Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Qin Miao’s Three Years

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Qin Miao and the doctor briefly talked about what happened in his last susceptible period. The doctor asked him to continue to keep observing, and that concluded the visit. Qin Miao came out of the consultation room and walked straight toward where Chu Suiyun was sitting.

The phone had been hung up, but Chu Suiyun was still holding the mobile phone in his hand.

Qin Miao walked over, stretched out his hand and shook it in front of him: “What are you thinking about?”

Chu Suiyun looked up and asked, “Three years ago, after I was taken away by my father, I forgot everything, but what happened to you?” 

The young Alpha’s eyes were focused and serious, he was sincerely asking Qin Miao what happened after they separated three years ago.

Hearing his question, Qin Miao was silent for a moment, then finally exhaled, took his shoulders, and walked out, saying, “Let’s go, I’ll tell you on the road.”

Chu Suiyun followed and was led out of the clinic.

The two got into the car, Qin Miao fastened his seat belt, and after starting the car, he looked out the window and said leisurely: “After you were taken away by your father three years ago, my family also found me, and I returned to Yun Country…”

Three years ago, Qin Miao followed Zhao Kai in a helicopter and went straight back to Yun Country. After returning, the two rushed home immediately. Mother Qin sat on the seat in the center of the Qin family’s old house to greet them, her expression was cold and serious.

Accompanying her was Qin Han who had pushed all his work aside. He looked at Qin Miao with a bit of helplessness and sympathy in his eyes.

Qin Miao knew from the expressions of his mother and eldest brother that he could not escape today.

Qin Miao stayed in the center of the living room for two hours that day, of which one and a half hours was him standing silently in front of his mother.

Mother Qin sat in the center, Zhao Kai’s mother sat next to Mother Qin, while Qin Han and Zhao Kai sat on both sides; only Qin Miao was not allowed to sit, standing in front of several people in a daze for an hour.

When the time was almost up, Mother Qin placed down the cup in her hand, got up and left a sentence: “Lock Lao Er away for a few days, we can talk when he behaves.”

Qin Miao raised his eyebrows and glanced at his elder brother, Qin Han shook his head at him, which meant don’t fight against your mother at this time. But Qin Miao did not listen to the persuasion and directly resisted: “No, Mom, I haven’t cleaned up that guy Richie yet. Give me a few days. You can lock me up for as long as you want when the matter is over.” 

As soon as these words came out, Qin Han and Zhao Kai held their foreheads one after another. Sure enough, Mother Qin was furious and pointed at Qin Miao for a reprimand: “You’re still thinking about taking care of others?! You can’t even take care of yourself, who else can you take care of? I’ll take care of you today!”

Zhao Kai’s mother hurriedly walked over to support her sister’s shoulder. She patted it, and said with relief: “Don’t be angry, didn’t the child return safely?”

“Hmph!” Mother Qin stared at Qin Miao and said angrily, “It’s because he came back fine that I need to remind him, otherwise look at him like this, he hasn’t learned his lesson, and is now even provoking others!”

“Don’t be angry, it’s good that he’s back safely none.” Mother Zhao persuaded.

“Mom.” Qin Miao suddenly said, “I’ve learned my lesson, but it doesn’t mean I have to be bullied. I won’t make it easy for people who provoke me, but I’ll be more careful this time.”

Mother Qin stared at her son for a while, then finally rubbed her temples. As she turned and left, she said, “I’m too tired to care about you, you can do what you like. I don’t want to see you for a while, so get out of here.”

The words were actually a concession. Qin Miao got the acquiescence of his mother and did not delay at all, and immediately got ready to teach Richie a lesson.

The first thing that came to his mind was Chu Tian.

Chu Tian was the person he must win over, not only because Chu Suiyun was kidnapped by Richie as Chu Tian’s son and they have a common enemy, but also because Tingyu was now the most powerful partner of the Maxson family, and if he wanted to give Maxson family some trouble, he must have Tingyu stop cooperating with them.

Qin Miao asked his assistant to contact Chu Tian. He originally thought that Chu Tian would not want to see him, so he was ready for a protracted battle, but he did not expect that the assistant would soon bring good news.

“Mr. Qin, Mr. Chu said that he can make an appointment with you but he is in the Federation, and will not be able to meet until he arrives in Yun Country in a few days.”

It turned out that Chu Tian did not return to Yun Country immediately after picking up Chu Suiyun, but stayed for a period of time in the Federation.

Three days later, Chu Tian came back to Yun Country. Qin Miao couldn’t wait and went directly to the airport to pick him up.

While sitting in the car to wait for the plane, Qin Miao was actually a little nervous. He knew that the person he really looked forward to seeing was not Chu Tian, ​​but the person beside Chu Tian.

But he was disappointed that day.

The assistant returned to the car with shame on his face and reported to Qin Miao: “Mr. Qin, Mr. Chu contacted me and said that he has left. Since there are people with him who need immediate medical attention, he will not trouble us to pick them up.”

“For medical treatment?” Qin Miao asked.

The only person who can make Chu Tian so nervous was Chu Suiyun. When he was separated from Chu Suiyun, he did experience discomfort due to the side effects of the inhibitor but it’s been so many days, isn’t his condition getting better?

“Do you know which hospital it is?” Qin Miao asked the assistant.

The assistant had contacted Chu Tian in the past few days, and has become familiar with Chu Tian’s assistant. They have been speaking with each other for a long time. When he asked him, he immediately nodded: “I know.”

Qin Miao hurried to the hospital.

The assistant even asked for the ward the other party was in. Qin Miao knew very well that this was instructed by Chu Tian, ​​and the other party was definitely going to meet him in the hospital.

Sure enough, when they walked to the door of the ward, the people guarding outside stopped Qin Miao. After having them wait a moment, they turned around and entered the ward. Half a minute later, Chu Tian pushed open the door and came out.

Chu Tian was an Alpha with a strong aura. Perhaps because of his frequent frowning, an obvious ravine appeared between his brows, which added a bit of suffocation to him.

“You want to see me.” Chu Tian closed the door of the ward tightly with his backhand, “Why?”

The door of the room blocked Qin Miao’s sight. He stabilized his mind and replied to Chu Tian, ​​”I want to talk to you about the Maxson family.”

“Heh.” Chu Tian sneered and rolled up his sleeves, “Do you think you and I should stand on the same frontier?”

“Yes. The initiator of this incident is Richie Maxson.” Qin Miao replied.

“You need me to take revenge on Richie, but I don’t need you.” Chu Tian lightly explained Qin Miao’s predicament, “Why do I have to help you?”

Qin Miao faced Chu Tian’s aura and understood what he meant, the tone in the words and he said bluntly: “What conditions do you have, you can mention them.”

Chu Tian smiled, very satisfied with his unpretentious attitude: “You are straightforward, so I will not detour around it.”

Seeing that he was ready to make conditions, Qin Miao waited for him to speak.

“I want you to stay away from my life and my family’s life after this incident.” Chu Tian said.

His voice fell, but Qin Miao didn’t respond. Qin Miao originally thought that Chu Tian would make many high-priced demands, and was weighing the maximum profit in his heart, but he did not expect the other party’s request to be so simple.

It was indeed very simple, nothing needed to be paid, and all future involvement would be cut off. In any other negotiation, Qin Miao definitely could not ask for more, and would agree on the spot. But now, Qin Miao was unable to meet such a simple and easy condition.

In the end, Qin Miao couldn’t hold back and asked, “Why?”

Hearing his question, Chu Tian’s eyes showed a hint of contempt that was hard to detect, and explained: “I have never disclosed my family to the public, just to protect them. We are just ordinary people, and we don’t want to get involved in the disputes between you and the children of other Richie families. Facts have proved that my thoughts are correct. Suiyun became just a little bit involved with you, and it turned out like this; if you continue to contact him, how will I feel reassured?”

“How is he?” Qin Miao asked.

Chu Tian was not polite, but Qin Miao was only concerned about Chu Suiyun’s situation.

“He’s lost his memory.”


A child in the corridor rashly knocked over a trash can, hitting the ground with a soft sound. This sound hit the ground, but it seemed to hit Qin Miao’s heart.

“How could it be?” Qin Miao’s eyes turned into disbelief.

“The reason for the amnesia is still being discovered but it’s not important. To be honest, I’m glad he forgot about everything.” Chu Tian said, “That’s why you can’t appear in front of him. To him, you are just a stranger now.”

Chu Tian raised his feet and was about to go back: “If Suiyun didn’t lose his memory, I wouldn’t be able to interfere with your meeting, because maybe he would want to see you but now he has forgotten you. To him, an ordinary life is the best. You can leave now.”

“Wait a minute.” Qin Miao stopped him.

Chu Tian turned around and suddenly opened his eyes slightly unexpectedly. He saw Qin Miao’s almost humble request: “Please, at least let me take a look at him.

An alpha would never show their softer side to another. Admitting defeat so suddenly, it was hard to refuse. But Qin Miao’s appearance did not shake Chu Tian, it just made the cold-hearted Alpha father feel like it was offensive to his eyes.

After leaving Flower Snake Island, Chu Suiyun underwent many physical examinations. As a father, Chu Tian certainly knew who had left the traces on his son.

The bite mark on the side of Chu Suiyun’s neck had faded, but anyone with a discerning eye could tell that it was bitten by another Alpha. Not to mention that the hospital’s inspection report showed that Chu Suiyun’s body had a small abnormality in pheromones, which was the result of being invaded by another Alpha’s pheromones.

Chu Tian tried his best not to think about it, thus he could talk to Qin Miao calmly for so long. Now that Qin Miao showed this expression, Chu Tian instantly remembered the traces on his son’s body, and suddenly became angry.

“Boy from the Qin family.” Chu Tian said in a cold tone, “Suiyun is just eighteen years old. He is an Alpha, and his life has just begun. What right do you have to step into his future because of this?”

Qin Miao was stunned. Chu Tian walked into the ward without looking back, and closed the door. Before that, he only left a sentence: “Know when to stop.” 

The negotiation ended. Qin Miao stood outside the ward for a long time until the assistant came up to let him know that he left.

Chu Tian did what he said, he met with Qin Miao for a while and finalized the cooperation plan.

A week later, the Federation suddenly broke out with a nationwide counterfeit drugs incident. A single Omega who was approaching their heat used an inhibitor from Maxson Pharmaceuticals and went to work normally, but without warning, he ushered in his heat on the subway.

Dozens of Alphas in the same car and even several cars nearby smelled his pheromones at the same time and entered passive heat. The scene was chaotic for a while. Even if there was real-time monitoring and the neck ring, when the police and doctors arrived at the scene, the situation was out of control.

The Omega had been temporarily marked by the most powerful Alpha on the scene, and on the way to the hospital, the Alpha also injured several medical staff.

This incident happened two weeks ago, but there was no discussion about it. Except for a small-scale spread on the day of the incident, no relevant discussion posts could be found anywhere on the Internet.

It was not until that day that the person involved, the Omega, opened an account directly and spoke out on the internet that the matter boiled over uncontrollably.

An Omega advocacy group came out to help the victim and asked to investigate the reason why the drug failed. They sent the medicine that the Omega was taking at the time for testing, and found that the active ingredients were far below regulation. It can be said that the effect of this pill was the same as eating a piece of starch.

Maxson Pharmaceuticals immediately asserted that the victim Omega bought counterfeit medicine, not the ones they produced. However, the Omega rights protection organization disclosed the entire testing process and verified the anti-counterfeiting label of the medicine box, which proved that the medicine was indeed the genuine product produced by Maxson Pharmaceuticals.

Maxson Pharmaceuticals was hammered to the point of being speechless. They were loud at first, saying that they would use legal means to defend its rights and would never tolerate slander against itself by people with a malicious heart.

Their tough attitude seemed very confident, and some netizens began to waver, guessing that someone might be deliberately throwing dirty water. But some people asked back, how could an Omega deliberately enter their heat in the subway, just to splash dirty water on the Maxson house?

At this time, Tingyu, who had just cooperated with Maxson Pharmaceuticals, suddenly announced the termination of their cooperation.

Tingyu Technology had always advertised itself as serving Omegas, although many Omegas do not agree with the neck ring system and did not have a good thing to say for Tingyu, they had to admit that Tingyu had a clear stand, at least on the surface. At this time, Tingyu pulled out, and it made the people suspect that there was indeed a problem with Maxson Pharmaceuticals.

Even though the reason for Chu Tian’s termination of cooperation was reputation damage, rather than empirical evidence that Maxson Pharmaceuticals produced counterfeit drugs; ordinary people don’t know the reason, and the knife edge of public opinion pointed to Maxson again.

Richie, who was involved, looked at this familiar event, and almost immediately thought of a person.

Qin Miao, this disgusting guy was really good!

In the room, he smashed a piece of porcelain made by Yun Country, and his madness was terrifying. Old Maxson heard the movement and came down from upstairs; he was angry and helpless when he saw his furious appearance.

Old Maxson blew his beard into the sky and asked his son angrily, “Are you involved with that that batch of problematic drugs!”

It was indeed Richie’s manipulation, but he didn’t expect his father to know about it. This batch of medicine was given to him by a b*stard brother of Richie’s, who persuaded his father, then did his father give him some of his delegated power to him, to allow him to show his ability. Richie sneered: “Hey, didn’t he want his father to see his abilities? Then let’s let him have a good ‘experience’.”

He ordered people to quietly cut corners in this batch of medicine. Originally, the number of this batch of medicine was very small. After the incident with the Omega happened two weeks ago, Richie reacted very quickly because he was well prepared. He suppressed all public opinion with strong means, compensated the Omega for the incident, and later recalled the batch of drugs.

After Old Maxson found out, he reprimanded his illegitimate child. Richie’s plan succeeded, but he didn’t expect the bomb to explode again at this time. He didn’t even have to think about it, he knew that there was someone manipulating things behind the scenes.

Seeing his son’s unexpected expression, Old Maxson knew that it was indeed him who did it, and stomped his feet with anger: “What are you angry at your brother about? He doesn’t have any status or reputation and is your side person! Now it’s good, making such a big deal, you can reflect at home!”

Richie chased after him and shouted: “Dad!”

Old Maxson sighed, still not heartless enough, and comforted his son: “I will solve this matter Since this batch was under the supervision of your younger brother, it is his responsibility if there is a problem.” 

After receiving his father’s statement, Richie was relieved.

But the development of things gradually deviated from this father and son’s plan, and the debt problem of Federal Express finally collapsed. They immediately thought of Yun Country, and hurried to restart the cooperation negotiations.

Richie with the heart of making up for his faults, took the initiative to invite and receive the person in charge of Yun Country’s Jingzao. Then, he saw Qin Miao in a suit and tie in the negotiating conference room.

Qin Miao came early and was standing by the window, holding an unlit cigarette in his hand, watching the busy traffic under the building calmly and peacefully.

Hearing the movement at the door, Qin Miao slowly turned around, smiled right at Richie, and said lightly, “Long time no see, Mr. Maxson.”

This was the first time that Richie knew the result before the negotiation. It would definitely be a failure. He was too tired to continue to feign civility with Qin Miao, so he turned around and wanted to leave.

“Mr. Maxson stay.” Qin Miao stopped him and reminded, “If you walk out of this door today, we really won’t have a chance to negotiate again.”

“Hmph.” Richie snorted coldly, “Are you sincere? Come to discuss cooperation with me? Stop acting, your acting skills are too poor.”

Qin Miao shook his head: “Mr. Maxson is too subjective, we do have some personal grudges, but I am a person with a clear distinction between public and private matters. There are many conditions between us that we can talk about.”

Qin Miao said that he was a person with a clear distinction between public and private matters, but Richie didn’t believe a single remark. Qin Miao’s plan was clear and undisguised, and there was a faint contempt in his eyes when he looked at Richie.

Qin Miao was here to take revenge on himself, Richie was convinced of that.

But even so, Richie had to admit that Qin Miao was right, there was indeed a lot to talk about between them.

Thinking of this, Richie suddenly felt confident, walked back to the table and sat down, and asked directly, “Tell me, what conditions do you have?” 

Qin Miao raised his eyes: “I want Song Zheng and the others to come back unscathed.”

The young people were negotiating, and at the same time, the two older generations were also confronting each other.

However, compared with Richie, Old Maxson was not so hard-hearted. He was in charge of the entire family, and he was most aware that the family was only made of gold and jade on the outside, but the inside had already begun to decay. It was hard to go through such turmoil a few more times.

So he was polite to Chu Tian and wanted Chu Tian to change his mind, even if it was to clarify that the termination of the cooperation was not due to Maxson’s fraud.

Chu Tian smiled and asked: “Oh? Do you have any evidence to prove that you really did not do it?”

Of course, Old Maxson didn’t, but he still had to force himself to be clear: “Our medicines are sold all over the country, and getting the genuine medicine boxes couldn’t be easier. When it was sent for testing, the medicine had already been opened, and the Omega couldn’t prove that he bought the genuine product.”

“Well, what you said makes sense.” Chu Tian nodded and seemed to agree with him. 

“Yes, because we were indeed wronged.” Old Maxson quickly emphasized.

As soon as he finished speaking, Chu Tian took out a box of medicine from his bag and placed it on the table with a slap. It was the oral inhibitor of Maxson Pharmaceuticals.

“Unfortunately, I just bought a box of your last batch of medicine. It has not been opened yet. It can be used as evidence to prove Maxson’s innocence. Just take it and test it again.” Chu Tian jokingly looked at Old Maxson, “How about it? As long as the test results show that there is really nothing wrong with this batch of drugs, Tingyu will express their most sincerest apology to Maxson.”

Old Maxson could no longer say any sophistry.

“I’ll just open the skylight and speak up, Weir.” Chu Tian called out Old Maxson’s name, “Last time I cooperated with you to save my son, this time I won’t cooperate with you, also because of my son.” 

A trace of cold sweat oozed out of Old Maxson’s forehead.

“Your son made my son suffer, but he didn’t receive any punishment. As far as I know, he went to work well today?” Chu Tian gave Old Maxson a cold look.

“This…” Old Maxson pondered for a moment and promised, “I will discipline him well, and I will make him go home and reflect.”

“Reflect?” Chu Tian asked as if he had heard a joke, “Your son kidnapped my son, sent him overseas for nearly a month, and he is still in the hospital because of misuse of drugs. Just reflection is good enough?”

“Then what do you want?” Old Maxson clenched his fists quietly.

Chu Tian leaned back in his chair, and said beyond doubt: “He is a kidnapper, and what he did is a crime, I want the law to punish him.”

Old Maxson’s shoulders collapsed.

Richie’s criminal record was well documented, and the police investigations were effortless. A month later, he was formally charged. The judge sentenced him to ten years in prison.

Song Zheng and his party also returned to Yun Country safely and continued to work as bodyguards by Qin Miao’s side.

It was also at this time that Qin Miao ushered in his first susceptible period.

After Chu Tian had dealt with everything, he returned to the Federation without any hesitation, devoted himself to his busy work, and threw his two sons behind his head again. It was impossible to see how much he cared about taking revenge on Richie for Chu Suiyun and teaching Qin Miao a lesson.

After Chu Tian left, Qin Miao raised the idea of ​​secretly going to see Chu Suiyun. But every time he called his assistant in and wanted to ask the other party to help him investigate Chu Suiyun’s address, he would hesitate and then give up.

Because he subconsciously felt that Chu Tian was right, Chu Suiyun was an Alpha who had just grown up, he was like a blank sheet of paper. He didn’t know anything, his life had just begun. Being absurd once with himself doesn’t mean that he hoped his own involvement in his future.

So he only asked his assistant to find out which university Chu Suiyun went to in September.

After the first susceptibility period, Qin Miao began to have periodic susceptibility periods and became like an ordinary Alpha. Every time during that period, he locked himself in a room.

At that time, the Alpha would be irritable, and Qin Miao picked up painting again in order to calm down.

He was very talented in painting, and he also managed the oil painting club for a while in college. Although his original intention was to paint, as an Alpha appearing in a group of Omegas, it was inevitable to have some rumors.

While painting, Qin Miao calmed down and thought a lot by himself .

He felt that he really didn’t like the business world. Even though his father said he was talented and raised him as a heir and he obediently took over the burden from his father, he couldn’t really love the business.

Therefore, Qin Miao threw the burden to his eldest brother Qin Han without any psychological burden on the excuse that he was not in good health during his susceptible period. Mother Qin cried secretly after knowing this, and she no longer had a bad face in the face of her second son.

However, Qin Miao couldn’t completely ignore the matters, and a small part of the industry was still handed over to him.

There were fewer things he was in charge of, and Qin Miao had more time to refine his painting. The businessman suffered from an occupational disease and ended up investing money to set up a studio, recruited some students, and at the same time made some money, while “lecturing”.

Just a year later, Qin Miao came to the studio as a substitute and saw a familiar name on the roster.

Chu Muyu.

Qin Miao clicked on the classmate. He looked up and saw a young and tender Omega. Although his facial features and Chu Suiyun did not look alike, one can still recognize them as brothers at a glance.

Qin Miao’s thoughts moved, and then he calmed down all his thoughts, put down the roster, turned around and left the studio, and said willfully that he would not take on the class.

He wanted to leave, to fulfill the promise that he made in front of Chu Tian.

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