Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 86

Chapter 86 A secret will always be revealed

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After confirming Chu Muyu’s location, Chu Suiyun, Chu Tian and Yu Ze drove to look for him. The location of the Omega was in an unfamiliar residential area. Chu Tian asked Chu Suiyun if he knew what this place was. Chu Suiyun frowned and thought for a moment, but there was no one he remembered living there.

The destination was too far from the villa, and it took more than an hour for the three of them to arrive even driving at full speed.

After arriving, what appeared in front of the three of them was a not-so-small residential area with more than a dozen buildings, most of which were high-rise buildings with more than a dozen floors. If there was only a vague location, finding someone in this community was tantamount to looking for a needle in a haystack.

In a hurry, Chu Tian said to Yu Ze, “Let’s open the authority.”

Yu Ze nodded and took out a computer to operate it. This was what he brought with him when he found out that the destination was a residential area. Soon, Yu Ze figured out Chu Muyu’s precise location, which was accurate to a certain floor of a certain building.

“The 8th building, 10th floor.” Yu Ze told the father and son the location, then hesitated for a moment, then gritted his teeth, “Mr. Chu, the mobile phone detected abnormal pheromone fluctuations. Although the concentration did not reach the heat period at this time, considering the mobile phone is not carried on the body, and Little Yu is an Omega who had just grown up, it is very likely that Little Yu has actually entered his heat period.”

Hearing this, Chu Suiyun quickly unfastened his seat belt and pushed the door to get out of the car. He was tall and had long legs, and he could walk all the way in a second or two. Chu Tian and Yu Ze reacted and quickly got out of the car to follow.

The guarded entrance of the community was useless, Chu Suiyun indifferently said a few words to the security guard and was let in. Stepping into the community, Chu Suiyun unconsciously accelerated again until he almost trotted.

For more than an hour on the road, Chu Suiyun thought about it for a long time, and there was already a faint guess in his heart.

Chu Muyu did not have an outgoing personality, and his interpersonal relationships were very simple. The only classmates who came close to him in high school were Liao Xiao Yuan and two or three other Omegas. After going to college, Chu Suiyun only knew that Shen Qingdeng had a good relationship with him.

The residential area Yu Ze located was not the home of any of Chu Muyu’s high school friends, so Chu Suiyun naturally placed suspicion on Shen Qingdeng’s head.

Just now, Yu Ze said that the mobile phone detected pheromone fluctuation of Little Yu.

Chu Suiyun didn’t dare to think about it. During the first heat period, an Alpha and an Omega alone in a room, what could happen, there was no need to guess.

Even if Chu Suiyun did not prevent Little Yu from interacting with Shen Qingdeng, it did not mean that he could directly accept Shen Qingdeng as his younger brother’s Alpha.

Chu Suiyun walked into Building 8, and the elevator just reached the first floor. He stepped into the elevator without having time to wait for his father and Yu Ze who were still behind him. He took the lead in pressing the 10th floor, and the elevator door closed immediately and began to ascend.

After dozens of seconds, the elevator door opened. Chu Suiyun raised his eyes, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and he walked out of the elevator aggressively.

Walking out the elevator, Chu Suiyun was caught off guard when he saw a person sitting at the door, and couldn’t help but be stunned.

On the opposite side, Shen Qingdeng was sitting in front of the door with his head down, his legs spread apart, one leg propped up, and his arm resting on the leg.

Hearing the movement when Chu Suiyun came over, Shen Qingdeng raised his head and looked over. When he saw that it was Chu Suiyun, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes.

“Shen Qingdeng.” Chu Suiyun walked in front of Shen Qingdeng in two steps, with anger in his throat. As expected, his younger brother was indeed at Shen Qingdeng’s house.

Chu Suiyun suddenly squatted down, grabbed Shen Qingdeng’s collar, and easily brought the young man who was also an Alpha to him.

“Why is Little Yu at your house?” Chu Suiyun asked, his tone so cold as if he had bitten a whole piece of ice.

Shen Qingdeng held Chu Suiyun’s wrist, and an inexplicable anger rushed into his mind. He almost forgot that the man in front of him was Chu Muyu’s brother. He only knew that the man was an Alpha, and that his territory and belongings were invaded. A sense of discomfort rose, driving him mad.

“Why did you come?” Shen Qingdeng’s dark blue eyes seemed to contain the vortex of the deep sea.

Chu Suiyun laughed, snorted coldly, and his hands became more and more vigorous: “You expect me not to come to give the two of you enough space, right?

“Open the door, immediately.” Chu Suiyun ordered.

Shen Qingdeng tried his best to suppress his instincts, let go of the tension all over his body, and said softly, “Let go of me first.”

Hearing this, Chu Suiyun did not immediately let go of Shen Qingdeng, but stood with one hand on the man. He got up and lent him the strength to stand firm.

Although he was angry, Chu Suiyun could probably guess why Shen Qingdeng was sitting outside the door alone, so he still had some patience for this kid.

Shen Qingdeng took out the key and opened the door. At the same time, Chu Tian and Yu Ze, who were behind, finally arrived.

At a glance, Chu Tian locked onto Shen Qingdeng, an Alpha who was about the same age as his youngest son, and his brows could not help frowning.

The door opened, Chu Suiyun took the lead, walked into the room, and saw Chu Muyu lying motionless on the sofa.

Chu Tian also followed behind. But after all, this is an Omega’s heat period, even as a father, he needed to avoid it. Thus regardless of the boss’s blame, Yu Ze stepped forward and stopped in front of Chu Tian, ​​reminding him in a low voice, “Boss.”

Chu Tian was also in a hurry just now, so he couldn’t care about anything and was stopped in time.

“Little Yu.” Chu Suiyun walked over in two steps, reached out and stroked his brother’s cheek, and found that his brother’s breathing was steady, and he was asleep.

The room was filled with Omega pheromones. This was the first time that Chu Suiyun had smelled his brother’s smell, which was slightly like gardenia flower. The pheromone produced by an Omega before the first heat is very small, and is difficult to detect unless you get close and smell it.

The pheromone attraction between blood relatives is very low, and Chu Suiyun was a superior Alpha, he would not lose his mind because of his younger brother’s pheromone, so at this moment Chu Suiyun could rationally capture the smell of the Omega mixed with other things. He distinguished it carefully and judged that it was an Alpha’s pheromone.

Aware of this, Chu Suiyun was suddenly startled, and quickly pulled off his brother’s collar to check—

He saw a tooth mark in a hurry, and before he had time to get angry, Yu Ze pulled his hand away and reprimanded solemnly: “My eldest young master, you are also an Alpha.”

Chu Suiyun knew that he had overstepped, and withdrew his hand. Immediately he explained to Yu Ze: “I’m a superior Alpha, and I won’t be affected by Little Yu’s pheromone.”

Then Chu Suiyun raised his younger brother and put him on his back.

Chu Suiyun walked out with his younger brother on his back. When he passed Shen Qingdeng, he said coldly to the Alpha, who was standing there with his head bowed, “I’ll consider it as you knowing your propriety.”

After speaking, Chu Suiyun didn’t take a single extra look and walked out of the room with his brother behind his back.

When Chu Suiyun left, Yu Ze naturally wanted to follow, but before leaving, he could not help but look at the lost Shen Qingdeng.

For the sake of his husband, he had signed up for a course on Alpha psychology, so he knew a thing or two about their psychology. Watching his Omega being taken away by others during the heat period was definitely not a small psychological pressure for this very young Alpha.

But Yu Ze didn’t have the time or mood to pay attention to Shen Qingdeng’s psychological changes. After seeing it, he followed Chu Suiyun again and left the room.

The Chu family came and went quickly, like a whirlwind passing by. After leaving, only Shen Qingdeng was left standing in the center of the room, bowing his head silently, not knowing what he was thinking.

Chu Suiyun carried his younger brother on his back, Chu Tian and Yu Ze followed, and the four returned to the car. This time, it was Yu Ze who drove the car and went straight to the nearest hospital.

Sitting in the car, Chu Suiyun finally had a chance to gently open his brother’s collar to check his glands.

When he was in the living room of Shen Qingdeng’s house just now, Chu Suiyun did not see it wrong. There was indeed an obvious tooth mark on the side of Chu Muyu’s neck. It was Shen Qingdeng who left a temporary mark on Chu Muyu’s body.

Chu Suiyun clenched his fists, and then slowly pulled back his brother’s collar to cover his teeth marks.

More than ten minutes later, the car driving at full speed drove into the hospital parking lot. Chu Suiyun got out of the car with Chu Muyu on his back and entered the hospital. An hour later, after experiencing a lot of chaos, Chu Muyu finally accepted the inhibitor adaptation, injected the inhibitor, and fell asleep peacefully on the hospital bed.

After Chu Suiyun and the doctor confirmed that the temporary mark on Chu Muyu’s neck would disappear within a week, everything was considered to be settled. The two worried Alphas could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

In the ward, Chu Tian sat beside the bed, Chu Suiyun stood with his arms folded against the wall, the father and son were silent, both staring at Chu Muyu on the hospital bed.

After being quiet for a while, Chu Tian asked aloud, “Is that young Alpha today Xiao Yu’s lover?”

Chu Suiyun thought for a moment and replied, “I don’t know but they did get very close.” 

Chu Tian nodded, indicating he understood. After a while, he asked again, “Do you know what kind of person he is?”

Chu Suiyun thought about it and said, “He and Little Yu were classmates in high school, but they only became acquainted with each other after college. I have been in contact with him only a few times. I only know that I was busy with my internship for a while, and it was that guy who kept taking Little Yu home.”

Chu Tian stretched out his hand to pull the quilt for his younger son, and he had a judgment about Shen Qingdeng: “I Respect Little Yu’s own intentions. If that young Alpha really knows how to advance and retreat as he demonstrated today…”


Before Chu Tian finished his words, Yu Ze, who had returned from paying the fee, stood at the door and suddenly came out interrupting Chu Tian’s words.

“Come in, have you paid the fee?” Chu Tian asked casually.

Yu Ze nodded to indicate that his mission had been completed. He walked into the ward at the same time. He frowned, as if he was full of worries, and his eyes wandered toward the father and son in the room.

Yu Ze stopped beside Chu Tian, ​​whispered something, and Chu Tian nodded in agreement. Yu Ze left the room, leaving to somewhere. 

At this moment, Chu Suiyun’s phone rang.

He took out his mobile phone and saw that it was Qin Miao’s phone number. He glanced at the time again, it was actually ten o’clock in the evening. It should be Qin Miao calling when he guessed that he was getting ready to rest.

Chu Suiyun let Chu Tian know he was stepping out, walked outside the ward, and connected the phone.

“Hey, baby.” Qin Miao’s brisk voice came.

Chu Suiyun felt a chill, pulled the phone away, and then put it back to his ear: “What are you doing?” 

The prank was successful, Qin Miao laughed arrogantly twice before becoming a little more serious: “Are you ready to go to bed? Did you see your father today?”

“Yes.” Chu Suiyun replied, pressing the bridge of his nose suddenly and sighing.

Hearing Chu Suiyun’s sighing voice, Qin Miao quickly asked, “What’s the matter? Are you having a bad time with your father?

“No”. Chu Suiyun thought about it, then told him, “A lot happened today, a bit chaotic.”

“Tell me?” Qin Miao said.

His younger brother’s situation was not stable yet, Chu Suiyun didn’t have time to explain things clearly to Qin Miao, so he could only shirk: “It’s hard to talk on the phone, and I have something to do here. We’ll talk about it next time we meet.”

“Okay.” Qin Miao replied, and then he remembered something and asked, “Then tomorrow’s appointment with Levi for dinner, are you still going? If you are tired, just ditch him.”

Chu Suiyun stared and pondered. After a moment, he firmly replied: “I’m going.” 

The other side of the phone was silent for a second before Qin Miao’s voice rang again: “Okay.” 

After speaking to Qin Miao a few words, Chu Suiyun caught a glimpse of Yu Ze walking out of the elevator with a solemn look. After a while, he came to him in a hurry, as if something major had happened. Seeing this situation, Chu Suiyun could only say goodbye to Qin Miao first, hang up the phone, and ask Yu Ze, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Ze should have ran back, but he was still in a rush, saying, “I’ll go first to call Mr. Chu, wait for me here, I have something to tell you.”

Chu Suiyun turned sideways and let Yu Ze enter the ward. Half a minute later, Chu Tian followed Yu Ze out of the ward.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Suiyun asked.

Carrying the computer he had forgotten in the car just now, Yu Ze greeted the Chu family and sat down. Then he turned on the computer, and while operating, he said succinctly: “When I tracked Little Yu’s location today, I found that there were traces of another tracking system in his mobile phone. But I was not very sure at that time, until just now when I returned I checked it again with the computer in the car.” 

After Chu Suiyun heard this, he looked at Yu Ze in disbelief.

Yu Ze continued: “Not only the tracking system, but also the monitoring system. This kind of monitoring system is very overbearing. Any data changes in the mobile phone cannot escape the system’s recording, and even the microphone is forced to be enabled, that is to say, with this system, it is not just monitoring Little Yu when he is using his mobile phone, but even when he is not using his mobile phone. Just talking to the people around him can be heard by the person who installed the system.”

“What?” Chu Suiyun was a little confused, “But isn’t this a new phone?”

Yu Ze raised his eyes to look at him, and said with some reluctance: “It takes a long time and is very difficult to install this kind of system out of nowhere but the person who wrote this system is not very skilled thus the person who installed the system must have been in touch with this phone.”

This phone was brand new, and Chu Muyu only had it in his hand for one day. In this time, besides his father and Yuze, there was only one other person.

Chu Suiyun slowly stood up from his seat. The surprise in his heart gradually receded, replaced by uncontrollable anger.

Shen Qingdeng, what purpose does he have interacting with Chu Muyu?

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