chu Suiyun, and also of the Alpha he saw in the corridor just now. That Alpha was tall and handsome, much taller than Chu Suiyun. Yu Chang imagined the Alpha and Chu Suiyun standing together, and reluctantly admitted that they looked quite good. But so what, Alphas are unreliable after all.

Yu Chang was not satisfied with that Alpha, thinking that Chu Suiyun could have a better option. But in the end, Chu Suiyun and that Alpha were partners, and there was an insurmountable mark, so he could only smother the love that had just arisen.

As the night got darker, the noisy temporary residential area during the day became quiet. The sound of TV and conversations came from the residential building giving a flavor of life, while in a certain room in the building, the atmosphere was thick and sticky.

Qin Miao put his hand on the lower half of Chu Suiyun’s face, and whispered softly to the person below him: “Don’t make a sound, the sound insulation here is not good.”

Chu Suiyun knew that the sound insulation here was not good. He could hear the sound of bowls and chopsticks knocking on the table next door when he was cooking and could hear the voices of his neighbors talking while playing on their mobile phone in the bedroom. In the same way, his own voice could also be heard by the neighbors.

He clearly didn’t make any sound, but Qin Miao covered his mouth, which made Chu Suiyun inexplicably embarrassed. He could only close his eyes and try to avoid it.

The heat wave rolled up, almost smashing Chu Suiyun in the stomach. Chu Suiyun felt that his body was no longer his own. He had already handed over his dominance and allowed Qin Miao to do whatever he wanted.

The room was filled with Qin Miao’s pheromones, and the tip of Chu Suiyun’s nose was filled. It was a cold and vast smell like the cold sea. The sea blew gusty winds all year round, setting off high waves, whistling, wanting to throw him into the abyss.

At the beginning, Chu Suiyun’s body rejected this smell very much, because they were both Alphas. The instinct to reject and fight against each other came from their genes. But now, after being bitten by Qin Miao over and over again, after the breath of the sea swept through the blood vessels of his whole body countless times, Chu Suiyun began to feel nostalgic and began to accept it.

Humans are extremely adaptable animals. Even two Alphas who were born to fight against each other, after merging again and again, their pheromones would become thirsty for each other.

There were physiological tears hanging from Chu Suiyun’s eyes. His thin and slender arms were tightly wrapped around Qin Miao’s shoulders. He frowned slightly and closed his eyes intoxicated. He still remembered to keep a low voice and honestly poured out his desires into Qin Miao’s ear.

“Bite me, Qin Miao, bite me.”

After calming down for a while, Qin Miao noticed that Chu Suiyun was unusual. He pushed aside Chu Suiyun’s sweaty forehead and said, “This is not your susceptibility period, this is passive heat.”

Therefore, it was more intolerable and more violent than one’s susceptible period.

The barrier on Chu Suiyun’s neck was torn apart in the chaos, and a faint woody fragrance came out from there. The skin on his glands was intact. Although the teeth marks from a few days ago were faintly visible, there was no new injury.

In his state just now, Qin Miao did not listen to Chu Suiyun’s words and did not bite his glands. Because Chu Suiyun was the only one who lost his mind this time, Qin Miao, who was sober, knew that an Alpha’s glands were not used for marking, he was afraid that if he bit it too much, there would be problems.

Chu Suiyun’s neck was intact, but there was an extra tooth mark on Qin Miao’s gland, there was even faint blood oozing out at this time. At a glance, one can tell how reckless the person who left the traces was; they didn’t know how to control themselves at all. The wound was too deep, and the blood vessel had been pierced through the gland.

Chu Suiyun, who had been bitten several times, finally guessed the location of Qin Miao’s glands from the location of his own and successfully left marks on the other party’s neck, successfully “marking” his belonging.

That’s why Chu Suiyun’s passive heat subsided so quickly this time, instead of lasting for several hours.

Qin Miao reached out and ripped off the half-torn barrier patch on Chu Suiyun’s neck, took a new one, and helped him stick it on. The faint woody fragrance disappeared immediately, but Qin Miao felt that the smell was still lingering on the tip of his nose. After a moment of daze, he realized that this was because Chu Suiyun had left a “mark” on his glands, and his smell had temporarily integrated into his own blood.

Chu Suiyun was tired and wanted to sleep with his eyes closed. Qin Miao patted his cheek and called him: “Don’t sleep, wake up. Did you come into contact with an Omega today?”

An Alpha would enter passive heat only after contact with Omega’s pheromone, so that’s why Qin Miao would ask this.

Chu Suiyun opened his eyes, regained his senses for a while, then sat up against the head of the bed and explained honestly: “Today I was out shopping and met an Omega. He lives across from us and we walked together for a bit.”

Hearing his words, Qin Miao became more and more puzzled. Chu Suiyun was a superior Alpha and could keep his rationality in front of an Omega during their heat; how can he passively get his heat just because he touche an Omega?

Qin Miao thought for a moment and concluded, “Richie Maxson’s medicine is still in your body.”

This is the most likely reason. Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun stayed in that room full of unknown medicine for a day, overnight. He didn’t know how many doses they ingested, and he didn’t know the specific efficacy of that drug, not to mention the drug was not from a proper source. It was unclear whether it had passed a clinical trial or if it had any side effects.

“Go to the hospital for a check up after you return.” Qin Miao took care of his forehead and said with a serious face, thinking about how they could advance his plan so that they could return to Yun Country earlier.

Chu Suiyun could not go to see a doctor on Flower Snake Island, especially not to go to see a disease related to his sexual characteristics, otherwise, his pretending to be an Omega would be exposed, and the two of them would have their temporary residence permit removed and be directly deported.

Chu Suiyun asked back, “Don’t you feel different?”

Qin Miao and him should be affected by the same thing. He was in passive heat because of his short contact with Yu Chang. Qin Miao was outside all afternoon. It was definitely possible to encounter an Omega with out-of-control pheromones, why didn’t he have his heat?

“I have been trained in drug resistance.” Qin Miao explained, “Do you remember the medicine that the kidnappers injected me with? I also metabolized it very quickly.”

Chu Suiyun remembered that in order to control Qin Miao, those kidnappers injected him with a drug that could make people feel weak. The effect of the drug should last for 24 hours. On Qin Miao, it only lasted for a few hours.

The two were talking in the room, not knowing that half an hour ago, someone had stayed in front of their door for a full five minutes.

Yu Chang’s mother was very good at making pickles. He had dinner with his mother, and when he saw the leftover pickles on the plate, he thought of the neighbor who just moved in today.

So Yu Chang said to his mother, “Mom, let’s bring some pickles to the neighbour, they are also from Yun Country and just moved in today.

Yu Fang sat in front of the tv and smiled happily, reminiscing: “I wonder if the snow scene in Shanlan City is still the same as in previous years.”

Then she urged her son to quickly take a box to pack some pickles for the new neighbor. Then as if he was like a child, she instructed her son to be polite and not quarrel with the neighbors. Yu Chang anxiously wanted to talk to Chu Suiyun, so he answered quickly, picked up the container and left.

Yu Chang excitedly ran to the opposite door, raised his hand and prepared to knock, but the wall with poor sound insulation hardly blocked the sound in the room, Yu Chang suddenly heard a low voice.

“It hurts! There…”

Followed by another low voice, patiently coaxing: “It’s alright, I’ll slow down.”

Yu Chang was not a child who didn’t understand anything. As soon as he heard it, he knew what his neighbor across from him was doing at this time. His cheeks were flushed, and he was holding the pickle box at a loss.

Just when he was hesitating, two entangled pheromone smells quietly infiltrated out. It went through the layers of the room, and spread to the tip of Yu Chang’s nose. The smell was very light, but Yu Chang was a sensitive Omega. He was not a Beta who is insensitive to pheromones, he could smell it even if there is only a very mild smell –

This was the pheromone belonging to two Alphas.

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