Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Memory: Goodbye Little Friend

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“What do you two Alphas want coming to Flower Snake Island?” The Omega asked coldly.

The cold wind in the evening lifted the hem of Chu Suiyun’s clothes, and he froze in place, not responding for a long time.

Chu Suiyun first wondered how Yu Chang knew his true identity as an Alpha, and the next second he realized that it was pointless to investigate how he knew. Since it turned out that he knew, what does he want to do?

“Sorry.” Chu Suiyun gave up his quibble, Yu Chang must have had solid evidence before he chose to confront him, so rather than arguing with him, it was better to soften his attitude and strive for the other party’s understanding, “I didn’t pretend to be an Omega due to malice. “

“Then why are you?” Yu Chang interrupted him, “In recent years, more and more malicious Alphas have landed on the island, abducted and sold Omegas on the island, and even formed an industry. A bunch of them would pretend to be Betas then those scums would refer more scums. That’s why the island tightened the policy of foreigners entering the island this year. But I didn’t expect you to have new tricks, to actually give up your so-called Alpha dignity and sneak in as an Omega.” 

He never thought about that Yu Chang’s misunderstanding of himself had reached this point, Chu Suiyun could only tell the truth: “We were chased here, and we had to go to the island to avoid them. In order to enter the island, I had to pretend to be an Omega.

“What are you doing? If you are doing legitimate things, why are you being chased and forced to flee to Flower Snake Island?” Yu Chang keenly grasped this point and asked.

Chu Suiyun opened his mouth and found that this was indeed suspicious. He could only explain: “We were kidnapped and escaped.”

Yu Chang really didn’t believe it: “Kidnapped? Who kidnapped you, why did they kidnap you? Two adult Alphas?”

At this time, Yu Chang was on guard, and no matter how he explained it, it didn’t make sense. Chu Suiyun sighed, and emphasized: “I know you don’t trust me very much now, but I really didn’t do it out of malice. We’ll only be here for a short time, and we’ll be leaving soon. You can spy on us, and we’ll never do anything to hurt anyone.”

“No.” Yu Chang said, “Who knows if you two have an organization. What if you two are just here to gain information, then of course I can’t see you directly hurting others.”

His firm resistance made Chu Suiyun gradually lose patience: “Then what are your demands? If you are talking to me, you must want something.”

Yu Chang gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, and said loudly: “I want you to go to the General Affairs Office to confess your identity, to expose yourself to the residents of the entire temporary residential area and see what the General Services Administration will do to you. If the committee members decide to expel you, you must leave immediately!”

Yu Chang paused and added: “If you and the other Alpha are really a partner, it can really prove that you are on the island because you are on the run. The committee members will definitely judge fairly and let you stay. But to allow you to hide your identity and live among us, we cannot accept it.”

After the Omega finished speaking, Chu Suiyun understood. Yu Chang must have struggled over the past few days before he came up with such a compromise, allowing Chu Suiyun to confess and strive for legal residency. In fact, Yu Chang could have reported them to the so-called agency after discovering the true identity of Chu Suiyun, and let the agency impose sanctions, but he did not.

Unfortunately, Chu Suiyun couldn’t accept the optimal solution that the Omega had come up with in the past few days.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t go to the General Affairs Office as you said.”

“Why not!” Yu Chang became emotional, “If you didn’t do anything illegal, why don’t you dare to expose yourself?” 

The innocent Omega’s heart rate rose. There was a nameless fire, and he couldn’t accept that Chu Suiyun, who seemed to be upright and kind, might be doing things that would hurt his compatriots.

“It’s not because I’m doing something bad.” Chu Suiyun shook his head, “It’s because like I said, I will leave Flower Snake Island soon. The procedures to go to the official agency are complicated and I have no time and no need to go. Also, we’re being tracked, we need to keep a low profile. It’s too high profile to be exposed to all the residents of the temporary settlement.”

Chu Suiyun couldn’t accept Yu Chang’s proposal, and Yu Chang couldn’t accept Chu Suiyun’s explanation. Everything Chu Suiyun said tonight was just his own words. On the one hand, Yu Chang wanted to believe that Chu Suiyun was really forced to come to the island. He had only known this person for a few days and he had no evidence, is he really credible?

“If you don’t go, then don’t blame me for telling the residents here with my original plan.” 

In the end, Yu Chang dropped those words and glared at Chu Suiyun. He brushed past him, and strode away from the rooftop.

Chu Suiyun looked back at the figure of Yu Chang and his complicated mind finally let out a sigh.

Yu Chang returned home, closed the door, leaned back against the door, and lowered his eyes. He was in a very strange mood. He was suspicious of Chu Suiyun, and was not feeling well.

Seeing Chu Suiyun made him become very strange, Yu Chang had never felt this way before. Chu Suiyun seemed to have an invisible attractive force, and he couldn’t help but want to get close to him.

But he had an Alpha who was suspected to be his partner, and had a mysterious identity. Reason told Yu Chang that he should stay away from Chu Suiyun, and even beware of him, instead of being led by unnecessary emotions.

Clenching his fists, Yu Chang made up his mind that he would choose his rationality.

On the other hand, Chu Suiyun also went downstairs and returned home.

When Chu Suiyun pushed the door and entered, Qin Miao was sitting on the sofa with his mobile phone. When he heard the door open, he looked up and saw Chu Suiyun’s worried expression.

“What’s the matter, what did you say to our neighbor?” Qin Miao asked.

Chu Suiyun was silent for a moment, then told the truth: “He knows that I am an Alpha.”

Hearing this, Qin Miao’s reaction was not big. Like Chu Suiyun, he was mentally prepared for the exposure of his identity. It was not easy for an Alpha to pretend to be an Omega. Chu Suiyun’s ability to maintain the false identity of an Omega in front of everyone for so many days was already an outstanding performance, a talent.

Qin Miao said lightly: “It doesn’t matter, we will leave soon, and it won’t matter at that time.”

The two of them didn’t care too much about the exposure of their identities, and a large part of it was because they really only needed to stay here for a short time. At that time, as soon as they left, all disputes here would be forgotten.

The next morning, Qin Miao had something to do and got up early. When Chu Suiyun woke up, he saw Qin Miao standing beside the bed changing clothes. The two simply greeted each other, and Qin Miao went out without having breakfast.

After half an hour, Chu Suiyun packed up, had breakfast, and headed to the swimming pool at the time agreed a few days ago.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, no guests or students have arrived at the swimming pool, and only the staff in the pool were making preparations. As soon as Chu Suiyun stepped out of the elevator, he saw the boss saying something to the front desk and the employees behind the desk.

“Good morning.” Chu Suiyun stepped forward and greeted them as always.

Unexpectedly, the expressions of their boss and colleagues suddenly changed. First, they were surprised, then they casted a wary look at Chu Suiyun.

As soon as the boss raised his arm, he stopped Chu Suiyun from entering the swimming pool, and said, “That, from today onwards, we won’t need your help here. I’ll settle with you the remuneration for the past few days, you don’t have to come anymore.”

Chu Suiyun was stunned, and looked around at the three colleagues present, they all looked at him with a strange look, and occasionally leant over to whisper a few words. Thinking of what Yu Chang said last night, what did Chu Suiyun not understand?

It must be Yu Chang who told the owner of the swimming pool about his real gender. 

Originally, Chu Suiyun came here to help just to find something to do. The boss was already giving him a lot of face by not directly scolding him for concealing his true gender. So he tactfully nodded and said, “Thank you boss.”

After helping for four days, the salary settlement was very simple. The boss directly transferred the money to him, and then immediately persuaded him to leave, as if he didn’t want him to stay another second.

Chu Suiyun didn’t want to stay and be pointed at, so he turned around and walked towards the elevator. At this moment, the elevator door suddenly opened, and a small figure walked out from inside.

Rita had a class in the morning. She liked swimming and also liked the big brother who was the substitute teacher, so she always came early. As soon as she got out of the elevator today, she saw the big brother she liked, so she jumped up excitedly and giggled: “Big Brother! Good morning.”

Chu Suiyun smiled at her: “Morning.”

Rita got Chu Suiyun’s response, and eagerly wanted to say something, but was pulled back heavily by her mother standing behind her.

Her mother was an Omega with short hair and a professional suit, looking smart and glamorous.

Rita’s mother glanced at Chu Suiyun with a bad expression, and took her daughter to the swimming pool owner, her tone showing her anger: “Boss, didn’t you promise last night that you would dismiss this unknown Alpha. Why is he still here?” 

The boss smiled helplessly: “He’s here to settle the salary, I’m sorry, Rita’s mother.”

Rita’s mother was very dissatisfied: “You don’t need to settle the salary face to face. Seeing a foreigner pretending to be an Omega in the morning, it really makes me feel bad.” 

The swimming pool was opened in the temporary residential area, but the service scope was not limited to the temporary residential area. There was a middle-to-high-end community nearby, where Rita’s family lived and sending them to swim here was because they saw the reputation of the swimming pool owner, a gold medalist in the national competition.

Rita’s mother’s words “foreigner” sounded harsh in the temporary residential area, and several employees looked uncomfortable.

Rita didn’t quite understand why her mother suddenly had malice towards Chu Suiyun, she raised her head to defend big brother: “Mom, you are so impolite, why do you say that big brother is an outsider from unknown origin?”

Rita’s mother was impatient reasoning with her daughter. She dragged her away forcefully: “Let’s go change your clothes. Go practice a few laps before class, it’s better than standing here wasting time.”

Being ridiculed with a gun and a stick, Chu Suiyun felt unhappy, but there were children here, and it was true that he had deceived them first, so he had no reason to directly conflict with Rita’s mother.

Rita, who was dragged away by her mother, turned back one more time, looking at Chu Suiyun eagerly, as if looking forward to what he would say. Chu Suiyun smiled at her, raised his hand, waved, and said, “Farewell.”

Rita was stunned. The nine-year-old girl already had a vague sense of the subtle difference between meanings of words. She felt Chu Suiyun’s way of saying goodbye was quite unique. Instead of saying “see you again”, he said “farewell”, as if he was certain that they would not see each other again.

Thinking of this, Rita suddenly felt a little aggrieved. Why didn’t he say “see you again” to herself, is it because her mother made big brother angry?

Before the little girl could react, she was taken and disappeared around the corner. Chu Suiyun watched Rita leave, then without looking back at the owner of the swimming pool and his colleagues, he walked into the elevator without hesitation.

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