Miss Mercenary Chapter 23

 Chapter 23 Weakness

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The mood of the other few people at the moment could no longer be described in terms of being surprised. Even the mysterious man who had always been cold-faced was also surprised at this moment; the man who was like a woman was not even smirking at this moment, he dare not imagine what he saw. If Leng Yihan cared about the words he said just now, would his life still exist?

Leng Lingfeng was the one who had the biggest reaction. The mask that was attached to it was completely broken, there was a gloomy look on his face. Leng Yihan was actually this strong? Then why did she return to the Leng family? He did not believe that she cared about their weak familial relationship!

The few women no longer smiled. Black Mandala and Qi Le Shuanghua were looking at Leng Yihan with their entire bodies on guard. They had undisguised murderous auras. As killers, they were also excellent, so no one knew Ghost Sword’s strength better than them. Even if they would not provoke him, seeing him being killed in front of him and that person only taking less than five minutes, such strength was enough to make them tremble.

“Heh… I didn’t expect Miss Leng to hide her abilities!” Jesse, who had never spoken, smiled, with undisguised interest in his eyes. Sitting beside him was the killer known as the black mandala, but at this moment, he had no interest in her, because he had found a woman who was more valuable than the black mandala.

“It seems that tonight’s banquet is more interesting because of Miss Leng’s arrival.” Ji Nian smiled enchantingly.

Di Ge held Leng Yihan’s shoulders and squeezed his other hand tightly in his sleeve. He knew that today was going to be a ride. Since they arranged Ghost Sword to be the first, there must be many surprises waiting for him later! Today, he was afraid he really couldn’t get out of here. Even if Leng Yihan was strong in martial arts and can walk out alone, no problem; it would be a dead end with him. He really wanted to tell her to go, but he knew she wouldn’t agree. Yes, he didn’t know Leng Yihan very well, but one thing he knows is that her temper was not an ordinary stubbornness, and no one can change what she believed in.

“One-on-three, I wonder if Miss Leng can do it?” Huang Chongyuan said with a calculated smile. The three of them followed his words and stood up. They also pulled out their daggers and stood in the direction of Leng Yihan.

Leng Yihan looked up coldly: “You are wrong, it’s three to three!”

Looking at Pei Yan, she lightly curled his lips: “How about one favour from me?”

Everyone immediately turned to Pei Yan, who had been silent. They weighed the relationship between the two and whether Pei Yan would agree. If he agreed, then they would have less chance of winning.

Pei Yan’s eyes swept across the people present and he elegantly hooked his lips: “Okay!” When he uttered this word, the air became a little colder and the atmosphere of war in the air became more intense and swords were drawn.

They were all people with secret identities. They only had a weak relationship based off interests, not the slightest friendship. Even if Pei Yan defected at the moment, they couldn’t say anything. The hostility at the moment was just putting the underground things on the table.

“Why don’t you add me!” A hoarse voice suddenly sounded in the air. Turning to look, the woman next to Long Cheng had stood up. The unpleasant voice had just come from her mouth. You really can’t judge a person by their cover. Who would have thought that such a stunning stunner would actually be a transvestite?

The woman, no, it should be said that she was a transvestite. She took off her long skirt and revealed a white Jin Zhuang (clothing wuxia people wear). The suppressed strength also appeared at this moment and her eyes flew to Leng Yihan like a knife.

Ninja! She was actually a ninja, no wonder she couldn’t feel her aura just now! The old man once told her that she must be careful when she encounters three kinds of people, and act within her own competence and one of them was a ninja.

Speaking of Bushido (way of the warriors; samurai code of chivalry), then you will definitely think of ninjas. It can be said that ninjas are the representation of Bushido. Although Leng Yihan had a strong swordsmanship, she was lacking in her body. Her body has been conditioned by the old man with medicine. Although strong, it was quite different from a ninja.

Unexpectedly, she met a ninja, one that seemed good! Sensing Leng Yihan’s heavy expression, Di Ge squeezed her hand, smiled coquettishly, hooked her around her neck, pulled her into his arms, and said with a complicated expression: “If you can’t beat her, just leave! I want you to live!”

Leng Yihan slapped him on the head, causing Di Ge to frown in dissatisfaction. Why did she slap him again? This was Leng Yihan’s most common move every time the two fight, and she had never missed.

“Remember, a strong person will not take a step back!” Leng Yihan said seriously. She wanted to be a strong person, this was the purpose of her martial arts practice, her only purpose.

She got up and walked to the front, confronted the ninja, and clenched the knife in her hand with a serious expression that he had never seen before.

There was no need for too many words between the strong. The two attacked at the same speed and they started to fight in the blink of an eye. When the ninja came chopping down, Leng Yuhan waved her sword to block it. She swept out her leg and when the ninja retreated into a neutral stance, the sword swept across her waist. The ninja quickly dodged, appeared behind Leng Yihan out of thin air, and chopped down with a sword. Leng Yihan dodged, jumped two meters away, and swung the sword up from her toes.

The amount of interaction between the two was much more exciting than Ghost Sword just now. They were evenly matched, and they fought so fast that the others could only see a few shadows flashing in the air.

The other three also shot at Di Ge. Di Ge had some difficulty coping with it, but Pei Yan, who was on their side, really joined in to face the two twins. Every move and style was extremely elegant! Suddenly there was a melee in the field, and the other people were not idle.

“What do you mean by this?” Leng Lingfeng looked at Huang Chongyuan gloomily, and behind him was a row of black muzzles.

Huang Chongyuan looked at him strangely: “Don’t you know?” Then the conversation changed: “If you want to know, no other forces are allowed on the site of Life Death Door and your Hua Qing Men has violated this rule.”

Leng Lingfeng sneered: “Hua Qing Men has been established for eight years. Now you are telling me after eight years that it shouldn’t exist?”

“I didn’t pursue it before because I just wanted to look the other way for you, but now your power has affected Life Death Door, so you have to disappear!”

Looking at the expressions of Jesse and Long Cheng, Leng Lingfeng finally knew that this Hongmen banquet (refer to a trap or a situation ostensibly joyous but in fact treacherous)was not only for Di Ge, but him as well. The funny thing was that he didn’t know until now!

Di Ge slashed away the attack of Black Mandala with one knife, with seriousness and arrogance in his eyes. He had already embarrassed himself once as a man when he lost to Ghost Sword, so he didn’t want to be told that he can’t even finish up a woman. He swung the knife quickly, and every move carried a powerful force, making her mouth go numb! Swinging the knife with great confidence, the movements were smooth and it was impossible to see that he was injured.

Leng Yihan met the most powerful opponent in her life. Although there was no wound, only she knew how much she was injured. Facing the powerful attack of the ninja, she seemed a little powerless. Because her hand had already lost half of her senses, there was a mouthful of blood stasis in her chest. As long as she opened her mouth, it would spit out.

With all her strength, she retreated a full 20 meters from her original spot and stuck the sword on the ground to stabilize her body. She quickly adjusted her breath, swallowed the mouth of blood, and looked at the ninja who was ready to go. It looked as if she didn’t know hwo to become exhausted; after so long, her attack did not slow at all.

It was also at this moment that Leng Yihan finally knew that she was weak, she was still not strong enough!

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