Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Extra 4

Qingdeng Muyu Extra 4

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After realizing that someone might be following him, Chu Muyu forced himself to calm down. It was still daytime, and the security of Yun Country was very good. The other party didn’t dare to do anything to him in public.

But he couldn’t continue to go to the supermarket to buy things as planned, and he must go home as soon as possible. Chu Muyu pondered for a moment, then finally resumed his steps as if nothing had happened.

He couldn’t let the person who followed him realize that he had noticed, so Chu Muyu didn’t dare to go back the same way. Fortunately, he was very familiar with the surrounding environment, so he took a circle and returned to the gate of the community.

As they approached the community, Chu Muyu felt that the feeling of being stared at disappear, and the panicked Omega finally let out a sigh of relief.

Chu Muyu quickened his pace and returned home, took out his mobile phone, and dug out Chu Suiyun’s contact information. His fingers was suspended in the air for a long time, hesitating whether to call his brother.

Is someone really stalking you? Chu Muyu couldn’t help but doubt himself. During the time when he first went to the Federation, he often had the illusion of being watched. It was his father and the psychiatrist who suggested over and over again that he was now safe, and the similar feeling slowly disappeared.

The feeling of being watched hadn’t appeared for a long time, and Chu Muyu was also afraid that this time it was just his own delusion. If he rashly told his brother and no one followed him, wouldn’t it make his brother worry in vain.

While Chu Muyu was staring at the phone screen hesitantly, he suddenly remembered that text message, the strange text message he received the day after he returned to Yun Country.

There was also Shen Qingdeng who appeared at Yun Country Airport. Right! Shen Qingdeng also returned to Yun Country, back to Shanlan City, and was in the same city as himself!

Chu Muyu only learned from the phone call between his father and brother that Shen Qingdeng had left Yun Country after he went to the Federation for half a year. Chu Tian told him that Shen Qingdeng had gone to a country in the south, and told him not to inquire about Shen Qingdeng’s whereabouts.

Now Shen Qingdeng was also in Yun Country and Shanlan City…

Chu Muyu’s eyes flashed with sorrow for a moment. Was Shen Qingdeng still doing this kind of thing? Was he still spying on himself? Four years have passed, isn’t it enough for him to let go of his obsession with himself?

One question after another appeared in the Omega’s mind. He asked four years later, isn’t it enough for Shen Qingdeng to let go of his obsession? In fact, Chu Muyu himself knew that four years was really not enough to forget a person.

This person, Shen Qingdeng, suddenly appeared when he was most afraid and hesitant, like a saint, firmly guarding himself by his side, providing him with an irreplaceable sense of security. At that time, Chu Muyu was being followed and spied on, and there was a conflict with his brother. It was Shen Qingdeng who stood up and assumed the role that his brother had always played, filling the vacancy in Chu Muyu’s heart.

Chu Muyu’s feelings for him gradually changed from reliance at first to admiration, and finally to inextricable love, he even took the initiative to ask Shen Qingdeng to mark himself.

The Omega thought he had found someone he could rely on, but unexpectedly the man tore away his disguise and told him that he was the one who had been watching and spying on him.

It was a blow comparable to the collapse of faith.

Rationally, Chu Muyu thought that he had better not have any relationship with Shen Qingdeng anymore, and everyone around him thought the same, so Chu Suiyun agreed to Chu Tian bringing Chu Muyu to live in the Federation. But deep down in his heart, in a certain corner that Chu Muyu did not dare to look directly at, a faint voice kept saying to him: I want to see Shen Qingdeng again.

After all, the separation four years ago was too hasty and chaotic. After Chu Muyu was forcibly marked by Shen Qingdeng, he fell into a coma, but before the coma, he vaguely heard what Shen Qingdeng said in his ear.

The man said, “Stay away from me, Chu Muyu.”

In the past four years, Chu Muyu recalled this abrupt remark more than once. Shen Qingdeng peeped at himself and put his every move under surveillance, and before the temporary marking, Shen Qingdeng also revealed his true thoughts. He really wanted to mark himself, but after the marking was over, he kept himself away from him.

It was as if Shen Qingdeng was approaching him while trying to push him away. Why? Why were his words and actions so contradictory? What was Shen Qingdeng thinking at that time?

Even if it was just to clarify this matter, Chu Muyu wanted to see Shen Qingdeng again.

Thinking of this, Chu Muyu’s heart suddenly jumped wildly, and a crazy thought took shape in his mind.

If Shen Qingdeng was really still following him, he needed to lead him out by himself.

After making up his mind, Chu Muyu gritted his teeth and called his brother.

The phone rang for a while, and Chu Suiyun’s voice came. He was obviously very happy with Chu Muyu’s call: “What’s wrong, Little Yu, do you miss your brother?”

Chu Muyu’s mood was originally very heavy, but after hearing his brother’s voice, he suddenly felt a lot more relaxed. Perhaps it was his brother’s existence that made him realize that no matter what happened to him, he had the solid support of his family behind him, and the last trace of fear also left his heart.

Chu Muyu and Chu Suiyun chatted for a while, then he paused for a moment, then he finally told his elder brother, “Brother, I think someone may be following me again.”


Chu Suiyun, who was on the opposite side of the phone, roared loudly, and there was a faint sound of slapping the table in the background. The Alpha immediately asked, “What’s going on, Little Yu, where are you now? Are you alright?”

Chu Muyu in turn comforted him: “I’m fine, brother. Actually, I’m not quite sure that I may be being followed, I just felt it when I got home. Don’t be so nervous.”

After hearing this, Chu Suiyun felt a little relieved, and immediately decided: “I’ll move over to live with you.”

As soon as Chu Suiyun finished saying these words, before Chu Muyu had time to refuse, he heard Chu Suiyun saying a few words to someone on the other side of the phone, and when the other side spoke again, it was Qin Miao.

“What’s wrong, Little Yu?” Qin Miao’s voice sounded very calm, “Tell me about it carefully.”

Chu Muyu guessed that Qin Miao was irritated by the fact that his brother said he wanted to live with him just now, so this guy became concerned about his affairs.

But at this time, it was better to discuss things with Qin Miao than with his brother. After all, his brother was a close relative of himself. It is inevitable that he will get angry when he encounters this kind of thing, and his judgment may be wrong. On the contrary, Qin Miao can remain rational at this time.

Chu Muyu told Qin Miao about his feelings and guesses. In the end, he was afraid that Qin Miao would think that he was making a fuss, so he brought out the evidence: “Shen Qingdeng is now in Shanlan City, and I saw him. I also recently received an inexplicable message from a stranger.”

After hearing this, Qin Miao was silent for a moment and decided: “Send me the sender of the text message, and I will ask someone to check the identity information of the mobile number. Then I will send a few people to protect you. You will continue to work and rest as usual these days. Don’t alarm the other party and leave it to me to deal with that person.”

“No.” Chu Muyu suddenly interrupted him, then quietly clenched his fists and said word by word, “I want to catch him myself, I have something to ask him.”

“…Well, I respect your opinion.” Qin Miao finished speaking and returned the phone to Chu Suiyun.

The matter has been settled by the two people, so Chu Suiyun had nothing to say, he just sighed at his younger brother with the idea: “Little Yu, although I don’t agree with you taking risks, I will support you. Remember, no matter what happens, you can tell me and I will always help you.”

Chu Muyu’s nose was sour: “Thank you, brother.”

The people sent by Qin Miao stayed by Chu Muyu’s side for two days, and Chu Muyu kept doing his normal activities. But there was no longer the feeling of being followed, and even Chu Muyu began to wonder if he was really sensitive, which led to the illusion.

Until two days later, it was already dark and Chu Muyu was coming out of a painting store that he used to go to. After walking a few steps, he suddenly felt a familiar, strange sight like a maggot attached to his bones, locking him in.

Chu Muyu quickly calmed down and pretended to take out his mobile phone casually, pretending to play with it, but in fact he was sending a message to the two older brothers sent by Qin Miao.

The two older brothers immediately took orders and began to pay attention to suspicious people secretly.

Chu Muyu calmly slowed down in order to gain more time to observe.

When he reached the next intersection, he suddenly heard a strange movement behind him. Chu Muyu was extremely nervous, and instinctively knew this was the best time. This was an intersection with complicated road conditions. No matter where the person was hiding, he must be distracted at this intersection to see which road he chose. As long as he turned around now, the person who followed him will definitely be in a mess, and may even directly meet his gaze!

He could immediately know who was following him. Chu Muyu couldn’t tell how he was feeling right now.

He guessed that the person was Shen Qingdeng, but he was afraid that the person was Shen Qingdeng.

If that person was not Shen Qingdeng, it meant that four years have passed and Shen Qingdeng had stopped doing that kind of perverted peeping on him and he has a new life of his own, he… doesn’t care about himself anymore. Thinking of this, Chu Muyu’s heart skipped a beat. 

If that person was Shen Qingdeng, it meant that he was still trying to control himself completely. How can he accept that there was a fake person in his life who was like a python all the time? Just thinking about it, Chu Muyu’s body was chilled.

It was useless to think so much now, just turn around and he will get the answer.

But after getting the answer…?

Chu Muyu didn’t know, but this matter will have an end.

The young Omega clenched his back molars tightly and turned around suddenly with his heart pounding.

Fifty meters apart, Chu Muyu recognized the tall, familiar figure on the opposite side of the pedestrian road with little traffic.

The Alpha stood upright in the same place, without restraining his gaze, crossing the distance between them, staring at Chu Muyu. With his attitude, even if Chu Muyu wanted to deceive himself, that it was just a chance encounter, he couldn’t.

Shen Qingdeng…

Chu Muyu almost lost his strength, almost kneeled on the spot. He raised his hand feebly and rubbed his sore eyes.

Sure enough, it’s you, why you! Chu Muyu asked palely in his heart, but he didn’t know who he was asking.

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