Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 83

Chapter 83 The Truth About the Parents Divorce

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Chu Suiyun was startled by his younger brother’s guess, and immediately calmed down, and said to his younger brother, “Don’t guess, go back to your seat.”

“I’m not guessing.” As Chu Muyu walked back, he turned his head to defend himself.

Chu Suiyun didn’t say a word, he followed behind his brother, raised his arms and put it around his shoulders and led him forward.

Of course, Chu Suiyun didn’t feel that his younger brother was creating something out of nothing or being overly sensitive, because even he himself noticed something strange.

If Yu Ze was really just his father’s secretary, he didn’t need to be so eager to befriend Chu Muyu. Although he subtly disguised himself with a friendly appearance, anyone with a discerning eye could see that he was too eager to have a good relationship with Chu Muyu.

Why? If he was a simple assistant, there was no need to win over the boss’s youngest son, just be neither humble nor arrogant, unless he was a person who loved to flatter. But why didn’t he come and get close to Chu Suiyun? It stands to reason that the eldest Alpha son was the way to win over the boss.

In addition, Yu Ze was not bad-looking and had the identity of an Omega. His approach did not arouse Chu Tian’s disgust, so it was hard not to make Chu Suiyun suspicious.

In all fairness, it had been eight years since their mother and father divorced, and if their father wanted to remarry, they had no position to refuse it as a child. What’s more, they were not close to their father.

Thinking of this, Chu Suiyun suddenly felt a little depressed. It turned out that he and his younger brother had not seen their mother for eight years.

Half an hour later, the four of them finished their meal, and Chu Suiyun was still driving; they were going back to a villa, north of the city.

This villa was purchased by Chu Tian after returning from the Federation a certain year. Chu Suiyun and Chu Muyu usually lived in the old house when their family was still together.

When Chu Tian said that he was going to the villa, Chu Suiyun hesitated for a moment, and said, “It hasn’t been cleaned for several years.”

At this time, Yu Ze smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I already asked someone to help clean it before I left. We can go directly.”

Chu Suiyun frowned. It was the first time that he was a little annoyed with Yu Ze. It was clear that as a secretary, it was not wrong for Yu Ze to take care of such chores for his boss. However, the ‘stepmother guess’ made it difficult to treat Yu Ze normally.

So Chu Suiyun didn’t answer and just silently stepped on the accelerator. They went back to the old house first, and the brothers brought their luggage before setting off for the villa.

As expected, the villa was carefully cleaned, and apart from being a little deserted, it didn’t look like it hadn’t been lived in for several years. Chu Suiyun and Chu Muyu were very unfamiliar with this place, although they had stayed here several times in the past few years.

According to the past of staying here a few times before, Chu Suiyun and Chu Muyu’s rooms were both on the second floor, and Chu Tian was on the third floor. Chu Suiyun carried his and his younger brother’s luggage and was about to go upstairs, but heard Chu Tian say to Yu Ze, “You have been living here for a few days, and there is an empty guest bedroom on the first floor.”

Yu Ze nodded: “Okay, I’ll help you take your luggage up first.”

Chu Tian was silent for a moment, then took the luggage from him: “No, you rest for a while.”

“Yes.” Yu Ze nodded to Chu Tian.

After listening to the two of them, Chu Suiyun and Chu Muyu, who were standing in front, looked at each other, said nothing, and went up to the second floor quietly.

The group unpacked their luggage and rested for a while. After an hour, father and sons came to the living room.

The father, who has been away for a long time, wanted to talk to his two sons and learn about their lives.

Chu Tian sat in the middle of the sofa, Chu Suiyun and Chu Muyu were next to each other, sitting on his right. In order to prevent the atmosphere from being too uncomfortable, Chu Suiyun cleverly turned on the TV, and Chu Tian had no objection to this.

The father and sons were only speaking about their studies, and because Chu Suiyun was about to graduate, Chu Tian asked him a few more questions about his future plans. Chu Suiyun said that he was going to stay in the company where he was currently an intern. Chu Tian asked which company it was, and Chu Suiyun answered honestly.

Chu Tian was silent for a moment. When he heard the name “Feng Miao”, he said calmly, “That’s good.”

After asking this, the father and son duo were silent for a while. At this time, Yu Ze came out of the room and smiled at the three of them.

Chu Tian and Yu Ze looked at each other, then he suddenly said abruptly: “Little Yu, Secretary Yu has something to tell you, you can go to the room to chat with him.”

Chu Muyu was shocked, gripped his pants, and was at a loss. Glancing at his brother, Chu Suiyun frowned and thought of a way: “Father, Little Yu and I just agreed to go to the supermarket to buy something to make dinner together.”

Chu Muyu quickly nodded in agreement.

“The ingredients are all ready, so no need to bother to make a trip.” Yu Ze interjected.

Chu Tian was very satisfied with Yu Ze’s response and said to Chu Muyu, “Go ahead, Secretary Yu just wants to chat with you.”

“Yes, Little Yu.” Yu Ze walked up to Chu Muyu and eagerly pulled his wrist. “I have an Omega brother in my family. You are very similar to him. When President Chu mentioned you occasionally, I always wanted to meet you.”

Helpless, Chu Muyu could only get up and follow Yu Ze into the room.

Seeing his younger brother being pulled away, Chu Suiyun was not in a good mood. Yu Ze and his father’s excuses were too clumsy, and their intentional approach to Chu Muyu was almost undisguised.

Chu Suiyun glanced at his father, Chu Tian was drinking from a teacup.

“Father.” Chu Suiyun suddenly called him, with a serious expression, “I also have something to talk to you about.”

Seeing his son like this, Chu Tian waited earnestly, put down the teacup, and listened attentively.

In the room upstairs, Chu Muyu was held by Yu Ze’s hand and pulled to the side of the bed to sit down.

With a smile on his face, Yu Ze spoke softly. If they met in a different way, Chu Muyu felt that he and him should be able to get along well. But as long as he thought that the person in front of him was probably his “stepmother”, Chu Muyu felt uncomfortable.

Yu Ze looked like he was only in his early thirties, right? Only a few years older than Brother Miao, if he were to become his own stepmother… Chu Muyu shook his head, not daring to think about it.

“Little Yu, don’t be too nervous, don’t think of me as your father’s secretary and feeling tied up.” Yu Ze patted Chu Muyu’s shoulder, “I promise not to tell your father what we say in the room.”

If I believe you, then ghosts actually exist… Chu Muyu said silently in his heart.

“Uh…” Yu Ze also knew that his words were not very credible, so he continued, “Little Yu, did you just celebrate your eighteenth birthday this year?”

“Yes.” Chu Muyu replied in a low voice .

“It’s good to be young.” Yu Ze sighed and asked again, “Then, do you have an Alpha you like at school?”

Chu Muyu suddenly widened his eyes, looked at Yu Ze, and replied awkwardly, “Why are you asking me this?”

Yu Ze was stunned for a moment, realizing that he might have rushed into the topic. He immediately eased the atmosphere: “Sorry, if you don’t want to tell me, it’s fine.”

Chu Muyu lowered his head with no answer. The two were awkwardly silent for a while, then Yu Ze spoke again: “Um, don’t be so defensive about me, just treat me as a friend, we are both Omegas. Take it easy.”

“I’m sorry.” Chu Muyu suddenly stood up, clenching his fists, “I’m going to the toilet.”

After speaking, he lifted his feet and left, slamming the door of the room shut.

Yu Ze lost his face, sat in the room and blinked, then heaved a long sigh and murmured: “Hey, it’s really hard to serve others.”

Chu Suiyun and Chu Tian moved from the living room to the study, and the two faced each other. While sitting, Chu Tian asked his son, “What do you want to tell me?”

There was a tea set on the table, and a small tea cup filled with golden and clear tea. It was unclear when Chu Tian had learned to make tea but he gave it to his son  and also came up with a cup.

Chu Suiyun was entangled in his heart, thinking of countless opening remarks, but still didn’t know how to speak to his father.

When his parents first divorced, he always asked why, but his father did not give a positive answer, not even an excuse for “because of incompatibility”. When he grew up and became sensible, he never asked again. Today, eight years later, when he thought about bringing up this topic again, he found it really difficult.

But if Yu Ze’s identity was really what he and Chu Muyu guessed, then his father should give himself and his younger brother an explanation.

Chu Suiyun’s Adam’s apple slid twice, but he decided to speak directly: “Father, Little Yu and I have never known the reason for your separation with mother.”

When Chu Suiyun said this, Chu Tian was holding up the teacup and preparing to drink it. But as soon as he heard his words, Chu Tian frowned and put the teacup directly on the table.

He was silent for a long time, then finally exhaled slowly. His voice was like the sound of an ancient bell in the wilderness of a foggy forest, long and drawn-out: “It’s been eight years, hasn’t it?”

“Eight years and now our children have grown up.” Chu Tian stared at the teacup in a trance. After a while, he raised his head and said to Chu Suiyun:

“Indeed, you and Little Yu are adults, and it’s time to know the truth.” 

This is the first time seeing his father like this. Chu Suiyun’s heart twitched for no reason.

Chu Muyu hid in the toilet for ten minutes, then quietly stuck out his head and looked towards the hall to confirm that no one came out. He came to the room again and found that Yu Ze was no longer there, so he was relieved.

After relaxing, Chu Muyu returned to the living room and saw that there was no one there. The father and brother who were supposed to be talking in the living room had gone elsewhere and for a while, it seemed that he was alone in the huge house.

Chu Muyu was very familiar with this kind of solitude, and he didn’t feel anything special about it. He walked to the living room and turned off the tv drama that was still in full swing on the TV.

The room suddenly became quiet, and the rustling voices in the kitchen were particularly evident.

He couldn’t tell who it was from the outside, Chu Muyu guessed that it might be his elder brother, so he walked over to find out.

It was only after reaching the kitchen door that Chu Muyu realized that the voice belonged to Yu Ze.

Yu Ze was on the phone with someone, and his tone seemed to be coquettish.

“That’s why I said, I hate puberty children the most. If I say something wrong, I will have a bad face. I almost felt like I owed him millions.”

He was talking about himself. Chu Muyu was shocked, and he felt prickly and uncomfortable in his heart.

After listening to what the person on the other side of the phone said, Yu Ze replied, “Of course I don’t care about the children. I’m just complaining to you that the boss is not a human being and gave me such a thankless job.”

After saying a few words, the topic suddenly jumped, and Yu Ze told the other side of the phone: “I’m on a business trip for the next few days, you have to eat well, do you hear? You just ask your mother to come home to take care of you for a few days. I’m afraid you will forget the time because of your work and just like last time, you would ggo hungry for three days and get sent to the hospital!” 

The other side replied a few words, and Yu Ze suddenly said a little shyly: “Cough, I counted the time, and when I go back, it will almost be my heat period. The boss promised me. If I do well this time, I will be granted a half-month leave. So—you eat well, you hear me, don’t lose your energy, humph!”

Chu Muyu opened his mouth in surprise and quickly covered it with his hands, face burning.

Yu Ze continued to talk to the other side: “The ring? I’m wearing it. Yun Country is so cold, I don’t even wear gloves, just to show your broken ring. Everyone who sees it knows that I’m your Omega, okay? How many years have you been married, and you are still like this, you Alphas are really helpless.”

“En, I see, you also pay attention to your body.” Yu Ze replied, “Hey, but this job can’t be handled casually. In fact, I I feel sorry for our boss. His Omega passed away very early. It is really difficult for an Alpha to face his Omega son who is about to have his first heat as an adult. The boss only has one Omega like me by his side, suitable to talk to his son about the heat period, but I may have a clumsy mouth and that kid doesn’t like me very much.”

“Okay, I know, en, good~ oh yes, last time…”

Yu Ze was still chatting with his husband, but Chu Muyu felt it completely inaudible. His legs were weak, he slid against the wall and sat on the ground, unable to believe what he had just heard from Yu Ze.

Upstairs, in the study, after Chu Suiyun heard his father’s words, he couldn’t help but redden his eyes.

Chu Tian’s eyes were also full of sorrow. He put his hands together and supported himself on his forehead. His voice was unusually calm: “Back then, your mother died unexpectedly. She left so suddenly that I couldn’t accept this reality.”

“I haven’t told you the truth, because whenever you ask me ‘where is my mother?’, ‘when is my mother coming back’, I have the illusion that she is still alive and just went somewhere else.”

“When your mother was alive, before she died, she once told me that if she gets old and dies in the future, she wants to be buried in the federation with her mother. So I brought her back to the federation.”

Guilt flashed in Chu Tian’s eyes. The wrinkles indicated the fact that he was no longer young. He said apologetically to his son: “She is in the Federation, and I can’t bear to come back. So for so many years, I have not been by your side and have not fulfilled my responsibilities as a father. I am sorry.”

“It’s not that I didn’t want to bring you there, but I don’t know how to explain the death of your mother to you. It is also true that the Federation is not suitable for an Omega to live. Little Yu would not be free there.” Chu Tian finished speaking, then sighed again, “Saying this now sounds like an excuse, I am indeed an incompetent father.”

Chu Suiyun sat on his seat blankly, his mind blank. Maybe he should have guessed the fact of his mother’s death. After all, there is no mother who would be so cruel that they wouldn’t see their child for eight years, but he has always believed that his mother just divorced his father, and he had never considered this cruelest and most likely possibility.

“Thank you for growing up healthily. In this way, when I see her in the future, she can blame me less.”

Chu Tian smiled bitterly.

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