Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Extra 5

Qingdeng Muyu Extra 5

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Shen Qingdeng did not expect that he would meet Chu Muyu again so soon.

Four years later, the once timid and beautiful Omega had become a dazzling presence. Although Shen Qingdeng was reluctant to use this analogy, he had to admit that Chu Muyu was indeed becoming more and more like his older brother.

Even though the Omega still had a soft appearance, his eyes had became extraordinarily firm. At this moment, those eyes that were full of stars were looking at him intently. This realization makes Shen Qingdeng excited, even though there was more anger in his eyes. 

He was coming to himself.

Shen Qingdeng almost wanted to spread his arms and give the Omega a firm hug. He wanted to wrap this person in his arms and use an unquestionable possessive posture to declare ownership over him.

The distance of fifty meters was not long at all, and while Shen Qingdeng was thinking about it, Chu Muyu had already arrived in front of him.

Then Chu Muyu stretched out his hand and a power that did not belong to an Omega burst out in an instant. He grabbed Shen Qingdeng by the collar, and asked him angrily, “What were you doing?”

The Omega got a little closer, and his warm breath touched Shen Qingdeng’s chin. He stared at Chu Muyu’s rain-moistened lips, and when he opened and closed his mouth, he was a little distracted.

“Are you following me?” Seeing that he didn’t answer, Chu Muyu asked again.

Hearing this, Shen Qingdeng finally reacted, his expression changed, and a stinging pain that Chu Muyu could not understand flashed in his eyes.

“You think I’m following you?” he asked.

Chu Muyu didn’t understand why he was still questioning him. When he turned around and saw him following behind him, could he still be wrong?

“If it’s not you then who?!” Chu Muyu almost roared.

Shen Qingdeng stared at Chu Muyu, as if trying to see a hole in his face. In the end he was silent for a moment, sighing and admitting, “Yes, it’s me.”

After finally hearing the truth that the other party had personally admitted, Chu Muyu didn’t feel the joy of catching him at all. His heart felt as if it was suddenly clenched by the claws of some beast, it was indescribably tight and painful.

Chu Muyu gritted his teeth, his eyes red with emotion: “Why! It’s been four years, why are you still pestering me! Four years ago, you let me go, and you haven’t appeared once in four years. Why, why did you suddenly appear to disturb my new life after four years after I had let go of everything?”

Shen Qingdeng let the Omega grab his collar to vent his anger, it seemed that the Omega’s strength had no effect on him. He had been listening to Chu Muyu’s questioning silently, until a certain word appeared. He raised his eyebrows slightly, and then asked:

“Let go?”

It was like a sharp blade, ignoring all the confusion of the fog and going straight to the point.

Chu Muyu’s body froze, and the hand grasping the Alpha’s collar unconsciously released it’s strength. Unconsciously, he showed a bewildered look.

With just one sentence, Chu Muyu fell into a quarrel, his mind was confused, and he was silent for a while. Shen Qingdeng took advantage of the opportunity for him to retreat step by step.

“You asked me why I followed you? Little Yu, I marked you, in my heart, you are my Omega, even if it’s just a temporary mark that will disappear with time.”

Even at this time, Shen Qingdeng’s voice still sounded cold. He seemed used to such a slow tone. If the Alpha’s slightly scarlet eyes had not revealed his true state of mind, everyone would have thought he was negotiating rationally with a person.

Shen Qingdeng grabbed Chu Muyu’s wrist, took a step forward, and pushed him back half a step: “If you were a person who has nothing to do with me, of course it would be wrong for me to follow you, and I will not follow you. But you are my Omega, I am destined to be attracted to you, I can’t control myself not to approach you. Because you are my Omega, it is only natural for an Alpha to control his own Omega, you should belong to me—”

“I’m not!” Chu Muyu suddenly exerted his strength, shook off Shen Qingdeng’s hand, and slapped him with a backhand.

This slap Chu Muyu used 100% of his strength, and the slap made his palm and forearm numb. Shen Qingdeng turned his head in a daze, as if he still hadn’t reacted.

Chu Muyu took two deep breaths before adjusting his breathing, and then he stared at Shen Qingdeng coldly: “I am a person first, then an Omega. Shen Qingdeng, you are wrong!”

Shen Qingdeng lowered his head, his slightly long bangs covered his face, Chu Muyu couldn’t see his expression, and could only hear his suddenly faint voice: “Little Yu, as long as you belong to me completely, I won’t follow you again. As long as you truly become my Omega, I will—”

Having said this, Shen Qingdeng paused for a while, then raised his head, revealing those cold blue eyes, almost seeing through Chu Muyu’s heart: “Have you forgotten me in these four years? You were waiting for me, you were looking forward to me appearing right? Do you dare to say no?”

The Alpha was so confident and arrogant that Chu Muyu really wanted to laugh at him, and then tell him that he had never thought about him for a moment, and it is all his one-sided self-love, so don’t be ridiculous. However, Chu Muyu couldn’t say anything, and suddenly there was a walnut stuck in his throat, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Seeing Chu Muyu’s silence, Shen Qingdeng looked like a madman who had won a bet. For the first time in a long time, he showed an awkward smile – in fact, the corner of his mouth was only slightly raised.

Shen Qingdeng approached, came to Chu Muyu’s ear, and whispered, “You are my Omega.”

Chu Muyu was shocked.

The next moment, Shen Qingdeng was suddenly thrown to the ground by the two people who jumped out from the side. It was the two older brothers that Qin Miao sent to protect Chu Muyu. The two strong Alphas easily pushed the defenseless Shen Qingdeng to the ground, holding his hands behind his backs.

“No!” Chu Muyu subconsciously shouted.

The two bodyguards looked up at him, a little guilty: “Sorry, we were late. Was this guy the pervert?”

Chu Muyu reacted for a while before realizing that the pervert in the bodyguard’s mouth was referring to Shen Qingdeng.

At this time, Shen Qingdeng was pressed to the ground, his cheeks sticking to the ground, and his head could not be lifted, looking like he was in a sorry state.

Chu Muyu closed his eyes and said to the two older brothers, “Don’t press him down.”

One of the older brothers frowned in disapproval: “No! He is an Alpha in his susceptible period. If we don’t press him down, we don’t know what will happen. As an Omega, stay away from him.”

“What?” Chu Muyu was taken aback. Shen Qingdeng obviously had all the characteristics of a superior Alpha, so why would there be a susceptible period?

Only then did Chu Muyu have time to calm down and examine Shen Qingdeng carefully. He found that the Alpha was indeed pale, and his lips were as colorless as paper.

“How are you…” Chu Muyu wanted to ask why Shen Qingdeng had a susceptible period, but halfway through, he felt it was inappropriate, he shouldn’t be involved in Shen Qingdeng’s private affairs.

So Chu Muyu changed his tone and said to the bodyguard, “Let him stand up.”

Seeing that he insisted on this, the two bodyguards exchanged glances with each other, and had to obey the order, holding Shen Qingdeng to stand up.

Shen Qingdeng was already in his most vulnerable and sensitive period, and was pressed down by two sturdy Alphas on the ground for two minutes. At this moment, he only felt that his head was about to explode, and the pheromones of the two Alphas around him made him extremely restless. There was also Chu Muyu in front of him. The Omega had already leaked a bit of pheromone because of his emotional excitement.

The pheromone of the Omega that he believed to be vaguely intertwined with the pheromone of an unfamiliar Alpha, this perception kept burning Shen Qingdeng’s reason, and finally, he was completely detonated.

The two bodyguards relaxed a little when they saw Shen Qingdeng looking sick. It was during this moment of relaxation that Shen Qingdeng bent his knees and attacked the man on the left. His fist hit the man right on the face.

In just two seconds, Shen Qingdeng broke free and temporarily deprived the two bodyguards of their mobility.

He was indeed a genuine superior Alpha, and there was a gap in physical strength between him and the ordinary Alphas.

The two bodyguards who fell to the ground were shocked, but they were professional after all, and soon stood up again, ready to work together to subdue Shen Qingdeng again.

“Don’t touch him!” Chu Muyu on the side suddenly halted. The Omega stared at Shen Qingdeng, who was panting, and said firmly, “He won’t hurt me.”

After speaking, Chu Muyu was stunned for a while, feeling at a loss for what he said subconsciously. However, Shen Qingdeng did not give him time to continue thinking.

“You always have so many Alphas around you.”

Shen Qingdeng was already at the peak of his anger at the moment. He believed that the Omega was always surrounded by coveters who overestimated themselves. That Guan Yuze was, and so were the two current scumbags.

Chu Muyu didn’t have a chance to argue, he heard Shen Qingdeng continue talking.

“Little Yu, why are there so many unsightly people around you?”

When he said this, a picture of Chu Muyu and Guan Yuze sitting in the same car a few days ago appeared in front of Shen Qingdeng’s eyes. The picture was too dazzling and made him jealous.

Chu Muyu gritted his teeth and said cruelly, “You are the most unsightly person.”

Shen Qingdeng’s breathing stagnated.

At this moment, Chu Muyu clearly saw some light disappear from Shen Qingdeng’s eyes. In fact, Chu Muyu had some regrets from the moment he uttered these words. He didn’t intend to do so, but he said it out of nowhere.

“Heh.” Shen Qingdeng sneered at himself, “So that’s it.”

The two bodyguards looked at Shen Qingdeng vigilantly. They didn’t agree with Chu Muyu’s way of provoking the other. This Alpha looked a little crazy, and they didn’t know when he would suddenly lose control.

Fortunately, what they feared did not happen.

Shen Qingdeng lowered his head and turned around, looking like he was about to leave.

Chu Muyu looked at his back, and his nose was sour for no reason.

Shen Qingdeng took two steps forward, then turned his head slowly, and left a faint sentence: “Do you think that I am the only one watching you?”

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