Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Please enter the urn*

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* Setting a trap to make a person submit

A car was parked at the entrance of a splendid Federation Restaurant. Chu Suiyun was wearing a formal suit, with leather shoes stepping out of the car. He raised his hand to fasten one of the buttons of his coat.

Then the tall and straight Alpha bent down and said something to the people in the car through the car window. When he raised his head again, his face was smiling, and his whole person softened a little.

The car that sent Chu Suiyun over quickly turned around and left. Chu Suiyun adjusted his clothes and walked into the restaurant.

Chu Suiyun’s face was radiant, one couldn’t tell that he spent the whole night in the hospital the night before.

He walked into the restaurant, reported his name to the waiter at the reception, and was taken into a private room.

Today was the day when Chu Suiyun and Levi made an appointment to meet.

Levi used the excuse to talk business with Chu Suiyun. He would ask him out for dinner or play whenever he wanted, but he didn’t talk about business every time they met. In fact, as a small intern, Chu Suiyun had no real power, and it was a waste of time for Levi to meet him.

At first, Chu Suiyun only thought that Levi had other plans. Later, when he remembered everything from three years ago, Chu Suiyun understood that Levi was indeed mentally ill.

Before Levi arrived, Chu Suiyun found a place to sit down, took off his coat and hung it on the hanger.

Ten minutes later, Chu Suiyun drank all the water in the glass in front of him, then did Levi arrive.

“Sorry for the long wait.” He walked in with a smile, pretending to be kind and warm, apologizing to Chu Suiyun.

Chu Suiyun shook his head: “Not at all.”

Levi sat down beside Chu Suiyun. Chu Suiyun was speechless. There were so many empty seats in this private room, yet he preferred to sit together. He moved quietly.

Levi didn’t notice his small movements, but first noticed the ring on Chu Suiyun’s ring finger.

Levi said unexpectedly: “Your ring, is it…?”

Chu Suiyun glanced at his hand and replied plainly: “Engagement ring, you should know.”

“With Qin Miao?” Levi looked strange.

“Otherwise, who else would there be?” Chu Suiyun smiled.

“You’re not…” Levi paused, he didn’t expect that the Qin family would discover Chu Suiyun’s Alpha identity and still accept his “daughter-in-law” identity.

Although Madam Qin was getting older and had become tolerant towards the younger generation, she was by no means a gentle and easy going woman. How could the Lady who accompanied her husband to develop the Qin family allow her son to be with an Alpha?

At the engagement banquet that day, Qin Miao suddenly entered his susceptible period, and this matter could not be concealed at all. The guests were joking, saying that this engagement banquet would directly turn into a bridal chamber night but then there were rumors that the person who was engaged to Qin Miao was also an Alpha.

Rumors spread, and the Qin family immediately cleared the venue, sent all the guests away, and later sent some compensation. After returning, everyone was waiting for the Qin family’s clarification, but until now, Mrs. Qin had not made any statement. Everyone knew what this meant.

The upper class attached great importance to face, and everyone just made fun of them in private, but did not make trouble. Some people guessed that the Qin family was deceived by the Alpha who was pretending to be an Omega, and some people guessed that the second child of the Qin family had a different orientation than ordinary people, liking Alphas, and conspiring with his lover to lie to everyone. However everyone, without exception, believed that the Alpha disguised as an Omega would not end well.

Levi knew about the relationship between Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun, so he knew that Qin Miao would not let go of Chu Suiyun easily, but he certainly couldn’t escape his mother’s obstruction.

It would be best if Chu Suiyun can be separated from Qin Miao because he can’t stand the pressure of his elders. He would love to hear that.

“Let’s get down to business, Mr. Levi.” Chu Suiyun pulled back the topic, “You mentioned to me some time ago that you want to meet the person in charge of the Giant Ship Company and have a good talk with them, I just invited that person today.”

Levi recovered from his thoughts and was stunned when he heard Chu Suiyun’s words: “How did you come into contact with him?”

“That doesn’t matter.” Chu Suiyun glanced at his phone, “He should be here soon. “

Levi was a little unhappy. Although he really wanted to meet the people of the giant ship and have those ignorant guys quit the competition with Federal Express, Chu Suiyun’s presumptuous proposition made him feel he was stepping out of place.

“Why do you want us to meet? Federal Express is competing with giant ship, doesn’t your Fengmiao rack all the benefits?” Levi asked.

Chu Suiyun shook his head: “I’m just a little intern, not a shareholder. Of course, the company’s interests are not as important as my personal interests.”

This sentence made Levi lose his suspicions a little, and he believed what Chu Suiyun said. The giant ship person also wanted to talk to him privately, so he found Chu Suiyun who was in close contact with him, and gave Chu Suiyun the benefit.

This understanding was in line with Levi’s way of thinking. He thought it was reasonable, and even had a feeling that it was as expected, but at the same time, his impression of Chu Suiyun had plummeted.

He thought that Chu Suiyun was sincere, but in fact it was nothing more than that.

After a few minutes, Chu Suiyun got up and said that the gentleman had arrived and went out to meet him.

Levi didn’t move, he sat comfortably on the seat and set up his poise.

After a while, Chu Suiyun walked in with a young man. That person was an Alpha, with a typical federal appearance, and his face looked a little young and inexperienced. He walked side by side with Chu Suiyun and smiled casually.

The moment Chu Suiyun and the man walked in, Levi’s eyes widened in surprise.

“You are…” Levi blurted out, and the next moment he remembered who he was at this time, and immediately shut up.

The person in charge of the Giant Ship Company smiled like a fledgling college student: “Sir, don’t you know me?”

Levi restrained his face, shook his head calmly, got up and stretched out his hand: “Meeting for the first time.”

The person in charge of the giant ship reached out and shook hands with him, then separated after a while. Then he pulled out a chair under Chu Suiyun’s signal to take a seat.

Levi fixed his clothes and sat down, but suddenly heard the person in charge speak, saying: “You don’t remember me, I’m a little sad.”

A cold sweat oozed out of Levi’s forehead, but Chu Suiyun acted insightfully and asked: “Oh? Does Mr. Dong and Mr. Levi know each other?”

That’s right, the person in charge of the giant ship is the former assistant of Richie Maxson, Dong.

Levi’s eyes wandered between Chu Suiyun and Dong for a moment, and he inexplicably had a bad premonition.

Dong nodded to Chu Suiyun. He set his eyes on Levi, and what he said made Levi tremble: “Yes, I used to be your assistant for a while, you really don’t remember Richie?”

Levi clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and hinted: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t know you. I thought we were here to talk about business today.

“Let’s reminisce about the past, can’t we?” Dong innocently smiled, and then pretended to be apologetic as if thinking of something, “I’m sorry, I was so excited to see someone from the past, I forgot, Mr. Richie is no longer Mr. Richie, I should call you Mr. Levi now.”

How could Levi not see that Dong was doing it on purpose.

His current identity was the illegitimate son of Old Maxson who was recognized after the death of his eldest son, not the Richie who died unexpectedly in prison.

When Richie was sentenced to ten years in prison, he could not bear the loss of his freedom. Old Maxson didn’t want his son to go to prison, so he used some tricks to make Richie “sick” in prison. Afterwards, he returned home and underwent cosmetic surgery.

It didn’t take long for Old Maxson to recognize an Alpha son named “Levi” among his illegitimate children on the grounds that the family property could not be left uninherited.

Plastic surgery was not a face change. Even if the surgery was successful, the faces of Richie and Levi were still very similar. Coupled with the delicate timing, of course people with a mind could solve the mystery, but in the Federation, even if many people knew, no one dared to point it out so bluntly.

Levi looked at Chu Suiyun, and Chu Suiyun was showing just the right amount of suspicion. He didn’t seem to understand what Dong meant. This made it difficult for Levi to judge whether he remembered what happened three years ago.

In the past, Levi always looked for opportunities to contact Chu Suiyun, one of the purposes was to confirm that he was indeed amnesiac. Chu Suiyun’s performance originally made Levi very satisfied, but just now, he suspected for a moment that Chu Suiyun had remembered everything.

Levi forced himself to calm down and smiled at Dong: “The Richie you mentioned had already died in prison.”

Dong nodded, and the words he said could anger a person to death: “I understand, I would also say that to outsiders.”

Levi almost gritted his teeth.

However, although he was angry for having real identity revealed, it did not cause any real harm to him. Old Maxson dared to make the switch which showed that the Maxson family had the confidence. Even if everyone knew that Levi was Richie, no one could do anything.

Thinking of this, Levi immediately adjusted his mood. He adjusted his sitting position casually, with slight contempt: “You went to the giant ship after you resigned? What I want to see is the real person in charge, not the little guy. Let your boss come to see me next time.”

“I am the person in charge.” Dong said with a smile.

“What?” Levi didn’t believe it. “You?”

“Speaking of which, thank you sir.” Dong said, “You hired me as your assistant, and I was able to stay in the federation so that I could find my relatives.”

Levi frowned solemnly, not understanding the meaning of Dong’s words.

Dong continued: “The founder of Giant Ship is my uncle. He took care of me and let me exercise some control.”

The founder of the giant ship was a member of the Bruce family. Levi frowned. He didn’t have much contact with this family, but he always had a special feeling, as if he had overlooked some very important information.

“So I’m in charge.” Dong emphasized his identity, “Sir.”

Even if it was Bruce’s nephew, the entire Bruce family was just a small shrimp in front of the behemoth Maxson.

Therefore, Levi’s attitude was not much better, he said directly: “Since you are the person in charge, then I will say it bluntly. With the size of giant ship, it is impossible to undertake the cooperation with Fengmiao. I advise you to give up quickly. If we reach an agreement in private, maybe I would be in a good mood to introduce you to other orders.”

Dong sat up straight, like a middle school student in class, he shook his head: “Unfortunately, this is my plan too, I hope Federal Express can just give up.”

Levi snorted scornfully, looked at Dong lazily, and asked, “Why should we give up?”

Dong smiled harmlessly: “Because the Maxson family is already declining, you… “


The table was slammed, and Levi stood up suddenly and pointed at Dong: “I don’t think you came to negotiate sincerely!”

Chu Suiyun was taken aback and looked up at Levi who was furious.

Dong, however, seemed to have anticipated that he would be angry, so he sat in his seat as still as a mountain, and even the corner of his mouth still kept the smile from earlier.

This smile in Levi’s eyes was a blatant ridicule. He couldn’t bear Dong’s humiliation any longer and waved his sleeves to leave.

The moment he opened the door, he almost bumped into someone’s chest.

“Hey, what’s the matter, is it unpleasant?”

Qin Miao held the door with one arm, blocking Levi’s way. Looking down, he saw Levi’s face, and greeted him: “Mr. Levi, I haven’t seen you for a few days, how are you?”

The moment he saw Qin Miao’s appearance, Levi understood everything. He endured the surging anger and said, “So this is the case, you guys are plotting against me together.”

Qin Miao raised his hands to signal his innocence: “I just came to pick up my marriage partner to go home to sleep, but I don’t know what you are doing.”

Chu Suiyun reluctantly supported his forehead and sighed.

“Brother.” Dong suddenly got up and walked to Levi’s side.

Levi turned around in anger and suspicion to confront Dong.

“Don’t be angry, brother.” Dong continued to call him brother.

Levi didn’t quite understand: “What did you call me?”

“It seems that your memory is really not very good.” Dong said, “Let me remind you, brother. My mother’s name is Theresa Bruce.”

“She was Will Maxson’s third wife, do you remember?”

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