Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Extra 1

Qingdeng Muyu Extra 1

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The Federation International Airport was bustling and noisy. There was a long queue in front of the check-in gate to Yun Country, and a young Omega was dragging a suitcase and blending into the queue.

This Omega had fair complexion, light brown hair, and a delicate face, combining the advantages of the looks of the people of Yun Country and the Federation. The corners of his mouth had a shallow smile, and compared to the slightly timid boy four years ago, his smile was a lot wider, more confident and dazzling.

Chinese New Year was approaching, and Chu Muyu was finally returning after four years.

A slender Alpha was lined up in front of Chu Muyu. The Alpha was rummaging through his briefcase when suddenly “click”, a passport fell to the ground.

The Alpha didn’t notice this, and his expression was already a little anxious.

Chu Muyu bowed to pick up the passport for him, and then tapped the Alpha on the shoulder: “Sir, your passport fell to the ground.”

The Alpha turned around and was stunned for half a second after seeing Muyu’s appearance. It was only after Chu Muyu reminded him again that he took the passport with some embarrassment.

“Thank you,” said the Alpha.

For Chu Muyu, this matter was just a small effort, and it was not worth caring about. After the Alpha checked in, Chu Muyu also went through the formalities smoothly.

After going through the security check, Chu Muyu came to the waiting room and did not rush to find a seat to sit down. Instead, he went to the window and looked at the planes that were queuing up on the tarmac.

He’s finally going home.

During the four years he studied in the Federation, it was not that Chu Muyu had never returned to the Yun Country, but this time was different.

This time, he was going to settle down in Yun Country.

In fact, Chu Tian did not agree with his younger son returning to Yun Country. His career was all in the Federation and one of his son was already married in Yun Country. He wanted his remaining child to stay by his side.

But Chu Muyu couldn’t hold back the idea of wanting to go back to his brother.


While Chu Muyu was in a trance, a mature male voice suddenly came from behind. Chu Muyu turned around to look, and saw the Alpha who had just lost his passport.

This gentleman was dressed in formal clothes, a business elite style.

His behavior was polite, so Chu Muyu didn’t mind his sudden behavior, and replied in a friendly manner: “Hello, what a coincidence.”

“Are you on this flight too? What a coincidence.” The gentleman said warmly. He patted his head, and said embarrassedly, “Look at me, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Guan Yuze, I’m returning to Yun Country for Chinese New Year. May I know your name?”

“My name is Chu Muyu, I’m also going back to celebrate the New Year.”

It stands to reason that the two would shake hands to express friendship when they meet for the first time, but Guan Yuze didn’t take the initiative to extend his hand. He just stood half a meter away from Chu Muyu, keeping the distance between an Alpha and Omega.

Such polite behavior would make all Omegas feel comfortable, and Chu Muyu was no exception.

After listening to Chu Muyu’s self-introduction, Guan Yuze was a little surprised. He glanced at Chu Muyu and suddenly smiled.

“What?” Chu Muyu asked when he noticed the change in his expression.

“No.” Guan Yuze shook his head, “It’s just a coincidence that I particularly like a painter whose name is also ‘Muyu’.”

As soon as these words came out, it was Chu Muyu’s turn to be surprised.

Guan Yuze saw his strangeness and asked, “Do you know him too?”

Chu Muyu looked away a little embarrassedly, and whispered, “‘Muyu’…he’s not really a painter.”

“Really? I don’t know much about these, but I just like the paintings he posted on social platforms. I’m ashamed to say that I’m almost thirty, and I even became a small fan on the Internet.”

Hearing Guan Yuze’s exaggerated words, Chu Muyu’s face became hot.

“Muyu” was an account created by Chu Muyu when he was studying in the Federation. He often posted some practice works, and unknowingly also accumulated a small hundred thousand fans.

Chu Muyu never expected to meet his fan by chance.

It could be seen that Guan Yuze really liked “Muyu”. He didn’t notice Chu Muyu’s unnaturalness and just treated him as another fan and impatiently took out Muyu’s work to show Chu Muyu.

At first, Chu Muyu was a little embarrassed, but Guan Yuze had a unique understanding of his works. He praised the person but did not over flatter him, and occasionally there were points of view that Chu Muyu had never thought of. Eventually the two of them really let go and had a great conversation.

It wasn’t until after boarding that they found out that Guan Yuze was in business class, while Chu Muyu had bought economy class with his own money, so the two separated-

“Take care of yourself when you get there, do you hear?” the Beta woman told her nephew gently and with concern.

“En, go back, auntie.”

Answering her was a tall and handsome young Alpha, with a cold expression, surrounded by a cold temperament that was unique to a superior Alpha, that pushed others thousands of miles away.

Kathy was still a little worried: “Take the medicine, remember to take it, if you get your susceptible period…you must contact aunt, you hear?”

Shen Qingdeng nodded. He had been taken care of by this gentle and affectionate woman for four years, and he no longer rejected the love shown by the other party.

“Okay, go.” Kathy lowered her eyes, shrugging off her reluctance, and pushed Shen Qingdeng.

“Goodbye.” Shen Qingdeng pulled up the suitcase, said goodbye to Kathy and turned to leave-

Four hours later, when the plane landed, Chu Muyu picked up his luggage, walked out the exit, and saw his brother who he had been separated from for more than a year.

After saying goodbye to Guan Yuze who came out with him, he accelerated his pace and walked towards Chu Suiyun.

Chu Suiyun was wearing a trench coat with a scarf tied around his neck. Standing at the airport pick-up spsot, the moment he saw Chu Muyu, he showed a bright smile.

“Brother!” With the last few steps left, Chu Muyu threw himself into his brother’s arms.

“I’m back.” Chu Suiyun opened his arms to embrace his younger brother, and raised his hand to ruffle his hair affectionately.

“Are you tired of flying?” Chu Suiyun naturally took the luggage from Chu Muyu’s hand, took him by the shoulder, and walked outside the terminal building.

Chu Muyu shook his head: “Not tired.”

When they arrived at the exit of the airport, the brothers stopped and Chu Suiyun carefully looked at Chu Muyu.

Chu Muyu was a little embarrassed, so he took the lead and said, “Brother, you have gained a little weight.”

“Really?” Chu Suiyun was stunned, “Maybe I’ve eaten too well because it’s almost New Years.”

When interrupted by his younger brother, the words that were hanging at Chu Suiyun’s mouth were just swallowed back.

After going to the Federation for four years, Chu Muyu had lost some weight. Perhaps it was because of his height, or maybe there were other reasons. Besides that, Chu Suiyun clearly saw that although his younger brother was smiling, there was a vacancy in his eyes.

Chu Suiyun shook off the thoughts in his heart, and continued to walk forward with his younger brother, putting on a seamless smile again: “Tonight, come to my house for one night, and tomorrow morning, you can decide if you want to go back to the old house or stay to play. It’ll be up to you.”

Chu Muyu had no objection to this arrangement, and nodded obediently.

The two walked towards the parking lot, and Chu Suiyun suddenly thought of the Alpha who walked out with his brother just now. He smiled wickedly and asked, “Who was that Alpha just now? I think you two were talking and laughing.”

Chu Muyu was startled: “Brother, don’t think about it, it’s just someone I met by chance on the plane.”

“Oh~” Chu Suiyun stretched his tone, “The classic beginning, not bad.”

Chu Muyu gave him a roll of the eye: “If you talk nonsense again, I will ignore you.”

“I was wrong.” Chu Suiyun had to apologize.

After a while, the two came to Chu Suiyun’s car. Chu Suiyun went around the car and prepared to put the luggage in the trunk.

Chu Muyu stood there, enjoying the long-lost and caring service from his brother.

Suddenly, a figure flashed across his line of sight, attracting him to look at them unconsciously.

The next moment, Chu Muyu saw a person who shocked him.

It was an Alpha. He had a pair of headphones on his ear, he pulled a suitcase in his right hand, and his long legs moved quickly. He came to a car, opened the door and sat in.

– It was Shen Qingdeng.

Compared to four years ago, his stature was a bit taller, and his appearance was still dazzling, but his temperament became more cold. The lake blue eyes could freeze the cold air.

The parking lot was dark, Chu Muyu knew that the other party hadn’t noticed him, because he was in a hurry, so his expression didn’t change at all, and he passed by as if he was a mass of air.

Unlike himself, as soon as he saw him, he could not help but set off a storm in his heart, he almost couldn’t control his expression and was about to lose his temper.

Chu Muyu unconsciously stretched out his hand for support from the car. His eyes fixated on the car Shen Qingdeng was sitting on, his face instantly paled.

“Get in the car, Little Yu.”

Chu Suiyun’s voice suddenly came, recalling Chu Muyu’s thoughts. He reluctantly restrained his mind, opened the door and sat in the co-pilot.

Chu Muyu fastened his seat belt mechanically, staring blankly ahead.

He returned and so did Shen Qingdeng.

Chu Muyu thought that four years was enough for him to forget about that person, but the unexpected encounter just now woke him up.

Four years later, he was still moved by that person.

It was like it was unavoidable, like it was fate—

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