Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Father suddenly returning to the country

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Saturday mornings are the most lazy.

Chu Suiyun laid on the pillow, eyes half-opened lazily. Suddenly, the smell of smoke entered his nostrils, and he raised his head and looked at the person beside him.

Qin Miao had his head leaned against the head of the bed, just lit a cigarette and had it held between his fingertips. He saw Chu Suiyun’s eyes and smiled: “What?”

“What kind of bad habit is this?” Chu Suiyun stretched his arms, straightened his upper body, and moved towards Qin Miao, “Do you have to smoke every time it’s finished? It’s still early in the morning.” 

With that, Chu Suiyun stretched out his hand and pulled out the cigarette from between his fingers. The young Alpha took the cigarette in his hand and scrutinized it for a moment with curiosity, then he imitated Qin Miao’s movements, and put it to his mouth and took a puff.

Qin Miao didn’t mind him snatching his cigarettes, and was quite happy. He leaned forward, not knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional, and the tip of his nose touched the tip of Chu Suiyun’s. He asked, “How does it feel?

“Fu…” Chu Suiyun didn’t really swallow. With the cigarette wrapped in his mouth, he sprayed it directly on Qin Miao’s face, “It smells bad.”

Qin Miao quickly closed his eyes, held his breath subconsciously, and waited for the smoke to dissipate before turning to look at Chu Suiyun again. His eyes suddenly became fierce, like a lone wolf who had been wandering in the mountains for many days without eating.

Then Qin Miao stretched out his hand and pressed the back of Chu Suiyun’s head towards him. He raised his head to meet him, not caring about the smell of smoke remaining in Chu Suiyun’s mouth, and plundered down like a hurricane.

Chu Suiyun did not expect that Qin Miao would suddenly kiss him, and for a moment, he was stunned. In a hurry, he wrapped his arms around Qin Miao’s neck. The cigarette in his hand trembled with his movements, and hot ashes fell on Qin Miao’s bare shoulders.

Qin Miao deliberately “hissed”, which startled Chu Suiyun.

Chu Suiyun found that the cigarette butt had burned Qin Miao, and he quickly withdrew: “Sorry.”

At the same time as Chu Suiyun withdrew his hand, Qin Miao grabbed his hand, took the cigarette back, and took a puff in his mouth. Then the cigarette that the two of them only took one puff each was thrown into the trash can by Qin Miao with a wave.

“If you don’t like me smoking, then I won’t.” Qin Miao said.

Chu Suiyun was stunned for a moment and hesitated: “It’s not necessary to have you quit smoking.”

Halfway through the sentence, Chu Suiyun raised his eyes to look at Qin Miao, and continued: “Forget it, quit smoking, quit now, and live a few more years, Uncle.”

“What? What did you call me?” Qin Miao was surprised and sat up to grab Chu Suiyun.

Chu Suiyun jumped out of bed, not caught. He ran and said, “I’m going to take a shower, you didn’t hear anything.” 

After taking a shower, Chu Suiyun wiped his hair and walked out from the bathroom. When he came out, he saw Qin Miao holding his mobile phone, which was ringing non-stop.

“Whose calling?” Chu Suiyun walked over and asked.

Qin Miao handed him the phone: “You can see for yourself.”

Picking up the phone and looking at it, Chu Suiyun was surprised. The caller ID on the screen read: Father.

Chu Suiyun glanced at Qin Miao, walked to the window, and answered the phone: “Father.”

Qin Miao sat beside the bed boredly, listening to Chu Suiyun being respectful and polite to the person on the other end of the phone, his mouth kept saying: “Yes, ok, got it.” 

The call lasted for half a minute. Chu Suiyun hung up the phone, then Qin Miao asked: “What did your father say?”

Chu Suiyun looked a little embarrassed, walked to the wardrobe, took the clothes that he had temporarily put on Qin Miao’s side and started changing.

He put on a sweater and replied, “My father said that he has arrived in Yun Country, and asked Little Yu and I to pick him up at the airport.”

Chu Tian suddenly returned to Yun Country, which even Chu Suiyun did not expect. But Chu Tian choosing to come back at this time, although was a little abrupt, it was not abnormal.

Since their mother left, the relationship between the father and sons of the Chu family had become awkward and unfamiliar, and Chu Tian would not come back from the federation for several years. However, as long as he came back, he would choose the New Year period.

Coupled with the fact that Little Yu was an adult this year, it was not surprising that Chu Tian came back at this time.

Chu Suiyun hurriedly packed himself up and was about to go out. Qin Miao put on a pair of pajamas and sent him to the door: “Anxious?”

“He’s already here. He called me at the airport. I can’t keep him waiting for a long time.” Chu Suiyun put on his shoes and was ready to push the door open.

Qin Miao originally wanted to send him, but seeing that he was in such a hurry, and he hadn’t changed his clothes, he gave up the idea of ​​sending him off, but handed his car key to Chu Suiyun: “Drive my car. “

Chu Suiyun didn’t drive here last night, and was worried about the inconvenience of taking a taxi. Hearing this, he immediately took Qin Miao’s car keys: “Thank you.” 

As soon as the words fell, Chu Suiyun hurriedly pushed the door and left, not even looking at Qin Miao’s eyes. Qin Miao stood by the door and sighed unhappily.

Sitting in the car, Chu Suiyun started the car while dialing his brother’s phone. He was telling his younger brother that their father was back, and that he wanted to go home to pick him up, and that the two will go to the airport to pick him up together.

Chu Muyu’s voice was still lazy. He was sleeping in on a Saturday morning. When he heard his brother say that their father had arrived in Yun Country, he immediately recovered and agreed. Chu Suiyun heard the sound of ping ping pong pong coming from his side, guessing that his younger brother was scrambling to get up.

Half an hour later, Chu Suiyun drove to their house to pick up his younger brother, and the two brothers went to the airport.

When Chu Tian called his eldest son, he had already landed. When the Chu Suiyun brothers arrived, he and his secretary had been waiting at the airport for a long time.

Chu Suiyun parked the car in the parking lot, called his father and said that he had arrived.

After hanging up the phone, a minute later, Chu Suiyun saw his father’s figure walking out of the airport.

“Little Yu.” Chu Suiyun tilted his head to remind his younger brother. Chu Muyu quickly unfastened his seat belt, followed his elder brother to push the door open and went to greet his father.

Chu Tian was tall and straight, wearing a long black coat. He walked fast, and the wind was blowing under his feet. Behind him was a slender male Omega, wrapped in the same thick black coat, looking even thinner.

“Father.” Chu Suiyun and Chu Muyu came to Chu Tian and greeted him obediently. 

Chu Tian nodded to the brothers in a lukewarm manner, looked at the car parked aside, and asked, “Suiyun, have you changed your car?”

The car he used was given to him by Chu Tian as a gift, so Chu Tian knew Chu Suiyun’s car.

Chu Suiyun replied vaguely: “It’s a friend’s, I borrowed it temporarily to drive.”

Chu Tian stared at the car for a while and watched Chu Suiyun’s scalp turn numb. In the end, Chu Tian said, “Your friend is quite rich.”

Chu Suiyun had a guilty conscience. If he knew that his father would care about this kind of thing, he would have taken a taxi.

The Omega behind Chu Tian came forward at this time and greeted the brothers: “Hello, I’m President Chu’s secretary, Yu Ze, nice to meet you.” 

The brothers and Yu Ze greeted each other, then Yu Ze handed the two handbags in his hands to Chu Suiyun and Chu Muyu respectively, explaining: “This is the gift that President Chu chose for you.”

Chu Suiyun glanced at his father, and Chu Tian nodded: “Take it.”

After consulting their father, the brothers accepted the gift with peace of mind. When Chu Suiyun took the handbag from Yu Ze, he keenly noticed the ring on his left ring finger.

After a brief chat, the four of them got into the car together. Yu Ze, the secretary, wanted to drive, but Chu Suiyun knew that Qin Miao didn’t like others touching his car, so he said to Yu Ze, “I’ll just drive here. Secretary Yu, take a rest.”

Yu Ze was a little flattered, and after a moment of surprise, he smiled happily: “Thank you so much.”

Chu Suiyun couldn’t hold back and looked at him more.

An Omega’s facial features were softer than an Alpha’s and usually looked younger, and Yu Ze was no exception. He looked about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years-old, but his actual age should be three or four years older. His whole person exuded a gentle aura, the kind of gentle Omega that Chu Suiyun rarely came into contact with.

Chu Suiyun didn’t know who was with his father when he was in the Federation, but at least in the past few years that his father had returned to Yun Country a few times, all he had with him was a tall Beta, Secretary Yu had never appeared.

After getting in the car, Chu Tian sat in the co-pilot. Chu Muyu and Yu Ze, the two Omegas, sat in the back seat. In the first few minutes of Chu Suiyun driving on the road, there was an extremely uncomfortable silence in the car.

Fortunately, Yu Ze was a good talker, and because of his Omega status, he was naturally close to other Omegas. After a while, he had a conversation with Chu Muyu.

“Can I call you Little Yu?” Yu Ze asked with a smile.

Chu Muyu blinked. He felt awkward to refuse, so he could only nod his head: “You can do what you want.”

“Little Yu.” Yu Ze called him familiarly, then pointed to the bag in Chu Muyu’s arms, “You can open the present and take a look.”

There was nothing else to do in the car, and opening the gift could relieve some uncomfortable silence, so Chu Muyu obediently took the gift out of the box.

Chu Tian gave the same gift to his two sons, a new mobile phone. This mobile phone was expensive and stylish, and it was also a brand that young people were very keen on.

Chu Muyu took the phone in his hand and looked at it, and said to Chu Tian, ​​”Thank you, Dad.”

Hearing his Omega’s son’s clear voice, a trace of tenderness flashed in Chu Tian’s eyes, but the reaction he showed was very cold. Without turning his head, he only replied in a deep voice: “En, as long as you like it.”

Yu Ze raised his eyes and looked at Chu Tian’s profile, then withdrew his gaze, smiled softly, and asked Chu Muyu, “Little Yu, did you bring your old cell phone? Can I configure it for you?”

Hearing this, Chu Muyu took out his old mobile phone and handed it to Yu Ze.

Chu Suiyun, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, listened to the conversation in the car silently, and felt that something was wrong. He glanced at his brother and Secretary Yu in the rearview mirror, and then focused on driving again.

The four of them came to have lunch in a Yun Country restaurant that had been opened for many years. Chu Tian came here every time he returned.

The restaurant’s business was booming, and the private rooms were all booked out, so the four of them had to choose a relatively clean seating.

During the meal, the chat between the four of them was not very enthusiastic, and occasionally someone would start the conversation, but the four people present were very different in age, gender, and occupational experience.

When they were about to eat, Chu Suiyun suddenly received a call. He looked down and saw that it was Qin Miao. He got up, excused himself, and walked away to answer the phone.

Qin Miao called to ask him where he was having lunch. Chu Suiyun knew that what he really wanted to ask was whether he could abide by the original agreement and continue to accompany him on the weekends.

But looking at the current situation, he had to break his promise. Chu Suiyun said apologetically: “I’m sorry, I have to accompany my father for the two days weekend.”

Qin Miao was silent for a moment, and there was some regret in his tone, but he couldn’t hear the blame. He said helplessly: “Okay.” 

Qin Miao chatted for a while. When Chu Suiyun hung up the phone and was about to lift his feet to return to his position, he saw his younger brother standing behind him at some point.

“Little Yu, what are you doing out here?” Chu Suiyun put away the phone and asked.

Chu Muyu glanced at the seat, Chu Suiyun followed his brother’s line of sight and found that his father was talking to Yu Ze. The content of the conversation between the two cannot be heard, but their expressions could be clearly seen.

Yu Ze’s expression was a little embarrassed, and after saying something to Chu Tian, ​​Chu Tian shook his head. Yu Ze sighed helplessly, Chu Tian then said something to him, Yu Ze’s expression became a little better, he should have been comforted.

After watching the interaction between the two, Chu Suiyun looked at his younger brother again. Chu Muyu bit his lower lip and asked with some difficulty, “Brother, do we have a stepmother?”

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