Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Memory: I will have to trouble you

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Walking out of the swimming pool, Chu Suiyun put his hands on his hips and let out a long breath, expelling the suffocating anger from his body.

It seemed that Yu Chang really made up his mind to let everyone in the temporary residential area know his true gender.

Flower Snake Island and Yun Country are too different, Chu Suiyun did not expect that the people here would care so much about pretending to be an Omega. But it was not incomprehensible. The immigrants of Flower Snake Island were mainly Omegas who had nowhere else to go. In recent years, in order to increase the population, more Alphas and Betas had entered after the immigration policy had been slightly liberalized.

As a result, the proportion of Omegas on Flower Snake Island is nearly ten times higher than that of the Yun Country and the Federation. Most of them were exiled because they were persecuted in their hometowns. It was natural to be vigilant.

But he had clearly told Yu Chang that he was not malicious.

Chu Suiyun felt unhappy in his heart and went home, going on the same path. Now that he can’t go to work in the swimming pool, he had nothing to do every day. He didn’t know how far Qin Miao’s plan had progressed. He had already gotten in touch with the Qin family, so why stay here longer?

With a heart full of thoughts, Chu Suiyun walked through the paths that he had been coming and going repeatedly on in the past few days, passing through the old and narrow blocks of the temporary residential area. When passing by the breakfast stall, he clearly felt a few searching eyes falling on him. Those eyes were not hidden, even if Chu Suiyun was thinking about other things, it was difficult to ignore.

He raised his eyes and looked at the two three residents standing in front of him. The other party found him looking over, was surprised for a moment, then looked away in awe.

Their appearance was too obvious. The only thing worth discussing about Chu Suiyun was his real gender.

Chu Suiyun frowned, he clearly didn’t know these people. He had only been in the temporary residential area for a few days, and he had never spoken to anyone other than Yu Chang and the people in the swimming pool. Why did these total strangers start talking about him?

Chu Suiyun gritted his teeth unconsciously, and told himself to calm down in his heart, that he would not stay here for too long, and he should not have conflicts with the people here.

After calming down, Chu Suiyun turned his head, ignored the offensive and inquiring gazes, and went straight home.

When those people saw Chu Suiyun gone, they immediately gathered around and chatted, chatting until the breakfast in their hands had turned into ice cubes before dispersing.

Ten minutes later, Chu Suiyun walked downstairs gloomily, and unexpectedly met Yu Chang who was going out to work.

The moment Yu Chang saw Chu Suiyun, shock flashed in his eyes, and then he turned to dodge, avoiding Chu Suiyun. 

But Chu Suiyun was not blind, he strode forward and stopped Yu Chang: “What did you do? Did you tell everyone that I am an Alpha?”

Yu Changn: “I said that I would tell the residents here with my own method.”

“But is it necessary to tell everyone? The vast majority of people here don’t even know my existence. Whether I am an Alpha or an Omega to them, is it important?” Chu Suiyun forcefully asked.

From Chu Suiyun’s point of view, it was enough to tell those who had been in contact with him about his identity concealment. After other people knew about it, there was no point in making anymore after-dinner conversations.

“Why doesn’t it matter!”

Not knowing that Chu Suiyun’s words affected Yu Chang, he suddenly became stimulated: “You are an Alpha, an Alpha from the outside. Do you know how Flower Snake Island came about? Do you know how many Omegas had to leave their hometowns? Who was the culprit in this situation, it’s you Alphas’! Originally, all Alphas on the Flower Snake Island should be registered, but you pretended to be an Omega to hide, who knows what you want to do!”

“I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do damage to the Omegas here, why should I be blamed for it?” Chu Suiyun felt ridiculous.

Yu Chang stared fiercely at Chu Suiyun: “The countries outside are all built according to an Alpha’s vision, you dare to say that you have never enjoyed the preferential treatment as an Alpha? If you enjoy the preferential treatment, then the responsibility is yours!”

Chu Suiyun paused and suddenly realized that he shouldn’t be arguing with Yu Chang here. It can be said that the thinking of the two was very different. Now was not a debate competition. All quarrels were a waste of time.

“You can think whatever.” Chu Suiyun sighed.

Yu Chang grew up on Flower Snake Island, and he had been affected by the various stories of the outside world oppressing Omegas since he was a child because almost all the Omegas around him were unfortunate people who were forced into exile. His ideas had already formed in this environment, so Chu Suiyun had no way to convince him, let alone reverse him.

After figuring this out, Chu Suiyun stopped responding and was about to walk away. After Yu Chang shouted out the last sentence, he also fell silent, bowed his head and stood still.

The two stood facing each other when they were arguing, with a distance of one meter. At this time, Chu Suiyun passed him, and the distance suddenly narrowed, allowing him to smell a pheromone clearly.

After taking two steps, Chu Suiyun turned to look at Yu Chang who was standing there, recalling what his teacher said in physiology class, Alphas and Omegas might not be able to control their pheromones when they were emotional. It should be that Yu Chang lost control in his agitated situation just now.


Chu Suiyun spoke without thinking. He wanted to remind Yu Chang to put the barrier patch on, but he said one syllable and felt embarrassed.

The only Omega he had had close contact with was his younger brother, but his younger brother was still young and did not emit pheromones, while it was not his turn to remind his Omega classmates at school about their pheromones.

The relationship between an Alpha and an Omega was delicate, Chu Suiyun really didn’t know how to properly remind an Omega to put on a barrier patch.

Suddenly he remembered that he still had an unopened barrier patch in his pocket.

Chu Suiyun quickly took out the barrier patch and stopped Yu Chang: “Hey, wait a minute.”

Yu Chang turned around, his eyes still guarded. Chu Suiyun ignored his cautiousness, stepped forward, and handed him the barrier patch: “You forgot this.”

Yu Chang was stunned for a moment, and immediately became uncontrollably embarrassed, not only because Chu Suiyun, as an Alpha, was reminding him to put on a barrier patch, which showed that Chu Suiyun had already smelled his pheromone; it was also because he had just experienced something unpleasant with this person. Carrying this sort of pheromone, he could have let him be, then if he met a malicious Alpha on the way, something really bad could have occurred but he didn’t. He chose to remind himself, and even gave himself a barrier patch.

Was his judgment wrong? He really wasn’t doing bad things?

The thought suddenly appeared, and Yu Chang bit his lower lip. When he just discovered that Chu Suiyun was an Alpha, he also had a period of entanglement. At that time, he was hesitating between two ideas. On the one hand, he thought that Chu Suiyun did not look like a bad person, and on the other hand, he couldn’t give up his suspicion for the Alpha.

Chu Suiyun didn’t know what was going on in Yu Chang’s heart at the moment, and he didn’t care either. After handing the barrier patch to Yu Chang, he turned around and left.

After Chu Suiyun left, Yu Chang stood there for another minute, then silently put on the barrier patch and walked away slowly.

At this time, Chu Suiyun had already walked into the corridor. There was no elevator in this old residential building, so he could only go up one step at a time. When he reached the corner of the third floor, he encountered an unexpected person.

Qin Miao had one hand in his pocket and a bag in the other. Following Chu Suiyun’s raising his eyes, he slowly turned his head and moved his gaze to him.

“Back?” Qin Miao’s low voice sounded.

“Ah, yes. As you thought, the owner of the swimming pool fired me. I didn’t expect Yu Chang to spread the word about me being an Alpha so quickly.”

“It’s okay.” Qin Miao said, “We’re leaving.”

Chu Suiyun’s eyes lit up and asked Qin Miao, “Are we going to go back now?”

Qin Miao nodded and walked downstairs directly: “Follow me.”

Chu Suiyun, who had been looking forward to leaving for a long time, said nothing and followed Qin Miao downstairs without delaying for a second. He didn’t even want to pick up the small luggage upstairs.

The two walked out of the residential building one after the other.

“How do we go back?” Chu Suiyun was half a step behind Qin Miao, and his interest was a little high, and he couldn’t help asking.

Qin Miao didn’t answer. Chu Suiyun thought he didn’t hear him, and asked another question. Qin Miao suddenly stopped, and Chu Suiyun almost bumped into his back.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Suiyun noticed that Qin Miao’s emotions were wrong.

Qin Miao kept his back turned and said lightly, “You have the smell of Omega pheromones.” 

After being reminded by him, Chu Suiyun reacted and said, “I just met Yu Chang, and he was a little excited, maybe I was accidentally stained.” 

The Omega pheromone will dissipate naturally after a period of time, but since Qin Miao minded, Chu Suiyun could only find a way to make the smell disappear quickly. To make one smell disappear, besides waiting for natural volatilization, you can also cover it up with another smell.

So Chu Suiyun directly tore off the barrier patch on the back of his neck, unscrupulously exuding some of his own pheromones.

His original intention was to cover up the Omega’s pheromones with his own scent, but he didn’t expect Qin Miao to suddenly turn around, grab the barrier patch in his hand, and stick it on the side of his neck again.

Chu Suiyun raised his eyes and just happened to meet Qin Miao’s eyes. He found that his face was gloomy, he didn’t know who made him angry.

“Do you know that you and that Omega are very compatible?”

Qin Miao’s hand was still on the side of Chu Suiyun’s neck, and a question rolled out of his throat.

Chu Suiyun opened his eyes slightly, he didn’t know. From the few short encounters with Yu Chang, he didn’t feel that something was wrong with him. He had never met an Omega with a high degree of compatability, and he didn’t know how he should feel.

Qin Miao continued: “When you met him for the first time a few days ago, you just talked to him for a few words, was contaminated with a little pheromone, and passively got your heat that night. I thought you knew.”

“Isn’t that because of Richie’s medicine?” Chu Suiyun was surprised.

“Of course medicine is the main reason, but it’s also because of your high degree of compatibility that you would have such a strong reaction just from ordinary contact.” Qin Miao said, “…he hates you so much, why do you still have contact with him?”


Chu Suiyun was puzzled. The first half of Qin Miao’s sentence and the second half of the sentence jumped a bit, and today, he and Yu Chang met by chance, he did not take the initiative to contact him. Qin Miao’s questioning was somewhat unreasonable.

Qin Miao realized he spoke out of turn and took his hand back from Chu Suiyun’s neck: “Sorry. I should have reminded you before.”

“Let’s go first.” Qin Miao finished speaking and moved forward.

Qin Miao didn’t know the reason for his sudden mood. Or maybe he knew, but didn’t dare to know. Chu Suiyun was young and pure like a blank piece of paper, and he was outrageously slow in matters related to pheromones, heat, and susceptibility.

The situation where they met was too special. It was like relying on each other in the middle of a crumbling suspension bridge, so Qin Miao didn’t dare to think if it was another person, would Chu Suiyun be the same? Would they gradually trust each other, and then give everything to each other?

There was no agreement between them, Chu Suiyun could contact whoever he wanted to.

“I’m sorry.”

Suddenly, Chu Suiyun’s voice sounded from behind. Qin Miao stopped and heard Chu Suiyun speak.

“I just met him by accident today. Maybe I haven’t experienced it, but in fact I really don’t feel how compatible I am with him. In my opinion, he is no different from any other person, so I’ve been a little relaxed. If I knew, I would definitely not have contacted with him again.”

“I probably know why you are angry. Are you worried that I will get my heat again because of his pheromone, and then delay the journey home?” Chu Suiyun speculated.

No. Qin Miao answered quickly in his heart, it wasn’t because of this that he was angry, his reason was more despicable and selfish.

Chu Suiyun looked away slightly, scratching his cheek with the index finger of his right hand, as if a little embarrassed: “I’ll try my best to endure it, and I won’t necessarily have passive heat. If I can’t bear it anymore–“

He lowered his head slightly, then raised his eyes to look at Qin Miao and said, “Can I trouble you again?”

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