Miss Mercenary Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Leng Family

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Wearing black casual clothes, a peaked cap, a pair of glasses, and a small black bag in one hand; Chonghua stood in front of the ancient mansion. The walls on both sides couldn’t be seen at a glance, as expected for one of the ten richest people in Y city.

Although the Leng family was not No 1 in Y City, if we want to talk about history, I am afraid that no one can compare with the Leng family.  Since the Leng family’s ancestors started to develop here, from the Qing Dynasty to now, it has had a history of hundreds of years. After several ups and downs, there was now today’s Leng Family, so it was not too much to say that the Leng Family was a local tyrant in Y City.

Suddenly changing into a dress, she felt very uncomfortable. She had never worn these clothes, not to mention how uncomfortable it was; but with her current identity, it was naturally impossible not to wear this dress. Her identity was Leng Family’s wandering Eighteen-year-old illegitimate daughter ‘Leng Yi Han’.

With a ‘squeak’ sound, the grand doors slowly opened in front of her, and a man who looked like a housekeeper stepped out from inside and bent over to greet her: “Welcome home, Third Miss!”

He said respectful words, but there was no trace of respect. Fortunately, she also looked down on these people, so she naturally wouldn’t bother with them. She stepped into the door of the Leng house. From today on, she will be called ‘Leng Yihan’.

“Master and Madam have been waiting in the hall for a long time, please come with me, Third Miss!” After speaking, the housekeeper led the way. During this period, he kept telling her about the Leng family’s family business, how huge it was, and what the rules were. There were many, and the pride on his face was as if this Leng family belonged to him.

As soon as she stepped into the hall, there was a magnificent scene in front of her. The old man of the Leng family was sitting on the high seat, with a cane in both hands, staring at her. The person who should be called ‘father’ was holding a newspaper, unclear of how much he had already read and the mistress of the Leng family, an elderly but coquettish woman, was now staring at Leng Yihan who came in with her sharp eyes.

And besides them, there was a huge team, not bodyguards, nor servants, but a group of doctors in white coats, watching the battle. She was afraid that they had called all the doctors from the hospital!

Glancing at the syringe in the doctor’s hand, she casually rolled up her sleeves, stretched her white and slender wrist to the side, and someone immediately came up to draw blood. Except for the light footsteps, even a needle falling could be heard.

The time passed by and the three of them continued to sit. Leng Yihan was standing, while the doctors in the white coat were busy. Finally, the result came out. The blood type was A and the body was normal.

After reading the report, Leng Zuhui put down the newspaper in his hand and asked blankly, “Where’s your mother?”

Leng Yihan thought of that pitiful and pathetic woman, she didn’t even tell her the letter that came from the Leng family. If she knew, she was afraid she would fly over immediately! But she didn’t want her to come. Instead of giving her life away for no reason, it is better to live a plain ordinary life.

“She didn’t want to come, so she won’t come!” Leng Yihan said calmly. After speaking, the woman obviously felt relieved, but Leng Zuhui’s face became cold. The old man didn’t say a word from beginning to end, but after reading the report, his eyes changed a lot, as if he was estimating the goods. He spoke after a long time.

“Housekeeper, take the third young miss away.” The tone seemed to be hinting at something. Leng Yihan narrowed her eyes slightly, but did not speak, and went out with the housekeeper, leaving the three people to discuss.

Fortunately, although the people in the Leng family didn’t like her, they weren’t stingy and she was given a large room. Anything that should be in a girl’s room was there and they were all brand new. The whole room was pink. But, although she was a girl, she was far different from a normal girl. Naturally, she didn’t like these things, but she didn’t say anything. She was a person who went with the flow and never cared about these things. On the second floor of the room, when she opened the floor-to-ceiling curtains, she could see a huge flowerbed, where a maid was watering the precious flowers.

For a long time, the three people in the hall discussed, and then they dispersed. Since then, they never appeared in front of Leng Yihan. The meal was delivered to her room, and she was never asked to go out to eat. She was also happy to relax, otherwise, facing the unappetizing three people, even if they were in a good state of mind, it is estimated that she would not be able to eat.

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