Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 8

Chapter 8 The First Failure

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Dong Kejie ran out of the restaurant and came to the hotel lobby, but Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun were nowhere to be seen.

He looked around, not resigned. There were guests checking in, the lobby was bustling, and the elevators opened and closed; he finally confirmed that he had indeed lost the man.

With a sigh of regret, Dong Kejie took out his mobile phone and started to contact He Huan.

Because He Huan was with Chu Muyu now and to prevent him from being exposed, he chose to send a message.

Dong Kejie: ​​Huanhuan, I lost them and I didn’t take the photo. You go home with the Xiao Yu. Remember to delay him to give Suiyun time to go home.

Perhaps it was inconvenient to reply to the message by Chu Muyu’s side, so He Huan’s reply did not arrive until about five minutes later.

He Huan: Ok. I’ve already taken a taxi out with Xiao Yu. You should inform Brother Yun to get out.

After receiving He Huan’s confirmation message, Dong Kejie did not dare to delay for a moment and immediately called Chu Suiyun.

Hotel room at this time.

Chu Suiyun put his hands behind him, his upper body leaning back, and his neck tense because of Qin Miao’s sniffing movement. His patience was gradually exhausted and he almost couldn’t help but want to punch Qin Miao, that offensive and rogue scumbag.

But he couldn’t help thinking, his current purpose was to seduce Qin Miao. Even if it’s just a fake seduction, if the photo taken this time doesn’t work, if he beats this person up, he can’t seduce him next time. 

To put down his dignity and endure this time, it was a question that needed to be carefully weighed.

Chu Suiyun’s mind was at war, and for a while, reason prevailed. However, the next second, he felt a warm touch across the side of his neck.

The tip of Qin Miao’s nose pressed against his skin.

The hand on the quilt suddenly clenched into a fist, and Chu Suiyun almost bit out a white tooth.

D*mn it, I can’t stand it anymore.


Just when he was about to throw his fist out, a message prompt sounded, Qin Miao stepped back, stood up straight, took out the phone in his trouser pocket and looked at it.

The tense atmosphere immediately dissipated and Chu Suiyun almost let out a sigh of relief.

The message was sent by Chu Muyu.

Chu Muyu: Brother Qin, when I came back, I saw that you had already left. I don’t know if you were leaving temporarily or had something to do temporarily. My brother’s friend told me that something might have happened to my brother, and I’m going home now to check on him, so I’ll go first.

Qin Miao quickly scanned the text sent by Chu Muyu. When he saw the sentence “Something may have happened to my brother”, his eyebrows raised slightly, and then his eyes seemed to shift to Chu Suiyun’w body.

Chu Suiyun, who was carefully moving to the other side of the bed, noticed Qin Miao’s gaze, and his figure immediately stopped.

He cursed in his heart. This Alpha was trouble and his observational skills were terrifying, even his small actions have been discovered.

Now that he was discovered, Chu Suiyun simply didn’t do anything. He rolled directly to the other side of the bed, landed on his feet, and stood up.

As soon as he stood up straight, the phone in his pocket rang. His intuition told him that the call was from Dong Kejie. It means to leave as soon as possible.

But under Qin Miao’s eyes, Chu Suiyun did not dare to answer the phone. He was afraid that the voice of the call would be too loud and Qin Miao would hear something.

After all, Alphas were a bunch of guys with developed five senses.

The phone was still ringing, Qin Miao was standing on the other side of the bed, opposite Chu Suiyun.

“Not answering the phone?” he asked suddenly.

Chu Suiyun laughed twice: “It’s not an important call, I don’t need to answer it.”

Then Chu Suiyun looked away and said some nonsense: “Thank you for taking me to the room to rest, I feel better now. I will leave now, since I have an appointment later.”

As he spoke, he smeared oil on his feet and walked outside the bedroom, trying to get away.

When he inevitably passed by Qin Miao’s side, Chu Suiyun’s arm was suddenly held.

At that moment, Chu Suiyun was like a cat with exploded fur, his whole body suddenly became alert. He tried his best not to show his nervousness, he turned his head slowly, and looked directly at Qin Miao.

“Is there anything else?” Chu Suiyun asked confidently, if Qin Miao dared to say anything too much, he would punch him!

Qin Miao pulled Chu Suiyun’s arm, pulling the person into his arms. He did not know where he took out a business card, but he stuffed it into Chu Suiyun’s trousers pocket.

“Contact me.”

Qin Miao’s low voice sounded.

Chu Suiyun immediately changed his face.

This guy with a baggy waistband, is this how he’s like when he sees someone who looks okay?

Chu Suiyun looked down on him from the bottom of his heart.

Qin Miao still had that icy poker face. When he grabbed Chu Suiyun’s wrist, he saw that this man was staring at him with a wary face, yet he was determined to pretend to be calm. He felt amused.

But Qin Miao didn’t laugh out. He quickly let go of Chu Suiyun’s hand and said lightly, “Your perfume smells too strong.”

Chu Suiyun’s eyes widened, and then he panicked and left the suite.

Taking the elevator down to the first floor of the hotel and walking out, Chu Suiyun immediately called Dong Kejie.

Unexpectedly, the phone did not connect. Instead, Dong Kejie walked out of the hotel and patted Chu Suiyun on the shoulder from behind.

Chu Suiyun was frightened for a moment. He saw it was Dong Kejie, who walked forward to hold his friend’s shoulder.

“How are you, did you get beaten?” Dong Kejie asked. He obviously didn’t think that Qin Miao, as an Alpha, would have other thoughts on Chu Suiyun, who was also an Alpha, except wanting to beat the other party.

“It was fine.” Chu Suiyun replied casually, he was more concerned about the plan, so he asked, “How was it? Have you taken the pictures?” 

When it came to the photos, Dong Kejie shook his head regretfully: “No, all the photos taken were with your face, we can’t use it.”

After Chu Suiyun heard this, his expression did not fluctuate much, but he stroked his hair and adjusted it back to his usual look.

“Let’s think of a way next time. Where’s Xiao Yu?”

“Huanhuan brought Xiao Yu back. I asked him to help delay the time. You came out in time. You should be able to get home before Xiao Yu.” Dong Kejie said.

“Thank you.” Chu Suiyun said, “I can’t send you off. You and Huanhuan have helped me a lot this time. Next time, I will invite you to dinner.”

Dong Kejie smiled: “It’s a small matter, I’m mainly here to collect your wedding materials. Moreover, we didn’t help with anything, the photos can’t be used.”

Chu Suiyun gave him a look and patted him on the shoulder: “I’m leaving.” 

After saying goodbye to Dong Kejie, Chu Suiyun quickly trotted to the parking space, started the car, and raced back against the clock.

On the street beside the hotel, Chu Muyu was standing beside He Huan, and the two were waiting for the car under the sun.

Clearly watching several taxis drive away, Chu Muyu couldn’t wave, because He Huan said that he ordered a taxi on his mobile phone, and he would lose money if he canceled it.

After waiting until Chu Muyu wanted to say whether they should leave separately, when he turned around and saw He Huan’s apologetic smile, Chu Muyu couldn’t say anything.

After about ten minutes, He Huan finally happily said to Chu Muyu, “Here, the car is here.” 

The two then got into the taxi.

Chu Muyu did not expect to meet He Huan in the hotel restaurant. He Huan was a friend of his brother. Because they were both Omegas and He Huan had a cheerful personality, the two became familiar with each other after seeing each other a few times.

Chu Muyu felt guilty and was afraid that his brother would know through He Huan that he was going out to see Qin Miao, so when He Huan asked him if he was here for dinner, he lied and said that he came with his classmates and he came back to get something.

After, He Huan said that he was also leaving and proposed to take a car back together. Chu Muyu was not used to rejecting others, so he agreed.

“Sir, take me to Shanlan University first, and then take this younger brother home.” He Huan took the lead in deciding the itinerary.

Chu Muyu opened his mouth in the back row, wanting to suggest sending himself home first, but He Huan paid for the ride and it was indeed easier to go to Lan University first, so he had to keep his mouth shut.

On the other side, Chu Suiyun drove and returned home in fifteen minutes.

He still remembered the role that Dong Kejie added to him without authorization. After changing his shoes and clothes, he quickly took a shower to wash off the perfume on his body.

Then he hurriedly got into bed and pretended that he really slept at home and didn’t wake up all day.

Lying on the bed, doing nothing, time passed very slowly. As an Alpha, Chu Suiyun was often too energetic to use it all up. He slept late in the morning, so now he couldn’t sleep at all.

This was also the reason why Chu Muyu was a little anxious when he heard Dong Kejie say that Chu Suiyun was going to sleep at home for a day and couldn’t wake up to pick up the phone.

An Alpha was full of energy, and if one day they wilt, nine times out of ten it was because they were sick.

Chu Suiyun, who wasn’t sick, couldn’t sleep, so he could only take out his phone and play to relieve his boredom.

Lying on the bed and quieting down, Chu Suiyun remembered the last words Qin Miao said to him before leaving.

“Your perfume smells too strong.”

This sentence inevitably made Chu Suiyun think a lot. Did Qin Miao smell that he was not an Omega?

In order to verify this, he sent He Huan a message: Huanhuan, can an Omega perfume make Qin Miao think that I am an Omega?

He Huan should be in the car at this time and the message came back quickly: Yes, the effect of Omega perfume is to soften pheromones. The pheromone difference between Alpha and Omega is actually in its aggression. Don’t worry, you won’t be recognized.

Chu Suiyun: But Qin Miao seemed to smell that I was using an Omega perfume.

He Huan: It’s normal to smell the perfume, but he won’t suspect that you are an Alpha. Your alpha pheromone are well covered by the perfume. Didn’t Kejie also verify it? Just don’t worry about it.

Hearing what he said, Chu Suiyun breathed a sigh of relief.

It was more than 40 minutes after, did Chu Muyu return home. When Chu Suiyun in the bedroom heard the sound of the key opening the door, he quickly threw on the lock screen of his phone, and closed his eyes to pretend to be asleep.

Chu Muyu knocked on the door of his brother’s room first, but he didn’t get a response as expected. So he twisted the doorknob and opened the door.

The curtains in the room were closed, and it was dark even during the daytime. Chu Suiyun was lying on the bed with his eyes closed.

Chu Muyu walked over, but did not see that his brother was pretending to be asleep.

He slowly crouched down on the edge of the bed, his arms resting on the edge, his head on his arms.

Chu Muyu rarely had the chance to see his brother in such a quiet moment. An Alpha was usually in good health and didn’t get sick very often. When they grew up, the two of them stopped sleeping together. Every day when he saw Chu Suiyun, he was always noisy.

To see his noisy brother sleep so peacefully for a day, that even a phone can’t wake him up, it seems that it was really tiring to work in a big company.

Chu Muyu sat cross-legged directly beside the bed.

“You’ve slept for a day and you’re still sleeping.” Chu Muyu whispered.

When Chu Suiyun, who was pretending to be asleep, heard this, he thought that his younger brother had seen through him. He was about to turn around and use a smile to ease the awkwardness, but heard Chu Muyu continue talking to himself.

“You were always so busy. When you were in school, you were busy studying, taking exams, and spending time with your classmates. After going to work, you became even more busy. You were so busy that you would only pay attention to me when you found out that I was in a relationship.” 

The younger brother’s voice was soft and glutinous, with a nasal tone. It seemed as if he was talking to himself, and it seemed like he was acting like a spoiled child.

Chu Suiyun listened to his brother’s words, and felt that his heart was thrown into a hot spring. It was hot, a little hot and uncomfortable.

He forgot his movements for a while, still maintaining the act of pretending to be asleep.

Chu Muyu sat quietly in the room for a while, not intending to wake Chu Suiyun, but quietly got up and left.

A few minutes later, Chu Suiyun heard the sound of pots and spoons banging in the kitchen.

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