Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Emotion Suppressing Medicine

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Hearing the sound from the kitchen, Chu Suiyun got up from the bed, opened the door and walked to the kitchen.

Standing at the door of the kitchen, he saw Chu Muyu cooking noodles behind the stove.

“Xiao Yu.” Chu Suiyun called out his brother’s name.

Chu Muyu, who was struggling with how many noodles to put in, was startled. He turned around and looked at Chu Suiyun in a panic.


Chu Suiyun walked into the kitchen and asked with a smile, “Are you cooking noodles for me?”

“Yeah.” Chu Muyu responded vaguely, turned his head, stared at the boiling hot water in the pot, and said : “You go out, don’t stare at me.”

The heat in the kitchen gradually rose. Chu Suiyun looked at his younger brother from behind, then finally had a real feeling about the fact that his younger brother had grown up. In fact, Chu Muyu had always been obedient. As long as he didn’t mention the dating matters, he was the cutest little brother in the world.

It’s a pity that Chu Suiyun was determined to talk to his brother about love. After all, it was related to his future life happiness.

Ten minutes later, Chu Muyu brought a bowl of hot noodles to Chu Suiyun. While Chu Suiyun felt warm in his heart, he also felt that the relationship between the two brothers had eased at this moment and it was a good time to calm down and talk.

So Chu Suiyun mixed the noodles and said with consideration, “Are you still in contact with that Big Brother Qin recently?”

The corner of Chu Muyu’s mouth, who was sitting opposite, immediately dropped.

Chu Suiyun didn’t notice this little detail, and continued: “You are a university student, so it’s normal to fall in love. But can you change to someone else? Do you have to be with that person?”

“Why?” Chu Muyu immediately asked, “Why not him? Is he the only one I can’t?”

Chu Suiyun didn’t quite understand what Chu Muyu meant, but after thinking about it, his meaning seemed similar to what his brother said, so he nodded, “He is not a good person. There are many Alphas, does it have to be him?”

“I know he is a good person.” Chu Muyu insisted, and then he asked back, “But brother, have you met him before, how can you be sure that he is not a good person?” 

The younger brother’s question came suddenly and Chu Suiyun had a moment. Thinking that Chu Muyu knew something, he immediately denied: “Of course I haven’t met him. I just heard that he had a bad reputation.”

Chu Muyu suddenly stood up: “You heard that, but how do you know if that’s really the case? “

Chu Suiyun’s eyes widened and he secretly thought that this was bad.

“You don’t know anything, so don’t worry about my business. Brother Qin is not a bad person, and nothing will happen.” After Chu Muyu finished speaking, he turned around, “I’ll go back to my room first.”

Only Chu Suiyun was left. He sat alone behind the dining table, watched Chu Muyu leave, and let out a long sigh.

He thought that after a few days, the relationship between the two of them had recovered, but he didn’t expect this kid, Chu Muyu, to be so ignorant when he mentioned this matter.

What kind of ecstasy soup did Qin Miao give Xiao Yu?

It seems that the road of reasoning with his brother in a nice manner was completely impossible, and he can only continue with the original plan.

At night, Chu Muyu was painting in the room. He studied oil painting, but he also drew some illustrations on the computer to earn some pocket money.

He was wearing headphones, and the melodious music was suddenly interrupted, and a call came in.

Chu Muyu saw that the caller ID was Qin Miao.

In fact, Qin Miao rarely called Chu Muyu on his own initiative. The last time Qin Miao called Chu Muyu for the first time, he was caught by Chu Suiyun, which was really bad fate.

Chu Muyu answered the phone and said in a low voice, “Hello, Brother Miao.”

Qin Miao’s home.

After letting Chu Suiyun escape, Qin Miao returned home. Weekends were his rare days to rest. He was always running around during the week, so he liked to stay at home when he was resting.

The Alpha leaned against the bed in the bedroom with a glass of water, took out his mobile phone and made a call. The call was quickly connected, and he patiently heard the young Omega on the opposite side greet him cautiously.

“Xiao Yu.” Qin Miao called the Omega’s name without saying a word of nonsense, and directly expressed his intention, “What has your brother been doing recently?” 

The opposite party was silent for a while, it seemed that Qin Miao asked the other party an unexpected question. He took a sip of water, not in a hurry.

“I can tell you, but I want to know what you’re asking this for?” The Omega’s answer was a bit wary.

Qin Miao stood up straight from the window, walked to the bed, and put down the water glass: “Isn’t this our original condition? I can ask you a few questions.”

“Yes, but why did you ask about my brother?” It wasn’t a face-to-face conversation, so an Alpha’s aura couldn’t affect the Omega, thus Chu Muyu’s tone became a little harsher.

“What if I say this was my goal?” Qin Miao sat down on the bed, the baggy bathrobe slipping down on his chest.

The opposite side was suddenly quiet, Qin Miao laughed a few times without warning, and Chu Muyu’s heart skipped a beat. Qin Miao’s laugh was really rare.

“Just kidding.” Qin Miao said, “You always mention your brother, so I’m a little curious about what kind of person he is.”

Only then did Chu Muyu put down his guard a little and chose a few irrelevant facts to tell Qin Miao.

“My brother, he goes to work, picks me up from school every day, and occasionally goes out to meet with friends. Nothing special, except today, the company where he is interning made him so busy that he was so tired that he slept at home all day.”

Qin Miao raised his eyebrows : “Where does he intern?”

Chu Muyu replied, “Fengmiao.”

“Oh?” Qin Miao’s tone of voice was rather playful.

“Okay, I have nothing to ask.” Qin Miao said.

Chu Muyu heard that he wanted to end the call, and hurriedly told him what he wanted to say: “Brother Miao, if that person doesn’t show up by the end of this month, let’s end it, I don’t want to bother you any more.

Qin Miao was not surprised that Chu Muyu would talk about this, he said lightly: “Xiao Yu, have you ever thought that that person hasn’t appeared for a long time because our performance was not enough to stimulate him? “

Listening to the other side of the phone become silent again, Qin Miao knew that this kind of thing was still not easy for a young Omega to accept. But to solve the problem, you need to be more decisive, which Chu Muyu can’t do.

He admitted that he was very patient with Chu Muyu, but he didn’t know how this kid’s brother could endure Chu Muyu’s indecisive temperament for 18 years.

“But I respect your opinion.” Qin Miao said. He said goodbye to the other party and hung up.

After hanging up the phone, Qin Miao laid down on the bed with his palm behind his head, looking at the ceiling. He couldn’t help thinking of the person he met a few hours ago.

The man let his hair down, looking young and tame. He also wore a pair of glasses. It was obvious that the sharpness between the eyes of the man was the most eye-catching, but he chose to use the glasses to restrain it down, making himself look like an ordinary Omega.

But these all just flew through Qin Miao’s mind quickly. What the Alpha cared the most about was the touch of that person in his arms.

Not soft, but hot to touch.

Those eyes shone with a brilliance that could not be hidden by clumsy spectacle frames, making a person unable to restrain themselves from wanting to monopolize those eyes.

Qin Miao noticed the change in his body and the room gradually exuded a strong smell of alpha pheromones. Then he got up from the bed, found a few pills in the bedside table, and threw them into his mouth to chew.

It took a while for the medicine to work. Qin Miao took the medicine and walked into the bathroom without hesitation.

If it goes on like this, he wouldn’t be able to bear it anymore.

On the other side, Chu Muyu was equally upset after hanging up the phone.

Some time ago, he asked Qin Miao to pretend to be his boyfriend. Qin Miao agreed very easily, but the conditions he put forward were confusing.

The Alpha said that as long as Chu Muyu could answer a few of his questions, it would be fine. Chu Muyu asked Qin Miao what the question was at the time, but Qin Miao said that he would ask later, but Chu Muyu had to answer him.

Chu Muyu was in a hurry to resolve his own affairs, so he agreed.

But Qin Miao never meant to ask questions. When he asked him out, he never refused. At one point, Chu Muyu thought that Qin Miao didn’t want anything in return.

Knowing that Qin Miao was busy, Chu Muyu felt a little guilty, so he wanted to offer to help him, but was rejected.

Unexpectedly, Qin Miao suddenly came to ask himself a question today.

The question was about his brother.

When Chu Muyu was thinking about this, he unconsciously put the pen to his lips.

Does Qin Miao know his brother? Why was he asking about his brother?

And his brother seemed to know Qin Miao. His caller id for Qin Miao was Big Brother Qin, not even his full name, but his brother very assuredly said Qin Miao was a scumbag.

Of course, Chu Muyu knew that Qin Miao’s reputation was not very good. After all, he knew this point and that’s why he asked Qin Miao to pretend to be his boyfriend.

But how did his brother know that “Big Brother Qin” was Qin Miao?

Was it the last time when he saw himself in Qin Miao’s car at the school gate? But how did his brother recognize that person was Qin Miao?

Chu Muyu couldn’t think of an answer, but he felt that it would be better for him to end this thing with Qin Miao sooner. The situation is becoming more and more complicated, and one day it will be out of his control.

The weekend was over, and it was a work day again.

Chu Suiyun, the pet of the internship club, went to work under the worried eyes of his younger brother.

Chu Muyu still thought that his brother was sick from the weekend, and in the morning persuaded Chu Suiyun to take a leave of absence. Chu Suiyun blushed, explaining that he was neither sick or sleepy, and he didn’t need to ask for leave.

Chu Suiyun, who felt that his younger brother was getting more and more sensible, looked forward to picking up his younger brother after work every day. He would immediately clock out at six o’clock and leave work, not having the spirit of taking the initiative to work overtime like before.

Walking out of the company and sitting in his car, Chu Suiyun only found a message from his brother when he turned on his mobile phone.

Cute brother: Brother, I’m going out with my classmates tonight, and I won’t go home for dinner, so you don’t have to pick me up.

Although it was a pity, Chu Suiyun, the self-proclaimed open-minded elder brother, still allowed his younger brother to hang out with his friends. He sent a message to his younger brother to pay attention to safety.

After sending the message, he thought about it and found Dong Kejie’s contact information.

Since his younger brother didn’t go home, Chu Suiyun was too lazy to go home and cook his own meal, he was going to invite Dong Kejie and He Huan to come out for a gathering.

The phone was connected, and Chu Suiyun went straight to the point: “Dong Er, were you going out for dinner tonight?”

Dong Kejie hummed: “Is it because Xiao Yu is not at home and you don’t want to cook that you thought of me?”

“Dong Er is so smart.” Chu Suiyun poked at him, “Why, you don’t want to?”

“Why didn’t you ask me how I knew Xiao Yu wasn’t at home?” Dong Kejie said.

Chu Suiyun raised his eyebrows: “Didn’t you guess it?”

“Hey.” Dong Kejie sighed, “You as an elder brother have failed too much. I learned from Xiao Yu’s classmates that Xiao Yu skipped two classes this afternoon, yet you still don’t know anything.”

“Ah?” Chu Suiyun was dumbfounded.

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