Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Extra 8

Qingdeng Muyu Extra 8

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The one who sent Chu Muyu to the appointment was one of the two bodyguards from last time.

Chu Muyu got into the car, greeted the older brother, then turned his eyes to the window and began to observe the city he had been away from for a long time.

The vehicle moved forward, and the scenery retreated. Just as Chu Muyu was in a trance, the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated twice, recalling Chu Muyu’s thoughts.

Chu Muyu took out his phone to check and saw an unexpected message.

Shen Qingdeng: [Picture]

Chu Muyu opened the picture and looked at it. The picture showed several medicine bottles on the table. The lid of one of the medicine bottles was opened, revealing a huge pill inside.

Immediately afterwards, Shen Qingdeng sent another message: “I don’t want to take medicine.”

Only then did Chu Muyu realize that this was Shen Qingdeng’s medicine to ease his susceptible period.

An Alpha will have a susceptibility period due to the residual courtship instinct of the Alpha’s body, and it was not considered a disease, so there was no drug that could “treat” the susceptibility period. However, in recent years, a drug has appeared that can alleviate the discomfort of an Alpha during the susceptible period, and many Alphas used it. Chu Muyu didn’t expect this medicine to look so scary.

But what surprised Chu Muyu, even more, was that Shen Qingdeng would actually tell him such a trivial matter.

Even when he had the best relationship with Shen Qingdeng in the past, it was rare for him to share with Chu Muyu some of the little things in his life with himself, not to mention the way he was now, using a tone similar to being shameless to himself… acting like a spoiled child?

Chu Muyu didn’t know what to do, and it made him feel awkward to reply or not. What would he say if he replied?

After struggling for a while, Chu Muyu finally decided not to ask more questions, and only replied politely, “You should take the medicine.”

After sending this sentence, Chu Muyu felt a little regretful. Has his attitude towards Shen Qingdeng softened too quickly? Why would he take care of his nonsense?

But after all the words were said, withdrawing it would make him appear more hypocritical. Chu Muyu no longer struggled, he put away the phone and continued to look at the scenery outside the window.

But at this time, all the scenery passed by him hastily. After more than ten minutes, the destination appeared in front of him and Chu Muyu didn’t know what he saw, his mind was full of other things.

After arriving at the destination, Chu Muyu let the bodyguard leave. He was still not used to being followed at all times, and it might scare Guan Yuze.

After the bodyguard left, Chu Muyu went upstairs alone and came to the restaurant.

Guan Yuze arrived at the restaurant more than ten minutes earlier than agreed and was discussing the recommended dishes with the waiter. By this time, he had already ordered the meal. When he turned around, he saw Chu Muyu coming, and he immediately got up to greet him.

“Muyu.” As soon as he saw Chu Muyu, Guan Yuze showed a gentle smile.

He liked Chu Muyu even though he and Chu Muyu have only known each other for about ten days and only met a few times.

This Omega was young, quiet, and delicate in appearance. He was Guan Yuze’s ideal partner, not to mention he happened to be the painter he had been following. Guan Yuze couldn’t find a reason why he wouldn’t like the other.

His career in the Federation was on the rise. As an Alpha, he has already achieved a successful career, and now a suitable Omega suddenly appeared in front of him. Guan Yuze thought that he had great luck and met the right one at the right time. 

Even though he and Chu Muyu were not acquainted with each other, Guan Yuze was willing to manage this relationship with all his heart, and he believed that their relationship would develop naturally.

Guan Yuze pulled out a chair for Chu Muyu and helped him sit down in a gentlemanly manner.

Today the Alpha was wearing an expensive suit and his hair was well-groomed. Chu Muyu was a painter and had strong observation skills. He could see the difference between Guan Yuze and his usual attire at a glance.

So Chu Muyu asked embarrassedly, “Why did you choose such an exquisite restaurant? Why… so grand?”

Guan Yuze smiled at him. He didn’t intend to make it clear as soon as he came and joked: “This may be the last time I see you before returning to the Federation, naturally, I want to leave a good impression on you.”

Chu Muyu knew that Guan Yuze chose a restaurant that required a dress code, and also wore a casual suit, but he didn’t expect that Guan Yuze would be “dressed to impress”, and it made him a little uncomfortable.

“If I knew this earlier, I would have prepared well…” Chu Muyu lowered his eyes and took a sip of water.

“You don’t have to worry about dressing up.” Guan Yuze said, “You are cute as you are.”

Chu Muyu’s hand holding the cup abruptly paused, suddenly realizing something, and feeling at a loss.

The words and atmosphere have been pushed to this place, and sure enough, the next moment, Guan Yuze revealed the real purpose of this meeting.

“Muyu, what I’m going to say next may make you feel a little abrupt, but after thinking about it for a long time, I decided to tell you.” Guan Yuze looked into Chu Muyu’s eyes intently.

“Originally, I thought you were just coming to Yun Country for the New Year, so I thought that you would return to the Federation in the future and there would be many opportunities to meet and talk. But you told me last time that you want to settle in Yun Country, so if I don’t say it now, I’m afraid there will be no chance again.”

“Muyu, I like you very much, I want to have a serious relationship with you.”

Even though he had expected Guan Yuze to speak about this, Chu Muyu was still surprised and flustered when he heard him say it.

Guan Yuze understood that he was at a loss, but thought he was shy, and his tone slowed down: “I know that we haven’t known each other for a long time, and you can’t immediately treat me as a lover, but I still want to let you know that I like you very much. It can be said that I am a bit despicable, after all, the reason why I told you this before leaving is that I don’t want you to simply forget me.”

“Can you consider me, Muyu?”

Guan Yuze had a smile on the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were focused and sincere. He was personable, and he respected the feelings of the other party, no one can doubt the sincerity of his words.

This Alpha was a gentleman, a gentle, mature adult who can give people a sense of security. He believed that there would be no quarrels with such a person because he will always be gentle with his lover.

During his adolescence, Chu Muyu also fantasized about meeting a lover like this, who was older, mature, and emotionally stable, who could always take care of his mood and take care of himself.

But when he really met such a person, he did not feel any joy.

Chu Muyu felt embarrassed and was also a little flustered. All kinds of emotions intertwined, making him overwhelmed, but there was absolutely no joy or a skip of a heartbeat in these emotions.

If a bystander was pulled at this moment, the bystander would definitely approve of Chu Muyu’s agreement with Guan Yuze’s courtship but Chu Muyu always felt that this was not what he wanted.

“I…” Chu Muyu didn’t know how to refuse so as not to hurt Guan Yuze’s heart and was speechless for a long time.

Guan Yuze was no longer a young boy. After being silent for so long, Chu Muyu’s expression changed and changed, but he didn’t show any emotion or shyness, he already understood that he had never entered the heart of this Omega at all.

The Alpha silently restrained the gloomy look in his eyes.

“Okay.” Guan Yuze reached out and patted Chu Muyu’s cheek, full of comfort, “I already know your answer, it doesn’t matter.”

Chu Muyu felt the Alpha’s hand touch his face, and he raised his eyes to look over, accidentally seeing Guan Yuze’s sadness flashing by.

But Guan Yuze quickly adjusted his mood again, and pushed the meal in front of him towards Chu Muyu: “Let’s eat, the food here is very popular.”

Chu Muyu knew that it was not good to say anything at this time, so he pursed his lips and silently forked a piece of vegetable and put it in his mouth.

The two finished their meal quietly.

After eating, Guan Yuze offered to send Chu Muyu home, but Chu Muyu resolutely refused his kindness: “My brother will come to pick me up.”

Guan Yuze was stunned for a moment, his smile gradually turned bitter, and he said, “Muyu, we have only known each other a few days but you seem to always reject me.”

Chu Muyu was also stunned. Looking back on the relationship between the two, he did reject Guan Yuze too many times. In fact, Guan Yuze not only invited him to dinner twice, but he also proposed to go to the famous lake in Shanlan City a few days ago and Chu Muyu rejected him.

“Sorry.” Chu Muyu whispered.

Guan Yuze shook his head: “You don’t need to apologize, just follow your heart. I’m very happy to meet you these days because you were my little idol after all, aren’t you?”

Chu Muyu was infected by his smile and showed a slight smile.

“I’m going back to the Federation tomorrow. I may not see you again in the future. I hope you will be safe and happy in the future.” After Guan Yuze finished speaking, the elevator just opened, and the underground garage appeared in front of them.

The two walked into the underground garage together. Chu Muyu said that he had called his brother and that his brother was on the road, so Guan Yuze walked to his car.

Before getting into the car, Guan Yuze finally said to Chu Muyu, “I’m leaving.”

Chu Muyu nodded to him. Half a minute later, the car started, Guan Yuze skillfully drove out of the garage, and the car quickly disappeared in front of Chu Muyu.

Chu Muyu stared in the direction where the car disappeared for a while.

He was a little disappointed, disappointed that this dazzling Alpha that appeared and disappeared in a hurry in his life was like fireworks, beautiful and fleeting, but extremely unreal.

Suddenly, a harsh sound suddenly sounded, it was the sound of the engine of a vehicle moving forward at full speed, mixed with the screeching sound of the tires rubbing against the floor, and was heading straight towards Chu Muyu directly.

The Omega turned his head and was surprised to find that a black car was driving at full speed towards him like crazy, only ten meters away from him at this time.

The car was about to hit himself!

When people were frightened, their muscles will be highly contracted, their brains will go blank, and they will enter a state of almost rigidity. At that time, even if crisis fell, people will look like a fool waiting to die.

This kind of stagnation in front of a high-speed vehicle, even if it lasted for just a few tenths of a second, was enough to kill a person.

Even though Chu Muyu was young and his reaction speed was not slow, it seemed that it was too late at this time.

At the critical moment, another silver-white car whistled from the intersection, and without any hesitation, like a bullet, it crashed into the black car that wanted to hit Chu Muyu.

When the two cars collided, Chu Muyu rolled his head to the side.


A loud noise seemed to break through his eardrums. For a moment, Chu Muyu almost thought he was deaf, and tightly hugged his head and ears.

After everything was quiet and everything was calm, Chu Muyu was sweating all over his back. He got up and stood up from exhaustion.

He saw two unrecognizable cars. The black car was dented on one side by the silver car, and the front of the car had been turned 90 degrees. Even if Chu Muyu didn’t dodge, the black car would not have hit him.

And the whole front of the silver-white car burst open, and the person sitting in the driver’s seat endured all the shocks and was unconscious, leaning on the steering wheel with his head down.

Then Chu Muyu took a closer look and finally recognized the man.

The Omega desperately called out the man’s name: “Shen Qingdeng!!”

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