Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Extra 2

Qingdeng Muyu Extra 2

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More than an hour later, the brothers returned to Chu Suiyun’s current home from the airport.

More than an hour in the car was enough for Chu Muyu to readjust his mood.

Four years have passed, Chu Muyu is no longer the cowardly and weak child that he was four years ago. Now that his closest family members are around, does he still have to be so unpromising and have his brother and father worry about himself?

Absolutely not.

When it was time to get out of the car, Chu Muyu had already returned to his normal state.

Arriving at the door of the house, Chu Suiyun dragged the suitcase with one hand and entered the password with the other. The door opened with a “click”, he pushed it open, walked in first, and then called his brother to enter the house.

This was Qin Miao’s house. Because the location was very good, Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun had always lived here for the convenience of their work after they got married.

After his brother and Qin Miao became a family, it was not that Chu Muyu had never been here, but even so, every time he stepped in, he still felt a little awkward and cautious.

This time was no exception. Chu Muyu walked into the room with small steps, clasped his hands in front of him, and stood there, waiting for his brother to help him arrange things.

But after being nervous for a moment, Chu Muyu relaxed because he found that there was no one at home and Qin Miao was not there.

“Where’s Big Brother Qin?” Chu Muyu asked.

Chu Suiyun replied casually: “He went to work, he has a lot of things to do at the end of the year, and he can’t come back until dinner time.”

Then Chu Suiyun carried the suitcase into the guest room and instructed: “I have already packed the guest room, you can live in this room.”

“Thank you for your hard work, brother.” Chu Muyu smiled sweetly at him.

Chu Suiyun snorted and messed up his younger brother’s hair: “It was for you. Well, go and rest, brother will cook something delicious for you.”

“Okay.” Chu Muyu agreed and decided to go help his brother after unpacking his luggage.

Five minutes later, Chu Muyu put away his luggage, took off his jacket, and came to the kitchen. Seeing that Chu Suiyun was busy cutting vegetables, he lifted his foot and walked in.

“Brother, I’ll help you.” Chu Muyu rolled up his sleeves as he spoke.

Chu Suiyun smiled comfortably, and instructed politely: “Then go wash the mushrooms.”

Without saying a word, Chu Muyu picked up the mushroom and started cleaning it up.

The time soon came to six o’clock, and at the same time as Chu Muyu brought the dishes to the table, he heard the sound of the door being unlocked.

Chu Muyu guessed that Qin Miao had returned, and called to the kitchen. Chu Suiyun heard his reminder, took the dish out, put it on the table, and walked towards the door.

When Chu Suiyun came to the door, Qin Miao just opened the door and leaned in.

The Alpha, who had just returned home, was wrapped in the cold air from the outside world. When he saw his lover who came to greet him, he couldn’t help showing a warm smile.

Chu Suiyun was about to say hello to Qin Miao, but he was suddenly hugged by the other party. Qin Miao exerted a little effort and took Chu Suiyun, who had no resistance, into his arms with ease.

Then Qin Miao lowered his head and dropped a kiss on his lips: “I’m back.”

Even though Chu Suiyun was already accustomed to Qin Miao’s various movements, he did not forget that his brother was still watching at the dining table at the moment. So Chu Suiyun hurriedly patted Qin Miao’s forearm that was wrapped around his waist, and reminded: “Little Yu is back.”

Qin Miao seemed to be aware of Chu Muyu’s existence only after. He obediently let go of Chu Suiyun and nodded to his younger brother, “Welcome, it’s been a long journey.”

Chu Muyu kept a decent smile on his face, but his mouth was sullen in his heart.

This Alpha, who has an excessive desire to monopolize things, was really childish.

Chu Muyu was not blind, of course, he could see that Qin Miao’s actions were all for himself. In the past four years, as long as Chu Muyu returned to the country, Chu Suiyun would stay with him for the night. It was fine for a day or two, but after a long time, some people would not like it.

When Chu Muyu came back in the first year, he stayed at the newlyweds’ house for a week. Qin Miao had a lot of opinions on this. Chu Muyu realized this later, so starting from the second year, no matter how Chu Suiyun kept him, Chu Muyu would not stay here for more than two nights.

Chu Suiyun was unaware of the secret grievances between the two, so he pulled Qin Miao’s arm and said, “Change clothes then come eat.”

Qin Miao nodded in response and came over to ask for a kiss, but Chu Suiyun blocked him with a finger.

After Qin Miao finished changing his clothes, the food was served on the table. Usually, Chu Suiyun didn’t cook, it was only when his younger brother came back that he would be willing to work all day to cook this meal.

The three of them were satisfied. Chu Suiyun asked about Chu Muyu’s future plans. Qin Miao also added a few words, Chu Muyu enjoyed it and accepted it humbly.

Qin Miao also brought Chu Muyu a gift, which was handed over by Mother Qin, a set of expensive painting tools. Chu Muyu was flattered.

“My mother said that there will be a chance for the family to get together in a few days.” Qin Miao faithfully conveyed his mother’s intent.

Of course Chu Muyu should go. Since his elder brother and Qin Miao were together, the Qin family, especially Mother Qin, had taken care of Chu Muyu. According to Mother Qin, it was because she liked cute-looking juniors now that she is old.

After eating, Qin Miao went to clean up the mess, and Chu Suiyun asked his brother casually, “Are you staying tomorrow?”

“No, I’ll go back to the old house.” Chu Muyu answered decisively.

Nonsense, he didn’t want to stay to provoke Qin Miao.

Chu Suiyun was obviously feeling a little regretful, and was about to persuade him again, but Chu Muyu quickly explained: “Brother, I’m coming back to live permanently this time, I won’t be leaving, you can see me anytime you want, don’t rush these few days. Besides, I can get used to it by staying there early.”

This made sense, so Chu Suiyun no longer struggled, and instead said that he would be send him back to his old house tomorrow.

Time soon came to the next day. Chu Suiyun drove Chu Muyu back to the house where the two brothers had lived together for eight years.

Chu Suiyun specially asked for leave for Chu Muyu yesterday and this morning. Work had already piled up a lot, so after sending his younger brother, he couldn’t stay any longer, and left in a hurry after a few words.

Chu Muyu unpacked all the luggage alone, checked the daily necessities that were missing in the house, and prepared to go to the supermarket to buy some stuff.

In the past few years, Shanlan City had developed rapidly, and Chu Muyu had no choice but to rent.

After getting into the car and explaining the destination to the driver, Chu Muyu felt his phone vibrate in his trouser pocket, so he took it out to take a look.

It was actually a message from Guan Yuze.

The two of them had a good chat yesterday, and before they parted, Guan Yuze took the initiative to ask Chu Muyu’s contact information.

In the text message, Guan Yuze’s tone was intimate but not disrespectful. He said, “Muyu, I have only accepted this reality until now but it turns out that you are the painter I have always liked. Yesterday at the airport, you suddenly told me this fact, and I was really caught off guard. I hope my clumsiness didn’t make you feel awkward. As an apology, I want to invite you, my idol, to lunch, and please don’t turn me down or I’ll be sad for a long time.”

Probably no one could refuse such a sincere invitation, and Chu Muyu couldn’t help laughing.

After the reply was sent, Chu Muyu pressed the back button, and the interface jumped back to all his text messages. Only then did a small red dot appear in the “Stranger Messages” column in the upper left corner.

With the mentality of eliminating all the little red dots, Chu Muyu clicked in, and he saw an inexplicable message from a stranger.

“Hello, long time no see.”

Chu Muyu had no impression of this number. After thinking for a while, he guessed that someone might have sent the wrong text message, so he stopped paying attention to this unfinished message, and put away his phone—

“Qingdeng, why are you playing with your phone here?”

A male Omega with long straight legs pushed open the glass door of the balcony, half joking and half warning.

Shen Qingdeng tilted his head, glanced over at the person, and explained lightly: “Message from the family.”

The male Omega came to stand beside Shen Qingdeng, followed his example to lean against the balcony guardrail. He turned around with a gentle and beautiful face. This person was Qin Miao’s former assistant, Fan Qing.

Fan Qing smiled: “You are the old man’s last disciple. Are you not afraid that he will find you with you daring to run away openly?”

Shen Qingdeng didn’t show a special look to this senior brother of the same division, but just said a word of courtesy: “I’ll go first.”

After he finished speaking, Shen Qingdeng’s expression was still cold, as if he was covered in ice. He pushed the door back into the room.

Leaving Fan Qing on the balcony alone, he shook his head: “It looks like an ice hole.”

Back in the room, the old man who happened to be sitting in the center of the students mentioned Shen Qingdeng, and when he saw him, he immediately waved.

Shen Qingdeng had to suppress the impatience in his heart and walked over.

The old man was the common mentor of everyone present, and he was also a prominent figure in the industry. He will retire in one year, and Shen Qingdeng was lucky to be his last student before his retirement.

The old man called Shen Qingdeng over, but he just said some words of admonition, praised his strengths, pointed out his shortcomings, and finally asked him to humbly ask his senior brothers and senior sisters for advice, and asked them to take care of him.

Because the old man was kind and funny, the topic gradually became more and more casual. It was unclear who started it first, bringing up finding a partner, but he said that almost everyone he taught didn’t leave the single list until they were 30 years old. He even joked whether it was an inheritance from him because he also was very late to get acquainted with his wife.

The old man blew his beard so high just to justify it that he was concentrating on his career and research. Then he grabbed Shen Qingdeng and asked, “I don’t think you are someone who can’t find a target, so tell your senior brothers and sisters so they can envy you.”

Everyone else looked at Shen Qingdeng curiously.

Shen Qingdeng lowered his eyes halfway, his expression didn’t seem to change, but no one saw the emotions surging in the depths of his eyes.

“Teacher is joking,” he said. “I did something wrong, that person didn’t want me, I really can’t find someone.”

After he finished speaking, the audience was silent for half a second, and then everyone laughed. After all, after only a few hours of contact, everyone thought that Shen Qingdeng was an unsmiling master, who spoke concisely and his whole body was cold. Such a person actually taking the burden of the teacher’s jokes, the contrast was too much, and a few people couldn’t hold back their laughter.

No one thought he wasn’t joking. After all, Shen Qingdeng looked like a superior Alpha, so many Omegas would line up to be with him.

The old man was also amused, and pointed at Shen Qingdeng: “You little kid! Hahaha!”

Shen Qingdeng lowered his head slightly, hiding his expression. He didn’t smile, but he didn’t want others to be disappointed by seeing his serious expression.

Everyone was laughing, they all thought he was joking, only he himself had forgotten about laughing for this long.

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