Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 89

Chapter 89 No one to rely on

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After Dong’s words were finished, how could Levi still not understand that the three of them didn’t come to cooperate sincerely on this trip. He couldn’t take it any longer, became angry, and slammed out the door.

Leaving the restaurant, Levi came to the parking lot and did not see the driver. It turned out that the driver did not expect him to come out so early, so he found a place to stay warm.

Levi was in a fit of rage. In his opinion, the driver’s small mistake was negligence. He angrily opened the driver’s door, started the car, and called the driver.

As soon as the phone alert sounded twice, the driver immediately connected with a sincere voice: “Boss, is it done?”

“You don’t need to come anymore, go to settle your salary tomorrow. Sh*t, I have to wait for you? You’re going to just take the money and not do the work?” After speaking, he hung up the phone without giving the driver a chance to defend himself.

Afterwards, despite not having obtained a driving license in Yun Country, Levi stepped on the accelerator and drove out of the parking lot quickly.

On the way back to the hotel, Levi casually sent a message to his temporary lover in Yun Country, asking him to pack up and go to the hotel.

More than half an hour later, Levi returned to the hotel room, turned on the light, and saw his lover sitting by the bed in a thin shirt.

The obedient appearance of his lover made him slightly stunned.

This lover was made after he came to Yun Country. He was a little-known model and Levi’s first male lover.

Levi walked into the room, came to the Omega, raised his chin, and smiled, “Can’t wait?”

The Omega smiled shyly, and was about to say something, but was picked up by Levi. He was startled and exclaimed.

Levi’s heart was on fire, and he didn’t have the time to gently seduce the Omega. He carried the Omega directly into the bedroom and closed the door with his foot.

After being thrown heavily onto the bed, the Omega was obviously startled. He quickly sat up, pushed his hand against Levi’s chest, acting like a spoiled child: “Wait, don’t be so anxious.”

Levi frowned and said in a cold tone: “You want to disobey me too?”

The Omega was stunned, then shook his head: “Of course not.”

Then he pressed Levi’s chest, slightly hard, and switched top and bottom with the Alpha. He sat on Levi and whispered, “Would it be better for me to take the initiative this time?”

This Omega really knew how to please an Alpha. Levi looked at his face, lost for a moment.

The Omega was very young, in his early twenties, and had the vigor that belonged to that age. Why did he first take a fancy to this guy among several candidates?

Levi recalled it for a moment, then finally remembered, because this guy looked like Chu Suiyun.

The bridge of the Omega’s nose was sharp, and somewhat similar to Chu Suiyun. In addition, the beauty had a similar overall character, which made this Omega even more similar to Chu Suiyun from certain angles.

Being pressed down by the Omega, Levi looked up from below. In a trance, he couldn’t tell whether the person on his body was Chu Suiyun or the lover whose name he didn’t even remember.

Thinking of Chu Suiyun at such a time, a nameless anger surged into his throat without warning. Levi grabbed the Omega’s neck, tore the man away, and turned him over to subdue him.

“You think you’re brave?” Levi snorted coldly, “This trick of yours is only useful for those scumbag Alphas. I don’t like being pressed under, just lie down for me.” 

An Omega would have a hard time resisting an Alpha’s strength and Levi had a lot of strength in his hands. The Omega turned red, panicked and begged for mercy: “I’m sorry, I… I was wrong.”

Seeing the Omega’s eyes fill with tears, Levi felt disinterested. His eyes were full of horror. It was just a small matter, but he actually reacted like this.

At this time, Levi remembered the pair of eyes he had seen before, the wolf-like ruthlessness, a kind of tenacity that would not give in even in a desperate situation.

“F*ck.” Levi scolded secretly and ordered, “You lie down on your stomach, don’t let me see your eyes.”

The Omega turned around obediently.

Levi had just rudely stripped off the Omega’s clothes when suddenly the phone in his jacket rang. He didn’t want to answer at first, but after waiting for the call to hang up automatically, it persevered and called a second time.

“Tsk.” Levi got down from the bed impatiently, picked up the jacket that was casually taken off the chair, and glanced at the phone screen.

Seeing the caller ID, Levi swept away the impatience on his face. He immediately connected, put it to his ear, and greeted respectfully: “Father.”

Old Maxson was a little stimulated, and reprimanded: “What are you doing! Why didn’t you answer the phone!”

Levi spoke nonsense: “I was just driving, so I didn’t hear. What’s the matter with you, father?”

“Hmph.” Old Maxson asked in anger, “You’re asking me what’s the matter? I want to ask what good things you did when you went to Yun Country?”

“What…Father, I don’t understand.”

“You still don’t understand! Did you provoke someone with the surname Chu again?” It sounded like a slap on the table.

“I didn’t.” Levi flatly denied.

“You haven’t? Then why did that old fox from Chu Tian return to Yun Country, and he told me that it was for his son’s sake, and even put his investment on hold?”

“I don’t know, father but I didn’t do anything.” Levi insisted.

Old Maxson was silent for a moment, before admonishing: “I didn’t intend to let you get in touch with Fengmiao, it was all because you need credit to stand firm, and you promised not to make any mistakes, so I let you go to Yun Country. Since you took over this job, just clamp down your tail and do it for me!”

Levi gritted his teeth, a trace of resentment flashed in his eyes, and he replied, “Yes, father.”

“But now you don’t need to stay in Yun Country anymore, give up the competition and give the opportunity of cooperation to giant ship, you can come back.” Old Maxson ordered.

Levi was startled, unable to understand his father’s arrangement. He asked, “Why?”

“Because the person in charge of giant ship is your younger brother.” Old Maxson said lightly, “Bruce has no children in his family, and giant ship is very likely to end up in the hands of your brother, he needs to make some achievements to win people’s hearts.”

Levi’s eyes widened in astonishment, and he asked in disbelief, “Father, when did you know this?”

“Huh?” Old Maxson was very shrewd. From Levi’s questioning, he also knew that he knew about this, and he said nonchalantly, “So you know it too.”

“Two years ago, that child took the initiative to find me and recognized me.” Old Maxson said, “You were imprisoned at that time, so I didn’t have the chance to talk to you. I also only just discovered that he was in charge of this cooperation with Fengmiao.”

“This is a long-term plan, you come back to me obediently.” Old Maxson said, “Did you hear that?”

Levi bit his lower lip and was silent for a long time.

“No.” He almost crushed the phone, “I will never quit.”

“Okay, okay, it seems like you’re ready to spread your own wings now.” Old Maxson hummed in anger, and then said coldly, “This is a notification, I’m not discussing with you.”

“No matter what, I will not back down.” Levi said.

“Richie, I really spoiled you.” Old Maxson’s voice became ruthless, “I indulged you again and again, but what did you end up being like? You can’t bring any benefits to the family, and you repeatedly make trouble. In contrast, the kid Dong is much more sensible. He is young and obedient, and would call from time to time to care about this old man’s body.”

“Before I had no choice, now…” Old Maxson stopped, “You better shape up.” 

The phone was hung up, and Levi almost lost his strength and slid to the ground.

It took him a long time to come back to his senses and found that the hotel room was surprisingly quiet. He didn’t know when, but that Omega had sneaked away, and only Levi was left, sitting alone in the center of the room.

The other side.

Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao left the restaurant, said goodbye to Dong, and drove to the parking lot.

“Go home to sleep?” Qin Miao fastened his seat belt and looked back and asked.

Chu Suiyun shook his head: “No, going to the hospital.”

“Okay.” Qin Miao shrugged helplessly, started the car obediently, and drove towards the hospital.

On the way, Chu Suiyun couldn’t hold back and asked, “Can that guy Richie really learn a lesson? He’s not even afraid of going to prison.”

Qin Miao smiled maliciously and replied, “He will pay the price he deserves. The next event is the matter between Dong and the Maxson family, we’ll just watch.” 

The car shuttled through the traffic that turned into light beams because of the high speed. Qin Miao seemed as if he was telling a story as he explained the matter in detail. 

“Children of the Federation family value their background. Among them, the heirs of the Maxson family are the most important. Old Maxson is a frivolous one, and his illegitimate children can form a football team. Before, only Richie was born from a Mrs. Maxson.”

“What Richie cares about and relies on the most is his own background. He had been guarded by Old Maxson for thirty years without a bottom line, yet now, suddenly a brother who is on equal footing with him pops up, do you think he will collapse?”

Qin Miao laughed jokingly: “What’s more, he faked his death, had plastic surgery and changed his identity two years ago in order to get rid of his crime. Now, he has no so-called ‘successor’ identity to rely on.” 

“He reaps what he sows.” Chu Suiyun threw out.

At this point, the topic of Levi ended, and the two talked about other things until they arrived at the hospital ten minutes later.

Qin Miao didn’t get out of the car. He grabbed Chu Suiyun’s hand and said, “I’m afraid your dad will give me another punch, so I won’t go up. Go home early, it would be best to go back to my house, don’t be afraid to wake me up.”

Chu Suiyun squeezed his palm in turn: “En, I understand.”

“What do you understand?” Qin Miao was dissatisfied with his vague answer and insisted on asking.

Chu Suiyun gave him an eye roll and answered honestly: “I understand, I will go to your house, you’d better not sleep too deeply, be careful or else I’ll… Forget it, go.”

“Haha.” Qin Miao pulled Chu Suiyun’s hand, then kissed the back of it, “You’re welcome to attack me.”

After a while, Qin Miao finally let Chu Suiyun enter the inpatient department.

There were not many people on the floor of the single-room wards in the inpatient department. Chu Suiyun came to the door of the ward and saw that his father and Yu Ze were there.

Walking into the ward, Chu Muyu was the first to call out: “Brother.”

Chu Suiyun nodded to his younger brother as a response, and then pulled a chair and sat at the end of the bed, enquiring about his well being.

There were no more questions than those. Chu Muyu just had his heat, not sick. He had been injected with the inhibitor and had no adverse reactions. He should be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, and his body would naturally not feel unwell.

But even though there was no physical discomfort, Chu Muyu’s mood was not good. He spoke lazily, and simply answered. He kept his eyes down, and the corners of his mouth sank slightly. Chu Suiyun looked at him and sighed in his heart, but there was nothing he could do.

The brothers were quickly speechless, and the atmosphere was stagnant for a few seconds. At this time, Chu Tian patted Chu Suiyun on the shoulder and said, “Come out with me.”

Chu Suiyun nodded towards his brother and Yu Ze, then followed his father out the ward.

“Suiyun, I want to take Little Yu to live in the Federation for a few years.” Chu Tian said bluntly after walking out of the ward.

Chu Suiyun was surprised and forgot to react, stuck in place.

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