Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 79

Chapter 79 The truth of the susceptibility period

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On the sofa in the living room, four people were sitting scattered. Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao were sitting on the long sofa in the middle, Mother Qin was sitting on the single sofa beside, and Chu Muyu was sitting on the other single sofa, holding a teacup with his head lowered, lost in his thoughts.

Mother Qin was still dressed up delicately and elegantly, but she lacked a bit of her usual heroism. At this moment, she was more like a loving mother who always backed down in front of her children, with helplessness and embarrassment in her eyes.

“Little Xue…Chu.” Mother Qin said the word “Xue” halfway before realizing that it was wrong, and quickly changed her mouth, “Is your body okay? Have Qin Miao help you call a doctor to come to the house to have a look and make sure. “

Chu Suiyun originally thought that Mother Qin was waiting for him to talk about him pretending to be an Omega and Qin Miao’s fake engagement, so he was ready to be scolded, but he didn’t expect to be greeted with such a brief awkward concern.

Chu Suiyun hurriedly replied: “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“That’s fine, that’s fine.” Mother Qin nodded, looked at Qin Miao hesitantly, struggled for a moment, then actually stood up to say goodbye, “I was just waiting for you to wake up, now that you are awake, I’m relieved, so I’ll go back first.” 

The elder stood up, so the remaining three did not dare to sit any longer, and they all got up to see Mother Qin off.

Mother Qin turned around and said that the driver was waiting downstairs and told them to stay. Chu Suiyun sent the person to the door and said goodbye to her.

When Mother Qin left, Chu Suiyun closed the door and turned around to look at Qin Miao who was standing behind him: “I thought she would yell at me.”

Qin Miao laughed: “Because you pretended to be an Omena and lied to my entire family and was engaged to me?”

Chu Suiyun nodded. When ordinary people learn the truth about this kind of thing, wouldn’t they be angry because they were deceived?

“Don’t worry, she won’t blame you.” Qin Miao said.

Chu Suiyun didn’t know why Qin Miao was so sure, but it was always a good thing not to be scolded, so he did not worry about this matter for the time being.

Chu Muyu fell behind the two of them, watching the interaction between the two of them as if no one else was beside them. His searching gaze almost pierced through Chu Suiyun. Finally, his scorching gaze caught Chu Suiyun’s attention.

Chu Suiyun was a little embarrassed, not knowing how to explain the current situation to his younger brother. Just when he was embarrassed, Chu Muyu suddenly asked: “Brother, are you…with Brother Miao now?”

It was the first time that such an expression “with whom” appeared in Chu Suiyun’s life dictionary. Feeling a little awkward, he gritted his teeth and nodded to his younger brother, admitting, “Yes.”

So the signs that his brother showed some time ago were indeed because he was in love. Chu Muyu felt that he really shouldn’t be that smart to guess his brother’s emotional movements from the clues.

Although he was a little surprised that his brother’s lover was an Alpha, and even more surprised that the Alpha was Qin Miao, Chu Muyu was still happy that his brother finally had his own lover.

“Ah!” Chu Muyu suddenly thought of something, “Then it would be inappropriate for me to ask Brother Miao to pretend to be my boyfriend…”

No wonder his brother was particularly opposed to the matter between himself and Brother Miao, it was because of this. But why didn’t his brother tell him directly? And at that time, his brother didn’t act like he was with Miao, did he? Besides, why didn’t Brother Miao refuse his request?

As soon as this matter was mentioned, Chu Suiyun inevitably recalled the whole process of his stupidity some time ago. His face flushed with embarrassment, and he stumblingly explained: “No, not that early!”

“Why not that early.” Qin Miao retorted, “Don’t we count what happened three years ago?”

“Three years ago?” Chu Muyu was puzzled.

Chu Muyu didn’t know anything about what happened three years ago. Chu Suiyun was helpless, organized his words and simply told his younger brother about what happened to his memory, and along the way, mentioned a few things about three years ago.

After listening to his brother’s simplified story, Chu Muyu fell into silence, unsure what he was thinking.

Mother Qin returned to the old house, put her handbag on the sofa a little tiredly, and poured herself a glass of water to drink.

Zhao Kai, who was in the room, heard the movement, walked out, carefully observed Mother Qin’s expression, and asked tentatively, “My sister-in-law… is he awake?”

Mother Qin clearly heard his unnatural change, and became stern. Glancing at him, Zhao Kai immediately became quiet like a quail.

“Sigh.” Mother Qin sighed, with a very regretful tone, “How did that child become an Alpha?”

Zhao Kai obediently sat beside her and did not speak.

Mother Qin continued to speak, almost to herself : “How does he still happen to be the same person three years ago?”

Zhao Kai shook his head and summoned his courage: “The law stipulates that two Alphas can also get married. “

Mother Qin glared at him again. Knowing that he had made a mistake, Zhao Kai covered his mouth exaggeratedly, expressing that he had said the wrong thing.

Mother Qin turned her eyes back to the water cup in her hand, dazed.

Her to Chu Xue, no, he should be called Chu Suiyun now, she was actually very satisfied with this child. Everything was good, and everything matched her second child. The most important thing was that he was the first person who did not stop contact with her second child since the incident three years ago. But he was an Alpha.

If it was an ordinary Alpha, it would be fine. The Qin family had a big business. As Qin Miao’s mother, Zhao Yuan still had the right to speak regarding his son’s marriage. It was easy to send away one or two bad partners.

But he happened to be the same person from three years ago.

Perhaps these two things were inevitable. It was precisely because Chu Suiyun was the same person three years ago that Qin Miao approached him, did a lot of stupid things with him, and didn’t mind that he was an Alpha.

“Auntie.” Zhao Kai recalled Mother Qin’s thoughts, this time he risked his death to remonstrate, “Forget it. All the hardships that Chu Suiyun suffered three years ago were caused by my cousin, such a person, do you have the heart to deal with him?”

Mother Qin frowned and retorted: “Your cousin has suffered a lot in the past three years.”

“That’s right, but—” Zhao Kai smiled a little naively and said, “Only he can get rid of the crimes that cousin has endured over the past few years, isn’t it the case?”

Mother Qin was silent and the living room of the huge old house was also quiet for a while. 

How could she not understand what Zhao Kai was talking about, she just couldn’t get over it.

After waking up that day, Chu Suiyun ruthlessly rejected Qin Miao’s request for him to stay overnight, and resolutely returned home with his younger brother and got back to work without buffering.

Three days passed in a hurry, and the two actually returned to the state where they met occasionally and chatted most of the time.

Qin Miao expressed strong dissatisfaction with this and asked Chu Suiyun to take leave to accompany him tomorrow. Chu Suiyun refused and gave the reason: The day after tomorrow is Saturday, and it’s the same as Saturday vacation.

Qin Miao used a trump card and said to Chu Suiyun: I will go to the doctor tomorrow.

Sure enough, Chu Suiyun asked with concern: What doctor are you seeing? Are you sick?

Qin Miao did not answer immediately, but asked: Will you accompany me when I see the doctor?

Chu Suiyun could only agree first, and then ask: What happened to you?

Qin Miao called directly, Chu Suiyun was startled, and quickly got up from his work station and went to the corridor to answer the phone.

“Tell me, what’s going on?”

Qin Miao’s voice came through the receiver: “You know that the vast majority of superior Alphas will not have a susceptible period, right?”

“I know.” Chu Suiyun became alert, this was the first time Qin Miao had a head-on discussion with him about the susceptible period.

“I didn’t have one originally.” Qin Miao said, “but then one day, I suddenly ushered in a susceptible period. Since then, I have to go to the doctor regularly. I will see that doctor tomorrow, because I entered the susceptible period during the engagement ceremony.”

“Would you like to accompany me?” he asked again.

“Yes.” Chu Suiyun did not hesitate.

The next day, Chu Suiyun accompanied Qin Miao to a private clinic that looked very advanced.

There was a beautiful nurse at the door asking the family to stay behind, so Chu Suiyun had to sit down in the rest area. Qin Miao got up and prepared to go in.

Before entering, Qin Miao suddenly picked up the phone and called Chu Suiyun. Chu Suiyun connected with some doubts. Qin Miao said to him, “Don’t hang up.”

After speaking, Qin Miao turned around and entered the consultation room. Chu Suiyun finally understood his intention. He put the receiver to his ear, and there was an ambient noise, and the voices of Qin Miao and another male were clearly conveyed to Chu Suiyun’s ears through the mobile phone.

“Dr. Cheng, hello, long time no see.” Qin Miao greeted the doctor and pulled the chair familiarly and sat down.

The man he called a doctor looked to be in his fifties. He was a kind-hearted Beta. When he saw Qin Miao, he greeted him very familiarly: “It’s been a few months since you last came here. How are you doing?

“Not bad.” Qin Miao replied, “It’s just that I entered the susceptible period again a few days ago.”

Dr. Cheng’s expression was as usual. Qin Miao coming to him, naturally there was something wrong with his body. He asked as per usual: ” Specifically how many days ago? How long did it last? How did you spend it?”

“A week ago, it lasted less than a day.” Qin Miao replied.

When he answered the duration, Doctor Cheng heard something was wrong and raised his eyebrows.

“I spent it with my lover.” Qin Miao continued.

This time, Doctor Cheng’s unexpected expression became more obvious. He asked, “Have you finally accepted being with an Omega?”

“No.” Qin Miao shook his head, “Doctor Cheng, you once said that my susceptible period is when the body instinctively recognizes a partner, but for some reason, can’t be with that person. If I want to get treatment, I can either find the person that my body recognizes, or find an Omega with a high degree of compatibility to be with until the day the body forgets that person.”

Long, long ago, Alphas were very loyal creatures who identified only one partner in their lives, just like Omegas who can only be marked by one person for life. However, over the years of evolution, this characteristic of Alphas’ gradually disappeared, and they could have multiple partners in their lifetime. Very few Alphas retain the instinct that their bodies would identify one partner and have various reactions after the partner leaves.

However, these Alphas who retained their instincts might not absolutely identify only one partner. After marking with another high-compatability Omega, their bodies will gradually forget the partner they once identified.

An Alpha would develop a disease due to the departure of an assumed partner, either because the odds of finding that person again are slim, or because there is absolutely no reason for them to be together again. Therefore, from the perspective of practical operability, Dr. Cheng suggested Qin Miao to pair with another Omega.

“Yes.” Doctor Cheng nodded.

Qin Miao smiled: “Now, I have found that person.”

Dr. Cheng was very surprised, and was really stunned for a while, then he congratulated: “That’s really great news. Then your susceptibility period will gradually weaken until it disappears. It looks like I won’t see you again.”

“What about your collarbone nails? Are you going to remove them?” Dr. Cheng asked.

After returning to Yun Country three years ago, Qin Miao encountered a susceptible period for the first time, and was diagnosed and treated by Dr. Cheng.

At that time, Dr. Cheng asked him if he had done any “commemoration”, that is, whether he had tried to remember the identified partner in any form, and Qin Miao showed him his collarbone nail.

At that time, there was only one collarbone nail. Qin Miao said that if he did not leave any traces on his body to remember that person, he would be very irritated. Only when he saw the collarbone nail, did the person seem to exist and he could also calm down.

At that time, Dr. Cheng sighed and told him that if he wanted to get rid of the susceptible period, he had to forget that person.

Therefore, he suggested that Qin Miao remove the collarbone nail and remove all traces of that person’s existence.

Qin Miao thought that person didn’t leave any traces. Even the bite marks on the side of his neck had already healed. The collarbone nails were all traces of his own creation. If they were removed, then the time spent with that person, would they be real or his own delusions?

He rejected the doctor’s proposal. Dr. Cheng watched helplessly as the nails at Qin Miao’s collarbone changed from one to two, and finally to three, and he almost gave up hope of curing the patient.

Now that Qin Miao has found that person, the meaning of the existence of the collarbone nail no longer exists.

“I won’t take it off.” Qin Miao laughed, “I’ll leave it as a ‘commemoration’.”

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