Miss Mercenary Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Chonghua

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Japan, a certain temple.

A woman dressed in black was busy in the kitchen. Black trench coat, black pants, black leather boots, and a black eye on her face, it seemed that no other color could be found on her body. With no apron on, her outfit looked out of place in the kitchen, but her slender fingers were carefully fiddling with the vegetables!

After a long time, a plate of delicate dishes were served on the table. With a careful look, it was actually all Sichuan cuisine. Each dish had peppers and the aroma was fragrant.

“It’s so fragrant!” An old man wearing a monk’s robe ran from outside, grabbed a piece of beef with his hand and sent it to his mouth, not afraid at all of being scalded.

Chonghua grabbed the old man’s collar and threw it out the door: “D*mn old man, go wash your hands first!”

The old man neatly flipped over and stood outside, with a flat mouth that was aggrieved. But after seeing Chonghua’s sharp eyes, he obediently went to wash his hands, came back quickly, grabbed the chopsticks, and started to gobble down the food. His mouth said vaguely: “Yummy…yummy…”

Chonghua sat on the side, not surprised. To have the world’s top mercenary cook for him, she was afraid that there was only this old man in front of her.

“Chonghua”, a name that frightened both the black and the white paths, she was the world’s top mercenary. As long as she took on the task, she had never failed. There were countless people who wanted to kill her. Yet to this day, they couldn’t even touch the corner of her clothes, they didn’t even know whether she was a man or a woman; but who would have thought that such a mysterious character could actually cook?

Compared to those killers, Chonghua was a different kind of person. She had killed countless people, but you can’t even find a trace of murderous aura on her and she doesn’t need to hide it deliberately. Maybe she was influenced by the old man. After a long time, not only was there no murderous aura, but sometimes people could feel a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, not like a killer at all.

This old man was also a strange person. Chonghua didn’t know his name and didn’t want to know, so she just called him old man. He taught Chonghua a lot of kung fu, and he could be regarded as her master, but he never asked her to call him Master. He just asked her to cook Chinese food for him in exchange for him teaching her martial arts, whether it was Chinese or Japanese martial arts.

To this old man, Chonghua had always been grateful and had already viewed him as a relative to take care of. No matter how powerful she was, no matter how famous she was, she had never been too arrogant. These were all things he taught her.

A few dishes on the table were quickly swept away, and the old man patted his stomach contentedly, occasionally burping.

After a long time, the old man remembered something. After fumbling in his sleeve for a long time, he finally took out a piece of letter and handed it to Chonghua. Chonghua had long ago lost all her words regarding the old man opening her letter privately. Taking it for a look, it was something sent by Leng family. It probably meant that they wanted that woman to take her daughter home!

Without speaking, the old man gave the letter to her. Naturally, there was a reason. Sure enough, there was a hint of seriousness on the old man’s face. It was this seriousness that surprised Chonghua. Things that can make the old man show a serious look, it’s really not many.

“Go back and take a look! There may be some unexpected surprises waiting for you there!”

Chonghua knew that the old man had made the decision by saying this, and thought about it: “There is another task the day after tomorrow, I will leave after completing it.”

Until she returned to her villa, Chonghua was still a little puzzled. She didn’t understand why the old man always had a faint sadness on his body when he talked about China. Maybe one day she would understand, but not now.

Maybe it was because she had been nurtured by the old man for too long. Instead of worrying about things like others, she looked at everything very openly, which made her live a more free and easy life.

The night was adorned with lights like the daytime, a luxurious but somewhat ancient mansion. Thousands of bodyguards were on guard, while the snipers in the dark didn’t even blink an eye, and there were many mercenaries around, everyone were 200% alert. It was not for any other reason, but because Chonghua took over the task of assassinating the owner of this mansion.

The people present were all the world’s elites and there were many mercenaries outside who were well-known, but no one dared to relax. It was because tonight they were facing “Chonghua”.

With a neat flip, Chonghua stood on the high wall in the distance. From her glasses, she could clearly see the criss-crossing wire nets and the positions of the snipers. The dense protective net, even a fly would find it difficult to escape. Her lips slowly hooked upwards and her body swept past the snipers like the wind, but no one noticed, still staring straight ahead.

Shaking the corners of her clothes, the smile on her lips remained the same. The windbreaker on Chonghua’s body seemed to be no different from ordinary windbreakers, but it was made of special materials. On her body, there was no piece that wasn’t carefully manufactured. Moreover, it was especially designed to deal with Infrared laser, etc., and its materials were unique and rare, and there was only one in the world.

So Chonghua only needed to avoid those eyes and swagger into the most guarded room. As soon as the door was opened, more than a dozen guns were aimed at her at the same time, but the moment they saw her, they collapsed in horror.

How did she get in? Before they could reflect from their shock, most of the people in the room were already finished. Chonghua mercilessly killed the remaining people and walked step by step towards the ultimate goal. That person was a senior government official who secretly engaged in some underworld activities, and was famous in the underworld. However, at this moment he was so frightened that he hid behind the chair, and even forgot to call for help.

Chonghua held a small silver needle in her hand, and one end of the needle was tied with a silver wire. These little things were the tools that killed everyone in an instant and that many people couldn’t even make a sound; it seems that Li Xin’s hidden weapon invention had advanced again.

The target was solved neatly. After checking, she disappeared without a sound, just like how she came. Unfortunately, it won’t be until the next morning that someone will find out that the person they wanted to protect is dead!

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